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800 Words in Cao Yu's Thunderstorm

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At only 23 years old, Tsinghua University student Cao Yong wrote a shocking work "Thunderstorm" and created a brilliant milestone in the history of Chinese drama.

I re-read "Thunderstorm" and still feel a lot about him. The two of them were the first characters that Cao Yu conceived, Zhou Yiyi and Zhou Chong.

Zhou Yiyi. She was crazy, and people kept saying she was crazy, Zhou Puyuan, Zhou Ping, readers, and finally she was really crazy. As a wife, she steals from her husband; as a stepmother, she commits adultery with her son. She's hot, she's sharp, she's charming, she's brave. She ignored the so-called golden rules, broke the moral shackles, and violated human relations. Who forced her so? Is that old house in the dying Zhou family? Is that arrogant Zhou Puyuan? Is the breath of young men and seductive love? Perhaps she was born the wrong time.

Cao Yu is somewhat similar to Mr. Cao Lao, who wrote the masterpiece of the Red Mansion. He has a hopeless home. A home filled with opium smoke all day; there is a home for an elder brother. Shi Taigong is not subject to the humiliation of the court, maybe there is no such thing as the historian's sing, and no rhyme. I think maybe this is the same family that created a May Fourth youth, a drama master, a woman named Fan Yi, and a "Thunderstorm".

The society's suppression of women's sexual love, the dictatorship of men over women, and the capitalist exploitation of laborers have caused a thunderstorm-like character outbreak. Among them, one woman is Zhou Yiyi, and one of them is Cao Yong.

Fan Yi's son, Zhou Chong, did not know why she did not have her touching magical character. He was probably the most thunderstorm-like character in the play. He is not like Fan Yi, he is just a child, a little stupid child. I have probably watched the human drama "Thunderstorm" before. Since then, I have been amazed by Master Cao Yu's mastery of drama. He skillfully condensed the grievances of a large family for decades into one day, four scenes, and two scenes. Concentrated place and time are not thin, there are abnormal love, courage to break through bondage, indifferent human feelings, firm belief in world affairs, and pain of destiny. Around eight characters, I see the whole society. At the same time, I also vividly saw the characteristics of the literary theme of drama. As a classic, this play is indeed worth reading by every literature lover.

I saw a sinful society, a crisis-ridden dark society. But this is more of a sense of the world, not only exists in a certain period of history, which is why when I read in this era, I still have understanding rather than sympathy. The family he represents, the society gives me a sense of no escape. Zhou Ping, Sifeng, Zhou Chong, and Fan Yi always seem to be in a state of wanting to escape from all of them, they want to leave, they want to get rid of, they want to conquer. But their pain has no way out, they struggled again and again, and even death became the only relief. Yes, in that society, that life did not give them freedom, and all hope could not truly arrive like a mist. On the way of exploring the truth, they can't stand it anymore. I think this is just a helpless beauty. When writing a postscript for his portfolio in 1977, Cao Yu said: Today it seems that there must be many shortcomings and errors. Then he talked about not writing a proletarian figure and not pointing out the direction of the revolution. But I don't agree, there must be some pains that will cross the times and cross the class.

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