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Learn to distress yourself sentence

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Inspirational philosophy, learn to appreciate yourself, learn to feel sorry for yourself, have a good attitude

Original title: Inspirational philosophy, learn to appreciate yourself, learn to feel sorry for yourself, and have a good attitude

People must understand themselves. Learn to appreciate yourself, learn to grasp yourself, and learn to feel sorry for yourself.

No one cares how much effort you've put in, it's not exhausting, it doesn't hurt to fall, they just look at where you stand last, and then envy and hate.

The silent companion silently interprets sadness and joy, understands your coldness and warmth, knows your grievances, and shows deep love and sympathy.

Knowing each other is like a mirror, a tacit understanding does not require words; a comfortable one does not need to be remembered; a gentle one does not need to know.

To take good care of yourself and be nice to yourself, you must have a good mentality. With a good mentality, you will be broad-minded, open-minded, and have a good mood.

I don't think about whether I can succeed. Since I chose a distance, I only care about the wind and rain; I don't think about whether there will be cold wind and rain behind me.

No matter how twists and turns in life, as long as you have a happy attitude, you can survive the long night and usher in a beautiful tomorrow.

Don't lose your temper, one hurts your body, the other hurts your feelings, and everyone is equal in birth and death—crying, crying.

The wise person does not linger in the past; the open-minded person does not worry about the future; the wise person knows how to grasp the present.

The furthest distance in the world is not love, hate, but familiar people, gradually becoming strange.

No matter how hard you try, you can't go back if you can't go back. I was also afraid of time telling the truth, all promises turned into lies.

There are two things in life: the first thing is to be grateful; the second thing is to be associated. There are two obstacles in life: love and money.

There are two breaths in life: one is the breath of life, and the other is the breath of spirit. There are two things in life: learn to make money and learn to think.

Two basic points of life: confused, chic. Two states of life: earn a living, enjoy life.

The beautiful sad sentence learned to take care of others, but forgot how to distress yourself

1. If there is another time, I will choose not to let go

2. The place in my heart is only so large, someone must leave when someone comes in

3. A strong person is not able to deal with everything, but can ignore all injuries. .

4. Love someone who doesn't love you, hurt yourself, and embarrass others.

5. Rather than say I like you a thousand times, I might as well accompany you silently.

6, clear is not so uncomfortable, not clear is the saddest.

7. You don't know how cold the heart is without being hurt.

8. In fact, habits are more terrifying than loving someone.

9. Those who hurt me, please remember that one day I will laugh and watch you cry

10. It doesn't matter. We are just friends, so there will be no reason for separation.

11.Sometimes the words that are joked are often the real ideas in the subconscious.

12. Sometimes, you choose to keep a distance from someone, not because you don't care, but because you know clearly that he doesn't belong to you.

13. I only pay to those who deserve it, whether it is friendship or love

14. I used to think that if I fell in love with you, I could retreat all over; but one day I found that I retired with scars

15. There are always times when people are vulnerable, but they don't have to show up, because they will pass. . .

16, there is always such a person, a word can hurt you completely.

17, let the past be sealed, don't be wronged, don't be reconciled, don't accept.

18. We are all the same, we all love someone who doesn't love ourselves

19. Cry to yourself and laugh to others. This is the so-called life.

20. You don't have to show off so deliberately and urgently. Some things, I do n’t have, I do n’t need them.

21. When I'm not sticking to you, congratulations, you lost me.

22. Without reservations, I should seriously believe that I can't doubt

23. Not everyone is suitable to grow old with you. Some people are used to grow; some people are used to live together.

24. Life is like a maze, and I learned to disguise and be in it.

25, like a person, always study his state and the response under the state.

26. Silence on the phone is not a delay but a reluctance

27. I really liked you, but you fool didn't know it.

28. Sometimes it is better to turn around and leave than to pretend to be casual.

29. If I still remember you in my next life, I must have died incompletely.

30. Sometimes I care too much, and it is a kind of torture to myself

31. There is always someone who will make you redeem the pain you left on others

32. Stealth is not an excuse for disturbing, but an excuse that nobody has ever said that I disturb.

33. Learned to take care of others, but forgot how to feel sorry for myself

34. No one promised me tears, and I have no reason to cry.

35. I least like to wait, because this period is always unknown. The saddest love in this world is knowing that you can't grow old, but still hard to give up hugging.

36. Take your bitch out of my world, and I will fulfill your shameless happiness.

37, good men should take advantage of the holiday to cook, don't just know to play games all day long.

38. Is there anyone who you do n’t love but you are not happy with others

39. I'm not really sad, but without you, I'm really unhappy.

40. You are the pain I can't say and the dream I don't want to wake up. . . .

41. If one day I disappear, who will subvert the world just to find me.

42. Love is nothing but a peace of mind. Life is nothing more than ordinary.

43. Don't confuse my attitude with my personality. My personality comes from who I am, and my attitude depends on who you are.

44. Even if others say what's wrong with you, I still can't let go

45, I am a little bit in love with every one of you

46. With you, I lack nothing, no matter how wild I am, I also know how to reject.

47. The past years have covered the past, and I would like to accompany you to see the flowers bloom and the world is impermanent.

48. You are the author of your life, why write a script so miserably.

49. Looking at your indifferent expression, you don't know how much I want to disappear before your eyes at that moment.

50. After many years, I hope you can still remember the one who used to tear your heart for you

51, like a beautiful family, like a stream of water. Go back, not back then.

52. It's yours, it's yours. the more grip, more likely to lose.

53. If it was before, you stood in front of me, and I would happily pounce on you, but now, I will pass by you. . . . . .

54. When you can't hold it, you can say to yourself, "I'm tired, but never admit in your heart that I can't!"

55. The sun still rises and it is a new day. The hypocrisy between people begins a new cycle.

56. I hope that our names can be written together, whether it is on a wedding invitation or on a tombstone.

57. If you want money, he can earn you. If you want rights, he can fight. But have you ever thought that he would have you without them?

58, happy, and then? What reaffirmation of love?

59. In this strange city, I learned to be independent.

60. Among the people who come and go in the city, there will always be someone who will remember you for a lifetime,

61. No one who has no heart or lungs has ever had a heart for someone.

62. Nothing in the world is forever. A friendship, faded after leaving. A piece of love, separated and dispersed.

63. In this world, not everyone, you are hurt. As long as you look back, the injured person will still be waiting for you.

64. Don't tell anyone that I'm old-fashioned, I will always have black hair.

65. Two people who can think in other places will not be too tired to get along together.

66. A love affair is like cutting hot hair and comforting it is just warm nonsense.

67. No one has the patience to listen to your story, because everyone has their own words to say

68,-Take the guts to support your body, take your character to stand firm.

69. Cry to yourself, smile to others, this is the life a woman should have

70. Please take my feelings for you seriously. I can say without fear that I am afraid of injury.

71. Don't use dignity to keep a changing heart, friendship or love

72. I can only silently behind you, watching you ambiguously with her.

73. We are still too young to believe that this is a sorrowful love sentence

74 、 Can't give up and continue to like it, at least this way the heart will not be empty

75. How painful is the flaw left by incompleteness? Only the painful person understands it.

76. A person's memory is best not to be too good, because the more memories, the less happiness

77 、 Sometimes I just want to be alone without talking or moving. I don't need company or comfort.

78. If I didn't meet you that day, I would be confused and helpless as before.

79. People have not changed, what can you do if you change

80. You only know who you love most when you are drunk, and who you love most when you are sick

81. Love one is not saying "I love you" but saying "I am" when she is sad most

82, dear, there is nothing wrong with escape. Instead of being dragged down by love, it is better to fly alone.

83, I understand you to the point that you want to reply to me, I can guess it is inseparable

84. The most inconceivable thing is that you don't love a person's eyes

85 、 Congratulations on losing you when I'm not sticking to you

86. Dead fish is the scar of the deep sea. Shadow is the heart of time.

87. Do you think the sourest feeling is jealous? No, the sourest feeling is no right to be jealous.

88. Sometimes forgetting is the best relief. And silence is the best telling.

89. After all, there is still a wound.

90. Only I know how painful my heart is when it is torn.

91. If you ca n’t get it in this life, you ca n’t protect it.

Depressed talk: Learn to feel sorry for yourself, because no one will feel bad for you

1. Learn to distress yourself, because no one will distress you.

2. When you are in a bad mood, close your eyes and tell yourself that this is an illusion.

3. If we change our heart, you will know how much I love you

4. You're not wrong, it's my moth flinging fire.

5. Now that it is finally time to separate, he leaves before me, but I feel a little relieved. Sooner or later, one of us will experience it alone, and let me take care of it.

6. Looking at the back of you leaving, I told myself to be strong and not cry because I loved you and because I knew you.

7. After leaving, I think you don't forget one thing: don't forget to miss me. When you miss me, don't forget that I miss you too.

8.My life, fragmentation, those who are firm, those who are proud, and those things that I have never forgotten and dare not forget, they are much faster than your turn, covered with a layer of cinnabar and covered an ancient City, when and when will you return?

9, sometimes like depression, you will suddenly feel bad. Occasionally, as if suffering from autism, I suddenly don't want to talk.

10, Everyone lives in such a person, distant love.

11. Perhaps, turning around is to forget, but turning around, but found that there is a kind of heartbreaking called miss.

12. I'm good to you. You pretend you didn't see it. You are nice to me, I really don't see it.

13. You are like a hedgehog. When I hold you and blood drips on you, you say that I hurt you, but you don't know that the blood is mine.

14. As I become more polite to you, we may become more and more unfamiliar.

15. What happened to me? Obviously wanted to see her, but did not have the courage to date her. Obviously want to chat with her, but always afraid to disturb her.

16, the left eye has not seen the right eye, do not understand comfort, only understand to accompany it to tears

17. I always meet people who shouldn't give up when they don't understand love, but after they understand love, they accidentally hurt.

18. When you meet someone, you really understand the meaning of love; when you miss someone, you really feel the heartache.

19. Everyone thinks it will always be far away. In fact, it may be so short that you can't see it.

20. Text, SMS, phone, online messaging. I started getting some people out of my life. I don't believe there can be anything in this world forever. You are not mine, nor am I. My heart is so small, not many people can be met, and only a few can be paid. The tenderness remaining in the memory will eventually not be able to meet the usual happiness in front of me. Even if it is just a small spot of light, we can only see our eyes and then live a simple life. The difference is only the heart.

When no one is distressed, distress yourself

When no one is distressed, distress yourself

Travel is the best way to eliminate ignorance and hatred

From now on, I will no longer expect, only cherish what I have

A person's life must be crazy once, whether for a person, a relationship, a journey, or a dream

Don't take others' concerns for granted. No matter how much he loves you, there will eventually be a tired day

Never know how much you like one person, unless you see that he likes another person

The more you care, the more you lose

Sometimes the more you hide your feelings about a person, the deeper you fall

I just want to be with you, that's it

True love means never to say sorry

Something that makes you sad, one day you will definitely say it with a smile

No one can go all the way to the end, but remember, do n’t forget your original self

I really want to talk to you, but I'm afraid you think I'm annoying

You are by no means as good as people say when you are proud, and not so bad when you are disappointed

I miss you, it ’s a little bit deeper, a little bit more frequent, and it gets thicker every day

No matter how much you hate your school, when you leave for a long time, you will still

One day I will you. I did not look forward to it, nor did I feel lost. I just know that one day

Do what makes you happy, make friends who make you happy; laugh as often as you breathe, and love as long as you live

This is me, no one says you have to like it.

Not because I am attached, but because you are worth it

Time such as water, always silent. If you are well, then all is well

No matter how difficult, keep moving forward, because only the moment you give up, you lose

I don't know what to say, I just miss you suddenly at this moment

There is a kind of avoidance

It turns out that as long as the separated people, no matter how familiar they are, they will gradually become alienated ...

The biggest of them is the firm belief that someone loves us

One of the happiest things is to chat with a group of 38

I believe that those who really care about me will not be taken away by others. Be it friendship or

Walking alone, sleeping alone, thinking alone, drunk alone. One person is busy, one person is tired, one person is irritable, one human body can understand

Do n’t want to think about it, do n’t want it. Why do you feel wronged?

Girl, stop thinking about it, the one who loves you the most in the world has married your mother.

When I want to say something most often, it's also when I'm most silent

I fell in love with my bed, but the alarm clock was jealous and always wanted to separate me from the bed

A true friend will hold your hand and touch your heart

Sometimes it ’s an unspeakable smile, sometimes it ’s an unspoken pain

Instead of waiting for others to love you, learn to love yourself more

Is a disease. The thing is that you are sick, he is also sick; unfortunately, he recovers, but you ca n’t afford it

Everyone's youth can never escape. Here, there is love, affection, joy, joy, but there is no eternity

I always see the most beautiful scenery in the deepest despair

Sometimes you have to do what you should do no matter what others think

I tried my best to love you at least in the time I belonged

The most important thing in the world is to eat and drink and to love.

You will never know how powerful you are until there is no escape route

Sometimes the person you love is not ready to go

It is said that what you flow is the water that enters your mind

The most painful words in the world are: "I love you, but ...", idioms. The sweetest words in the world are: "... but I love you."

Distressed sentence

First, don't expect, don't imagine, time is the fairest resource in this journey of life. We are the spectators and the scenery. Thanks to everyone who walked into life, no matter what kind of intersection between you and me, it has been fixed over time. The years are old and the face is light, and the mood is mottled. Time dazzles memories and remembers you and me.

2. In the gloomy days, don't let the cold fate ecstasy; since fate has come to insult us, we should take revenge in a calm manner.

3. Some people or things just disappeared before we knew it. Maybe we feel that they are too ordinary and used to it, but when we meet again someday, what kind of mood will we face it? Is it the joy of the old people reuniting, or is it the beginning of another parting?

Fourth, I love autumn the most. It has both the warmth of spring and the deep affection of autumn. It is just a little bit cool. Things should be like this, parting, thinking, waiting, reuniting. This is a season waiting for reunion in thoughts.

Fifth, the margins are deep, the margins are close, the margins are scattered, and when it is time to break up, it is time to reunite.

6. Life is a practice; destiny is a creation. There are laws in every state in the world, and everything in the world has a fixed number. Let it be, it is a kind of free and easy mind; ignoring gains and losses is an open-mindedness in life. Life is ups and downs, if you can be indifferent, life will show an elegant smile. You can be peaceful only if you live indifferently;

7. To love a person, you must understand it and resolve it; you must apologize and thank you; you must admit and correct it; you must be considerate and considerate; it is acceptance, not endurance; Support, not domination; sympathy, not questioning. To love someone, you must learn to be tolerant and cherish it.

8. You know that my loneliness of a hundred years is only waiting for you, and Qian Ye's love songs are only for you.

Nine, our most important thing is not to care about true and false, gain and loss, fame and gain, expensive and cheap, rich and poor, but how to live happily and discover the poetic flavor of life from it.

10. Don't take into account the comments and directions of others, don't listen to the left and right of others, and endure the prosperity. In the end, it will be a cloud of happiness, happiness and joy. The happiness of each of us is not in the eyes of others, but in our hearts.

11. You ask how deep I love you, the moon represents my heart. You ask me how true I am to you, and I faint without you.

Twelve, my feelings are like a glass of wine. The first person touched, and half were left. I raised the cup, filled it, and left it to the second person. He touched again. I still lift up, make it full, and leave it to a third person. Feelings are getting weaker, but each of them gets what I have intact, all, a glass of wine. Fortunate or unfortunate: she still believes in affection and love. --- "Lanben Wedding Dress"

Thirteen, the more you care about a person, the more you want to win the favor of the other person, the more you suppress your inner feelings, stay away from wanton laughter in forbearance, and dare not cry in restraint. No matter how beautiful love is, it is first and foremost a real thing. If you give up your original self for it, what you end up with is bound to be an emotional ending without an ending. Don't care too much about a person, because you care, you expect; because you expect, you are disappointed.

Fourteen, with the blessing of Qingfeng, sincere blessings, let Liu Yun express his sincere affection; tonight and evening, the air is full of intoxicating sweetness. I wish my dearest friend, from the future, love bath forever!

Fifteen, broken love is a part of love. After a love affair ends, many people think they won't fall in love with other people anymore. Then it was ridiculous to think about it. Life is short and less sad to leave. Only those who can walk through the pain deserve better happiness than ever. Just let the past pass.

Sixteen, never leave, the tide rises and falls, the flowers bloom and fall, everything in the world has its ups and downs, but my love for you will never fall.

Seventeen, you realize and do not realize, the Tao is there, not sad or happy. If you cultivate or not, your troubles are there. You know and ignorance, the problem is there, not increasing. You see and do not see, impermanence is there, and you will not give up. Walk into the Tao of Enlightenment, let Enlightenment live in your heart, meet in silence, and rejoice all your life.

18. You are anxious because you are not calm enough; you are sad because you are not strong enough; you are nagging because you are not sunny enough; you are jealous because you are not good enough. All these troubles have their roots here. Therefore, every occurrence of trouble is an opportunity for us to find our own shortcomings.

XIX. There is not much truth in this world. A woman's blush is better than a lot of dialogue. --- Lao She

Twenty, a good mood can have a good landscape, a good vision can have a good discovery, a good thinking can have a good idea.

21. If there is a fate, time and space are not distances. If it is missed, we will not be able to get together all day long. Don't worry too much about everything, let alone force it, just let everything go!

22. No matter how independent the spirit is, feelings are always looking for an attachment and a home. --- "Ordinary World"

Twenty-three games of life, we are always powerless to win or lose. When you are confused, most of you are inside the bureau. When you realize, people are outside the bureau. If you use peace of mind and see everything in the world, it is simple and clear. If you use a complicated mentality to see Wanzhang Hongchen, you will be fascinated by the world.

Twenty-four, the past no longer looks back, and will no longer be in the future.

Classic quote: When no one is distressed, distress yourself

Classic quotes: When no one is distressed, feel sorry for yourself 2018-07-2918: 11: 19 Classic quotes: When no one is distressed, feel sorry for yourself

1. There are two me in the world, one is pretending to be happy and the other is really sad.

2. If you think too much, you will be lonely; if you have no idea, you will be lonely.

3.Some should pick up

Classic quote: When no one is distressed, distress yourself

1. There are two me in the world, one is pretending to be happy and the other is really sad.

2. If you think too much, you will be lonely; if you have no idea, you will be lonely.

3. Some should pick up, some should give up. Let the end of the end, the beginning of the start.

4, I hope you become a woman: do not show off, do not quarrel, be an educated woman; do not be empty, impatient, be a full-bodied woman; even if life is exhausted, also grow old in grace.

5. Withered flowers will not desolate the entire spring, and a setback will not desolate the entire life.

6. If I can have a skill, I hope to help people forget the pain, just remember the good.

7. Rote memorization may allow you to pass 4 years of college, but it will ruin your next 40 years.

8. The most beautiful you are not born like summer flowers, but in the long river of time, you are not surprised.

9. If you want it, don't just expect it. Life is short and can't stand waiting.

10. Give yourself a hope every day, try not to worry about tomorrow, not to sigh for yesterday, just to be better today.

11. Smile and silence are two effective weapons: smile can solve many problems, and silence can avoid many problems.

12. The road ahead is still far, you may cry, but you must go on, you must not stop.

13. There are many things in life that you do not want to do but cannot do, and this is responsibility; there are many things in life that you want to do but cannot do, and this is destiny.

14. When friends ignore you, don't be sad, everyone has their own life, no one can stay with you all the time.

15. Concerned people are always cranky, and the result is that they are trapped in a messy mind and cannot move. sometimes it is better to not overthink.

16. People have two ways to go, one must go, and one wants to go. You must take the road that you must take to be beautiful before you can go the way you want to go.

17. Don't miss me, I won't go home by myself. You are good to me and I will remember for a lifetime. To me bad, I will forget the next second. In this way, will you love me forever, just as I love you?

18, stupid to insist, you will see the results of Niubi.

19. Three regrets in life: not choosing; not insisting on choosing; and constantly choosing.

20. When no one is distressed, distress yourself. Classic quotes: I do n’t rely on others, because I ’m fed up with disappointment Classic quotes: We do two things in a lifetime: walking and choosing the way to walk Classic quotes: Sometimes I feel cold, but I do n’t feel casual Hug Others Page 12

In a short word, no one feels sorry for himself! Read, read, cry

38 sentences that I love myself are super lonely and sad


Love your own sentence

1. When no one is distressed, he is distressed by himself; when no one is in love, he loves himself, and there is no flame mountain in life.

2. I used to think that being a cactus has nothing to do with yourself, but now I know that it really hurts more when I'm stuck with others.

3, a woman should hurt herself, the pain you are asking for is a charity given by others, do n’t bother! Huang Wenrong.

4. I never thought that I would forgive the person who made myself barren and painful and lost his voice in the night, but gradually let go under the crotch of time.

5. When I go to bed at night, I touch your hand, just like touching my own hand. I don't feel it, but I have to saw your hand off as much as I saw my hand.

6. You laugh away and push everyone away, saying that it doesn't hurt. In fact, only you know how.

7, you have no capital to cry, the important thing is not to let others hurt you, you have to hurt yourself, you must learn to be independent.

8. I swear I will treat myself kindly! But the more you hurt yourself, the more you find that you really don't hurt yourself, and there is no one.

9, growth means that you fell down and you stood up and patted the mud yourself.

10, my mother said, even if others don't like you, it's okay, it's okay to hurt yourself, don't treat others too well, then, really, no one likes you.

11, hug yourself when you are tired, and coax yourself when you are crying. It is impossible for someone around you to be with you all the time, pamper you, and learn to hurt yourself. (Beautiful sentence).

12, people always ignore the people who love themselves, but they love the people who ignore themselves, why do you know that happiness comes from people who love themselves.

13, love yourself is the king, hurt yourself, is the truth, love yourself is the happiest.

14, really fucking distressed myself. Really distressed, myself. Really fucking, distressed, myself. Damn it, it hurts me.

15, so, crying, laughing, emotional, or let myself comfort myself, persuade myself. Look, sure enough, I still feel most distressed.

16. Don't give up easily, don't always tell yourself that there is no way. Many things in life can only be understood if you have experienced, suffered, and hurt.

17. There must be someone who really hurts me. Since I can't find it now, I hurt myself.

18, you can go home when you are sad, the warmth of your home can make you forget the pain, and me, wherever I go, I am alone, I can only cry and hurt myself.

19. I understand that this may sound ridiculous. I accompany myself and love myself. But if you were me, you wouldn't find it ridiculous.

20, for so many years, in order to love you, I always think of you first, and then myself. I have forgotten more times, and I actually hurt.

21. There are so many people in the world who are working hard to love each other. I want to share my obsession with them so that I can love you a little less.

22. Why do we always ridicule the wrongs of others instead of blame ourselves? Because it is others who sneer at others, but it hurts themselves.

23. Suddenly distressed myself, because I shed so much tears because of you; suddenly distressed myself, because I could never find my original self again.

24. I thought that I was invincible, and that I would never cry.

25. Learn to live alone, whether or not someone loves you. Do what you should do, with or without love, treat it safely.

26. When you wake up late at night and find yourself suffering from chest pain because you miss someone, what do you call it? Love it. .

27, hurt myself, hurt, tired to hold myself, crying and crying. Lonely destiny, destined for the journey, can not escape.

28. For others, regardless of their true intentions, if they spare no effort to boast the other party to the sky, it doesn't matter to them if it hurts.

29. I will always face the known pain and how to forget, and face the unknown pain and how to bear the silent teenager.

30. Everyone has a place where they can easily hurt themselves, and learn not to stab others and to trap themselves. Love yourself and treat others seriously.

31, love is to embarrass yourself, not willing to embarrass you, until the end, I learned that I feel sorry for myself.

32. I know, love myself, hurt myself, and believe in myself. I know, on my own, on my own, I can.

33. Helping others cannot be a reason to hurt yourself, even if you are used to pain, some of you who saw you hurt will be sad for you.

34. My unhappiness, my discomfort, I try to leave it to myself, and I never expect anyone to feel bad for me to take everything for me. .

35. I used to hope that someone would love me, but now I hope I love myself. I used to expect someone to hurt me, but now I hope I can hurt myself.

36. Be your own princess and be your own grandfather. If you can't give it to others, give it to yourself. What deserves you the most is yours.

37, I am not afraid of deception, I am not afraid of the deception of others, I am just afraid of my distressed voice, the whole feeling of collapse. .

38. Hurting yourself makes you feel good. That's a way to get rid of pain by making it painful.

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