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"Childhood" 600 notes

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"Childhood" 600 notes

In recent days, I read at home a novel "How Steel Is Made" describing the Soviet War of Resistance Against Japanese Liberation! Originally I just wanted to read and write a diary to make a difference, but when I read the beginning, I was immediately attracted by the content of the story.

"How Steel Is Made" focuses on Paul; Kochakin was discriminated against from an early age and was driven out of the church by the priest. By chance, he rescued Sailor Zhu Helai. Zhu Helai told Paul many things about the Bolshevik Party, which made Paul full of hope for joining the Bolshevik Party. Later, he met Dong Niya, but he did not give up his career because of personal feelings, so he resolutely joined the army. In the army, Paul fought bravely, but was injured many times on the battlefield, and working in ecstasy made Paul's condition worse, and he had to be hospitalized. However, Paul was almost completely paralyzed, followed by blindness. The pain of leaving the collective made him think about suicide, but he held back because he encountered a girl.

That girl is Daya. She made Paul see the hope of life. Through Paul, Daya completely broke away from the vulgar family and joined the party. Soon, Paul and Daya were married.

After reading a lot of books, Paul began to write "The Birth of the Storm", but the manuscript was lost on the way out, and Paul's six months of hard work was gone! But when he suffered such a big blow, he still insisted on creating, and eventually published successfully. The book was welcomed by the author, and Paul was finally able to contribute to the revolution!

After reading "How Steel Is Made", everyone will definitely ask: Paul was so badly injured, why would he want to serve the motherland? Let me tell you: because he believes that a person's life is precious, and a person's life cannot be wasted. Instead, he must devote his entire precious life to the most magnificent cause in the world and fight for human liberation.

Reading this book made me understand a lot. What I know is not just the indomitable qualities of Paul, but the selfless dedication of loving the party, the country, the people, and peace. It was precisely because everyone in the Bolshevik Party was like Paul, that the Soviet Union was liberated. I believe that as long as everyone is like Paul; Kochakin, our Chinese people will be more united, our China will be stronger, and our society will be more brilliant and colorful!

"Childhood" 600 notes

How iron ore turns into steel should be clear to everyone, but how can one's will become as hard as steel? Please listen to me.

First of all, there must be a chance. If the iron stone is not selected by the blacksmith, he will not be able to do anything, even after a lot of tempering. Then his way will be strange, maybe it will become a vessel, jewelry, but it will never become steel, just Like Paul, if he became the priest's favorite student in school; then he would not be a brave Red Army, maybe he would be a part of the reactionary.

Secondly, be brave enough to accept the ridicule of other stones, because this stone must be imperfect and not beautiful. You may have different characteristics and personality from other stones. They ca n’t get used to your perseverance, calmness, and persistence. All the aliens will be ridiculed. You are the same, but you have to face it bravely, not to be intimidated by them, just like little Paul. I was humiliated. In school, I was reprimanded because I had a different idea from the priest, and I was even kicked out of school. When fishing, because of your poor family, you were driven out by rich children, but you hold on, you insist belief.

Courage and persistence are also essential. If you don't have the courage, how do you jump into the furnace? If you do n’t have a persistent faith, how do you persist in the process of being burned by the fire? Because of his courage, Paul dared to sneak into the official's back garden to steal a gun, dared to risk his life to rescue the sailor Zhu Helai, and dared to rush to the front every time he charged and killed the enemy. The enemy's artillery rushed forward.

If he was not supported by a persistent belief, he would not let the enemy torture him after he was arrested, nor would he vomit a word, and he would not be able to move his whole body. He would write this book after his eyes became blind.

Of course, these are just a few of the main conditions for turning into steel. You also need to be smart, wise, and united.

Kochkin was just one of the many Bolsheviks under the czar's rule, and it was precisely these many steel soldiers who could overthrow the dark domination society and usher in the people's society.

We are also small pieces of iron. We must be tempered to become iron and steel and to become pillars. Let us work together.

"Childhood" 600 notes

When I finished reading "How Steel Is Made", I knew a great iron man, yes, he was Paul; Kochakin, a steel spirit, worked hard for a revolutionary career Iron man.

"How Steel Is Made" is based on the life experience of the protagonist Paul Kochkin, showing the broad historical picture of Soviet Russia from 1915 to around 1930 and the people's arduous struggle life. This book successfully shaped Paul; Kochakin, a proletarian hero, was a child laborer, and was tortured and humiliated at the lowest level of society since he was a child; later, he embarked on the revolutionary path and experienced A series of life challenges, but he never gave in. These difficult setbacks and life challenges made him stronger. Eventually, he wrote with tenacious perseverance and practiced his life vow in another way.

In his body, I saw the most beautiful and precious quality in the world, that is, his steel-like will and noble quality of tenacious struggle. These beautiful and precious qualities made Paul; Kochakin failed to make use of, whether he was humiliated at the bottom of society, fought hard on the battlefield, emotionally tortuous, or tempered on the construction site. He fell, but made him stronger!

The most precious life of man, life belongs to everyone only once. One's life should be spent like this. Looking back, we should not regret our years and be ashamed of our inaction. At the end of my life, I can say: My entire life and all my energy are dedicated to the most magnificent cause in the world to fight for human liberation. When I read this sentence, my heart was shocked, yeah, everyone is meaningful, everyone should work hard and dedicate their life to the best and most brilliant. You must not waste time and life for those boring trivia, but you must work hard and struggle for your own ideals and goals. You must not waste your time and do nothing.

As middle school students, we should learn more from Paul; Kochakin's unwilling setbacks and difficulties bowed his head, faced with life and the unfortunate spirit encountered, and formed a great soul with tenacious will. We should firmly believe that now that God has given us precious life, we must make it more meaningful and valuable! Fight for your own ideal!

"Childhood" 600 notes

The most precious thing is life. Each person lives only once. A person's life should be spent like this: When remembering the past, he will not regret for spending his years in vain, and he will not be ashamed for being inactive; at the end of his life, he can say that my whole life and all my energy are dedicated The most magnificent cause in the world is fighting for human liberation.

The brilliant image created by this book, Paul; Kochakin has a profound impact on future generations, countless young people were infected, and he set a model for his ambitious life goals, bravely lived and struggled, and realized his own ideal. Born in a poor family, Paul lives with his mother as a cook and his brother as a worker. Later, he met the Bolshevik Zhu Helai and learned many revolutionary truths in him. The appearance of Zhu Helai no doubt played a decisive role in Paul's joining the Bolsheviks. Paul met his first girlfriend, Tonya, but in the end, Tonya chose the path of the bourgeoisie, and Paul resolutely chose the path of the proletariat and devoted herself to the revolutionary struggle.

Paul fought bravely on the battlefield and killed countless enemies. He fell into the claw of death three times, but he survived tenaciously. Paul's condition worsened during the winter when he was moving wood with the troops, and he had to get off work and go home to recuperate. During the recuperation, Paul was always worried about the army, and his body had not healed yet. Paul went back to his selfless work. During the work day and night, Paul often felt severe head pain, and his work efficiency was getting lower and lower. The doctors and teammates persuaded him to stop working and receive treatment. Although he couldn't let go of his work, Paul still started his first life Vacation. When he was 24 years old, he was blind and his body was paralyzed. What keeps him alive? It was his firm conviction in revolutionary ideals and his perseverance.

After leaving work and collective Paul, he felt very painful and thought of suicide, but he quickly suppressed his cowardly thoughts. He told himself: he must live and continue to contribute to the party and the people. Later, with the help of his mother and wife Daya, he embarked on a difficult road of literary creation. Since then, the pen has become his weapon for continuing to fight for the revolution.

At the end of life, Paul still expressed his cherishment of life with strong perseverance. Here, I want to say that those who have ideals but no clear goals are bound to fail; those who have ideals and clear goals will definitely strive towards their goals and succeed. Only the size of perseverance can measure a person's attitude to achieve determination. The worst enemy of man is his weak willpower and stupidity. It was in the spirit of bravery, tenacity, hard work, and Paul that he developed a steel-like will.

Bao Jianfeng emerged from sharpening, and the plum blossom fragrance came from bitter cold. This is how steel is made!

"Childhood" 600 notes

A vicissitudes of life, a sadness. That's how I felt after reading Childhood.

"Childhood" is the first in a trilogy of Gorky autobiography. This book tells the childhood life of Alyosha (namely, Gorky's milk name) from the age of three to ten, and vividly reproduces the living conditions of the lower Russian people in the 1870s and 1980s: extreme poverty, difficult life

There is an endless stream of eagerness and strength in this book, making me eager to read it.

What impresses me most are two characters: good things and grandma.

The good thing is the nickname of a man who is one of the two tenants recruited by his grandfather when he moved to Kanat Street. He is a scientist. Through his language I can imagine him as an easy-going and intelligent person. He affectionately called Alyosha as his younger brother, and cared about Alyosha in life, teaching him many truths about life. And Alyosha is the only one who is good to him. Others, such as grandfather, saw him as unpleasant, thinking he was a wizard, pharmacist, and forced him to leave early.

When good things move, Alyosha should be sad but helpless. Seeing this, I felt a layer of sadness in my heart. The innocence of friendship is undoubtedly pathetic and sad, and good things are precisely one of Alesha's few intimate friends who care about him. From the line, I can read that every time Alesha meets good things, he is happy.

Grandma was the closest person to Alyosha. She is kind and guards Alyosha everywhere. Grandma watched Alyosha grow up and gave her nourishment everywhere. Alyosha saw a valuable character in her grandmother: Be kind to others and help those in need

Alyosha's childhood witnessed the hardships of the world: his father passed away, he made minor mistakes, was whipped by his grandfather, lost good friends, and then lost his mother. This is the hard life of the Russian people. Think about them, think about us again. I can't help but be glad that we live in such a superior environment! My childhood was a happy childhood.

Putting down the book, I was immersed in Alyosha's self-improving spirit. A peer of the same age has not been hit by difficulties after experiencing such suffering, let alone us?

"Childhood" 600 notes

Friend, have you heard Paul; Kochkin? He is the hero of the book How Steel Is Made, and a hero I admire.

Mr. Lu Xun said: Real warrior, dare to face the bleak life, dare to face the dripping blood. Paul, is such a character. Throughout Paul's life, that is, the life of fighting, he devoted all his youth to the revolutionary cause he loved, and when he was completely paralyzed and blind, he also continued his literary creation, which is absolutely not ordinary. Will can do it.

Man's most precious thing is life. Each life is only once. A person's life should be spent like this: When reminiscing the past, he will not regret because he spent years in vain, and he will not be ashamed because of inaction. When he is dying, He can say that my entire life and energy have been dedicated to the most magnificent cause in the world to fight for the liberation of humanity. These words, which Paul said in front of the martyr's tomb, gave me a lot of touch. In my time, I probably don't need to throw my head to shed blood for the cause of communism, but judging from the little things in life, am I ready? When my mother asked me to do housework, I was always lazy; when I encountered learning difficulties, I was sometimes discouraged. These behaviors of mine are compared with those of Paul Bilby, even I feel embarrassed.

I think, from now on, I have to learn from Paul, I may not be a hero in my life. However, as long as I am old and remember the past, I have not regretted my time spent in vain, and I have not been ashamed of my inaction, then I think, I am my hero, yes, that is it.

"Childhood" 600 notes

"How Steel Is Made" is finally over, and it's really worth a look.

The writing is very good and very vivid, and there are always words that make me cry.

I like it very much. When Paul was a kid, he was very cute and lively.

Slowly growing up, after the victory of the revolution, he still forgot about his work and became more and more like a workaholic. I don't understand why he worked so hard until he fell ill, and then he told himself deeply Brother, my body is crushed and I need to repair it.

Until his body was completely paralyzed, his eyesight was blind, and he wrote the novel "The Birth of the Storm", which is admirable. He was indeed made of steel!

I like this sentence in the book:

When a person is healthy and full of energy, being strong is a simple and easy task; but only when life tightly hugs you with an iron chain, being strong is a glorious thing.

Most of the thick books write about his passion for work when he was young and healthy, but the strength of his physical disability ended in just a few pages.

Although only a few pages have been written, it is really moving. People should live like this, no matter what, they should actively face it and live a frank life.

Even if you can't do anything big, you can't be mediocre. You must be as diligent and tireless as a bee.

When I think of the Three-character Classics, people don't learn and are inferior to things.

Reading really gives people strength. The dull life of the previous period almost made me a little tired and decadent, and at this moment, I seemed to have new hope.

People should always be inspired to face life, no matter what life gives us, otherwise what is the meaning of living!

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