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2000 Words of Reading Notes for Madam Bovary

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2000 Words of Reading Notes for Madam Bovary

There is always a difference between reality and ideal. When reality is different from ideal, we should not attribute it to the arrangement of fate. When we encounter setbacks or surprises, maybe this is a chance for us to adjust our mindset. When fate does not compromise in the real world, this is the cruelty of reality. It is not the same as reality. Not at all, because Mrs. Bovary is an embodiment of reality and ideal.

The novel "Mrs. Bovary" is Flaubert's masterpiece. The author reproduces the social life of France in the middle of the 19th century with a simple and delicate writing through the experience of a passionate woman Emma. Exposing that capitalist society harms human nature, corrupts human soul, and even devours the evil nature of human beings. Mrs. Bovary was educated in a monastery from an early age. During that time, Emma became fascinated with reading novels, especially those about love between men and women. The hero in the book was either an earl or a viscount, which fascinated her deeply. Because of this, Mrs. Bovary would be dissatisfied with Dr. Shire's timidity and incompetence. Because of this, she embarked on the road to find the ideal love. But France was then shrouded in dark clouds. She finally ended her life in the self-interest of being deceived. Thus reflecting the other side of society, it also criticized the social darkness at the same time.

Mrs. Bovary is a tragic figure. She pursues romantic love and luxurious life, but she does not know that the environment she is in does not give her what she wants. When love is established on a material basis, it is doomed to its tragic outcome. No matter how the process sinks people, there is only one ending. Who led her to a dead end? Was it the indifference of people that made her call for help, or her surrender to fate? In the end, it led to the tragedy of Emma. Perhaps it was the society at the time that forced her to commit suicide! However, from Mrs. Bovary also saw that everyone would have a pursuing attitude towards the ideal, but compared to us, there was less fantasy about the ideal, and Mrs. Bovary had more fantasy about the ideal. Not everyone will pursue ideals. Maybe these are illusory and unreal to us. Mrs. Bovary pursued too much, and the reflection was her dissatisfaction with herself.

Madame Bovary (Emma) was educated in a monastery from an early age. During her education in the abbey, Emma became fascinated with reading novels, especially those about love between men and women. The hero in the book is either the Count or the Viscount, which makes her deeply Deeply fascinated. The plot in the novel makes her full of fairy-tale fantasy about love, thinking that marriage can achieve her wish. By chance, Emma married the doctor Shire. But after discovering everything Far from the imagination of beauty. In the honeymoon, she could not experience happiness, and after getting along, she found that her husband was a timid, dumb and incompetent person. Where did the Prince Charming in her heart live in her opinion? It is no longer gorgeous, but it is alive day after day. Perhaps the novel is too novel. Later, Emma met Leon one after another. This was the first person Emma met after having fantasies, but Emma imagined that her world would be private with Leon, but what Emma actually brought to Emma Not a good ending. As Leon slowly realized that he was in love with the married woman, Leon finally chose to leave. So the memory slowly dilutes. And another man walked into her world.

Rodolf was fascinated by Emma's temperament. So he made a secret decision to get this woman. Under his rhetoric, Emma was overwhelmed by his fascination. This also shows Emma's pursuit of love. Of course, these are written to set the stage for the ending of the novel. Things must also be accompanied by the end of tragedy. When Emma decided to fly with Rodolph, she felt that she had found the life she longed for in the novel. But destiny made her fall into the bottomless abyss. Afterwards Emma fell into a state of weakness.

Eventually she was in debt and fell into despair. Emma turned to her lover for help, but at this moment they were shunned like a tortoise, and no one wanted to lend a helping hand. At this moment, when the self-interest was in danger, the world ’s ugliness was in front of Emma Revealed. She had no choice but to die.

The reality of tragedy has to be believed. Love seems to be far away. We are far away in our expectations, but we around us do not think it is love. After Emma's death, Rong Zhen was quiet as usual, but Bophary couldn't sleep, thinking about Emma all the time. In order to pass the time, Rodoff hunted in the woods all day and went home to sleep at night; Leon also slept well in the city. At this time, there was another person who couldn't sleep. Beside the cemetery, in the pine forest, a young man was kneeling and crying sadly, his chest was sobbed and sobbed in the dark, and infinite remorse was pressed on his heart, as light as moonlight, as night deep. This young man is Justan (apprentice of the pharmacist's house). We can see how stupid, abominable and pitiful this woman is. He never cherishes the person who is really good to her, but loves her and is willing to lose her family. Emma can be understood as a simple beauty, and Shire can be understood as a simple truth and kindness. The two also lack wisdom, and their combination, on the surface, is a combination of truth, goodness, and beauty, and should be happy, but the ending is a tragic tragedy. When Emma died, Shire. Bovary died with it. . Emma's beauty is a beauty of appearance, a soil of beauty that her soul does not have, because it is a restless heart, a heart that is always fantasy, and a stupid heart. And what about our heroine, Mr. Bauer (Mr. Bovary)? He doesn't have a handsome appearance, but he has a true heart. For love, for many aspects, it is more about love. This also leads to a conclusion: it is difficult for a woman under the cover of a beautiful appearance to get love, and when an ordinary person with an ordinary appearance meets such a woman, greater unhappiness is inevitable.

The tragedy caused by Mrs. Bovary inspires us that if we encounter such a woman, we must not be as obsessed with it as Mr. Bovary. Therefore, we must always keep a clear head, roughly clear our own tendencies, and cherish the happiness around us. At the same time, it reminds the majority of young students that they must be well-positioned, recognize their economic status, clarify the stage, do not do consumption in the super-stage, and moderate and appropriate consumption that meets their own economic conditions can last for a long time.

In the face of reality, how ridiculous dreams and promises are! Life is still going on and tragedies are going on. In reality, do n’t pursue too much of the illusory world. We have to live in real life. No one will replace you. Live for you. As for dreams, whoever has no dreams will live through every day while the door of dreams will open to you!

2000 Words of Reading Notes for Madam Bovary

"Mrs. Bovary" is not a cup of cola, nor is it a pot of fresh summer green tea. It is more like an iced cappuccino or sweet, or light, and can always touch your heart. Especially, the one who pursues Parisian love Women, and that cannibal world, that kind of unpredictable happiness.

* Emma * The fate of the destiny may be simply because you don't understand too much about the shape of happiness.

A girl who grew up in a monastery, met a married man who lived a life designed by her parents, and was the first man in her life, and naively thought that the love of God was coming from God.

How happy to be married to a doctor. She then looked back, followed a pony cart, wobbled, and drove to the sacred place church she dreamed of.

That year, he was 30 years old, and she was cardamom. Maybe life is like a grave, a young heart, but it is in a quiet castle, it will never be satisfied. She began to wonder, the meaning of life, in the end, where is the beauty of life? Obisar's manor, round dance, gentleman in a blue tuxedo, young woman wearing pearls, she found that life can be so passionate. After returning home, she was facing a muna's husband, a deserted little garden, and she cried.

Like a shooting star, Lai appeared. They talked about books, music, and the world. She was amazed by their unanimity, his talents were profound, his thoughts were meticulous.

A dazzling white light burst into the fog, and at that moment, she looked at his back and shed tears.

When life was filled with resentment and regret, she began to complain, regretting how she gave love to a wood, but she couldn't give up love.

Then Rouen. When she met Luo, a low spirit, she might always ignite even a spark. So he fell into a man's conspiracy. She began to travel between the two cities, and was never tired of it.

When she hoped to give up everything with him to the End of the World with a hope, a letter cut off her hope, love, or happy life.

He drove away from her door and told her that he was now on an unknown island. She looked at him. Behind the curtains, in the dark night, only her silver tears were illuminated.

She found that it turned out that the world was not as beautiful as she imagined.

That year, she was about 25 years old. Desperate, she fell ill and thought she was going to die, so she smiled.

One day, they met Lai on the street, which was a gift from God, or another bad joke? They went to the city of her dream in Paris, where they were intoxicated by drunken lights, red and green. She became more beautiful, radiant, and moving.

Trails, roads, they walk, run, and enjoy the sun. She is even more fond of small fleece hats, blue skirts, colorful carpets, and perhaps gold-plated keys.

So money was getting less and less, she began to sign the IOU without authorization, pinning her hope on gaining nothing, for dating again and again, for love! Eventually bankruptcy.

On a cold and windy evening, she came out of the notary's house, feeling embarrassed, and insulted the man who tried to defile her love. That night, she said what she should say: I'm sorry, but I don't sell myself.

However, when all hopes have returned to zero, and when the court's subpoena arrives, what's the use of dignity? It is better to grow old instantly.

Arsenic is not delicious, but she eats; life, not painful, but she thinks so; herself, not just living for herself, but she did.

I knew this already, Emma, why do you have to pursue that illusory happiness? Why do you always remember your childhood sweet dreams and the great contrast with reality? So you died with a secret, even though there was a large group of good intentions Person, she is still lonely.

Time suddenly returned to Dodd's garden. She sat on the long board in front of the thorn fence and looked at the sky innocently; Rouen street; their doorstep; the courtyard of worship; under the apple tree, the smell of her hair, A crisp, clean laughter around her.

She was wearing a moonlight white satin robe with dark hair and a calm expression. The night was very gentle. Gameover.

* Master Bovary * Tragedy may be caused only by comedy that one ignores. Doesn't he love her? In fact, his happiness is limited to the width of Emma's skirt.

He had experienced an unfortunately arranged marriage, a marriage with money transactions, how much he treasured this gift from God.

It was because she was too happy to see the sadness behind her eyes.

He thought, he gave her a solid life. They had a beautiful little daughter. She had the most beautiful dress in that town. What reason was there for her to be unhappy? And herself, with the well-known medicine, she had a beautiful wife

There is a lovely manor house with a group of friends. What's the reason for being unhappy? He doesn't understand why she sits at the desk all night, turns on the light, and refuses to fall asleep; she doesn't understand why she plays it in his heart Useless piano; I don't understand why she has flowers in the room. But he condoned because he loved her. Yes, because of love, he is silent and patient.

It's a pity that silence doesn't make things much better, it just trades for apparent calm.

He introduced her to Lai and convinced her to watch a show with Lai just because he didn't have time to accompany her. Find a substitute? How could it be that he was suffering in the end.

He finally promised to send her to piano lessons, except for paying tuition, he never asked for details again, who knew that she had spent these time trying.

He only saw her laugh and never saw her cry. He thought she was happy, but he was wrong.

He ignored the hint she gave and regarded her sentiment as a mental problem. When she lost her temper, he held back, saddening her, but never asked why.

He petted her blindly. He gave her no reason to leave, even his love rivals, Luo and Lai, thought he was such a good man.

He felt that he had given her all the world, and he felt that he loved her that way, and she should also love him, otherwise why did she have to take care of the family so hard? Why gave birth to him? Why Will he always accompany him? He gave everything he could think of, but unfortunately he didn't give what she really wanted.

He didn't know what love was. He accepted it from a young age. Fate seemed to be in the hands of his mother. Without an opinion, when his mother-in-law quarreled, he could only shed tears.

Perhaps the only thing he praised was that his love was so pure, and his dullness made him live in peace and happiness for many years until she died. Picking up the letter, his hands were shaking, and he looked at the empty room and began to wonder if it was worth it for these years to cry for a woman's bankruptcy and die for a woman's death.

I met Luo at the bar. Luo was very nervous and guilty. In his heart, he had never loved the woman named Emma, but carefully destroyed a man's supposedly peaceful happiness.

To his surprise, Bovary didn't do anything, just to say: This is how funny Luo Ming feels.

Little White went to the bench and called: Dad, Dad. His father's head leaned against the wall and he never spoke again.

For the continuation of happiness, Master Bovary, you have been neglecting your whole life, but at this time, why don't you forget it? People buried him with his wife. On the night of the burial, people said that he saw a young man crying all night at the grave, and that man married a young lady the next day and followed his mother's wishes to start his own business.

A week ago, he told her that he only loved her all his life.

In the face of reality, how ridiculous dreams and commitments are! Master Bo Farley's original friend took the opportunity to usurp not much property and went to the doctor's original clinic address. The sincere friend usury businessman, used his IOU and mortgaged property signed by Emma to live in peace, completely forgetting how he participated in such a conspiracy. Life is still going on. People in the town live and work in peace, and the Bophari family is slowly forgotten.

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