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"Why do people live" after reading 2000 words

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"Why do people live" after reading 2000 words

Through the reading activity of "Living Law" in the previous season, I learned the philosophy of life of Kazuo Inamori. From the perspective of continuous growth, Kazuo Inamori analyzes the process of continuous cultivation and the improvement of the mind in one's life. In the book Why People Live, Kazuo Inamori explained the mystery of the universe and human evolution with the concept of the will of the universe. The reason that the universe can evolve from protons to atoms, molecules, and so on is because the will of the universe is constantly being promoted. The concept of the will of the universe is used in our life and work, which is the development trend of your environment. For an enterprise, it is its culture and mission. In a company, we must earnestly implement the company's mission and deeply understand the corporate culture, so that we can get the will of the universe, grow rapidly in the enterprise, and make greater contributions to the enterprise. We cannot change the macro environment, but we can adapt to grasp the macro environment.

Not only failure is the test, success is also a test. This sentence is amazing. We always think that failure is the mother of success, but in Dao Shenghe's opinion, success is also the mother of success and the mother of failure. We are too used to adversity for survival. In the face of adversity, we will carefully analyze the current situation and formulate a plan to get out of adversity. In adversity, we always maintain a sense of urgency and keep a clear head. In adversity we are a team, we unite all forces that can be united. We are not afraid of failure in adversity. We dare to keep trying and innovating. We will not be satisfied in adversity, we are full of desire and passion. In adversity we can publicize the virtues of human nature, we are full, we are bold. And when we succeed, we start to be complacent, we start to stand still, we start to lose passion, we start to suspect the team, and we start to fear failure. Eventually we started to fail. If we can regard success as a test, we can think of success from an objective perspective. We can see the strength of the team, and at the same time, we can recognize many shortcomings. The same is true at work, when we successfully complete a product development. We should regard this process as a trial process, we should summarize the gains and losses of this process, and further improve and perfect ourselves.

In this book the author once again emphasizes the importance of dreams and hard work. I should have a dream. Life is made up of hard work and dreams. Along the way, there are sufferings, ups and downs, tears and joy. What supports me to this day is the colorful dreams in my heart. Dreams and hopes are the pillars of everyone ’s life. Under the dress of dreams, the years will be more beautiful Gorgeous. I should do my best to tap all my potential to realize my dream. Efforts may fail, but giving up means that they cannot succeed at all.

In the dream journey, I want to raise the sail of self-confidence. Self-confidence is the positive and positive self-knowledge and self-evaluation of each person, and unswervingly believe in their own abilities, and believe that they can pass the struggle and Work hard to succeed. Of course, self-confidence is not blind arrogance, and it is not forcing you to do things that you ca n’t do without customer perception. Many times, it ’s not because we ca n’t do it, but because we are afraid of failure, so we give ourselves first. Find a step back. Self-confidence will make me sail for success. The joyful psychological experience after reaching the other side of the victory will always be unique to those with high self-confidence.

Treat suffering as a rare asset and setbacks as a stepping stone to human progress. Lebedev, a well-known physicist in Russia, puts it well: the calm lake can't train a well-polished sailor; the comfortable environment can't create the times Great man. Any person who has made a difference in history has been trained through difficulties and frustrations, just like a match. If he avoids friction, his life will only be bleak. Every time he fails, it does not mean that hope is more dim. It means that you are one step closer to success. Failure can test a person's quality. If a person dares to face the failure and actively seek a solution, then I think he will succeed sooner or later.

Success is only in one thought, so it is necessary to shape an optimistic, persistent, and rational self. Shine everything with love, perceive life with a keen heart, embrace life with a passionate heart, and treat everything with great effort. I believe this brand new I am about to reach the other side of success.

Kazuo Inamori also explained to us the law of cause and effect in the book. Good roots produce good results, and evil acts have the law of cause and effect retribution. Whatever one thinks, the desired result will appear, and everything is created by one's heart. Most of the results are derived from human thoughts and behaviors. This is the law of karma in Buddhist teachings. This law always runs side by side with fate and forms a undulating life.

More importantly, the influence of the law of karma is more or less stronger than fate. So we can use the law of karma to change our innate fate. In other words, if you focus on doing good and doing good from time to time, the direction of destiny will also change with the direction of good. When human beings have the consciousness of goodness, they are in harmony with the consciousness of the Creator-all lives strive to survive, and goodness and goodness coincide with each other. If the individual's beautiful consciousness fluctuations are consistent with the universe's consciousness fluctuations, everything will run smoothly, everything will be successful, and it will develop in a good direction; the opposite consciousness will run counter to the universe's consciousness, and it will certainly fail.

Understand this principle, you can also understand why there is decline and decline in the world. For example, why did the company fail? Usually when the business is developing smoothly, it is not a violation of the universe's consciousness, such as never doing self-examination, never doing good things for the world, and no longer working hard and hard.

What we are thinking and doing now may be years or decades later, although the time is uncertain, but the results must be accepted; Karma created now is the cause, and the results will appear in the future. It's too late to regret or sorrow then, so please keep this in mind anyway, hope everyone has good deeds every day, so move towards a better future.

"Why do people live" after reading 2000 words

Driven by the strong recommendation and leadership of the Qinzhou Port Project Department, our project department recently set off an influx of rice and husband. I also spent nearly a week reading Kazuo Inamori's masterpiece Why People Live. This is a shocking and inspiring work on life philosophy. Easy to understand, simple in language, and interspersed with his entrepreneurial experience and struggle history, I have a deeper understanding of Kazuo Inamori's profound philosophy and management wisdom.

Why do people live? What is the nature of life and what is the meaning of life? Remember when I first came to the Longmen Prefabrication Factory of Qinzhou Port Project Department, I have been thinking about this question for countless nights, questioning my heart, life What is the meaning? What kind of life do I need? What is the future of my future?

Mr. Inamori said that the purpose of life is to enhance the mind, temper the soul, or purify the soul and purify it. To put it another way, the purpose of life is to contribute to the world and society. Only people with pure hearts and noble personality can contribute to others and society for a lifetime, regardless of personal gains and losses. This is Mr. Inamori's life values. This reminds me of the classic quotes of Teacher Yu Minhong. He said: There are two ways of life. The first way is to live like grass. Although you are alive and growing every year, you are a grass after all. You absorb rain and dew, but you do n’t grow up. People can step on you, but people don't suffer because of your pain; people don't have pity on you because you are trampled because people don't see you. So each of us should grow like a tree. Even if we are nothing now, as long as you have the seeds of the tree, even if you are stepped in the middle of the soil, you can still absorb the nutrients of the soil and grow up by yourself. When you grow into a towering tree, people can see you in distant places; when you approach you, you can give people a green color. Alive is a beautiful landscape, and dead is still the genius of life. It is useful to die alive. This is our standard for human development and growth.

Everyone hopes that they can make a difference and achieve a career. But this process is long and arduous, and if you survive it, you will win. Not everyone can turn the tide and turn things around. What do we do when we encounter setbacks and failures? Do you keep complaining? Do you hate others? Do you hate yourself? Do you hate God for injustice? Do you want to continue or just give up? Equal, depending on whether you can catch it. Usually, God closes a door to you while opening a window next to it.

I think life is a dream. Everyone has their own dream. We just want to fill this dream with what you like. Every technician has a dream of being a project manager. A technician who does not want to be a project manager is not a good technician. Kazuo Inamori pointed out that only through hard work and no less than any other person's efforts can the cause be successful in the end. In order to achieve our ideal, we are moving step by step towards the goal. Hard work is indispensable. No matter how high your dreams and aspirations are, every day in reality must do your best and work hard. There is no shortcut to the road to success, only the accumulation of each day is continuous with the present.

In my daily work, some frustration and criticism are inevitable, and I often feel depressed. Mr. Inamori educates us: no matter what problems you encounter, don't give up. No matter what happens, you must put your mind right. When suffering, don't hate or sideways. Accept suffering from the front and work to overcome it. Mr. Inamori, who was born in poverty; was in a war when he was a kid, and his house was blown up by a US military plane; he failed to pass the ideal junior high school twice after graduating from elementary school; he died of tuberculosis at the age of 13; Can't find a job; it's hard to join a company, and it's an enterprise that loses money continuously and can't even pay wages as scheduled. His life also suffered a lot of suffering and frustration. These adversity and frustrations are like stumbling blocks on the road to life, but with a right mindset, we can use stumbling blocks to step up and finally climb higher and higher, we can see more scenery.

The core of Kazuo Inamori's management philosophy is based on heart. I think the heart-based business philosophy has made Kyocera today. Kazuo Inamori's business is centered around how to establish a strong, trusting relationship between people in a company. He decided to run the company with his heart in mind. For the development of the company, everyone makes every effort. Operators live up to expectations and work hard; employees trust each other and do not strive for personal gain. Later, although I encountered various difficulties and obstacles in my business, I relied on these solid and closely connected psychological foundations, and relied on this simple and persistent business philosophy to finally overcome the difficulties and make Kyocera today. . I think our company also needs a mind-based philosophy. Our work is a team work, how important team cohesion is. If we don't build a strong relationship of mutual trust and build a strong cohesion of the team, then our project department will lose its vitality and combat effectiveness. When we all have a sense of master's work and a sense of belonging at home, everyone will make every effort to work hard, treat their work with full enthusiasm, and be diligent, diligent, and steadfast in completing their duties Work, wholeheartedly create benefits for the company for the project department.

"Why do people live" this book infiltrated a lot of philosophy of life. After reading this book, the biggest experience is a sense of identity. If our lives do not leave us some days of tears, then our lives are in vain. A person's life should be a life of struggle. A person's life should be spent like this: When reminiscing about the past, you should not be remorse for spending your years in vain, or be ashamed of the past inaction. To live is to be meaningful and valuable, to face everything in life with a good attitude, to maintain a correct attitude towards life, to treat life, to be creative and creative, and to achieve personal value, and life should be like this.

"Why do people live" after reading 2000 words

To be honest, I'm not very interested in Japanese things. I read "Q1" by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami a while ago. It took a lot of time, but I didn't get much. I swear in my heart that I will firmly resist Japanese goods, including Japan. Writer's book! As a result, Kazuo Inamori ’s "Why Are People Alive" has been on my desk and I have not read it. If it was not for the leadership of the ultimatum, I must read this book this week, I am afraid I will not be interested in it. However, as soon as I read the preface, I was convinced by Kazuo Inamori's values and outlook on life. When I read on, I continue to have a number of emotional resonances. Therefore, this book is considered to be a treasure for me. I can't help it!

Why do people live?

The answer given by Kazuo Inamori is: Life is a cultivation dojo, and living is to continuously improve your soul and mind to the highest level, so that the human consciousness (that is, the soul) can be Reincarnation entrusted to a better place, that is to say, people are not only responsible for themselves in this life, but also for themselves in the next life. To live is to find a better sustenance for the next one. Although I cannot accept this kind of religious view of Kazuo Inamori, I do not reject it at all, because in my opinion, those who can see through life and death can live up to the point, feel free and detached, and they understand prosperity and decline. It is the common sense of the world, without the hard work of riches and riches, the more glorious and glorious, the gains and losses are calm. That being said, having a faith is a blessing! Belief is not superstition, faith is a powerful force. Faith keeps you away from loneliness and loneliness. Faith keeps you from worrying and sorrowing. Faith keeps your heart from drifting and emptying. On the contrary, faith keeps your mind in good shape and faith fills your soul. Faith makes you invincible and invincible! Can we think that man lives for a faith!

Live for a faith! This is the first answer I found in the book. In addition, I also found the second answer to live with an altruistic heart.

The core philosophy of Inamori Kazuo's business philosophy is to respect and love people. The so-called respect to heaven is to do things according to the nature of things. Inamori Kazuo insists on carrying out the right things to the end in the right way. The so-called lover is altruism, which is to help others can sacrifice themselves and live in the spirit of altruism. Kazuo Inamori believes that obtaining higher profits is a matter of course for the operator and the enterprise. However, while pursuing their own interests, they must also consider making the strong relationships around them also happy. That is to say, a businessman must make money by himself when doing business, and be happy when buying and selling the other party, and everyone around the business must be happy. This so-called three-party altruistic business model expresses the four philosophers of Japanese business. One of the extremes of Inamori and Fuxing, this is also the secret of his company's sustainable prosperity and lasting success.

From this, I thought of Mengniu Niu Gensheng, president. Although Inamori Kazuo used Niu Gensheng as a negative teaching material in this book, no matter how successful he was, I admire him very much at the beginning of his business. People's vision of things admires his extensive communication. Niu Gensheng was in Yili, because of his outstanding work performance, his superior rewarded Niu Gensheng a sum of money to make him buy a good car. Niu Gensheng bought four vans and distributed them to one of the contributors. Niu Gen's annual salary is million yuan, and most of it is distributed to employees in difficulty. When employees suffered a disaster, Niu Gensheng took the lead in donating, and his shot was 10,000 yuan. The character and manner of Niu Gensheng made his subordinates feel that he did not run an enterprise for personal pleasure, nor for his own fortune, but for the development of the enterprise and the common prosperity of employees. On June 10, 2004, Mengniu was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the first domestic dairy company listed in Hong Kong. According to the ranking of Forbes, Niu Gensheng is worth US $ 135 million, ranking 107th among the richest people in China. While outsiders were talking about Niu Gensheng's wealth, Niu Gensheng unexpectedly announced that he would donate 51% of the dividends from personal shares to the Lao Niu Foundation, and 49% for personal control. After a hundred years, he donated all his shares to the Lao Niu Foundation, and his family could not inherit its equity. Each person could only receive monthly living expenses no less than the average wages of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The reason why Niu Gensheng has such an amazing move is because he knows how to gather people together. Niu Gensheng believes that the happiest time in life is when you get rich, because you have gained unprecedented respect and spiritual enjoyment. Niu Gensheng said with emotion: It ’s not enough for a person to do only things that make parents, children, or relatives and friends feel valuable. It is only meaningful to do something that can make more of a living and a secure life change. ,valuable. Do your best to help others, to do your best for the people around you, and even for the humanity. Shakyamuni calls this kind of spirit, which is a wisdom of life.

Finally, ask yourself a question, why am I alive?

As a daughter, I live for my parents.

As a mother, I live for my son.

As a wife, I live for my husband.

As a teacher, I live for learning.

Live for co-workers, friends, and everyone who has nothing to do with me.

Having said so much, in fact, the above ideas are hypocritical.

As the saying goes: Man is not for himself, and is destroyed by nature. In fact, the idea of living for yourself is the most real and simple. So I would say: I have to live well for myself. I want to do my best to make my career successful and my family happy. In the unit, I am the teacher that the student likes, the trusted partner of the colleague; When I return home, I am the filial daughter, the sensible daughter-in-law, the loving mother, the gentle and kind wife. I am not Kazuo Inamori, nor Niu Gensheng. I do not have the vision to overlook life and the ability to dissipate thousands of dollars. I am very ordinary and ordinary, but I have pinpointed the coordinates of my life and identified my role. By living with the altruistic motto, you can live your own excitement and find your way to success! Only when I succeed, can I be able to continuously pass on love and happiness to those around me! Not only do I live happily and happily, but also because of my existence, make people around me feel happy and happy! That's the whole point of my life!

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