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500 words after reading "I and the Temple of Earth"

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500 words after reading "I and the Temple of Earth":

If there is something I did n’t say, Ditan, do n’t you think I forgot, I did n’t forget anything, but there are things that are only suitable for collection, you ca n’t say, you ca n’t think, but you ca n’t forget. They cannot become languages, they cannot become languages, and once they become languages, they are not them. They are a dim warmth and loneliness, a mature hope and despair. Their territory has only two places: the heart and the grave. For example, some stamps are used to send letters, and some are just for collection. ——From "I and the Temple of Earth"

What impressed me most was the phrase "Don't think I forgot, I didn't forget anything, but there are things that are only suitable for collection." This is a sincere and simple monologue. In the fierce struggle between life and death, Shi Tiesheng chose difficult life instead of cowardly death.


Life is a kind of belief, but also a kind of courage. But the tenacious self-awareness will never just fall to one side, hope and despair, warmth and loneliness, heart and grave, to some extent, Shi Tiesheng's heart is also sharply opposed when he chooses to be born. The whole life course is the altar, the mother, or the human values or beliefs he is pursuing, which are unknown.

The physical defect cannot be changed, so he yearns for spiritual perfection, bravely confronts his heart again and again, and deliberately explores in those hard times to collect the glory that has not been annihilated in human nature. The heart and the grave are suitable for living. The grave contains the "heavy body" of the world, and the heart accepts the "tired soul" of the world. The infirmity of the body, the disillusioned love, the glory of human nature, driving the training, carrying his life, maybe more than that, man is full of contradictions, I believe everything is the best arrangement. Author: Wen Shan

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