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500 words after reading "Uta"

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500 words after reading "Uta":

After reading the article "Uta", I was filled with emotion. Uta in the text can go to Europe alone at the age of 14, and her courage is worthy of our admiration. This kind of thing is unthinkable to many people.

In China, almost every child in the family is the heart and soul of parents. Do n’t say that our children do not dare to go far, even if they go shopping alone. The article also wrote that before the trip, she carefully planned the travel route and schedule. Every time she arrived, she checked the telephone number of the police station so that she could ask for help when she was in danger and difficulty. Then she called the family or sent a postcard. Lest family members worry.

She also spent three years preparing for the trip before going, and read a lot of books related to these countries; in order to earn travel expenses, she also distributed advertisements to restaurants or supermarkets every weekend; and went to other people's homes to play with children during the holidays. .

This can't help but make me think that we now eat, wear, and use our parents' money, living with clothes to stretch out our hands, and food to open our mouths, and Uta's travel expenses were obtained through my own hard work. I don't think we can do what our parents can do, like Uta, instead of like the little emperor.

Uta once said: "It is not perfect to know the world from television and books. I often see Italy on television, but only by coming here in person can its beauty be deeply moved by me."


Many things most classmates have never thought of experiencing in person. It is more profound to understand things from some extra-curricular readings and TV than to experience it for yourself.

I have benefited a lot from reading Utta. We must learn her spirit and become courageous, confident, courageous, generous, self-reliant, and self-reliant. At the same time, I hope that parents should learn to let go, not to overdo it, and let us learn to be confident and independent! Author: Li Xin Zeng

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