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"Starry Spring Water" After Reading 600 Words

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"Starry Spring Water" After Reading 600 Words

The book "Feng Xing" is the first time I have contacted me. I am used to the vernacular, and when I look at the poetry at a glance, I feel a bit uncomfortable.

Opening the book, the first guide attracted me. Talking about how Bing Xin wrote poetry collection, from childhood to growing up, fully reflects Bing Xin's talent in writing.

Her poems are mainly known for their motherly love, innocence, and nature. Childhood from The Stars is the truth in the dream, the dream in the truth, the smile with tears in memory. It is conceivable that Bingxin's childhood was full of dreams and childish fantasy. Little brother, child in the soul. It also explains the indescribable deep friendship between Bingxin and brothers and sisters. These are Bing Xin's childish longings and happiness.

She later went abroad to study abroad. For many years, she used pens to describe her thoughts and eagerly hoped to be able to return home soon. She dreamed of meeting her mother and dreaming of going home, and she was very happy. But once she lost her illusion, she would become even more frustrated and disappointed. When I left my hometown and left my beloved mother, how could I miss my homesickness? The waves of my hometown! How did your splashing waves hit my rock in the past, and now I hit my heart string. The waves kept beating the shore, I was indifferent, but once I left my hometown. The waves of waves touch me everywhere

A string that is about to break, a string of homesickness. Indeed, only mothers are good in the world. Motherly love is the greatest, and motherly love is the purest.

Bing Xin's short poem gave me thousands of emotions. Her poems do not contain the slightest hypocrisy. They are all true feelings from the heart. They can be deeply moved. You can also see that Bing Xin spent her childhood fantasy. Her fantasy is so beautiful, so fascinating and so childlike. However, her deep motherly love, thinking of her mother, is beyond our reach. Motherly love is so holy, it is beyond any kind of love in the world. Bing Xin is synonymous with mother love. Through Bing Xin, I read mother love.

At this time, my heart was surging, I couldn't be calm, I felt so much, I couldn't overflow my words.

"Starry Spring Water" After Reading 600 Words

At night, I was about to fall asleep, and the moonlight was spilling on my desk. I picked up the shiny book and opened the book, Bing Xin's Starry Spring Water.

"Starry Spring Water" is the feelings and memories of Bing Xin's notes. Later, she was inspired by Tagore's "Bird Collection" and felt that there was also a poetic element in her trivial lingering sensations, so she put them together and became two small poetry collections.

Today, I tasted the "Starry Spring Water" carefully. When I opened it, a few lines of black fonts pulled my heart away: the smallpox picked in my dream, and my friend woke up and lost my friend! There are some wishes in life! It can only be sent in the fantasy forever! The residual flowers are attached to the branches; the birds fly away, and they are scattered red. For a moment, the desolate and somewhat beautiful picture emerged in my mind: spring is over. The dry branches were scattered, dotted with only five or six remaining flowers. The birds flew away with flapping wings, and the only flowers left fell on the ground. The ground was bright red, warm and desolate. The bird flying flowers only left dry branches, only for a while.

I continue to look at life, isn't this a glimpse? This question asks, my heart trembled! Yeah! Isn't life also a flower for a short time? When I do my homework, I always think about today. I did, anyway, there is tomorrow. Let ’s go out and play. Every time I rushed homework in the last few days. I was tired and sleepy but helpless. Who told me that I did n’t hurry up at the beginning! I often regret it. Late.

Green shoots, develop yourself !; light flowers, contribute to yourself !; crimson fruit, sacrifice yourself! Yeah, life is short, he needs us to love and develop, we must hurry up .

Continue reading, and understand a lot of truth.

Late at night, I was holding the book "Spring in the Stars" and was unable to fall asleep

"Starry Spring Water" After Reading 600 Words

The grass house in Yau Ma Tei is tough, and those who come out are tough.

The bald crane was ridiculed and teased because of its natural lack of hair, and his persistent and persistent struggle finally won everyone's respect.

Du Xiaokang, due to the family's accident, fell from rich to poor, but he did not sink, borrowed a debt to set up, and resolutely wanted to revitalize his family business before entering the school.

Xi Ma, who was raised to his uncle's house, flooded the house, the adoptive father died of illness, and the adoptive mother went crazy. He did not overwhelm him. He vowed to build a big house for the adoptive mother.

Sang Sang, at the age of fourteen, was seriously ill. The small and large hospitals turned back, and the earthwork was ineffective. When he died, he was not desperate, and determined to do more for others in a limited time. Words, humming Mr. Wen's song without words, holding a bowl of bitter medicine, finally defeated the disease.

Perseverance is a struggle against fate, and it is a positive challenge! The bald crane thinks that everyone despises me and has used many methods to fight against everyone, and even deliberately showed his bald head in the inter-school broadcast exercises to make everyone laugh Destroy the honor of the school. However, this negative resistance is only the disgust of everyone. Later, he figured it out, and actively participated in group activities. Before the inter-school literary competition, he stepped forward and showed his bald head to play the bandit company commander. The competition won the highest award, and he finally got everyone's love and respect.

Perseverance is a calm mentality in the face of doom. Sang Sang knew he had incurable disease, but his mentality was always calm. Instead of thinking too much about himself, he was determined to do more good for others in a limited time. He seemed more kind to everyone than ever, and even moved someone to pick up a rubber from the ground. In order to fulfill his promise, he dragged his sick body to take his sister to the city to play, struggling to carry his sister back to the tower, in order to make his sister happy. It is this calm mentality that enables him to have the confidence and perseverance to fight the disease.

"Starry Spring Water" After Reading 600 Words

"Starry" and "Spring Water" were written by Bing Xin under the influence of the Indian poet Tagore's "Bird Collection". In general, it includes three aspects and is the most brilliant place.

One is the praise of motherhood and innocence. Motherhood is the fundamental starting point of "philosophy of love". She believes that motherhood is the source of all things and the fundamental driving force for the world to become bright. The praise of motherhood is in "The Stars" "Spring Water" occupies a considerable proportion. It can be said that it is the deep praise of the motherly love that laid the deep and delicate emotional tone of these two works. Childlikeness in the eyes of the poet is the most beautiful world full of innocence, but who said Isn't it?

The second is the worship and praise of nature. Human beings come from nature, belong to nature, and people are in harmony with nature.

One of her poems is written like this: The Creator / If in permanent life / Only a blissful application / I sincerely ask / I am in my mother's arms / Mother in a boat / Boat in the sea in/

This poem combines the praises of mothers, the call to innocence, and the chants of nature perfectly to create a world of perfection, sincerity, deep, fresh and elegant language, giving people endless aftertaste and inspiration.

The third is the thoughts and perceptions of life, we call this part "; philosophical poetry" ;.

In terms of art, "Stars" and "Spring Water" are both Chinese classical poems and Tagore's philosophical poems. They are good at capturing the inspiration of the moment, and express their inner feelings and reflections in three words. They are short and meaningful. , Fresh and elegant and crystal clear, clear and long-lasting, with unique artistic charm.

"Starry Spring Water" After Reading 600 Words

The first time I saw this book in the corner in the bookcase, I was immediately attracted by its beautiful title. Starry spring water, what a beautiful picture it is, what is in front of my eyes is distant, natural and fresh, how pleasant it is. With this feeling, I opened the book gently

Slowly opened, reading a comfortable little poem, as if taking me into a paradise of poetry, fascinated me unknowingly.

Bing Xin's poems are gentle, delicate, with a touch of sorrow, but also slightly philosophical, with an extraordinary and refined charm. The style of "Starry Spring Water" is clear and elegant, seemingly out of reach, but ordinary and ordinary, showing true and beautiful emotions and strong lyricism everywhere, giving people a poetic beauty, condensed bright and fresh Wan Li and Su Yan are elegant.

"Starry Spring Water" has motherly love, childlikeness, and nature as its themes. There are many poems describing motherly love. Indeed, motherly love is the greatest and motherly love is the most selfless. Motherly love is so holy, it cannot be reached by any kind of love in the world. I can deeply feel Bingxin's mother's heartfelt mood, which moved me and made me cherish my mother's unrequited love even more.

After reading these beautiful little poems, it seems very kind, because it can not only purify our soul, but also because these little poems come from ordinary life, without any modification by anyone, without adding any gorgeous words, with With a trace of sorrow and tenderness, in those marvelous verses, there was a glimmer of charm.

Reading "Starry Spring Water" is a unique enjoyment, you don't need to deliberately pursue something. These little poems are full of Bing Xin's praise of mother's love, worship and praise of nature, and reflections on life.

Closed the book, and after reading The Starry Spring Water, my heart was deeply touched by an inexplicable feeling

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