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800 words after reading "Seeing"

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800 words after reading "Watching":

Is there a book that doesn't have too many ornate words to decorate, but from its simple words, it reveals the bitterness in sweetness, the joy in sorrow? Is there a book that spans three generations and writes the joys and sorrows of life? Is there a book that doesn't render sad words, but the whole book is filled with perseverance in the helplessness of describing the deep reality of life through the back of the paper? Have! This is Long Yingtai's "Watching". If you are young, please let go of your impetuous mood and read this masterpiece of the era full of true love in the world.

A total of seventy-three essays are included in "Seeing", which writes about the death of Long Yingtai's father, the mother's old age, the son's departure, the care of friends, the brothers walking together ... write failure and fragility, loss and let go; She and absolutely nothingness! Have you ever experienced the sadness of being a parent when you first raised your child? Can you tolerate the loneliness and suffering of your parents? Open "Watching" and follow the author's sharp pen to feel the bitterness of words.

What impressed me the most was the theme masterpiece "Watching" in more than 70 essays. Perhaps all the fathers and mothers who raised their children into adulthood felt quite deeply about watching. Maybe in the kindergarten, maybe at the gate of the school, maybe in the airport ... I was very reluctant to see the children moving away. Maybe a lot of parents miss their children especially when they are young. The little body is relying on, the little fingers are holding on tightly ... obediently and well-behaved! However, in a blink of an eye, the children grew up, and with their own minds, they no longer relied on the birds, became rebellious and impetuous, began to abandon their parents ’wanderings, and even ran away from home, wanting to escape far away. ...... "Watching", let your mind gradually wake up.


The author sent his 16-year-old son to the airport to work as a one-year exchange student. Her son passed the security check all the way, went to the customs window to get his passport, entered the corner of the waiting room ... He did not turn around to take a look at his mother who was watching him. And his mother, like a sculpture, stood motionless at the crossing, staring intently at him and leaving. Maybe she was waiting for a glance at her son's departure before she could not get it. This scene is so cool!

What is it that makes young people no longer respect their parents like they did when they were young? Is it taken for granted by their parents? Are you impatient with frequent parental love? Are you grown up, or are your parents old and have a generation gap with them? Have you ever experienced that when your child grows up and yells at you, "You are so annoying!" Can you bear it? However, Long Yingtai, who is also a daughter, loves her parents so much? What a sorrow for her father to die! After reading: My mother has Alzheimer's syndrome (Alzheimer's disease). She took good care of her mother like a child. How has she been impatient? Have you ever thought of abandoning her? Is it too common for parents to be abandoned? If so, how can it be cured?

"I slowly and slowly learned that the so-called father-daughter mother-child game only means that your fate with him is in this life and this world is constantly watching him back and forth. You stand on the end of the path , Watching him gradually disappear at the turning point of the road, and, in the back, he told you silently: no need to chase. "This is the true feelings of a mother. What ordinary words, but it makes people feel cold. Give your parents more care and love! After all, they have given you life, nurtured you, and made you aware of this beautiful world. As we grow up, our parents are getting older. After all, they have spent their entire lives to nourish and teach us!

I flipped gently to the end of the book, which said: This is a life and death note, profound, sad, and beautiful. Author: Wang Xi Xun

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