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"Mao Zedong Anthology" after reading 3000 words

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"Mao Zedong Anthology" after reading 3000 words

Because the vacation is very long, I have nothing to do in the dormitory every day, so I went to the library to borrow "Mao Zedong Anthology" for reading.

I never thought that reading Mao Zedong could be full of joy, and I felt that the fresh air was like a spring breeze; I never thought that Mao Zedong was so approachable, except that there was some rustiness in the old things. How can I read such an interesting book today?

I have selected several particularly well-known articles for reading, such as "Analysis of Various Classes in Chinese Society", "Investigation Report of Hunan Peasant Movement", "On Protracted War", "On Practice" and so on. Because "Analysis of Various Classes in Chinese Society" was the first article I read, I was particularly impressed! Let me talk about "Analysis of Various Classes in Chinese Society".

Who is our enemy? Who is our friend? This question is the primary question of the revolution. Mao Zedong raised this issue in the first paragraph of the article. Chinese politics is the product of a long revolution. What is politics? The first and foremost is to distinguish between enemy and self. The politics that Mao Zedong talked about first was to distinguish between the enemy and me. China's past revolutionary struggle has had very little effect. The fundamental reason is that it cannot unite true friends to attack real enemies. He first pointed out the importance of distinguishing the enemy and the enemy, and then proposed that the premise of distinguishing the enemy and the enemy is an analysis of the economic status of various classes in China and their attitudes to the revolution. This is important to a class-speaking Marxist. It can be seen at this time that Mao Zedong has begun to use Marxist-Leninist worldview to look at the problem.

From the following we can see that Mao Zedong ’s analysis was based on the most negative attitude towards the revolution. It also explained the revolutionary nature of each class step by step in accordance with the order of economic status at the time. The purpose of Chen Zhang's two tendencies.

He first analyzed the landlord class and comprador class. It is pointed out that their survival and development are affiliated with imperialism, representing China's most backward and most reactionary production relations, extreme reactionaries, and political representatives are nationalists and Kuomintang right.

Secondly, it analyzes the middle class, the national bourgeoisie. They were the main forces of the Chinese revolution. They overthrew the feudal ruling class in China, which was deeply rooted and intertwined for more than two thousand years. They were the pioneers of the Chinese revolution. But they do have limitations. The emergence and development of Chinese national capitalism are inherently inadequate and acquired. They are both opposed to and dependent on imperialism, and compromised against feudalism. They are both revolutionary and reactionary. Therefore, Mao Zedong pointed out that they had a contradictory attitude towards the revolution, and foresaw that they were a shaky class, and that they would be divided when the revolution rose. At the end of the article, I pointed out that the volatile middle class who treats them, whose right wing may make us enemies, and whose left wing is our friend, but we must always guard against them without letting them disturb our front.

Petty bourgeoisie. According to economic status, Mao Zedong divided this class into three parts. A little bit of money is a part. They are eager to become middle class, so they believe in the propaganda of the middle class and are skeptical of the revolution. This part of the petty-bourgeois minority is the right-wing of the petty-bourgeoisie. The second part is only economically self-sufficient, which is one level lower than the economic status of the previous class. They take a neutral attitude and do not oppose the revolution, but they dare not rush into it. They account for half of the petty bourgeoisie. Lastly, it is part of a decline in quality of life. Mao Zedong thought that they were very important in the revolutionary movement. Mao believes that this class is generally not firm. In fact, during this period of analysis, we can summarize Mao Zedong's understanding of class revolutionary laws. This is inseparable from the socio-economic status of the class. In popular terms, it is the poorer and the more revolutionary. In this way, it seems that the people at the lowest level of society are the backbone of the revolution. They should be semi-proletarian and proletarian. .

After analyzing the classes, Mao Zedong pointed out at the end of the article the attitude towards the various classes in order to achieve the purpose of uniting the true friends in the previous article and attacking the real enemy.

We can see that this article clarified the object, motivation, leadership, and nature of the Chinese revolution, the issue of special leadership, and the issue of the Allied Revolution. This is the first time that Mao Zedong proposed pointing out the broadest and most loyal alliance of the Chinese proletariat. The army is a peasant, which prepares him for the peasant movement he will carry out in the future.

This is extremely important for the Chinese revolution. Chinese politics are the product of a long-term revolution. Revolutionary politics and political revolutions. Chinese revolution and revolutionary China are contemporary voices of China. Deng Xiaoping said that reform and opening up are the second revolution. The era of revolution continues and does not end. Sun Yat-sen's voice is still rippling: the revolution is still unsuccessful, and when comrades still need to work hard at school, they have heard of many articles by Mao Zedong, such as "Anti-books", "Practice", "On Protracted War", "Transforming Our Learning , Etc., I have a preliminary understanding of Mao Zedong Thought. After studying Mao Tse-tung's Thought, he gained a deeper understanding of Mao Tse-tung's Thought. After carefully reading "Selected Works of Mao Zedong", he had a comprehensive and comprehensive understanding of Mao Zedong Thought. "Selected Works of Mao Zedong," which includes Comrade Mao Zedong's important works in each period of the Chinese Revolution, is a concentrated display of Mao Zedong Thought, and is one of the books with the greatest influence on China in the 20th century.

Mao Zedong Thought has many aspects. It covers many aspects such as the new democratic revolution, socialist revolution and construction, revolutionary army building and military strategy, policies and tactics, ideological and political work and cultural work, diplomatic work, and party building. The original theory enriched and developed Marxism-Leninism. The living soul of Mao Zedong Thought is the position, viewpoint, and method that runs through the above-mentioned components. They have three basic aspects: seeking truth from facts, the mass line, and independence. They are manifested both in the revolutionary activities of the Chinese Communists and in all of Mao Zedong's scientific works. Unity is strength = manned spaceflight. It is also one of the outstanding spirits of Mao Zedong's anthology.

After reading the two volumes of "Mao Xuan", "Struggle for mobilizing all forces for the victory of the Anti-Japanese War", "Anti-Liberalism", "United All Anti-Japanese Forces and Opposing Anti-Communist Stubborn", "Emphasis must be on Unity and Progress" I was impressed with a general feeling: Chairman Mao repeatedly emphasized during the Anti-Japanese War that unity, progress, progress, and unity are strength! Unite yourself, unite others, unite all those who can be united . Unite and overcome all difficulties. This is what the great man wants to tell you. Today, we study Mao Zedong Thought, study Mao Zedong Thought, and use the essence of Mao Zedong Thought to understand and solve practical problems in China's reform and opening up. It is not innocent to consolidate this socialist position!

I can't help but think of a paragraph pointed out by Comrade Hu Jintao when he spoke about the spirit of manned spaceflight in his speech at the celebration of the first successful manned flight of our country: We must persist in giving full play to the political advantages of the socialist system, and form a vivid picture of the common cause of all people situation.

Indeed, Wanzhong's dedication to creating a great cause is an important reason for the successful success of manned space flight. According to reports: For this flight, the astronauts have worked hard for 11 years, and more than 110 research institutes, more than 3,000 cooperative units and hundreds of thousands of staff have undertaken research and construction tasks. High-level scientists from all sides have formed a united and progressive collective, a cohesive and combative team. I heard that in the 11 years of hard work, a total of eight scientists gave their lives. They did not see Yang Liwei's triumphant return, but their spirit will last forever, and their contributions are indispensable. The reason why this project can achieve a historic breakthrough in a relatively short period of time depends on the centralized and unified leadership of the party, the great socialist coordination, and the political advantage that the socialist system can concentrate on major issues.

The creation of a great cause by all people is a national spirit, a spirit of self-reliance in the forest of the world, a spirit of modernization, and the roar of the Chinese sleeping lion when he wakes up.

Unity is strength = manned spaceflight spirit. Today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, what the Chinese want to do will surely succeed!

"Mao Zedong Anthology" after reading 3000 words

First of all, like many people, I do n’t believe this is what the great leader Mao Zedong said. Thought it was a netizen spoof. So I went through the original Maoxuan specifically. If it is the fifth volume of Maoxuan, it should be prudent to be included in Maoxuan. So I think this is the original intention of Mao Zedong.

Why do you think so, maybe the times are different, that is, some people think that their qualities are high, and they no longer have a little bit of criticism, and everyone is really kind. For example, if the death penalty is abolished for corruption offenders, it seems that there really are no corruption offenders who should be sentenced to death! As the chairman of the country, Mao Zedong should be the highest level in the country, and he would actually criticize colleagues who are also at the top, and later became great men. This is now possible. How can it be! Officials protect each other, and touting each other is scared. How can it be criticized and criticized by name, it is really surprising. This should probably be attributed to years of education by the party!

It is as if Mao Zedong was used to criticizing things by wrong and by others. It seems that this is the only way to be worthy of being a comrade. In the fifth volume of this "Selected Works of Mao Zedong", there is an income "Speech at the Meeting of the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial and Municipal Autonomous Region" (January 1957). A student at Tsinghua University in Beijing publicly proposed that one day Lao Tzu would Just kill tens of thousands! With all the flowers blooming and hundreds of schools arguing, this one also came out. Comrade Deng Xiaoping went to this university and spoke once. He said, if you want to kill tens of thousands of people, we will have a dictatorship. I also mentioned Comrade Deng Xiaoping. He is still in a leading position, because Mao Zedong's last name criticized Comrade Deng Xiaoping's method. According to Mao Zedong's words, it should be cured by disease treatment and saved by others. Correction is a good comrade. It can be seen that Mao Zedong did not say to Deng Xiaoping one of the preconceptions of Deng Xiaoping like many who thought he was a big man. Mao Zedong is the real big man, a real great man! There is no such word in the dictionary of his mind that some small people who think they are big people always think.

Why do n’t you criticize it by name or by name? Is it true that today ’s leaders do not make mistakes or make common mistakes instead of personal mistakes? Obviously not. To go deep into this issue is quite complicated. My non-leaders, not so-called high-level personalities, have little information and are ignorant, and I can only talk about some fur, so I have to let everyone listen to it. Just gossiping.

First of all, after the Communist Party of China seized power, after decades of construction, productive forces have developed, and people ’s lives have indeed improved tremendously. Although the smell of Zhumen wine is everywhere, there are indeed fewer frozen bones on the road. The Chinese are the best to manage and flicker (this depends on the great indoctrination of Confucianism). As long as you give the meal a tile, you will not rebel for a lifetime, and you will not give much advice. Of course, it may be because they are Leaders who can't listen to opinions are used to it, knowing that no matter what the comments are, anyway, they just don't bother to mention them. But don't think that they have no opinions, no grievances, and don't touch their bottom line, that is, don't smash their pot, don't expose their tile! The bottom creatures (forgive me for telling the truth) are challenged in the bottom line of survival, Will explode more terrible fighting power than higher creatures, will solve problems by hurting themselves and opponents, human life is equally vulnerable in front of guns and swords. So Mao compared the Chinese people to the birds in the nest. From the Chairman ’s remarks, I can personally appreciate his true feelings towards the Chinese people, but he also understands the truth that water can carry boats and can also overturn boats. Yes, the Chinese people are indeed very humble. Most of them don't care about politics, they only care about food and vegetables, houses, and production tools. But if China has been built for decades and nearly a hundred years, even the minimum life of ordinary people cannot be guaranteed, do we not think this party is incompetent? Do we not feel ashamed of being a party member of such a party?

Second, it is within the party, especially the so-called leaders. They always maintain a harmonious team, even under the banner of maintaining stability, and protect the officials. If there is something wrong with the subordinates or colleagues around them, they can cover up and cover up. They can suppress the complaints of the people and suppress them, and escape if they can escape. Never objectively criticize and self-criticize. There are roughly two possibilities for this situation. One is to see the mistakes of others today, and it is my own tomorrow. Today I protect him, and hope that he will keep me next time; or he will have his own copy, no What should I do to protect himself first? Approving him is equivalent to approving himself. So-called everyone has to fall! So, now often a crime is a big case, a nest case; let the people mistakenly think that the Communist Party is wrong! Yes, if I cover it for a long time, it will inevitably accumulate, and I will cut the meat.

Third, there are some so-called leaders who do not have the ability to see the ugly tactics of corruption, or see that there is not enough evidence and a solution to the problem. Unlike Mao Zedong who criticized people with a single shot, he can also give Someone points out a solution, even if another favorable case is cited. Such a person could not be a leader to represent the Communist Party of China. It is wrong for you to be a leader. It may not be your fault, but you have no patience, occupy the pit and do not shit, and think you are sitting in the leadership position. As far as five people and six people are concerned, clown corrupt elements are playing brazenly in front of you, seriously jeopardizing the party's image. You are unaware or helpless, and that is your fault! It is never too late to correct it. Therefore, leaders must have some talents, and Yongcai had better step down as soon as possible.

The Communist Party must learn a lesson. Don't think that the material life is richer, the people's life is a little more secure, and if you don't rebel, this official will be easy to become, and you don't need to work hard. The waves of the Yangtze River push the waves forward, do people and do things, the development of the times is like this. You do n’t learn, the people learn, their thinking, their requirements, and their methods and methods will run in front of you. It is impossible to deceive, to fight with the mud and haha is a long-term strategy, and to rely on whitewashing, after all, there can be no long-term security. So Mao Zedong said that the Communist Party must learn a lesson. His words are not unverified. However, as a member of the Communist Party, my generation does not want our party to accept too many lessons, especially not to be too serious. An over-injured body is fundamentally harmful. It is the responsibility of each and every one of our party members to absorb lessons as much as possible at the initial stage, and to eliminate the behaviors and ideas that gave rise to them in the infancy.

Now, the contradictions with national capitalism and small production in the aspect of ownership have been basically resolved. Contradictions in other aspects have become more prominent, and new contradictions have occurred. There are hundreds of thousands of cadres above the county Party committee, and the fate of the country lies in their hands. If we do not do a good job and break away from the masses, it is not hard work, then workers, farmers, and students will have reasons to disapprove them. We must be vigilant, not to foster bureaucracy, or to form an aristocratic class that is separate from the people. These deafening talks have become ill-timed by many party members and cadres. I do n’t know where they have gone with the times. Is the restaurant or restaurant or the leisure center of the entertainment city? In the long run, it is still Mao Zedong ’s words that the Communist Party has to learn from. At least, as he said, whoever committed bureaucracy did not solve the problems of the masses, cursed the masses, oppressed the masses, and always did not change, and the masses had reason to fire him. I said it's good to get rid of it and it should be done.

Mao Zedong is a great man, a giant, and ordinary people are hard to reach, but many commonalities cannot be changed. For example, when he is not afraid of shadows and obliviousness, he just has to wait. Mao Zedong is the chairman of the country. A total of six loved ones have given their lives to the cause of communism. Not to mention, after the founding of the People's Republic, only his relatives basically did not get a prominent high position, and there were no rich second generations. I would like to ask: how are our public servants today? Who can be more qualified to make their offspring become rich second generation than him?

The reason why the Communist Party of China was able to establish its own power and win in the face of powerful opponents was largely because of a large number of good and selfless members of the Communist Party, a group of ancestors and descendants, and even those who never wanted to own themselves How is it now? Whatever the official does not get rich, please do not come. Busy public servants are in the box. The important work is in the banquet. The work to be grasped is in the slogan. The plan is in the drawer. In the notice, the brilliant numbers are in the summary. Etc., etc. Over time, how did you get it! Du Muyun: Qin people are too lamented to mourn, and later generations mourn; later generations mourn without learning about them, but also make future generations mourn later generations. No fear!

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