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600 words after reading 20,000 miles under the sea, 600 words after reading 20,000 miles under the sea

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Article 1: After reading 20,000 miles under the sea, 600 words

I opened "Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea" with curiosity, and began the legendary underwater journey with the Nautilus submarine in the book with the master explorer naturalist Ayunas. We toured the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Antarctic and Arctic Oceans. We met many rare underwater plants and animals, as well as underwater caves, underpasses and sites. Let me know a lot of scientific culture and geological knowledge, especially the refraction of light, the classification of pearls, collection, and the construction of submarines have now become a reality. I lament the imagination of the author Jules Verne Force, can actually anticipate the future world in a society that has not yet invented the electric light, combining science and stories to create a magical underwater world.

Captain Nemo, a Nautilus, is a mysterious figure, with a gloomy but knowledgeable personality. He can pay tens of billions of national debts for France; he will cry silently when he sees his friends die; he will give millions of gold to the poor; he will accommodate all those who hate the land; he will give pockets of pearls to the poor Bead-harvesting people; will flee humanity and perform terrible revenge. Captain Nemo has a deep-rooted distrust of humanity. His heart is filled with endless pain, but he is also a kind person.

When Antarctica was anoxic, there was only a trace of air in the piggy bank on the diving suit. At that time, due to lack of air, jajshop.com, they almost collapsed. At this time, Captain Nemo did not take the last trace of air to sustain his life, but left the chance of survival to the professor. He did not hesitate to sacrifice his own life for the lives of others. His actions moved countless readers and moved me.

Jule Verne is telling us: There is nothing that can not be done. Only those who can't think of it can have imagination that is derived from reality or higher than reality, or else it is not science fiction but fantasy. There is no imagination, no purpose, no direction, and even less scientific progress.

The subtlety of this book lies in the enlightenment of completely natural knowledge, although the book tells a lot about oceans. For example, the Red Sea is caused by the mucus secreted by a tiny creature called Trilobite from the sea. The sea water was red like blood. But none of them was very deliberate or difficult for readers to accept, but what they saw and heard during a trip, which kept people's ideas and gains from scenes firmly preserved.

Not every undergraduate fantasy novel is as readable as "Two Thousand Miles Under the Sea". As a novel that is not fabricated out of nothing but accumulated by vision and erudition, it is not only interpreted for readers who do not have a thorough understanding of underwater knowledge. After their journey, the posterity saw the wisdom and civilization of the ancients.

Article 2: 600 Words After Reading 20,000 Miles Under the Sea

In the second semester of fifth grade, I seriously read an undergraduate fantasy book "Two Thousand Miles Under the Sea" at home.

"Two Thousand Miles Under the Sea" is one of the famous French science fiction writer Jules; Verne's science fiction series. Its story is tortuous and fascinating, its pictures are colorful, the weather is thousands, and it is breathtaking to read.

"Two Thousand Miles Under the Sea" tells the story of the French naturalist Professor Aronas traveling to the sea. The author uses the tracking of seawater monsters as an introduction to set off the wonderful and fascinating stories of Professor Aronas and his servants Consel and Canadian Neder; Lan has strayed into the Nautilus, showing magnificent pictures Picture: Mysterious sea monster, beautiful underwater world, solemn underwater funeral, rich underwater treasures, thrilling Antarctic

When I read this book, it seemed as if I had swam the world under the sea with the protagonist. The Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Antarctic, the Arctic, and the Arctic Ocean encountered many extremely rare plants, seafood, marine animals, and century warships. The wreckage and many other interesting things have opened up my horizons, enriched my knowledge, and made me feel the mystery of the marine world.

"Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea" This thrilling colossal book tells us: to learn the optimistic spirit of Professor Aronas; to learn the spirit of loyalty and selflessness of servant Consel to the master, to learn the courage of Captain Nemo, and When you see your friends in danger, you will go to the rescue. This novel also tells us that people must have the courage to explore, in order to discover the incredible beauty of nature.

After reading this science fiction novel, I lamented the author's wonderful brushstroke flowers. These great writers used their lifelong knowledge and wisdom to create world-famous works. With their long-lasting charm, they infected people from generation to generation.

Article 3: After reading "20,000 Miles Under the Sea", I have 600 words

Two Thousand Miles Under the Sea is one of my favorite writers-Jules Verne. The story of the Nautilus in the book I can never tire of. The original passionate and energetic travel adds a little playfulness to Verne.

The story begins with a strange sea monster incident. Because foreign bodies have always overturned ships at sea recently, the United States invites professors to participate in the process of capturing sea monsters. En route, the professor's ship was also attacked by sea monsters. In the struggle, the professor, his servant Consell, and Neil, the crew member, accidentally fell into the sea and saw here. My nerves tightened. What about the three of them? At this juncture of life and death, what kind of miracle will occur? Unexpectedly, it was the sea monster who saved them. It turned out that the so-called sea monster was a submarine named Nautilus. After seeing this, most people suddenly realized that this book was not interesting, in fact, you were wrong. No one had ever created a submarine in the age of Verne. That is. Verne imagined the submarine out of nothing, without any basis. This can't help but add some admiration to the famous writer. Closer to home, the three professors spent a magical time on the Nautilus, experiencing many wonderful things: hunting on the ocean floor, fighting the Indians, especially Verna portraying the landscape of the ocean floor so beautifully, that it was immersive territory.

"Twenty Thousands of Miles in Haiti" is a book that explores the ocean, which further reflects human yearning for the underwater world. Although the things described in the book can be achieved today with the rapid development of science and technology, this book puts a pair of imaginary wings on me who has never been to the bottom of the sea, and gives me the bottom of the sea-the wonderful blue infinity desire! Jules Verne, your profound knowledge, beautiful writing and rich imagination will always be my role model!

Chapter 4: After Reading 600 Words "20,000 Miles Under the Sea"

Have you ever read "20,000 Miles Under the Sea"? When I finished reading this work, I was quite moved. The story told in this undergraduate fiction is really bold. Verne wrote in the first person the experiences of French biologist Aronas and servant Concell and Canadian Neder by mistake in the Nautilus. Although Verne did not go to sea, he could not see any trace of hypocrisy in his article, but the real and thrilling adventure would be breathless.

Verne is an extremely intelligent man who skillfully combines science with fantasy to portray underwater creatures to the fullest. The submarine arbitrarily shuttles in the sea. The bottom of the sea is sometimes crowded, and the scenery is beautiful. It is intoxicating. The wonderful and magnificent underwater world is full of exoticism and strong romanticism. I am amazed!

Leaving aside, let's talk about the content plot! At the beginning of the novel, the novel made me walk into the world it described. What giant reefs and giant monsters flew away made me look irritated. French Aronas, Concell, and arrested After the whale hand Neder entered the mysterious Nautilus, he and Captain Nemo made a similar trip around the world on the bottom of the sea. The underwater world was very clever. I remember the chapter of the underwater forest. Although there is no real wood, the soft coral reefs in the sea make me extremely enjoyable. I can see the floating underwater creatures with my eyes closed.

On the path of life, there will always be times when difficulties are encountered. Difficulties are like springs. When you are strong, you are weak. When you are weak, you are strong. In the face of difficulties, we will, like Aronas, never sigh or blame the sky, nor will we give up or slump. Instead, we must do everything possible to overcome difficulties. You have to stand up wherever you fall, and stick to it, that is the beginning of success.

The novel "Two Thousand Miles Under the Sea" has created an extremely breathtaking atmosphere for us, and has given us visual enjoyment. This is really a work worth reading for us. Interested people can read it.

Article 5: After reading 20,000 miles under the sea for Verne, 600 words

20,000 miles under the sea gave me a great shock. It told me all the charming islands I did n’t understand. It told me how loyal Consell was. It also told me a lot of things I could n’t learn in textbooks. . I admire them very much for their selfishness. I admire the optimistic spirit of Professor Ayunas; I admire Professor Concell's loyalty and selflessness to the Lord; I admire Captain Nemo's courage and The spirit of rescue when we see a friend in danger is worth studying. The author is also ingenious and cleverly laid out. During a long journey, he sometimes pushed me into a dangerous environment surrounded by dangers, and sometimes brought me into the wonderful realm of poetry and painting; the magnificent scenes and meticulous portrayal alternated.

Reading is fascinating. This is indeed a good book worth reading. The French went to the United States to participate in a scientific expedition. In fact, a monster emerged from the sea, and the brains of the world were full of enthusiasm. After the scientific expedition was over, the naturalist was preparing to dress up and return to France, but received an invitation from the U.S. Department of the Navy. He changed his course and boarded a destroyer to participate in the activity of removing that monster from the ocean. Hard work, the monster was not cleared, the destroyer was hit hard by the monster, the naturalist and his servants, and the captives to clear the monster! Monster Feiye, it turned out to be a submarine not known to the world, known as the Nautilus. The submarine also treats the captives. However, in order to keep their own secrets, the captain of the submarine Nemo will never allow them to leave. Aronax and his party had no choice but to travel around the ocean with the submarine. Ten months later, these three The individual finally escaped in an extremely sinister situation, and the naturalist was able to reveal this underwater secret to the world.

Now like Captain Nemo is calm and dare to build, fewer and fewer people invented. Some rich people are idle and some are trying to deceive national property. They never want to fight to create something that can contribute something to the country and society. A good thing to do, like Captain Nemo's calmness, Professor Ayous willing to explore, Consel's loyalty, Nieder's courage are what we should learn.

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