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Beautiful sentences about dopamine

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Hormones decide to fall in love at first sight, dopamine decides to last forever

Hormones decide to fall in love at first sight, dopamine decides to last forever, the adrenal glands decide not to shoot, self-esteem decides who speaks first, and last life and reality determine who leaves first and who leaves first. In fact, there are no two kinds of feelings in the world: one is Xiangmo Yimo, but tired of getting old; the other is that they forget the rivers and lakes, but miss the cry.

Love sentence about dopamine

Meet the classic sentence

Just because they met in the crowd in the autumn evening of that year, those classic sentences, the classic sentences that comprehend life, the summary of the classic sentences Love apartment 3 classic lines Love apartment 3 classic quotes

The third season of Love Apartment has been broadcasting for a long time, and the classic lines of Love Apartment 3 are also freshly released. The classic quotations of Love Apartment 3 compiled by the short literature net editor for the majority of netizens are not to be missed. It includes a variety of classic Taiwanese vocabulary in Love Apartment 3, love dialogues, cursing sentences, as well as a variety of incisive language clips, thunderous words and so on. Worth collecting, worth sharing, touching love message

There is no limit to love. Even if two people are separated by two places, they will eventually reunite because of love. Love is a matter of two people. If you are still attached to one another, entangled, and fall in love with pain. After the passage of time, you will find that you dug the pit yourself, and all buried below is youth. The most touching message of love

1. If God made me three wishes, the first is a beautiful sentence from my mother

The sufferings of suffering will be lengthened by years, those sentences about mother love, sentences describing mother love, sentences praising mother love

Short Literature Network has prepared the English name of beautiful love for everyone, so come in and have a look. If you want to get more screen names, beautiful texts, poetry, etc., please visit Short Literature Network. Love beautiful qq personality english net name blessed happiness linda, b52hana`robert, i 妸 qing〃sexyman-thee beautiful antique sentence _ classic and beautiful ancient sentence

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The dull days have no joy and no worries. Every day monotonously repeats the tasteless life. Some ancient style sentences, beautiful ancient style sentences, and beautiful ancient style sentences are summarized in the memory of the river.

On the map of China, you cannot find its name with a magnifying glass; on the map of Shaanxi Province, there is only a thin and thin river marking line on the scale of one hundred thousandths. No one knows its name, just because it is behind the streets in the town, it is called Liangting River. The river is not wide, but it is very long, flowing slowly from south to north. Where is its source, no one knows; it will flow hard philosophical sentences

Maybe everyone has such a person in their hearts. Those philosophical sentences, life philosophical sentences, and philosophical sentences are selected from classic sad sentences.

We always emphasize that others learn to cherish, but we ca n’t do it ourselves. Those sad sentences, sad sentences talk about mood, the most sad sentences are summarized and forgive, it is only related to the depth of love

Forgiveness is only related to the depth of love. As much love as there is forgiveness. What does woman's happiness have to do with

The reason that I have been left behind is because of fate, but it is not necessarily true. The living environment is a cause, and personality is also a factor. I have made myself what I am today. The older you are, the lower your chances of choosing, and the inferiority complex comes out, struggling with inequities such as men and women. In the long years, I kept my feelings alone and slowly pursued my happiness, just writing the sentence of mother love

When I grow up, I understand more and more about life. Some sentences about mother love, sentences describing mother love, summaries of sentences praising mother love, sadness parting sentences

The city in my heart is where you are, some parting sentimental sentences, parting sentimental sentences, excerpts from sentimental parting sentences about memories, about youth

Love sad heartbreak net name

Short Literature Network has prepared for you a sad and heartbreaking QQ personality screen name. Come in and have a look. If you want to get more screen names, beautiful texts, poetry, etc., please visit Short Literature Network. Love sad heartbreak qq personality net name a you know me a lot} bp 簮 n guest 0? You, I can't erase the painful past is torture. Can't say goodbye. The latest love net name Daquan

There will always be someone or some people. After a few years, when you think of him, you will silently say to yourself in your heart, and say to him: You are not worthy of having my obsession. The promise of a boy ’s love net name is broken all over the place? He loves to the depths of his soul ”Russia. A woman who loves o1 の 0? Can't l 捰 heart? Come back. 1 kind of love related to you

Once said, I love you, nothing to do with you. A period of bitterness, a period of imprint, and a period of trance, came quietly. Thinking of that lonely time is related to love, to thinking, and to heartache. To date, it is not clear whether it was a dream or a real one. It ’s been a long time since I ’m reluctant to remember, because, I ’m very happy now, when a person is satisfied, when the QQ personality love net name

Short Literature Network has prepared a screen name for everyone's love. Hurry up and take a look. If you want to get more screen names, beautiful texts, poetry, etc., please visit Short Literature Network. qq personality love net name ______ Liang Cheng Kong Xiang nowhere to bid farewell to the lover away ______ ☆ love crying Gesanghua k さ Mn 珢 n 珢 美 yourl familiar taste

No matter where we go or how far we go, some feelings will never fade. For example: the smell of tobacco between father's fingers, the smell of food in the house, and the fresh air of his hometown. Seeing the smoke and smelling it again, it evoked me away from my teenage life and a bitter and happy childhood. There is always a nostalgia, a touch, a familiar taste in the smoke. Familiar taste of: Mobile Client Access: love sentences related to dopamine

Sang Yi Yi Mo Love Beautiful Sentence

1. The nature of couples who have been together for decades is basically not love, but a relationship that is hard to separate.

2. Whether it is with loved ones, loved ones or friends, we all know clearly that love, friendship and love are the greatest wealth in a person's life. Really, how do we experience the existence of love, these are happiness. Happiness is simple, it will not carry any impurities, as long as you have a kind heart, you will always feel its existence.

3. There are only two kinds of feelings in the world that can be called romantic: one is Xiang Xiang Yi Mo, and the other is Xiang Xiangyu. We must strive to be in love with those we love and forget about those who love us secondarily. Maybe it's not that I haven't lost my heart, it's not impossible, it's just that I have no chance. When you can hold hands, don't side by side; when you can hug, don't hold hands; when you can love, don't say apart; if you have love, don't touch ambiguous.

4. Hand in hand with the people in love, watch the sun rise and fall, live a sweet and bitter life, talk about each other in poverty, support each other in adversity, and concentric in plainness. This is my ideal love.

5. They once met each other and became the most familiar strangers after the truth was revealed. He continued to fall in love with others, but the blank part of his heart could not be filled by anyone. It was not related to love, but an important place related to her.

6. Love is not the moon in the water, but it is not visible; love is not in the wind, but it is not audible; love is not a flower in the mirror, but it is not real. Love should be the love of the two when they fall in love; love should be the care of the seconds when they are separated; love should be the dilemma of love in the dilemma; love is the plain tea when it is simple. Love is not a legend, but a real, every move.

7. The ultimate goal of marriage is to find someone in this world who, despite being bloodless, can still be a close relative. Year after year, slowly no longer have sex, no more passion, and even no more love. However, the kindness of each other, the righteousness of sharing the same bitterness and suffering, the kinship of the flesh that has been ground up year after year, can no longer be replaced.

8. I think the relationship between us may be the end to this extent. I generously admit that I love her, and then there is no then.

You have n’t crossed the past, you do n’t have to pass now, and there is no good thing waiting for you.

The passion for kissing is only a few seconds, and the thrill of rolling sheets is only a few minutes. Trustworthy can be a lifetime. Everyone wants to have a perfect love, and they want to make a sum of each other, but for me, there are some things that can be done or not, do n’t be too demanding. What I want is just to trust each other for a lifetime and love this person. And through this person love the world, and finally know how to love yourself, in a sense, it is also a kind of perfect love.

I choose to love her this way.

9. If two people have experienced many ordeals together, even if they only face them in the form of friends, then their feelings have already exceeded those romantic love, and the feelings of each other may be more worth cherishing each other!

10. There are two endings of love.

11. People don't understand what love is all their lives. Maybe we thought that life with white-headed and old-fashioned is love, and maybe we thought it would be love with each other and together. Yes, these are all part of love. And I thought that when my lover is my pain, she can really understand my state of mind and express it from body language and eyes, which is the highest state of love.

12, with each other, when love fades away from the halo, gradually diminishes the luster, warmth is greater than passion, family love softens love, and dullness is also a kind of beauty.

13. Don't tell me forever, love will never be romantic. Don't tell me perfection, perfect marriage is rare in the world. Real life is ordinary and simple, with three meals a day in an infinite loop. It's just emotions that don't leave, don't rely on vows.

14. Two people quarreled. In the end, one person confessed his apology first. I want to say that the one who confessed first was not really lost, but he was too concerned about the feelings along the way. The apology at this time is the elegant display of love. When the violently drifting away, whether or not they can meet each other is the final test of love.

15. The best love is that the two walk hand in hand through the ditch, the wind, the snow, the rain, the hardships, and finally the dawn of hope filled with darkness. The simplest happiness is that the two people keep their common beliefs, never give up, try to forge ahead with each other. Happiness is just a feeling. What touches us is always true, sincere, and sincere!

16. Many feelings are able to withstand wind and rain, but can not withstand the dullness; can withstand dispersal, but cannot withstand the test of time. Time dilutes passion, and love goes from romantic to ordinary. Love is not only the present love at first sight, but also the inseparable later. You can exchange your heart for warmth with emotions, and you can see it with honesty. What I see is pity, and what I give is willingness. Quiet follow, dull interdependence, simple peace of mind and precious emotion.

17. A simple love, created by sunrise and dying by sunset. Enjoy the morning sun, breeze, dew, and dusk together. Such a desire is not greedy. I want to love, that is, to live together for a while. Accept and run in, so that love can withstand the years. It is more precious to join hands and happiness together.

18, I hope my love is like this. I found him in my years and depended on him to give him my life. Be his wife, his child's mother, cook for him, wash clothes, and sew a button. Then we grow old together in time.

19. Some grievances are relieved after being figured out; some hurt, and it has become a habit to endure the pain for a long time; some words hidden in the heart, there is no need to say. In fact, not all pain can be shouted; not all love can be confessed. Love keeps standing. I want to go to the old world, I want to find someone close to each other, I want to find a separate album filled with my photos.

20. One day when you think of me, time has settled all my mistakes, and you have learned to stop asking why. Until one day, when faced with love, will you miss the original heat? Through the twists and turns along the way, until one day, choose someone to chat with each other. It turns out that the melody is nothing more than [parting song].

21. Having sex with a woman and sleeping with a woman are two irrelevant feelings. The former is erotic-sensory enjoyment, and the latter is love-relieving each other. Author: Milan Kundera

22. Sadness doesn't help. How to let yourself live a good life is the most important. Although love is beautiful, it is not the whole of life: long-lasting, sea-rock-dead love is minimal; marriages that are old and pale, and old-fashioned are everywhere. The one who is gone is destined to be missed in this life; the one that belongs to you must be waiting for your appearance somewhere.

23. It's just that one person shed tears quietly, so sad that she can't help herself. I can't go back anymore, those quiet and happy times, those loves that have been together, can never be found again. The whole world is empty. Author: Canoe

24. All heart-breaking heartaches are caused by pouring too much affection, and too many tears that cannot bear can't help because the more you care, the more sad. Many times the silence is because it is too helpless. The simplest first love is over, panic, thinking that friends will go farther than lovers. Strive to be strong, one graduates and one goes to society. The simplest secret love is that companionship is the best way to like it. One person and two people will laugh. Finally couldn't hide it. . . There is no choice but to strangle. Messy, tired, tired of relying on you at any time. I do n’t know if there is such a simpleness or not. I just want to find someone called love who talks with his son.

25. What is love? Love is a feeling? Love is a kind of attraction? Love is mutual affection? Love or common happiness and suffering? For thousands of years, we have been following love, we are all deeply impressed, but there are really a few Individuals know love? How many people really understand love?

26. We are all past the age of hearing love, so true love does not need sweet talk around the ears, does not need to be as vigorous as Romeo Juliet, and does not need to be as beautiful as Liang Shanbo Zhu Yingtai, but no matter how the years change In the face of the old face, I still love you as I did before, and each other in the years of passing through each other, staying together, walking hand in hand, accidentally reached the white head.

27. Let's talk with those who can love; forget with people who can't love. These are the two most romantic types of love.

28. In the dull days of love and relatives, we are infected with each other's breath and are gradually assimilated. The days and days are engraved on our faces, when ring-by-ring rings pass by our feet, when two people inadvertently considerate each other, care for each other, a look, a sigh, a Laughing, it will bring the soul's resonance to each other, and will make love sublime.

29. Love is a lifelong relationship.

30. I don't envy the flowers of the previous month, the swearing pledges of the League of Nations, and I don't envy the young and beautiful bamboo horses. The two little guesses, the twilight, I envy the stalemate in the ordinary days, the warmth in the cold years, and the warmth of the sunset. In the afterglow, the white-haired Cangcang support each other's faltering figure, and the love that can stand the test of time is the true love.

31. Sadness is useless. How to make yourself live the most important thing is that love is beautiful, but it is not the whole of life. Forever and ever, the love of the sea and rocks is very small; the marriage of the white-headed and old-fashioned is everywhere. The one who left is destined to miss this life; the one that belongs to you must be waiting for you in a certain place.

32. What is love? It is the promise of life and death, the responsibility of sharing the troubles with each other, the mutual responsibility of suffering and suffering, and the deep affection of each other. Love is O'Henry's "The Gift of Maggie", Love is Shu Ting's "To the Oak", love is easy to find priceless treasure, rare love.

33. Don't believe in Golden Boy and Lady, don't believe in Shanmeng's pledge. This world has the most precious years and the most deceiving eyes. I don't believe it, just because I'm a good girl growing up on the shoulders of scum. I believe, just because I believe in the word affection more than love. I believe that those who have met each other and their sons are old, and they have turned out to be positive results.

34. The so-called love should look like: vigorous, desperate, is not considered as love; if you are in love with each other, if you are old, you are not considered as love; True love should be two people who understand each other, respect each other, don't entangle, don't tie up, don't possess, and then go along, go through a long, journey.

35, parting, very sad words.

Never, or, helplessly.

Once, it became a paper airplane, floating in the air, and then, disappearing. . . . . .

Xiangmo Yimo, turned into an old photo, stayed in a smile, but happy and free.

In the end, time is not enough, water is not gone, and your faith.

Retention? Is it useful ?!

In the end, it was just a back named Love, which made him drift away.

I want to cover my eyes. Is the sun too dazzling?

I want to float on the ocean floor, so as not to let tears shed.

The end of the song, passing by, is the best ending. Author: lititi Cape Source: American English touching it

36. Regardless of romantic love, it is not regrettable to be together. Author: Dong Qing

37. The most astounding love in the world is not life and death, nor is it the same, but when you get old, all Huashao, then you realize that the person you most want to cherish in this life is already separated from you That day, it has disappeared in this world.

38. The best memories are actually not the love of the old age and the old one, but the relationship in the years of life without regret. Love doesn't need any reason. When you love, you die, and when you do n’t, you do n’t need to ask. Few people can truly love in their lifetime.

39. I will never give up all my life. I will still be happy even in a poor life, because you are with me. This is true love, and this is eternity.

40. In fact, when two people are together, it is not necessarily about how unforgettable love is. Between heaven and earth, you only want to meet the person who can cherish you. You do n’t want to be violent, but just to have a warmth in the ordinary Guard, will not flutter in the wind.

41. For many people, when the dust settles and looks back on their own emotional journey, the best memories are actually not the love that they have grown up together, but the period in their lives that has no reason to regret. Love doesn't need any reason. Once too many reasons are attached, it becomes a burden. When you love you die, you don't need to ask when you don't. There are many people worthy of love in life, but few who can really love. Source: Short Literature Network

42. There are two kinds of feelings in the world that can be called romance: one is Xiangmao Yimo, and the other is Xiangxihu. We must talk to the people we love most, and forget the people we love. It's not that we haven't lost our heart, it's not impossible, it's just that we have no fate. Please do n’t side by side when you can hold hands, do n’t hold hands when you can hug, do n’t say separation when you can love, do n’t touch ambiguous when you have love

43. The so-called love is vigorous and desperate, it is not considered love; it is not love when you are in love with each other. True love, then, should be two people, understanding each other, respect each other, not entangled, not entangled, not possessed, and then go together, go through a long, journey.

44. In fact, love is very simple, that is, one person is accompanying one person, one life is guarding one life, and each other walks to the last second. The real vibrancy is that long streams of water can flow.

45. I just want a simple love, and enjoy the morning sun, breeze, rain and dew, dusk at the same time. Don't go up and down, don't be scattered in the years. Such a desire is not greedy. The love I want is nothing more than a lifetime. Accept and run in, so that love can withstand the years. Even if it's mediocre, as long as you can join hands and keep your head together, you will grow old.

46. I don't want it, I just find myself so small. I don't want it, I just find myself so sad. Love needs to be based on material. Love is not a psychological relationship between two people. I really don't know where I have the courage and confidence to hurt the one I like. I have stumbled in the past few years. The appearance is so beautiful, but I don't want to lose my heart. Leaving a loved one aside, everyone who loves you may find out in the end that the one you love has always stayed in your heart and never left. But he departed from the definition of love. Perhaps it was the world that was being used and abandoned that made me powerful and devoid of nature. I thought about forgetting, I thought about throwing everything away, but I couldn't erase the tear in your heart. Author: maple syrup

47. True love needs to wait, from the beginning of the love sinus to the white head. True love needs to hold fast and stay together. True love requires courage, courage and commitment. The diamond on the ring is the sweat of the man; the circle surrounded by the ring is the embrace of the man; the engraving on the ring is the promise of the man; the finger in the ring is the love of the man.

48.Hate early

You and I should not know each other at such a young age. With enthusiasm, thinking of life will never leave. Can only give you pale and weak love. In this earthly world of material desires, I want to stay with you and stay away from the world, just to embrace each other for a lifetime and to live together for a hundred years. And the fact is that even buying a ticket to see you will be costly. I can promise your love for a lifetime, but no one can wait, away from this age, this youth.

You and I shouldn't have known each other at this age. Reality will eventually break up what we consider to be impeccable love, and let it dissipate in the crowds of people. The final outcome is many years later. I can promise you a glorious life, but in the end it is just a passerby. I didn't know each other at first, but eventually I didn't.

When I am in love, I meet late and I hate each other; when I am in love, I meet and hate early, and leave each other.

49. When we were young, we felt that love was shopping together, eating at a roadside stall, and watching the stars together, and now we understand that, in fact, love is understanding, tolerance, and empathy!

50. There are only two kinds of pure love in this world, one is first love, and the other is love that can still spend time with each other, accompany each other, and accompany each other when they are old. And onion, because of its whiteness, it gives people its pure language of love.

51. Time likes to separate people at the ends of destiny. Some love can only stop at the lips and teeth, covering the years! Because love only takes time, but it takes a lot of courage to be together.

Just like there are no two kinds of feelings in the world. One is Xiangmo Yimo, but tired of getting old! The other is Xiang forgets rivers and lakes, but misses crying!

We are all alone, so we are not alone! Love is here, don't forget to hug. Love is gone, do n’t forget to say goodbye! No matter what love is in life!

Remember it, it's not clich! Hey

52. Everyone has their own fears, let alone you don't, the world has them. Some people are afraid that the friendship that has not been contacted for a long time will be moldy and rusty, some are afraid that their love will eventually forget each other, and some are afraid of the affection of "children who want to be raised and never kiss each other". We are afraid that one day, we will be the flowers and plants that have lost their roots, the kite that has broken the line, the big tree that has fallen leaves, and we are afraid that one day we will lose contact with the world, deaf, blind, and dumb , I am not aware of the light, heat, beauty, and goodness of this world. Fear, a person walks too fast or too slowly, and a lonely unaccompanied. Afraid, his heart is full of no one to tell, but also afraid, being seen through the cowardly heart in exchange for ridicule. Afraid, not recognized, no one paid attention, shouting as hard as possible, hysterical, even if mistaken for a lunatic. We carry too many superfluous things, and do n’t dare to release them easily. We remove camouflage and dissect ourselves. We like fakes better than real, and we like masks more than our real faces ...

(2018, 0

6, 0

5, Author: Beijing original state

53. When love really gets old and desolate, it ’s good to be together

54. The beauty of love lies in the fact that the newlyweds are in harmony and sorrow, and the cases in life are full of eyebrows and respect, such as guests. The husband and wife sing and follow each other when they go out. Author: is light

55. How many people love someone in the name of friendship.

How many people reject one in the name of friendship.

How many people dare not speak out, afraid that even friends can't do it after speaking out.

How many people like to be alone, just told her to let her know, then turned away and never mentioned again.

How many people like a person, but never told her.

How many people initially agreed to each other, but the final outcome was to forget each other.

How many people pretend they don't want it because they can't get it.

How many people are in love, but it seems to be separating.

How many people have separated but still love each other.

How many people were walking, but seemed to be stuck in place.

How many people have lost to a word like `wait`.

How many people agreed that no one would turn back after turning around, but no one could bear it.

How many people have witnessed a lot of love, but have not witnessed their wedding.

How many people come to your life, then leave in a hurry and never see you again.

56. Love the love of each other

Longing for the twilight years of leading scorer: street War ink stained sleeves cool

57. On that day, I saw an old couple with pale hair and walking hand in hand at Xiaoshi Street, walking slowly step by step. Smell happiness and love, and I laughed! This is true love. I love each other, hold hands, and grow old with you, you will not leave me, and keep your head. Love is not necessarily vigorous, it is a flavoring agent that makes a dull life unconscious. May the world be full of happiness, and someone will accompany you to the white head without regret.

58, still believe

--The Linger

After breaking up at night

I just started to believe in love

Every shadow stretched by the light

Are silent teachings

Not to forget each other

The next person I met

I deeply believe in you. Author: Ling escape by the source: I have old

59. The grandmother died at dusk, and her grandfather accompanied her in the ward to complete the last journey of her life. Before she left, her grandfather said, "After school." The grandfather who had been pretending to be calm cried like a child after hearing this sentence. After the funeral, I asked about the meaning of the three grandparents. The grandfather told me that this was a sentence often used by grandma when he and grandma were still in elementary school: after school, let's go home together.

(After school, we go home together)

[Xiangxiang and Shoushou walked together to the white head, the love of this Xiangyimo really looks flat.]

60. Love will go through these three stages. The passion in youth is full of emotions, and the ordinary life will be intertwined with each other. It's just a blink of an eye. In the past few years, our love has become forever. Every process is irreplaceable, every beauty is achieved by each other. I hope we all have it.

61. Love means that two people are one world. Friendship means that the two worlds are one person, that is, the end of the world.

62. Many people say that love is instantaneous, but they are wrong. Once love happens, it will never disappear, but you must understand that the people in love do not have to be together. It is better to look at the rivers and lakes than to look at each other. You are not forgetting you, I will look at you with the rest of my life and bless you. Author: Lu Yuan Source: Mr. Good

63. Love in fairy tales is unlikely to appear.

Just like you and me, they can only meet in memory

As if the twilight in the deep winter can only be drowned in the white snow

64. Some loves, such as sake, and each other, become more and more fragrant under the fermentation of time, and some loves, such as fireworks and eachother, are turned into ashes after years of destruction.

65. When we were young, we often lingered in the moonlight and became obsessed with eachother. We were eager to talk about a strong love, and it was easy to move us for the story of love regardless of worldly obstacles.

As they get older, the story of the old people's life in harmony and staying together forever is more touching. Because I know how passionate it is to keep an ordinary beauty, indifference and tranquility in the impetuous world. Author: Heya Juan Source: On the way to pursue their dreams, we are the same

66. Love is a sympathy. You ask me, Lao Yan is flying!

Marriage is indifferent to each other, smiles and smiles at each other

67. The secret love of young people and the love of each other, how can they use the balance of the sky to weigh light weight.

68. The marks left in the lives of people who broke up will certainly fade over time, but some things will still settle, but we may not be aware of them ourselves.

People who know crystals say that the reason why pink crystals symbolize love is because a pair of lovers wear pink crystals to walk together, and the aura formed is a light red heart shape. In this way, the day and night together and the heart of acceptance are also a kind of aura. Even if the two people in the field go one side each day, it is still difficult to completely wash away the breath of each other. Author: thirteen Source: The total wet your heart lyrics

69. There was a song called Passing by. That year, I was stubborn that the person who looked back 500 times in the previous life must be you.

There is a song called because of love, that year, I stubbornly told that the person hiding the deep left atrium must be you.

There is a song that says I have you all my life. That year, I persistently argued that the person wearing the ring finger ring must be you.

There was a song that told me not to regret it. That year, I silently blessed you, even if I failed, the person I loved must be you.

There was a song called Meet and Hate Late. That year, I was thinking that the person who could accompany me to meet each other must be you.

There was a song called Love. In that year, I was ruthless, and it was you who did not forgive.

There was a song called Nothing. That year, I was sorrowful and sorrowful, and the person I hate to be sad must be you.

So far, I love to hurt myself, still do not understand where true love is.

All I know is that I took the time to tell myself that I loved you.

70. If you really want to be with a person for a long time, then don't rush to let her know how good you are to her, you have done everything so well, then only let her think you are more More and more unsatisfactory.

What's more, a person who is simply good to one person may not be able to exchange for true love. In love, there must be no hope. A person is too humble. Most of that love will die, and what he wants is equality and love. Xiang Yi Yi Mo. Therefore, he wants to follow the rules and make progress step by step.

71. The mood is low. A person sits in front of the bar, behind the crowd, there is a voluptuous dancer on the stage, and a bottle of rum is in front of him. . . . . . I do n’t want to bother with this world, I ’m very quiet inside, and I drink it myself. The bartender ’s generous glass of toasting touched me a little bit. A sincere heart, 24 hours ago, what was the smashing that was abandoned? What day is going to continue, one day, and suddenly collapsed at this same moment yesterday, what is love, money? To accompany, Xiangmo Yimo. . . . . . The future is pretty bright, but I ca n’t change my heart with all my energy. I ’m tired or bitter. I dare not be so wayward. I do n’t know. I do n’t want to bear someone who loves me because What kind of taste must be known, that person, accompanied by my last glass of rum and a glass of ak47 presented by the bartender, disappeared in my 26-year-old bitter laughter, Xiao Pan cheer!

72. Whose love has no flaws, whose love is not walking around, but there is nothing but helplessness.

73. There are no two people in the world who are completely suitable. Only by constantly adjusting the pace and working together can there be a beautiful scene of old age and old age together. In addition to having a good foundation for love, marriage requires that both parties have a sense of responsibility. There are many external temptations in the world. If you choose to escape every time because of inappropriateness, there will never be an end.

May you find the person who will change the frequency for you, someone who will shine.

74. Sadness is like a glass of bitter water. If you taste it alone, it will be difficult to swallow.

If you dilute the bitter water in the lake and drink it with a scoop, it will be cool.

But then, maybe it is not the so-called love.

Xiangmo Yimo is a grind of ears, a pledge of mountains, an old age, and a lifetime.

I don't doubt the sincerity of people when they promise each other, just that too many stories make the vows fragmented.

But no matter how good it was, it's just memory.

It is better to forget each other than to forget each other, not really forget.





hg皇冠国际com 75、做你一世蓝颜,不免丢失爱情












hg皇冠国际com 76、我相信,相濡以沫的爱情,但我更相信永远的兄弟!

hg皇冠国际com 77、他瘫痪了。她悉心照顾,他埋怨不甘。一个相濡以沫,一个却想相忘于江湖。仙人的爱情也抵不过如此,白头偕老,知好便好。

hg皇冠国际com 78、什么是一见钟情,所谓的爱情在婚姻面前,可能终有一天会变得苍白,归于平淡。就连为爱而爱的充满浪漫主义色彩的双鱼座,也开始怀疑这即将面临的一切。我眼中的钟情,便是一生一世相濡以沫。不要天长地久,我,只要一辈子!

hg皇冠国际com 79、你的第一段恋情让我感动,所以我无法接受你的第二种爱情,哪怕再怎么轰轰烈烈亦或是相濡以沫,我还是执着于记忆中无法自拔。

hg皇冠国际com 80、爱情其实是最简单的,只要彼此互相牵挂,互相关怀,只要心中有爱。不求过多,相濡以沫,执子之手那就是最最简单的事情。出处:时文选粹

hg皇冠国际com 81、相濡以沫一首另类送给我的小可爱
















82. There is one person in the world who can give you a loneliness and make you brave. When he confessed, he said, "From this moment, can you be brave once for me?" She replied firmly, "I think, I can." In a few words, he was almost choked: "I She thought that she had no chance to get this answer in her life. "She was sobbing:" I'm sorry to keep you waiting. "Why wait a long time? The ending is as he wants, and the process is difficult, he is willing. During the proposal, he said: "I never dare to expect you to return love. But I can't convince myself to give up. The most proud and proud thing I have ever done in my life is to die with my heart and win. That ’s not enough. What I want is: we will meet each other for life. I propose to you with this idea, I hope that we will still be together in the year of Hua Jia. Dare to marry the sweet love. I met you, not at the best age, but because of you, I believe in love again. Time is not old

83. Maybe there is no passion, maybe there is no love. After a long time together, there will be family relationships.

84. Young people are always so sad, but I think youth love is the most innocent. It's not that they are together, that they are not old-fashioned, but that they are hard to forget once they look back.

85. Two people = a lifetime ≈ knowing + understanding + secret love + confession + dating + dating + frustration + sweetness + difficulty + deep love + lingering + parents + marriage + passion + habits + children + earning money + trouble + ten years + twenty Years + 30 years + 40 years + 50 years + wrinkles + sickness + aging + daze

Above but there are calculations around you = love.

Love can be finished in one sentence forever-when you are young, you fall in love at first sight, think without seeing each other, talk about each other; when you are old, you are in love, you are me, and you are me.

86. The most beautiful love is not the flowers, the snow, the rain, and the rain, but the sweethearts, and the two are no guesses; it is not a mountain pledge, sweet words, but sweet and bitter tastes, but mutual affection; Author: is light

87. Many people are in love with each other. Many people are in love, as if they are shy in love, but they are slowly charming. Many people are in love, as if love is in bloom, but slowly withers. It seems that Siluo finally took care of the tree, but Chunyu has not yet been baptized. Imagine the beauty and longing of every time, every time sunrise and sunset, joy and worry. The years that passed, the hour and turn of the hourglass, those lingering feelings.

88. "Some people get it, some people lose it. Love is not a temporary pleasure that can be obtained with a shot of dopamine replacement. Love should be in a variety of ways. Some people experience impulses, some people find calmness, some people taste passion, some people taste it. Plainness is beauty ... Everyone's love is different, and each person's love and the way in which they are loved are different ... but the moment of love is true, whether it is long or short. Some people's love is vigorous , But it is short-lived, and forget it when you look at it. Some people's love is as long as life, even if the yin and yang are separated, it can last forever. The love of more people is to live on the side of each other at the same time. measure their "author: ease source: loneliness is an island

89. Nothing is perfect,

Except those bland love that can go to the end,

Except for those loves that are so old-fashioned,

Except for those ardent and self-defeating love.

90. Maybe a person has a long way to go before experiencing the sudden and prosperous prosperity and desolation in life. But in fact, I know that with you, I can still run with the heart of my child and run happily. I think This is love, that is, you can love each other for a lifetime, and every day is Valentine's Day. The most unforgettable moment in this world is always the beauty of that moment that can no longer be grasped, time is worrying, something is missed, it is missed forever, Shaoguan is easy to die, and never comes again.

91. Love in the world has the same face. Whether it is a celebrity and business celebrity or a passerby in the world, love must go through dull. The more the day is trivial, the more you can see the deep affection and love. Author: Yun Tan Source: Single old love pet small Lu secret lover

92. It's you who let me know what is the love of each other, and it's also that you let me know what is betrayal.

93. The person who loves me gives me a gift, and the person I love gives me a wound-obviously the giving from the latter is more precious, because there is only a wound, and what has happened to me is a true flesh and blood meaning.

We are all in loneliness, but we ca n’t help and give each other. Like the swimming fish in the two glass jars, our voices ca n’t be communicated. How can we talk about each other? Blind, we are all embarrassed, no matter how we love each other, Darkness is individual and cannot be shared. In a world with no faces, we can't guess each other's complex expressions.

The magician never seemed to know that my ecstasy and despair were all controlled by him, and given alternately. He has an innocent mix of angels and demons.

Everything in the field of love that cannot be won by talent cannot be won by begging, not to mention defense and education.

The limited layer of frosting on the pastry, the rough small particles, melted at the tip of the tongue ... This once sweetening memory made me feel more like a ruined life sinking. Author: Zhou Xiaofeng Source: Peach burn

94. Because of the inferiority of human beings, they like the new and the old, and there is no long-term relative love. God will plant in your heart thoughts that can be remembered for life. Let it grow into a towering tree in the long years, and when there are nowhere to hide in the tedious and repetitive days, there are also branches and leaves in the heart to rest and cool.

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