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"Hamlet" 300 words after reading

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Hamlet read 200 words

Hamlet ’s psychological monologues like this are not infrequent. He is hesitant to kill his father and his enemies. He is unwilling to take action and has missed many good opportunities. He is also constantly questioning the weaknesses in his character. His own weakness and depression, most of the precious time is used in thinking and waiting; he has a more sensitive observation and insight into the current situation and reality, but his actions always lag far behind the thought, I do not deny his He has his own unique opinions on the issues of people, their strengths and weaknesses, etc. But he finally died and barely realized his wish.

Hamlet read 300 words

There is a saying: When the grass is green, the horse is already starving.

Only the first half of this proverb appears in Hamlet's lines, and the next sentence is not mentioned. After reading the full play of Hamlet, we will clearly realize that this is a tragedy. The characters as the protagonists all end in death. It can be said that Hamlet also paid the price of his revenge for his father.

But I, a confused guy, fell down, like dreaming all day long, forgetting the vengeance of killing his father; Rui let a king give people a wicked means to plunder his power and kill his The most precious life, I still can not hum a word. Am I a coward? Who scolds me as a wicked person? Who breaks my brain? Who unplugs my beard and blows it on my face? Who twists my nose? Who accuses me of bullshit in person? Who makes this to me Kind of thing?

Hamlet read 300 words

Love is the greatest emotion of mankind. "Hamlet" caused tragedy because of hate, and annihilation because of hate, which is lamentable. But can this tragedy be avoided? The vengeance of killing the father has always been unconscionable.

The only way to avoid this tragedy is only that Claudius restrained his inner greed and did not kill his brother, but could his relationship with the queen prevent him from doing so? Sorry, but if the first king is not so happy and busy fighting all day long, will his lover fall in love with a man who is not as good as one ten millionth of himself? These are not testable. But the wise Shakespeare still gave some hints. He arranged the role of Fortin Blas, in sharp contrast with Hamlet, who was also a prince. The former wanted to disobey the king and wage war, but eventually returned triumphantly; Those who have lost their father, lover, mother.

At the end of the script, Fortin Blas said: Put Hamlet on the stage like a soldier, because if he can reach the throne, he will certainly become a sage monarch. This makes the author can't help but imagine: For the heroine of tragedy, Hamlet Say, is there a different path?

The answer given by the reality in the script is no.

Hamlet read 300 words

We often hear the phrase: a thousand readers have a thousand Hamlet. Listening to such a sentence, your mind will arouse a lot of thoughts: Hamlet has generated an everlasting fire globally; Hamlet's experience and personality can be interpreted and explored multiple times; Shakespeare's literary creative skills are enough to conquer the world people. (After reading jajshop.com)

I still remember that the first time I read Hamlet carefully was in high school, and the learning topics at that time were excerpts, and only the charming part of Hamlet was shown to us. I heard about Shakespeare's famous drama very early, but I have not had the opportunity to read through this book. It can be said that this is also a pity! But I deeply remember: After finishing the high school excerpt "Hamlet" at that time, in order to learn more about this famous drama, I used all the learning materials around me to satisfy my curiosity. It is a pity that I did not have the conditions to read Hamlet in the end. I was more interested in the plot of the story. Due to the lack of experience in life, the philosophies that can be realized are very shallow.

This time, I didn't finish reading Hamlet in one go, or it no longer aroused my strong interest in reading, but because I was able to calm down the impetuous mind and take a serious look at the mental state of a book. This time I can say with confidence: I finished reading Hamlet, and I was deeply impressed again! An enduring literary famous drama, the charm of its plot is conceivable, what shocked me many times is the spirit reflected in the language of drama characters!

Hamlet read 300 words

The play-in-play part of the drama is impressive. By recreating the scene where Pharaoh was killed, he not only explored the uncle's heart, but also showed Hamlet's anger, pushing contradictions to a sharper point, and then driving the plot and story to a climax.

At the same time, Shakespeare also cleverly conveyed his dramatic perspective through Hamlet's mouth when instructing the performers. You should accept the guidance of your own common sense to coordinate actions and words; pay special attention to At this point, you cannot cross the natural path; because any excessive performance is contrary to the original intent of the play. Since the drama itself, its purpose has always been to reflect nature, to show the true colors of good and evil, and to show its times. Take a look at its own model of evolution.

The reason why Hamlet became the first of the four major tragedies in Shakespeare is not only that the tragic ending of the work is unforgettable, but also that the work brings a heavy reflection on people, reflection on the fate of Hamlet, and on the Renaissance at the time. Reflection on social background, reflection on human nature itself. The final outcome of the protagonist Hamlet is an inevitable trend in the development of the entire era, and the sacrifice is also the final outcome of his personal development. Tragedy is unfortunate, but it interprets different beauty. Hamlet is worth a long read.

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