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800 characters after reading "The Adventures of Little Butou"

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800 words after reading "The Adventures of Little Cloth":

This book mainly talks about Xiao Butou's transformation from a timid doll to a brave and responsible good doll. How did he do it?

Xiao Butou originally wanted to follow a boy because he was timid. He wanted to learn how to be brave from a boy. It was originally assigned to a boy. His name was "Doudou", but Doudou didn't like him. Ping changed, and Xiao Butou left Ping Ping's house because he had a quarrel with Ping Ping. He originally thought that Doudou could be found. Who thought that he would get on the train and be treated as a big sweet potato, thrown into Grandpa Guo ’s house. , Met a little hen, she called "Little Reed Flower" and they became good friends. He was holed by a mouse. The mouse wanted to eat the small reed flower. As a result, the small reed flower was saved by the small cloth head. The mice were very angry and wanted to tear the small cloth head into pieces, but none of them had the energy to do it. Push him here first, but Grandpa Guo's home was renovated, the rat hole was removed and the small cloth head was rescued, Grandpa Guo picked him up and said; huh? Why is there a little rag doll here? He gave the little cloth head to another aunt, and asked her to play with the little horn. The little horn came home, saw the little cloth head, and asked his mother: what is this? Mom said: This is a doll given by Grandpa Guo, your little horn likes him very much and plays with him all day.


Why is a small speaker called a small speaker? Because he often cried and cried very much as a child, his mother called him a small horn, but after he went to kindergarten, he stopped crying. He is nice to Xiaobutou. But the little horn's brother, "big baby," the big baby wanted to take the small cloth head for an experiment. "Put the small cloth head on the kite and let him fly, but the small horn didn't agree. The big baby stole the small cloth head while the small horn was sleeping. Go away and put it in the glass room.

The next day, the baby started the experiment, but when the kite was in the air, it was seen by two eagles. The eagle broke the kite's thread, and then the small cloth head fell from the sky. Then no one found the small cloth head, but no It snowed for a few days and buried him. He was picked up by Grandpa Guo again, and the baby snatched it away, and said to Xiaobutou, "You are back. The little horn has been asking me for these days. I do n’t give it to him. He cried in front of me. Now I can give you back to him, and the little horn saw the little cloth head happily. There was a rat hole in the little horn's house. The little cloth head had just returned, and the little cloth head couldn't sleep at night. He touched it and got one. A needle was used as a long sword. Suddenly he jumped down and saw a black hole on the ground. Xiaobu's head took the long sword and rushed into the black hole. He experienced a series of twists and turns in the hole and rescued his old man. Friends "Little Black Bear" and "Cloth Monkey", but the little black bear became dumb. After they came out, they fell asleep. Woke up and met the four brothers of the mouse.

It came out to fight the four brothers of the mouse. Although the small cloth head was small, he had a long needle in his hand, which could hurt the little black bear very much. The cloth monkey was very agile and could jump very quickly. The falling flowers and water flowed, the fart rolled and the urine flowed. The first thing the little horn woke up was to get the little cloth head. The other night, the little horn gave the little cloth head to Ping Ping, and they were very happy together.

I admire Xiao Butou very much, and I want to learn from Xiao Butou his persistence. Author: Peng Zhonglu

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