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3,000 Words of Kafka by the Sea

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3,000 Words of Kafka by the Sea

Today I watched Murakami Haruki's famous work "Kafka by the Sea". I have never seen Murakami's "Kafka by the Sea" before, even his most famous novel "Norwegian Forest". Just know a little bit of fur in the introduction of others' blogs. I thought "Kafka by the Sea" should be a similar work like "Norwegian Forest". In random reading, one by one, slowly attracted, and was full of magic by Haruki Murakami. The imagination of color is deeply moved. "Kafka by the Sea" tells the story of Kafka, a 15-year-old boy, and Kafka freely translates the crow, which is a kind of auspicious bird in the local area, but the crow did not let the 15-year-old boy from I was lucky to be born. The young Kafka experienced a strange life. Since he was born in an unhappy family, he ran away from home in order to escape the curse. Later, his father was killed. It seems that all this is doomed to heaven.

I think Japanese culture and Chinese culture are still in common, and Kafka's body also reflects the survival of many ordinary Chinese. For Haruki Murakami's imaginative text, you need to think while reading. The novel is like writing a young man's heart, in fact, it contains a lot of things. Kafka is full of philosophical exploration and inquiry into life. There is no such thing as a petty bourgeoisie in this book, only the longing for freedom. Face life strongly. As for Murakami's book, I always know a little bit about it. In fact, writing this so-called post-reading feeling is actually very difficult to express, which is biased in understanding. In fact, many viewers do not necessarily understand what Murakami said and referred to, of course, including myself. Perhaps only when the reader encounters something, look at this book again, and may find some connection with the experience. At this time, you will find the wisdom in Murakami's book, as if life has passed, and you want to go back. No way. The process of growth requires personal experience.

What is the meaning of life? And the responsibility begins in dreams. Does the intent of the metaphysical life helplessness, dreams, responsibility, dreams, and finally responsibility? Perhaps, human beings live in a short period of time and are completed in the world like a hurry. After fulfilling his mission, it was like a quick glimpse of the person who cast this process. Whether the dream fulfills its responsibility, comes from the external force of the responsibility or the heart? Surface or substance? I think that in this world, some dreams are fake, and some of the responsibilities are superficial. If responsibility is carried out like slavery, it feels like life is like a slave, but serves only between purely willing. The novel hypothesis has a negative side, but it has its profound meaning.

"Binny Rabbit" says: Don't take life too seriously. Actually, you do n’t go out alive. Fate, knowing it will end from the beginning. Everyone has such an inflection point, or corner, about life's powerlessness. Maybe not at the age of fifteen, maybe twenty, or Feeling bigger and older. When a person is young, there is very little sorrow, and sorrow always comes after the loss of youth. When you think about your fifteen years old, there may be a kind of confusion, or you already have a feeling of rebirth. The position where the young Kafka stood also actually represented different roles of people. I feel the loneliness of a teenager in the text of Murakami. Does that loneliness express the essence of life as nothingness? I seem to think so. Some portraits actually hide the fragility under the appearance of happiness. There are scars that cannot be seen. The pain of youth was silent but silent. The lonely teenager reminds readers of the scars of youth that he had. In that year, that day, he passed by hard, step by step, it was difficult to look back.

No matter how you do it in real life, or how to predetermine certain goals, however, it exists long ago, and it will be implemented in accordance with its goals. It is impossible and unrealistic to fall back. It's like hitting a prediction from someone like Nostradamus, it's better than entering an ambush circle. Maybe destiny, maybe it is destiny. However, for the human soul, I think it is indeed possible to make self-regulation. Don't look at the world too deeply and too badly. This is not good, and it will have a certain impact on your own mental state. Murakami said, we have learned how ferocious the world is, and at the same time we know that the world can also become warm and beautiful. Murakami's writings have his euphemistic side. The spiritual home of man is very important. When the human spirit collapses, everything loses its direction.

Tamura Kafka in the book is a man who is shrouded in a strong sense of loneliness. He feels his loneliness in the text. Such loneliness may not be able to alleviate or appreciate life. From the beginning, he was oppressed by Oedipian prophecy. The guilt of the potential uncle's possibility had long suppressed him, and the world presented to Tamura Kafka gave him dreams and weirdness. Reality and emptiness of real life lingered in Kafka's heart. When he felt that it was just an imagination, he discovered that all the information in this world existed. There are many metaphors in the book, and the interpretation of metaphors may reflect many realistic specific directions in the creative ideas contained in the characters of Kafka by the Sea, and they are also quite convincing. Perhaps metaphors are only metaphysical in the book. But in this book I like the philosophical statements outlined by Haruki Murakami, which is full of persuasive power for life. Reading Haruki Murakami's novels, I feel far away from this world. Reading those mysterious texts, I'm a little bit guilty. Can only perceive the pain of his inner world. Think of Murakami's famous sentence: Lost people are lost, and people who meet will meet again. How are lost people lost? However, can people who meet meet each other? I have always thought that people are getting old slowly, but in fact, people are getting old instantly. Yes, lost in a moment. When you are awake, nothing can be changed. Those youthful pains, those lonely treks have passed, and when you meet you are not the same as before.

Because it is a teenager's experience, the author uses imagination. I like the metaphor used in the dialogue between humans and cats in the book. The cat's casual language, letting the cat talk about humans, reflects the author's imagination and suspense as if childish and intelligent. Just because I like it, I seem to look at the details of the meticulously anthropomorphic cat in the novel. The author uses cats as human writing objects. This technique is a means of Haruki Murakami's magical imagination. The characters in the book can talk to cats, get along with cats, and live a simple life like cats.

In the book, cats are divided into categories, and black cats are considered to be a very well-behaved cat that is casual and easy to communicate with people and can get along with each other. Shorthair cats get along well and can cooperate, but shorthair cats are rarely seen on the street, because most shorthair cats stay at home. Wildcats are mostly brown-striped cats, and their language bands and communication do not match each other, and it is not easy for them to communicate with each other. The author seems to be suggesting that maybe cats have the same reasons as humans. In the bliss world of humans and cats, the author's ideas are very fantasy, metaphors have a sense of humor, and the richer feelings of humans and cats jump in the book chapters.

Cats are actually lonely in nature. In reality, cats look like socialized animals. They also have different ways of communicating, and they will be in groups. Cats and cats often fight with each other. The black cat is a smarter cat. It understands people's psychology very much. It has an understanding ability. It can live in harmony with other cats of different kinds. It is tame and law-abiding. Most of the short-haired cats are domestic cats. Because of their deliciousness, domestic cats only grow fat. Although they are hypertrophic, they are always battling, but they are not thin and small brown wild cats. When the claws are dug badly, you will hear the heartbreaking wailing of the loser and the anger of the winner. Some failures resulted in short-hair domestic cats having to stay at home in an orderly manner.

The article originally wrote that fate is like a sandstorm, and you have nowhere to run. Only bravely step in, and when you escape from the sandstorm, you are no longer the one you stepped in. Although "Kafka by the Sea" is telling the story of a boy, there are many meanings that readers need to understand, and Murakami's language requires readers to turn around to understand and think. As he wrote in the foreword, while reading this story, if you can also see the world with such eyes, you will feel very happy as an author. Due to time constraints, what is contained in the book cannot be fully understood in the reading room at half past one. Only careful reading and meticulous taste, IMHO, I did not meet the author's expectations, I read the book The greatest skill of the Chinese is to only catch a point of interest, such as a single chapter that likes to choose a plot type, or sad, or strangely full of imagination.

Perhaps, in the future, I will take a look at Kafka again. That is also very difficult to say. This is true of everything. After a few moments, it will be dismissed afterwards. Most people are like this.

The book talks about the powerlessness of life. Although there is such a vast space in the world and the space to accommodate you is only a little bit, it is nowhere to be found. Thinking about the existence of self, but the more I think about it, the more I am not specific. I even think that I am just a meaningless and simple appendage. Someone is enthusiastic about supporting a baseball team, but how much can the baseball team's win make this person better? One person has been polishing shoes for everyone for ten or twenty years. Maybe this is the meaning of life, or wonderful Or mediocrity must live.

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