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Reading "The Old Man and the Sea" 2000 words

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Reading "The Old Man and the Sea" 2000 words

After a week of persistence, I finally finished reading this foreign book, The Old Man and the Sea. This book impressed me so much that I couldn't forget it. This novel is about an old man fishing alone at sea. He caught a big fish and tied his head and upper body to the side of the boat. But he encountered a shark. The old man tried his best to fight the sharks. The sharks ate all the fish they could eat, but they still had about 8 pounds.

After reading this book, my heart could not be calm for a long time. This ordinary and respectable old man made me deeply understand: Being a person should not be overwhelmed by any difficulties, but I should do my best and the hardships in life. Do an indomitable struggle.

Grandpa Santiago's hard bones really admire me. Whenever I read that Grandpa was fighting fiercely with sharks, I don't know if I should be nervous or worried about Grandpa, but Grandpa always maintained an optimistic spirit to face some great difficulties. Seeing this, I couldn't help thinking of myself. Whenever I encountered some difficulties, I always felt very uncomfortable, annoyed, and wanted to escape reality. Look at Grandpa Santiago, no matter how difficult he is, he will not shrink back, but face it bravely!

You should be like this. Don't be greedy for life and fear death, but be confident in yourself. Even if we encounter many difficulties, we should never let it be defeated, and we should bravely destroy it.

I believe that with my efforts, I will surely become as brave and grandiose as Grandpa Santiago

I have read a lot of books, they have taught me a lot of knowledge, and I have also learned a lot of the truth of being a person. One of them is a book that has made me realize deeply. It is "The Old Man and the Sea" by the famous author Hemingway.

The book The Old Man and the Sea tells such a story. Old Cuban fisherman Santiago did not catch fish for 84 consecutive days and was regarded as a loser by other fishermen. But he persisted and finally caught a big marlin. The Marlin dragged his boat for three days at sea before he was exhausted. He was killed and tied to the side of the boat. He was repeatedly attacked by sharks during his return journey. He used all means to fight back. When returning to Hong Kong, only the fish head and tail and one spine remained. Although the fish had been bitten, nothing could destroy his heroic will. This book reveals to us the truth that man is not born for failure. One can be destroyed, but not defeated.

In the past, if I did something a little bit unsuccessful, I would flinch, and sometimes I would say a few downcast words. In my studies, I have no confidence as long as there are a few exams that are not ideal, and I don't think I can get good grades. In "The Old Man and the Sea", the protagonist fights with the shark, and the harpoon is taken away by the shark. He binds a knife to the paddle and messes up. The knife broke and he used a short stick. The short stick was also lost, and he hit it with the tiller. The truth revealed in this book does not show that no matter what one is, the most feared thing is the lack of faith. Confidence is like the motor of a car, the driving force for people to move forward. If you have the confidence to do one thing, you are half done. Isn't the main character's confidence and perseverance in this book what I lack?

After reading this book, I know my deficiencies. I no longer lose confidence in my studies because of one or two unsuccessful studies. Instead, the more I fail the test, the better I will pass. On the day of the final exam, the results of the two assignments in the morning were not as good as one of the classmates in the class, but instead of losing, I became more confident and determined to fight a turnaround. In the afternoon Chinese exam, I did every task carefully. Sure enough, my language test was the first in the class, and I was also the first in the overall score.

In the future, no matter what difficulties I encounter, I must face it with confidence, stick to it, and never shrink back. I want to thank the book, thank it for learning so much, thank it for letting me know so much, thank you for letting me know my deficiencies, correcting my shortcomings in time, and making me a useful person for society. In "The Old Man and the Sea", Santiago, the lonely old fisherman, is no longer just a tough guy. The spiritual value embodied in him is a modern echo of the ancient Greek tragedy spirit. In "The Old Man and the Sea", Hemingway finally found a soul for his beloved tough guy. This soul is the eternal value of humanity. Therefore, in "The Old Man and the Sea", the tough character of Santiago has become the surface of the novel. Praising the eternal value of human beings through the character of Santiago's tough guys has become the real theme of the novel. What timeless values are shown in The Old Man and the Sea?

The first is self-confidence.

Santiago has been out to sea for eighty-four days without catching a fish. However, those eyes, as blue as sea water, were pleasant and not depressed. The child who originally followed Santiago to go fishing, talked about his dad calling him to another boat, and said: He didn't have much confidence. Yes. The old man said, but we have it, do you mean it?

Santiago's self-confidence is absolute self-confidence, self-confidence that does not change with environmental changes, and self-confidence without comparison with others. In Santiago's philosophy of life, even if he encounters extreme misfortune, one can only be confident.

When people are alive, the only certainty that is certain is to go to death. Other than that, there is nothing necessary to rely on. Since people live by chance, the only thing that supports people's courage to survive is self-confidence. If self-confidence is lost, does Santiago have the courage and perseverance to go fishing after so many days of unlucky transportation? Therefore, people must be confident when they are alive. Unconfidence is a luxury that one cannot afford. Because Santiago has absolute confidence, he expressed complete tolerance and understanding of the child being called away. Here Hemingway shows the connection between self-confidence and tolerance. The main section of "The Old Man and the Sea" is a description of the lonely old fisherman Santiago who entangled and fought with marlins and various sharks for three days and nights in the vast sea. Through Hemingway's vivid description, we fully felt the sorrow and loftyness of Santiago's desperate struggle against life. The last thing the old man dragged home was the skeleton of a pair of eighteen feet of fish. The only thing on the skeleton was the fish head and beautiful fish tail.

Physically speaking, the old man fought for three days and three nights but failed; but in terms of human spirit, self-esteem and self-reliance, Santiago won the victory. .

After all, the true victory of man can only be spiritual victory. No matter how much material we achieve, we cannot earn our high respect. Only the victory of spirit and spirit can move us, and make us cry for his tragedy like the children who follow the old man. read

Reading "The Old Man and the Sea" 2000 words

The lifeline that love holds is swaying in the wind and waves, and I still stand by it all. The old man took the line silently and choked with me. Maybe tomorrow may be far away. I remember the first time I heard "The Old Man and the Sea". Song, doubts about the old man appeared in my mind. Later, when I was really exposed to the book The Old Man and the Sea, I was immediately attracted by the soul of the book.

When reading the book "The Old Man and the Sea", I often feel that the old man is like a field-tested big fish in the sea. Perhaps this description is inaccurate, or the old man is the sea, but he has gone through vicissitudes. sea. The eyes of the old man are getting older, as mentioned in the text, but those eyes are as blue as sea water. They are pleasant and not depressed.

Lies are often used by the elderly and children to decorate the impoverished life. The child's respect for the elderly is even full of worship. His confidence in the elderly has continued to increase, and he continues to inspire him and take care of him. The boy is brought back The old man's lost youth is the ego he saw when he escaped. So, during those three days alone at sea, he often said: I hope the boy is here. Every time he said it, he could rejuvenate himself to meet this difficult test. The little lion plays the same role. He loves them as much as the boy. I sometimes think that the old man is like a big fish. Although exhausted, he never gives in to the sea and the fisherman. The old man's body and strength are gradually shrinking, but the old man's accumulated experience and skills have prompted him to have confidence and be able to capture the confidence of the big fish. At the same time, I was thinking, what would the old man be without this little boy, would he have the confidence to do things that others dare not imagine?

But the old man always did something different from others. He did what others dared to think but did not dare to do. Although many people did not understand him, he still did. The old man had experienced too many things in the sea. When he caught a big blue-and-white fish, he also excitedly stung. After more than two months, he didn't catch a fish, and he started talking to himself. It is a bad thing to talk at sea. It seems to be a moral character among all the fishermen who go out to sea. However, because the lonely person may have other external factors, he has caused the old person to utter the words in his heart. The old man was eager to meet the lost school of fish, because the big fish would definitely be in it. The old man used big blue and white fish as a bait at the time of eighty-five days. Some have only an endless sea and that green mountain.

After the old man's efforts, a marlin was eating the old man's bait. The old man flexibly held the fishing line and used his experience and skills to compete with the big fish hiding six hundred feet under the sea. The old man felt the weight of the big fish and slowly lowered the thread in his hand. After a while, the old man decided to close the net, but the fish was also very spiritual. On the calm water, the old man and the big fish were doing Silent contest. The old man's sweat was dry and his whole body was cold. There was no way for both sides to take each other, and it was so exhausting. Harpoons, short sticks, and rudders used the old man in various ways. The fish was still bitten, but nothing could destroy his heroic will. Man is not born for failure. One can be destroyed, but not defeated.

From the perspective of the secular view of victory, the old fisherman is not the final winner, because although he defeated the marlin at the beginning, the marlin eventually let the shark eat, and he just brought the white marlin of the marlin Back on shore, that is to say, the shark is the winner. However, in the eyes of idealists, the old fisherman is the winner, because he has never compromised and surrendered to the sea, to the marlin, and to the shark. After reading this book, I am firmly an idealist. In my eyes, although the old man only brought back a pair of fish bones, his spirit is precious, and he is doomed to go fishing alone at sea He is a winner. Human nature is strong, and human beings have their own limits, but it is precisely because people like the old fisherman have repeatedly challenged the limits and surpassed them. This limit has been expanded again and again, and greater challenges have been placed Before humanity. In this sense, heroes like the elderly, regardless of whether they challenge the limits of success or failure, are always worthy of our respect.

The old man confronts the sea and the powerful forces of nature, and now we are only facing some setbacks in learning and living. Compared with the old fisherman, it is really just a little witch. His hands were stained with calluses, and his skin was spotted by the glare of the sun. The tattered fishing boat couldn't withstand any storm. His shabby hut was also the kind of heavy rain outside and the light rain inside. However, he did not give up hope for life. He talked to the little boy about baseball, went to the pub for drinks and chats, and still went fishing in the morning under the first rays of sunlight. No matter whether he has harvested or not, he will insist on fishing in the sea, not only because he depends on fishing to make a living, but fishing has become a part of his life, a memory of him. When we encounter difficulties next time, do we need to consider whether we should be as firm as the old fisherman and overcome everything? After all, our difficulties are so insignificant compared to what he encountered. Our hands don't have calluses, and our skin doesn't have flecks. We blow air-conditioners at home in the summer. Parents help wash clothes. Every day after school, there are hot meals on the table. We really don't have the pressure of life, and we really haven't experienced anything that can be a setback. Our troubles and frustrations can only be described as the little dissatisfaction of our youth. Can these be the reasons for giving up? Obviously, these are all stupid reasons. There must be no two words in our dictionary. What we can do is try our best to fight hard.

Life is like a vast ocean, wide and dangerous. It can push you to a height, and it will instantly make you lose all your happiness. In order to retain this trace of happiness, we will work hard to run to the tip of the wave, and use our blood to dissolve the sometimes angry ocean. You know, a good fisherman has the will and spirit of an old fisherman. We should love life more and learn to face all setbacks firmly. We still have a long way to go. In the future we will encounter more and more serious setbacks and failures, but I believe that as long as we think of the old fisherman, his strength and love of life. We also learn to be strong and face difficulties ourselves. Even if the road of life is no matter how difficult, with the spirit of the old fisherman, no matter how hard and tired we are, we have the confidence to stick to it. Carry the spirit of the elderly, we also set sail to our best future!

Reading "The Old Man and the Sea" 2000 words

The Old Man and the Sea is a novella created by modern American novelist Hemingway in 1992 and the last novel published by the author during his lifetime.

The novel describes an old fisherman fishing in the sea. After 8 days, he has not caught a fish. Everyone said that he was unlucky and unlucky. By the 8th day, he decided to go to the fishermen. Go to the deep sea to fish to prove your ability and courage. At sea, the old man found a large marlin, which overcomes many difficulties. After a hard fight, he finally pierced the harpoon into the heart of the marlin on the third morning. On the way back, the old man made five attacks with sharks, and he bravely countered with a harpoon, a paddle and a knife. When he drove the boat back to the port, Marlin had only a huge white skeleton left.

The content of "The Old Man and the Sea" is very simple. Hemingway chose simple vocabulary, simple sentence structure and simple logical relationship between sentences, showing a simple dignity. A person can be destroyed, but you can't beat him. It is very simple and clear at first reading, but if you study it in detail, you will find that simple stories have inexhaustible connotations and extremely unique expressions. Let's talk about my superficial understanding:

Appreciation of the unyielding soul "Old Man and the Sea"

The wind blew towards the empty sea, and a lonely old man wandered exhaustedly on the vast sea like a warrior after the war. In order to conquer the huge marlin, he had spent almost all his energy. Today, he sails home with the big fish he caught. He hopes for the care of luck, but the sharks that keep coming in make the old man fight again and again in the exhaustion. He couldn't care about anything, he just wanted to keep his fish, even if there were few left.

Hemingway gave this old man an unconquerable spiritual power. He pierced the crude weapon into the shark's head with his bruised hands again and again. Even the end result was only eighteen feet of fish skeleton. From the elderly, it is not difficult to see the kind of soul dignity Hemingway wants to convey to us.

The old man in the book once said: Man is not born for failure. One can be destroyed, but not defeated. This is the theme of this book that Hemingway told the reader through the mouth of the elderly. From this point of view, this book is not a parable but a convincing masterpiece of realism.

When we open the front page of the book, it is like opening a long-dusted wooden box with precious artifacts hidden in it, telling about the once mighty shore's courage, so that the soul is baptized in the palace full of power and beauty.

"Old Man and the Sea" is about an old man, but it shows a world. The novel is very rich in content and profound in meaning. It is a masterpiece of realism, which is evocative after reading.

I do n’t know what will happen in the future and what will happen to my sailing, but as an undefeated person, you see that the sun will always go down, but tomorrow the sun will rise as usual!

A boat crossed the end of the world and headed for the unknown sea. A flag hanging on the bow, despite being weathered and eroded, is still gorgeous. On the flag, the word Yunlong is dancing and glittering beyond the limit! Author Hemingway This is how he evaluates his work The Old Man and the Sea.

Belief can be a person, just like Fantasy City; faith can also be a trust, just like a mother cares about you. We had so many ideals bursting like bubbles, but we still have faith in life and life. Believe it, as if you have not been deceived.

Even if the old man failed again and again, he never despaired, the calmness calmed down all the waves. Although the old fisherman is old, unlucky and defeated, he still persists in his efforts and can win victory in the manner of failure. This novel expresses a kind of struggling outlook on life. Even if faced with unconquerable nature, one can still gain spiritual victory. Maybe the result is a failure, but in the process of struggle, we can see how a person can become a grand husband.

Why didn't Hemingway let the old man finally win? In the words of the old man in the novel: A person is not born to be defeated. People can be destroyed as much as possible, but they cannot be defeated. This is the philosophy that Old Man and the Sea wants to reveal. It is undeniable that as long as people are flawed. When a person acknowledges this flaw and strives to overcome it instead of submitting to it, it doesn't matter whether it ends up catching a complete marlin or an empty skeleton, because the value of one's life has already It was fully reflected in the process of hunting marlins. Has he tried and pursued for his ideal, isn't he a winner? The old fisherman is the winner who dares to challenge his own defects and his courage and confidence. From the perspective of the secular view of victory, the old fisherman is not the final winner, because although he defeated the marlin at the beginning, the marlin eventually let the shark eat, and he just brought the white marlin Back on shore, that is to say, the shark is the winner. However, in the eyes of idealists, the old fisherman is the winner, because he has never compromised and surrendered to the sea, to the marlin, and to the shark. As Master Beethoven said, I can be destroyed, but I cannot be conquered.

Human nature is strong, and human beings have their own limits, but it is precisely because people like the old fisherman have repeatedly challenged the limits and surpassed them. This limit has been expanded again and again, and greater challenges have been placed. Before humanity. In this sense, heroes like the old fisherman Sandia, whether they challenge the limits of success or failure, are worthy of our respect forever. Because he brings us the most noble confidence of mankind!

Life is an endless pursuit. Its path is long, difficult, and bumpy, but as long as he bravely and stubbornly meets the challenge with a confident heart, he will always be a true winner

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