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Reading "Frog Legion Loves the Earth" with 400 words

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"Frog Legion Loves the Earth" 400 words after reading

Low carbon and environmental protection are the goals of all China's efforts. There are three people in the book. They use environmental protection and low carbon as the purpose of the organization, so they form a team-the Frog Legion.

This book tells that in order to compete with the famous Maruko Corps in the class, Hua Wangde, Huang Jinxin and Qin Yiyi renamed the scientific trio to the Frog Corps, and used environmental protection and low carbon as a combination. Purpose. The stupid child Jinxin, with his series of seemingly stupid behaviors, has made everyone look impressive, even Teacher Hu and Teacher Shi praised him. Even Mr. Shi even asked the three members of the Frog Corps to perform a show at the class meeting. Everyone was very happy. The laughter and laughter of the classmates were full below, and "Stupid Child" once again glowed.

Environmental pollution, greenhouse stress, animal extinction, desertification of the land, turbid Yellow River and Yangtze River, increasingly scarce and tight water resources ... Pursuing a low-carbon, environmentally friendly life is the goal of working together throughout China and the world. aims. Is everyone low-carbon and environmentally friendly? Do not litter; do not spit; ride more bicycles and drive less cars. This will make our environment more tidy, and it will also make Mother Earth less ill and healthier. Whenever we see someone throwing melon peels, we should walk over to remind him. Low-carbon, environmental protection everyone has the responsibility to protect our elderly mother Earth, our lives will become happier and better.

Low carbon and environmental protection. Let us all work together to welcome a beautiful and happy new life.

Reading "Frog Legion Loves the Earth" with 400 words

Not long ago, I borrowed a book from my classmates called "The Frog Army Loves the Earth". This book is so beautiful!

In order to compete with the famous Maruko Corps in the class, Huawangde renamed the scientific trio to the Frog Corps, and adopted environmental protection and low-key as the combination purpose. The stupid child Jinxin Xin made everyone look impressive with his series of seemingly stupid behaviors. Even Teacher Hu and Teacher Shi praised him highly. Although Dad disagreed with his behavior, the stupid child once again showed off his color.

In fact, I have long discovered that among the people around me, children are not inferior to adults in terms of their concern for the earth's ecological environment. Many adults are still immersed in greedy material desires, but some children have been soberly aware that the earth on which humans depend is already in extreme crisis!

Due to urbanization and the shortage of arable land, the swamp wetlands in this world are rapidly disappearing, and some shallow beaches that are still in use today have also been polluted. Dragonfly cannot do without clean water and shallow water in swamp wetlands. If there is no longer a place for dragonflies to live on the earth, what would it mean to human beings to break off the oldest and most beautiful wings on this planet?

We should protect the earth and protect our only home!

Reading "Frog Legion Loves the Earth" with 400 words

Among the books I read, the one that touched me the most and educated me is "The Legion of Frogs Love the Earth" written by Sister Sunshine. It warns us of the crisis of the earth and tells us with light and humorous text. The importance of environmental protection.

The "Stupid Child" Jinxin Xin, "Wang Wang" Hua Wang De, and "Fat Frog" Qin Chaoyi formed a scientific group of frog army. They have always taken low-carbon environmental protection as their action purpose. It is precisely because they love to use their brains that many waste items have become useful treasures. For example, "Spirit Jar Small Table Lamp" and "New Pointer" are the works of "Stupid Child". Although Jinxin ’s father always felt that his son was stupid and disapproved of everything he did, he often faced him and said, “Why a smart man like me, have a stupid son!” These words of Dad, as a driving force for his progress, he has done a series of seemingly stupid behaviors to protect the environment one after another, even to protect the earth without taking a bath. After you listen, you must think, "What will it do? You do n’t destroy the earth, it does n’t mean that others do n’t destroy it. Maybe your efforts are in vain!" Jin Jinxin would not think so, he said: "More With one effort, the lifespan of the earth will increase by one day. "It is because of this that Jinjinxin has made himself shine in the eyes of teachers and classmates. Therefore, everyone's vision gradually changed: from the beginning of the ridicule to the heartfelt praise, even the teacher looked at him!

Yes, natural disasters on the earth are becoming more and more frequent, why? It is precisely because of people ’s destruction, deforestation, and pollution of water sources ... People say that they want to care for the environment, but what about doing so? Some orders People who hate people are still destroying their homes. The earth seems to be getting older. If we don't protect the earth, it will eventually be destroyed in our hands.

Friends, let us all protect the environment, reduce pollution, and let the earth glow with youth forever!

Reading "Frog Legion Loves the Earth" with 400 words

After reading "The Frog Corps Loves the Earth" written by Sister Sun Meimei, I know that now the earth is being injured every day, and human beings consume countless resources every day. After many years, our next generation cannot survive.

"Frog Legion Loves the Earth" mainly tells: In order to compete with the famous Maruko Legion in the class, Huawangde renamed the scientific trio to the Frog Legion, and adopted environmental protection and low carbon as the combination purpose. The team members are Hua Wangde, Jinxin Xin and Qin Chaoyi. The stupid child Jinxin made everyone's eye catches with his series of silly environmental behaviors. Although Dad disagreed with his behavior, "Stupid Child" glowed with his own glory. (After reading jajshop.com)

After reading this book, I don't think Jinxin is a stupid child. No child is stupid. Only others say they are stupid children. In the current global environment, every child knows better than adults. Children really know how to protect the earth. Why do adults not know it? If I were a scientist, I would invent solar fans, solar computers, and I would invent one. A solar tree planter, mass produced, then put it in the desert and let it plant trees. Let our future generations see green plants in the future.

The earth today has been robbed of its former beauty by human selfishness and pollution. With this in mind, I want to tell you aloud that the injuries suffered by the earth can no longer be recovered. Please ask humans not to go on wrong and not to cover their eyes with ignorance and greed, which will make the earth very painful. Selfish humans, wake up!

Reading "Frog Legion Loves the Earth" with 400 words

I read a book at home this summer vacation called "Frog Legion Loves the Earth."

This book tells an environmental story. The content is: three boys organized a frog army to fight against a class called "Maruko Corps", the theme is low-carbon environmental protection.

The three boys were named Hua Wangde, Qin Chaoyi and Jinxin Xin. They collected a lot of information outside the class, gave several lectures in the class, and went to other classes to speak. They also used cans to make lampshades for desk lamps at home, and used the broken hangers to make new pointers for teachers.

In fact, what impressed me most about this book was their lectures and waste utilization. We should strengthen our awareness of environmental protection, because humans waste water and cut down trees in large quantities. It ’s not just that some people who do real estate business also destroy beautiful villages. It ’s abominable! I have read it in reading comprehension or some extra-curricular books. Obviously, there was a problem. When there was no water in the world, people would be useless even if they had rich money. At that time, the world was in a panic, and I dare not imagine. If humans do not save water, the last drop of water in the world will be people's tears. So I will not waste water in the future!

I have benefited a lot from reading this book, and I recommend that you also take a look. You will also be impressed after reading it!

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