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Preschool teacher reading notes excerpts and thoughts

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Preschool teacher reading notes excerpt 1

One, the teacher should have a pair of talking eyes

The eyes of a good teacher are emotional, and they are mother-like warm eyes. Every child should be equal in his vision. In daily work, the teacher will use his eyes to find children and pay attention to what they are doing; in the classroom, the teacher will use his eyes to watch the children and capture every information of the children's knowledge learning in order to regulate their own teaching process ; In life, the teacher's eyes can warm the child, and the child can bravely walk out of the classroom and go to society in the teacher's concerned eyes!

The teacher has a tolerant heart

Someone said it well: all the strengths of us today are the places where the teacher once praised, and most of our shortcomings are also the places where the teacher had criticized that year. We have not yet covered the field, and it was also the first time we were involved. Where failures are complained or ridiculed by others. Therefore, a teacher must have a tolerant heart, be a good teacher and friend of children, and learn to appreciate children. In evaluating children, you must be able to maintain a tendency to encourage, make the child feel confident at all times, can stimulate the child's desire and interest in learning; when the child makes a mistake, can give the child a step down, when the child achieves results; do not forget to give The child sends applause; when the child has a problem, the teacher is the child's best psychiatrist and sincere friend; when the child boldly expresses himself, the teacher is the best admirer. The potential personality charm of the teacher will deeply infect the child, and he will never forget to have a tolerant heart for the child in sincere praise and friendliness.

3. The teacher should create a poetic classroom

The new curriculum standards require that we must establish a people-oriented education concept. Good teachers should be able to fully believe in children's potential, tap into their strengths and strengths, and develop their personality. Let every child pursue success is the educational goal we pursue. A good teacher will definitely create a poetic classroom for children, make teaching a carrier for the development of life for teachers and students, rejuvenate the vitality of teachers and students, and pay attention to shaping the complete and sound personality of young children. In such a classroom, teachers and students are democratic and equal, knowledge is generated interactively between teachers and students, and the evaluation of children's results is comprehensive.

Preschool teacher reading notes excerpt 2

1. Appreciating children is to appreciate their strengths, strengths and progress, not to ignore their weaknesses and weaknesses. The pointed out issues should be pointed out in a timely manner, the critical issues should be criticized in a timely manner, and the stopped issues should be stopped in a timely manner. This cannot be vague. However, we should be moderate, realistic, and not overly exaggerated, especially not just one-sided. After all, the child's growth is the child's own business. The shortcomings and weaknesses of the child can be overcome. Only by mobilizing and relying on the positive factors of the child can it be truly achieved. The purpose of overcoming the shortcomings and weaknesses is to develop strengths and advantages. Forgetting this goal, the child will feel useless and lose confidence in progress. As a result, shortcomings and mistakes will be difficult to overcome.

2. Real life is very complicated. Some shortcomings and errors often contain reasonable connotations. Sometimes strengths and advantages may temporarily fail to find the right expression. These must be carefully observed in the process of guiding children to grow up.

3. Engels once pointed out that people only strive for what they can achieve. If the goal is not attainable, or if the child thinks it is impossible, the self-confidence will be lost and the motivation will be angry. Therefore, appreciation of children must not only be good at discovering their advantages and strengths, and set appropriate goals for their children to maintain their confidence. We must be good at discovering every progress made by our children, affirming them, encouraging them, and strengthening them. The child believes that I can do it, and becoming a set will become a powerful driving force to overcome the difficulties and obstacles on the way forward. The path of life is full of all kinds of difficult and dangerous obstacles. A little help the child to have such mental preparation. The growth of talents requires hard work. This cannot be avoided. But life should be happy, not for suffering. One-sided emphasis on hard work, hard work, and hard work is not easy for children to accept, and it is impossible to have continuous motivation. The important thing is to make the child feel the joy of overcoming difficulties, gain joy, reach the joy of a new realm, and overcome the joy of self from each step. Struggle is endless joy in itself. With such feelings and such attitudes in life, all kinds of hardships and hardships will be ignored, and it will become a condition for Yuru to succeed. Able to meet difficulties, smile to challenges, smile to overcome your own weaknesses and shortcomings, and naturally you can bravely climb one peak after another.

4. Appreciation, you can find the advantages and strengths of children that everyone has. Appreciation can conform to the natural law of the development of things, and create conditions to make full use of the children's advantages and strengths, rather than stifling, so as to achieve achievements that seem impossible in general. But it is by no means an infinite exaggeration of the child's potential, setting extraordinary goals for the child, nor is it for the child to pay the price of too much pain and tiredness to grace the parents' faces. Therefore, appreciation should also be appropriate, how much to say. I also noticed that while affirming every progress of the child, let him see new goals and generate the desire to conquer. We believe that we are born to be useful. As long as we let it go and let these grow well, everyone can give full play to their role, and he will have a place in the society that he should occupy. Each person stands in his own position, fully exerts his own talents and strengths, and integrates into the overall efforts of society, which will merge into the torrent of history and human happiness will increase with each passing day. It is certain.

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