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"Little Beans by the Window" After Reading 400 Words

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"Little Beans by the Window" After Reading 400 Words

"Little Doudou by the Window" was written by a Japanese female writer Toruko Kuroyanagi. The school in the book is a very special school. Xiao Doudou is a “bad student” in the eyes of ordinary people. Xiao Doudou is always inattentive during class. He either pulls the drawer constantly or greets the little swallow under the eaves. The propaganda artist outside the window greeted them and asked them to perform. Finally, after the performance, the students gathered around the propaganda artist and asked them to perform another song. Can the teacher still give a lecture? For example ..., my mother also felt really embarrassed to bother her classmates and disturb her teacher. Eventually, Mom led Doudou to another school. She didn't tell Doudou that she was dropped out of school because she was afraid of hitting Doudou's self-esteem and self-confidence. Then, the wonderful life of Ba Xue Yuan began ...

There is a simple and kind little pea in the book-"Healthy Bark". She asked the principal to borrow money to buy a tree bark at the door of the tram. Although the principal knew that it was deceiving, in order not to break the good feeling of an enthusiastic child helping classmates and teachers, he himself tasted the tree skin. From this point of view, when doing anything, the principal takes into consideration the feelings of others, and always thinks about the feelings of children.

In the book, Xiaodoudou and the principal also have an agreement: when Xiaodoudou grows up, he must be a teacher of Ba Xueyuan. However, Kuroyanagi Toruko (author) wrote in the postscript that he did not implement this agreement. This cannot be blamed for Doudou, because Ba Xueyuan disappeared so unknowingly during the war.

I like the book "Little Beans by the Window" very much, and I also like Ba Xue Yuan and Principal Kobayashi in the book. I hope that when I grow up, I can be a teacher like Principal Kobayashi.

"Little Beans by the Window" After Reading 400 Words

The protagonist of the book "Little Doudou by the Window" is a cute first-year girl-Little Doudou. This book mainly talks about Doudou being dropped out of school for naughtiness in school. Later I went to Ba Xueyuan for a period of elementary school life.

Under the careful guidance and care of Mr. Kobayashi, the principal of the Ba Xueyuan, the little girl Doudou, who was naughty in the minds of others, gradually became cute and became acceptable and liked by everyone.

During his time in Baxueyuan, Xiaodoudou saw many new and interesting things. The first time I saw the classroom at the opening ceremony was a tram. There are also children who can choose the courses they are interested in. Eating is something she has n’t experienced before. The delicate and beautiful gourmet box lunch made of "the taste of the sea" and "the taste of the mountains". "The taste of the mountains" is vegetables, beef, pork, and chicken. "The taste of the sea" is fish. Pills, braised seaweed, and her many fun growing up courses: swimming, adventure, guts, hot spring trips ...

After reading the book "Little Peas by the Window", I have a lot of thoughts. A mischievous student who dropped out of school, her grades were very poor, and she was very mischievous. Everyone should make her confident. Let her feel that she is "a really good boy" and she will change herself through hard training in the future, and finally become a "good boy". Maybe a word will change a child and affect her life.

At the same time, through this book, I have also seen my own shortcomings. Many aspects need to be strengthened. Either partial science, eclipse, strengthen physical exercise, and participate in social practice. Let yourself grow more comprehensively.

"Little Beans by the Window" After Reading 400 Words

A few days ago, I read the book "Little Beans by the Window". When I think of Little Beans, I think of me as a child.

Xiaodoudou was naughty in the first grade and was dropped out of the original school. She then went to Baxueyuan. So smart, playful and naughty Xiaodoudou began her study life in the Baxueyuan—tram classroom. President Kobayashi, with his love, patience, and childlikeness, turned Baxueyuan into a children's paradise. Xiaodoudou grew up in Baxueyuan day by day. There are happy figures of Doudou and classmates, happy laughter ... Every day, under the leadership of President Kobayashi, you will eat delicious dishes of "taste of the mountains and the taste of the sea". Everyone can find their sunny childhood in this book. There was no discrimination, no ridicule, and some were just equality and love, tolerance and sincerity. Childhood is the happiest time! After reading this book, I fell deeply into the memories: when I was sitting on the floor and playing with me, I was so happy for one thing, and I did n’t worry about anything. I ... I found my sunny childhood in this book.

We sincerely hope that our school and all the schools in the world will become like Ba Xueyuan-no discrimination, no ridicule, and some are just schools of equality and love, tolerance and sincerity.

"Little Beans by the Window" After Reading 400 Words

After reading the book "Little Peas by the Window" at home, I was moved by this book!

The protagonist, Xiao Doudo, is a lively, cute and cheerful little Japanese girl. Of course, she sometimes does not perform well. For example, when she first started school, everything in the school filled her with curiosity. During class, she closed and closed the desk lid. She also took the eraser and wiped it, and then put it back. After a while, she took it out, wiped it, and put it back again, and repeated it hundreds of times. The teacher couldn't help but punish her to stand by the window. But Doudou greeted the propaganda artist outside the window again, which made her teacher angry, so she dropped out of school. But she is only in first grade!

However, after dropping out, Xiao Doudou was fortunate to meet President Kobayashi and Ba Xueyuan. Ba Xue Yuan is a unique school. Its classrooms are made of old trams, and their teaching methods are different from other schools. Their seats are not fixed, but they can sit where they want. And the order of their classes is not fixed. They always take their favorite classes first. All in all, Ba Xueyuan is really a good school! Here, Doudou not only learned knowledge, but also learned how to treat people and how to be a person. Xiaodoudou was free and unrestrained in the "Ba Xueyuan". Xiaodoudou grew up here and I was attracted to it. (After reading jajshop.com)

Little Doudou is so cute, I also have to learn the kindness and persistence of the cute Little Doudou ... If I also have such a school and such a principal, how wonderful it is!

"Little Beans by the Window" After Reading 400 Words

During the summer vacation, while reading the book "Little Beans by the Window" introduced by my teacher, I extracted good words and sentences from the book. When I finished reading the book, I was very touched.

"Little Doudou by the Window" is a story about Xiaodou Dou, who was dropped out of grade one because of her mischief, and went to a brand new school-"Ba Xue Yuan". "Baxueyuan" is a unique school: its classrooms are abandoned tram cars; its headmaster smiled slightly when he first saw Xiaodou Dou and said four Hours without words of impatience or boredom. Every time "Ba Xue Yuan" begins, the principal asks, "Did everyone bring the taste of the sea and the taste of the mountains?" Start of the course. The "Baxueyuan" sports meeting is a bizarre project that allows students to choose for themselves, so that each child can play a special role. In "Ba Xue Yuan", if you have finished all the courses in the morning, you will organize a group to go for a walk in the afternoon to learn geography and nature; at night, you will set up a tent "camping" in the auditorium to listen to the headmaster telling travel stories ... The learning content in "Ba Xue Yuan" is colorful, fresh and enviable.

Xiaodoudou has changed from a "bad boy" to a good student. It is also because the principal can persist in his sincere love for Xiaodoudou that made Xiaodoudou finally choose to be a good student ...

In short, after reading "Little Doudou by the Window", I hope that our school can be like "Ba Xue Yuan". The learning content is colorful and the learning environment is relaxed. The teachers in the school are like principals. Can understand children, trust children, respect children.

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