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"Give Letter to Garcia" 2000 words after reading

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"Give Letter to Garcia" 2000 words after reading

The story of sending the letter to Garcia happened more than 100 years ago, and it is still being chanted today because it promotes a spirit. This spirit has been advocated since the existence of human society, no matter what ethnic group, what social system, nor in the past or in the distant future. Although different nations and countries have different interpretations and expressions of this spirit, they all resonate when reading the story of "Giving Letters to Garcia." This resonance stems from human beings' expectations and pursuits for a better future, and from the spirit of self-improvement and perseverance.

After reading the book "Giving Letters to Garcia" repeatedly, I asked myself more than once: Are you a qualified messenger? Would you like to be a qualified messenger? The child is the future of the motherland. As a teacher, Shoulder. How to make the best development of children in education and teaching? How can I make myself an excellent messenger? I think it should be done: loyalty to the cause of education, treat students with love, treat their confidence and treat parents and parents. Social enthusiasm.

I am loyal to education

Loyalty is the wealth that leads to success. People should even realize that the most important factor for success is not because of his outstanding military talents, but because of his excellent moral qualities. For us, loyalty is an incomparably dedicated and selfless love for the party, the motherland, the people, socialism, and business and profession. Once a sense of professional responsibility and a high degree of loyalty to the cause is established, you will become a trustworthy person who can be entrusted with a heavy responsibility. Therefore, we must develop the quality of loyalty to the cause. Once we have this quality, we will become the biggest beneficiaries.

At work, I often heard grumbles: I really should n’t have chosen the profession of a teacher at first, so tired! Therefore, in the work, these teachers have a coping attitude towards the students, and they complain all day long and are upset. In fact, no matter what motivation we originally had, once we choose a teacher profession, we should realize that teacher profession requires dedication. Teachers are candles, burning themselves to illuminate others; teachers are human ladders, willing to let students step on their shoulders and flow upwards in society. This is the highest state of teacher morality. In my opinion, a good teacher should: 1. Love education.

Dedication is the source of success. Passion for one's own career can not only stimulate our passion for work, but also produce endless power. We all have such experiences. When we fall in love with a certain thing or do a certain job, we will persist in our pursuit and persevere in our pursuit of sleep and sleep. It's professionalism. As a teacher, we must correctly understand the great role of education in the motherland, the future of mankind and society, and continuously improve ourselves in this great cause.

2. Clear education responsibilities.

Teachers are professionals who fulfill their educational and teaching responsibilities, and are responsible for the mission of transmitting knowledge to society, cultivating talents, and improving national quality. Therefore, teachers should be loyal to their duties, do not humiliate their mission, and strive to complete the education and teaching work. Be proactive at work. When the leader leaves things to us, he indicates the direction, how to handle the matter, and how to connect these inextricable connections and relationships. These specific tasks require our own independent thinking. Only with this strong initiative in our work can we be a mature person, a trustworthy person, and a person who can send a letter to Garcia.

3. Get rid of utilitarian thinking.

The characteristics of our teacher's labor determine that hard work is more comfortable, and hard work is more than income. Therefore, we should get rid of the utilitarian influence in our work, and do not care about personal gains and losses. Many students think about it, think more about society, do not ask for it, be a down-to-earth officer, and be frank and honest. Indifferent to fame and fortune, take the initiative and pioneering work, learn from others, make up for their shortcomings, and complete work tasks with a good attitude.

4. Actively improve your own literacy.

When President McKinley needed a special envoy, the Military Intelligence Agency recommended Rowan. I believe the then military intelligence bureau will not only have Rowan, but Rowan is the most qualified person to send a letter. It can also be said that opportunities are always provided for those who are prepared. Therefore, our teachers must have the qualifications to be able to trust you to trust the letter, constantly enrich themselves with new knowledge and skills, and improve educational skills and teaching methods.

Second, loving love for students

Good education is not only a good teaching method, but also the shaping and training of students' good quality. Loving students wholeheartedly is the summation of success by all good teachers.

1. Caring and loving students.

Caring for and loving students is an important prerequisite for teachers to do a good job of education and teaching. This kind of relationship care comes from the teacher's sense of responsibility and loyalty to education, and it can effectively attract students to the education and teaching process.

2. Respect and trust students.

Students are living people, they have ideas. We should give our students dignity and freedom. Students should be encouraged to play a democratic role and give students ample opportunity to express their opinions. Praise promptly and encourage students who have achieved good grades, and give modest praise to each student for any small progress.

3. Treat students fairly and equally.

Whether teachers treat students fairly and equally not only affects students' physical and mental health, but also seriously affects their prestige and educational effects. Teaching without class is the teaching of ancient Confucius in our country, and all of us as teachers should do nothing.

Third, be confident in yourself

Maintaining self-confidence and a good attitude is the key to success. As long as you have confidence in success, then I believe that you can do it! To build self-confidence, there must be nothing difficult in the world. As long as Ken willing to climb, you must always cheer yourself up and encourage yourself. Once this positive faith is in your mind, It will multiply courage, and invincible, will create a miracle of success. Self-confident people are fearless and self-confident. It is inevitable for life to experience some setbacks and failures. We must know that success is the accumulation of countless failures, and failure is the mother of success. We must be confident in our work and tasks, even if we fail, we will do it again until we succeed.

Be enthusiastic about parents and society

There are three factors that affect student growth: school, family, and society. In order to combine these three aspects into a force conducive to the growth of students, teachers must handle the relationship with the family and society. Therefore, we must enthusiastically receive visits from parents and all sectors of the society; we must take the initiative to get in touch with parents and other relevant people in the society, exchange student performance, and discuss ways to promote student progress; timely return the students' ideas to parents, 10 million Don't imply that parents will punish their children, and don't spread messages to society that are detrimental to the personality and reputation of students.

In short, "Giving Letter to Garcia" gives us a lot of inspiration, but only the inspiration is not enough. We can only become the only way to apply these inspirations to our work and our practice. A true investment can be rewarded; loyalty can be trusted, and initiative can be innovative.

"Give Letter to Garcia" 2000 words after reading

Before the holiday, at the school's annual summary meeting, President Liu solemnly recommended a book to all faculty and staff: "Send a Letter to Garcia." He said that he had reread the book three times, and I believe that the plain and easy to understand truth in the book will shock everyone. So, taking advantage of the free time of the annual leave, I also calm down and read about it carefully.

"Letter to Garcia" is a world-renowned business classic. The book tells a young U.S. Lieutenant Andrew Rowen who was put in danger, went through all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, overcame numerous difficulties, and finally ended up in the Cuban jungle. Found General Garcia, completed the sacred mission of delivering letters, and set a story of excellence in defeating the Spanish invaders.

After reading the book "Delivering Letters to Garcia", I think this book is still selling well and has always been talked about with strong vitality. The answer is that Rowan has been sought in every era. The country and various industries are admiring and calling for the spirit of Luo Wen. This spirit is the spirit of dedication, devotion to work, and dedication, the spirit of perseverance and perseverance, and the spirit of the times in line with the trend and pioneering and innovative. As the old Chinese saying goes: a gentleman carries things with good virtues, and he is healthy, and a gentleman keeps improving. We need people with this spirit, and people who can deliver the letter to Garcia. As an educator, I want to learn, carry forward, and practice this spirit, and make greater contributions to education and teaching.

I think there are people around the world who send letters to Garcia. It is learned from the book that the people who sent the letter to Garcia were not those who were notable or high-profile, but often those employees who were silently dedicated, motivated and loyal in their ordinary jobs. How to find these employees at work, like Colonel Wagner, to understand, trust, know people, and cultivate them. As a qualified leader, you must learn to write and send letters. When dealing with superiors, we must learn Luo Wen's professionalism and initiative, and send good letters without disregard, always loyal to the superiors. When treating subordinates, we must learn the open-mindedness and trustworthy spirit of President McKinley. And trusting subordinates; to treat the work of the unit, you must learn the spirit of Colonel Wagner's self-knowledge and understanding of others, understand the staff, and be loyal to the superior leader.

Attitude determines fate, and details determine success or failure. After receiving the task of sending a letter, the protagonist in the book, Luo Wen, did not mention requirements, did not speak about conditions, was not afraid of hardships, and was not afraid of sacrifice. He gave up his family and worked for the country. Tasks assigned by superiors. Every step of his progress was soaked in sweat and hard-working. This dedication is needed in the war era before 1XX, in the era of peaceful development, and even more urgently in the new period of transition and development. This dedication requires the military, enterprises, and government departments. As a public official in the country, since he shoulders the burden entrusted by the party and the people, he must serve the people wholeheartedly and serve the motherland sincerely. He must be like Rowan, not afraid of hardships, hardships, hardships, hard work and dedication. Dedicated to the great cause of scientific development with a good state of mind and the pursuit of lofty values. Specific to our teachers' work is to strengthen our own learning, improve cultural literacy, do what we can, without grudges and regrets, and do our best in education and teaching. Only in this way can we become a dedicated and dedicated person in education.

After receiving the order, Luo Wen did not choose to evade and flinch. Instead, he moved forward when faced with difficulties, and with perseverance and perseverance, he fulfilled the task with resolute courage and resilience. Although working as a teacher is not a key department, it has a lot to do with the hope of the motherland and the future cultivation of the motherland. So, as long as we choose education and choose the title of teacher, we must stick to it in our work. Unremitting, loyal to the cause of education, use our full enthusiasm and eternal childlikeness to care for the children, and use our love to practice the responsibility of educating people. As the book says: If you have to abuse, curse, and endless derogation, then why don't you resign? When you're outside, you can vent. But I ask you not to curse it while you are in it. When you devalue it, you are in it, then you are demeaning yourself. Just like our teachers and students in Changle No.2 Middle School, from their mouths, they can't hear a bad word about No.2 Middle School. What kind of spirit is it? Loyalty! If we say that vitality makes people's future bright, groups Make people tolerant, down-to-earth make people realistic, then a deep sense of loyalty will make life upright and meaningful.

On the long march of sending a letter, Luo Wen must not only conquer the harsh natural environment, but also deal with the dangerous social environment. The situation is changing rapidly and the opportunities are fleeting. If he has a rigid mind, a stale concept, a stubborn self-sufficient attitude, and cannot work creatively, then the letter to Garcia is likely to sink into the sea and even fall into the hands of the enemy. Education is a dynamic process. It is impossible to achieve once and for all thinking, methods and results in the past. At the same time, with the development of economy and society, the progress of science and technology, changes in the social environment, accumulation of practical experience, and the transformation of the requirements of the times, we must be good at innovation, resolutely overcome the unthinkable, overwhelming, and passable thinking, and take the initiative to understand new situations , Learn new knowledge, solve new problems; dare to innovate, dare to innovate, actively explore practical working methods and methods, and strive to develop their own education and teaching work.

Through this book, I understand the most basic behavioral rules of human society, that is: only investment can be rewarded, only loyalty can be trusted, only initiative can be innovative, and only gain can be achieved by giving. This book conveys an extremely positive, healthy, and uplifting outlook on life and talent values in an expression that is convincing to everyone. I deeply understand the importance of Rowan and realize that the attitude of work is directly reflected in Quality of work. Let's stop the unnecessary complaining, pack up your mood, start from the beginning, from now on, be loyal to everything you do, perfect yourself from time to time, and be a modern Rowan!

"Give Letter to Garcia" 2000 words after reading

Today, the unit sent a book "Letter to Garcia". At first glance, the name didn't matter. I occasionally turned it around in my spare time and was suddenly attracted by it. I read the book "Letter to Garcia" and it touched me. It is deep. In today's society, there are too few people who can send letters to Garcia like Rowan! The unit needs Rowan, the country needs Rowan, and the times call for Rowan!

Rowan in the story is a young lieutenant of the US Army. During the Spanish-American War, he was left alone without any guards, risking his life and going through hardships and dangers. Finally, he sent the letter from the president to Canada. General West Asia-a man with decisive power, accomplished this important task brilliantly. There is no doubt that Rowan's success was not his outstanding military talents, but his excellent moral qualities, absolute courage and indomitable enterprising spirit. This is loyalty and initiative, a kind of loyalty, Commitment, a spirit of dedication, obedience and honor. Just as there is an old saying in China: a gentleman contains things with good virtues, he is healthy, and a gentleman keeps improving. To be a person, you must first have good character as the foundation for your work. The other revelation is that you must stick to what you do. Don't always think about what benefits you will get from doing this, how many garlands and honors you will get. The emphasis is on unconditionally fulfilling tasks and not others. If Luo Wen always thinks that he will become a hero after completing the task of delivering letters, he may not complete the task.

After reading this book, I feel that there is still something we should learn. This is to have a sense of trust and appreciation among comrades. The colonel recommended Rowan to the president because of his trust in Rowan. The trust in Colonel and Rowen paid the trust to Rowen, and the trust of each other generated a motive force that made Rowen's progress so insignificant. But such problems exist in our lives nowadays. Sometimes, we inadvertently question our colleagues or friends around us. Can he do this? Many times, when you trust him, you may not care about it yourself, but he will think that he trusts me so much, and I should work hard to complete it. Therefore, this mutual trust is very important in an interactive role. It is a relatively important factor for the smooth development of the work. Only with such factors can a lot of Rowan appear. If you are always looking, always distrusting, countless searches, countless such misses, I don't think there will be Rowan. Therefore, our society must also continue to discover Luo Wen, and set it as a model for the team and society, in order to make our tomorrow brighter. This is the performance of social progress, as the book says: civilization, It is a long process of tirelessly searching for such talents.

At the same time, this book advocates a spirit of doing things, which is the spirit mentioned in the book that allows people to do something like first love, and now some people lack this spirit of doing things. Why lack this spirit? Because there is no goal. In fact, it doesn't matter if you don't think about the big goal for a while, you can at least take every day seriously. Refine your goals to every day, start with every little thing around you, do your best for things, and do your best for people, so the accumulation every day is success. This book reveals that I can only become a good soldier like Rowan if I work hard and steadfastly with full enthusiasm, do everything seriously, and do my job unconditionally and actively. Through the study of this book, I have understood the most basic behavioral rules of human society, that is, only investment can be rewarded, only loyalty can be trusted, only initiative can be innovative, and there is no gain without pay. This book conveys an extremely positive, healthy, and uplifting outlook on life and talent values in an expression that is convincing to everyone, and made me deeply aware of the importance of Rowan and the attitude of work directly reflects The quality of work depends on the efficiency of one's work, and on the spirit and attitude of his work. In real life, we can see that some people have an improper working attitude and take the glory of being good at speculation. As soon as a leader turns around, he slackens, without supervision he has no consciousness, and he shirks responsibility for his work. Fluctuations back and forth, not thinking about themselves, but using various excuses to cover up their lack of responsibility. All day complaining about social injustice, complaining about not finding a good job, etc. In fact, while complaining and complaining, why can't these people sit down and think carefully, why do these misfortunes fall on themselves? This is back to the statement that attitude determines everything. I think the real misfortunes in life are those People who are not responsible for themselves and have a bad work attitude, especially talented people, because they are talented, feel that they should be reused, watched by others, and are unwilling to start small things. Only talent, no sense of responsibility, lack of professionalism, what use is it? In the real world, talented poor people are everywhere. Why are they talented but poor? It is because they lack professionalism. Lack of initiative to get work done.

From the book, we can also know that if you want to do one thing and do it well, in addition to being motivated, loyal, and responsible, you must focus on the matter, lock in your goals, and realize that this is the command It must be completed, and you must continue to learn after work. With sufficient basic knowledge, work experience, and quality ability, you can better, faster, and more accurately accomplish what you want to do. In the book, Lieutenant Rowan was alone, he did not know where General Garcia was, what he looked like, and without any guards, he made a secret landing from the United States when Cuba was under the control of the Spanish army. The letter was handed to General Garcia and brought back valuable information. The entire delivery process was full of hardships and dangers, but in the heart of Lieutenant Rowan's desperate desire to complete the task, he had absolute courage and indomitable spirit. Imagine if Luo Wen complained that the job assigned by the leader was difficult, the decision on the leader was specious, and without professionalism, he would not take the initiative to send the letter to Garcia. If you want to succeed in your work, you need hard work and dedication. To be diligent and diligent, we must first establish self-confidence psychologically and have a correct mentality in order to enrich knowledge, grasp more opportunities, and strive to do everything well, so that opportunities will not pass by and we can cultivate Noble sentiment can transcend oneself, reflect on one's own soul, face up to one's own heart, get rid of some complaints, ridicule practices, consider issues from the standpoint of the unit, individual, and society, give full play to its own advantages to solve problems, and actively do everything Things to improve your work. After psychologically defeating myself, my own quality has improved, and I also have diligence and dedication. Whether the leading cadre or the general staff, when the environment changes, especially when the conditions are poor, this can be regarded as patience and self-control. Opportunity to hone, adjust mentality, actively adapt to the environment, consider their destiny and the fate of the organization as one, and closely link their life goals and career foundation with the development of the unit, when we found that heroes In fact, when we are ordinary people who do the work we should do, we are a good employee. With diligence and professionalism, work will be freed from blindness, combing the work, formulating a high-quality work plan, and implementing it gradually according to the plan, and can continuously summarize in the work, correcting inefficient work, discarding errors, There are certain flaws in working methods. On the basis of improvement, we explore new and new working mechanisms to keep our work moving forward.

Rewards are given only to those who are useful. Remember this sentence forever, do n’t stay there waiting for the pie to fall from the sky, all success is the result of hard work, let us stop the unnecessary complaints, clean up the mood, start from the beginning, from now on, loyal to you to do Everything, constantly perfect yourself and make a modern rowan.

This book not only explains the way of working, but also promotes a philosophy. In the face of difficulties in life, how do you go about it? Do you blame the heavens, accuse God of injustice to yourself, or find problems, clarify ideas, and try to solve them? This book also tells us: life exists objectively, but works actively However, an attitude of active life can accompany us throughout our lives.

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