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"Anderson's Fairy Tales" After Reading 300 Words

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"Anderson's Fairy Tales" After Reading 300 Words

After reading the book "Andersen's Fairy Tales", I was very fascinated. The fairy tales were very interesting. I learned a lot from the book.

There is a Thumbelin story in Andersen's Fairy Tales: A long time ago, a kind woman wanted a child, so she asked for help like a magical old lady. The old lady gave her a child, Thumbelina. Woman loves Thumbelina very much. Unfortunately, a few days later, the woman came home late, and Thumbelina was carried home by Toad. Later, Thumbelina was rescued by small animals, and met the king of the villain kingdom. They lived a happy life ever since.

There are interesting stories in Andersen's fairy tales, let us understand the truth. There is a more interesting story 'The Emperor's New Clothes' tells the story of a silly emperor being cheated. Tell us not to say that smart people can see this kind of deceptive words, they just say that they can see, seeing is seeing or not seeing is not seeing, do n’t make a joke like an emperor in the end. Not only these, but also the more interesting stories of the daughter of the sea, the snow queen, the red shoes, the phoenix and so on let us read. My classmates ask you to read these interesting stories, I believe you will love this book. You will love this book.

"Anderson's Fairy Tales" After Reading 300 Words

"Andersen's Fairy Tales" is a great Danish writer Hans; Christian; Andersen's compilation of classic fairy tale works, it brings us a lot of feelings. During this summer vacation, I re- tasted the exquisite works from fairy tale masters.

In this book, there are many stories I like, such as "The Emperor's New Costume". The stupid king was deceived by the two big scammers and went to the street without wearing anything. The common people laughed at themselves for making others stupid. Dare to tell the truth, in the end a naive child spoke the truth aloud. For example, "Little Girl Selling Matches" because no one bought matches from her, afraid of dad scolding, and dare not go home, and as a result froze to death on the street. My favorite is "Little Ghost and Little Merchant". This story is about a poor student buying butter from a small businessman. When he saw that the small businessman wrapped the butter with a piece of paper with poems, the poor students who loved to study exchanged the entire collection of old poems with butter. . In the middle of the night, the little ghost living in the merchant's house saw a strange sight through the crack of the student's house. I saw a bright beam of light growing out of the book, a tree growing out, the leaves on the tree were so green, every flower was like a beauty, every fruit was so glittering. In addition, there are beautiful music floating in the room. Suddenly, these magical scenes are gone. It turned out that the students closed the book. Soon, a fire broke out in the city, the merchants took stock and cash, the merchant's wife took away the gold earrings, and everyone found the most precious thing at this moment in life and death. The little ghost went to the student and took away the old book of poetry. It thought: Little businessmen can give me a bowl of porridge, but students give me spiritual food. I can't give up! Yeah, knowledge will bloom flowers of wisdom, will shake our hearts, and will give us spiritual satisfaction.

From this article I understand that knowledge is the treasure of our lives, and that knowledge is the key to success. Reading more can enrich our lives, delight our body and mind, and bring us real happiness!

"Anderson's Fairy Tales" After Reading 300 Words

In my opinion, "Andersen's Fairy Tales" is my favorite book. It is an enlightenment book of my childhood.

In Andersen's Fairy Tales, I searched and found. That beautiful fairy tale always accompanies me to sleep peacefully. In the world of fairy tales, I harvested a continuous stream of moving and long-lost innocence. The laughter of children echoed in the world of fairy tales, and it also gave people a lot of inspiration.

Look! The ugly duckling has become a praised white swan in the constant transformation. That gorgeous white feather was given by God after his ordeal, and it is precisely because of its strength and kindness that it has become the most beautiful landscape when flying in the sky!

The rose-colored foam is writhing on the sea, and the sun shines the most beautiful light on this lonely sea. The mermaid has lost herself without receiving the prince's love, but she is sad; but she is fortunate, and her pure and noble soul has eternal life with the angel!

The first match was polished and extinguished; the second match was polished and extinguished; the third match was polished and extinguished. The little girl's dream was broken again and again by the ruthless reality, and the fragmented dream shone the weakest light of the flame. Little girls need warmth and love. So she went to that longing heaven without cold and hunger. There are fragrant roast goose, there is a tall and beautiful Christmas tree, a grandmother with a kind smile and a little girl went to a beautiful place, we should bless her!

Every time I read "Andersen's Fairy Tales," I never feel the same. That easy-to-understand language, that profound philosophical philosophy, and that from the small society "Andersen's Fairy Tale" brought me too much, organic wisdom, kindness, joy, and pain. A paradise of truth, kindness, and beauty. Thank you for everything Andersen's Fairy Tale!

"Anderson's Fairy Tales" After Reading 300 Words

It was a winter evening, and everyone was eating at home and sitting by the fire to keep warm. And the little girl selling matches was walking in the snow wearing humble cloth shoes, her hands and feet were freezing red. So he sat in a dark corner. She took a match from her bag and gently rubbed it on the matchbox. Suddenly, she became warm herself, but every time she polished the match, she was blown out by the wind every time. The little girl was crying, but she did not dare to go home, and was always in the corner, alone. When she polished the last match, her life came to an end, and her soul was taken to heaven by her grandma. At this time, I was deeply moved. (After reading jajshop.com)

I think: living conditions are so good now, but we don't cherish them. Even many characters in fairy tales cherish their environment so much, but we are so wasteful. We are now living in clothes to stretch out our hands and to open our mouths. We don't need to make money at all, we don't need to work at all, so we think everything is due and we don't care at all!

Therefore, we must study hard and cherish our current living conditions. If we don't study hard now, we won't have a good tomorrow. If we don't take learning seriously, we will be sorry for our parents and even more for ourselves! We have to learn the hard-working farmers in fairy tales, not the greedy fishing couples. So we need to cherish our present life

"Anderson's Fairy Tales" After Reading 300 Words

I read "Andersen's Fairy Tales" and it inspired me a lot.

"Andersen's Fairy Tales" was written by Danish writer Andersen. He is the founder of fairy tales in world literature. He wrote 168 fairy tales and stories throughout his life. His works have been translated into more than 150 languages and words. He has been awarded the title of King of World Fairy Tales, Master of Danish Fairy Tales in his life, and is also regarded as the father of modern fairy tales. His masterpieces include fairy tales such as "Ugly Duckling", "Thumb Girl" and "Little Girl Selling Matches".

"Ugly Duckling" writes that the ugly duckling has become a white swan after many hardships, because he has a dream in his heart, and the dream supports it. Destiny has no trajectory. The key lies in the beautiful state and the pursuit of beautiful ideals.

"Thumbelina" describes an old woman who wants a child, and the witch helped her realize this wish, so that she got a beautiful and kind Thumbelina. But one day, Toad stole Thumbelina, and she began a thrilling journey. Both Toad and Mole marry Thumbelina, but in the end she marries a flower king who respects her.

"Little Girl Selling Matches" It tells the tragic fate of a little girl selling matches on Christmas Eve. Because she didn't sell her matches, she didn't eat for a day. She was cold and hungry. She polished the first match and saw the fragrant roast duck. She polished the second match and saw the beautiful Christmas tree. She polished the third match and saw the long-lost grandmother. She wanted her grandmother to stay with her and polish a whole match. However, when the match went out, all this was gone. The little girl was frozen and hungry on Christmas Eve, and she died tragically.

Andersen's Fairy Tales is a world literary masterpiece and a good book that educates us. We must read it with our heart.

"Anderson's Fairy Tales" After Reading 300 Words

After reading Andersen's Fairy Tales, I couldn't help but sigh: Good book!

Fairy tale is fantasy, it is not a myth, nor is it folklore. It is based on real life, and on the basis of real life, it is full of the phenomena and wishes of humanity. These works have shocked the World Forum with their unusual artistic charm, and opened a new chapter in the creation of fairy tales in the history of world literature.

I am most impressed by the fairy tale "Daughter of the Sea". "Daughter of the Sea" is the pearl of Andersen's fairy tale treasure house. The irresistible wonderfulness in the article is unforgettable and memorable.

Andersen's Fairy Tales is also a very interesting book. In fact, we all know that God in the book is the embodiment of love and justice, but in fact, this hope was impossible to realize in real life at the time, on the contrary it only deepened the distress.

Andersen's peculiar temperament, naive and simple passion, and rich and contemplative philosophical temperament in his works are in common with Chinese cultural traditions, like many outstanding literary works, ancient, modern, Chinese and foreign.

Andersen's Fairy Tales is really a good book!

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