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"Call of the Wild" 300 words after reading

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"Call of the Wild" 300 words after reading

Recently, I read a book called "Wild Calling White Teeth". The author of this book was written by Jack London. I was deeply attracted by the content of this book.

I like this book because "White Teeth" shows the author's attention to the purpose, meaning and morals in human life; the story of "White Teeth" is not based on the animal protagonist becoming the leader of the wolf group. At the end, on the contrary, the white tooth wolf overcomes the wildness under the training of the thoughtful and thoughtful owner, and finally kills the owner's enemy and saves the owner's life. At the end of the novel, Bai Ya hummed his expression of "love howl" among several urban women who called him "Fu Lang" and touched his ears.

The conflict between animals in the novel shows Darwin's "survival of the fittest", but it is actually a brutal struggle that exposes capitalism to mischief.

I also recommend students to read this book.

"Call of the Wild" 300 words after reading

After reading The Call of the Wild by Jack London, I walked into the world of a dog. The book attracted me like a magnet and it was addictive. (After reading jajshop.com)

This book mainly describes a dog named Buck who originally lived in the home of Judge Miller in the South and was civilized. It was later stolen and sold to the Alaskan Malamute, which is rich in gold in the northern United States. There, it has gone through tens of millions of hardships and tests and has become the winner of the struggle for survival. In the end, Buck obeyed the call of inner wild power and returned to the wolf pack.

I have benefited a lot from reading this book. Buck was initially trafficked to the north and was treated unfriendlyly by those in red sweaters. Buck rushed to it again and again, but was ruthlessly knocked to the ground by the stick. I think this "red sweater" is the beginning of Buck's struggle for survival. Buck understands that he cannot defeat the "red sweater". It gradually understood the law of weak inner strong food and big sticks. Soon, Buck was sold again to a sled team. In order to survive, Buck worked hard to learn the skills of survival in the snow.

The dogs in the team let it learn to break ice and draw water, burrow in the snow to sleep, and how to steal some food to comfort his stomach. The battle with the Eskimo Dog further inspired the wildness in its body. In the face of the provocative leader Spitz, Buck used wild interpretation of the more unchanging truth of the survival of the fittest. When Buck finally returned to the wilderness and returned to the wolf pack, I felt that it was filled with wild calls. Buck is in my heart a strong life daring to fight against destiny without losing wisdom, and finally adapted to this world.

This book made me understand the cruel rules of weak and strong food, and also taught me to fight against fate and never give in. This is an animal novel worth reading.

"Call of the Wild" 300 words after reading

I recently read a book by the famous American writer Jack; a work by London called "The Call of the Wild".

Puppy Buck grew up in a manor in the south, and was used to a leisurely and comfortable life, and developed a meek and elegant character. One day, however, Buck was abducted by a gardener and sold to a dogmonger, and was taken to the far north. There, it became a sled dog, a hard-working sled dog, making a few mistakes, and whip him ruthlessly on Buck. In the cruel environment, in order to survive, he killed the leader of the dog group and replaced it. Finally, under the call of the wolf pack, it fled into the forest and became a wolf

After reading this book, I felt Buck's strong and unyielding willpower, and even if he was fleshy, he was unwilling to give in. But I don't agree with Buck's fight for the throne in this way, so the result must be both defeats.

As humans, we must do better. In learning and life, we cannot let frustration and failure become our stumbling blocks and stop us from moving forward. What is a small failure? Even Buck can survive it, can we not? It is okay to fail once, but we must learn from the failure and continue to strive for the goal. With the determination to persevere, the light of hope will dispel the cloud of despair. Just like when I do odds, I can't give in to a problem that I can't do, and give up easily. Instead, I must carefully analyze the meaning of the problem, use my brain, and study hard.

"Call of the Wild" 300 words after reading

"Call of the Wild" describes the story of a big dog named Buck, who flees into the virgin forest after fighting with a group of dogs. Buck was originally a pet dog of Judge Miller's family. After civilization, he has been living in a warm valley in southern California. After being sold to cold and remote Alaska, which is rich in gold, in the northern United States, he became a sled dog. It has witnessed the cold and merciless and life-and-death struggles between people, dogs and dogs, strong and weak, and in order to survive, it has learned the principle of life that only seeks life and disregards morality, becoming fierce, witty and deceitful.

Finally, under the call of the wolves in the forest, the Buck wolf revived, fled into the jungle, and returned to the wilderness. In the novel, Jack London uses anthropomorphic techniques to vividly portray the world and human nature in the eyes of dogs, reflecting the cold reality of capitalist society and the objective reality of "surviving the fittest, survival of the fittest". Buck desires and runs towards freedom, which is exactly the writer's pursuit and ideal.

"Call of the Wild" is an excellent work about animals. This novel describes the great courage that animals show in the struggle to protect themselves and destroy the enemy.

"Call of the Wild" 500 words after reading

During the summer vacation, I have read many books, among which I was most impressed is << Call of the Wild >>, which made me understand that I must fight for survival.

The hero of this book is a dog named Buck. The whole story takes Alaska's gold rush as the background, and tells how Buck, in order to survive in the harsh environment of the north, degenerates from a domesticated southern dog to a barbaric state like a dog but not a wolf. Buck is a terrific dog. It was stolen by a greedy servant from his host in the south and sold. After many twists and turns, he set foot on the road of gold rushing and became a sleigh dog. In the process of cruel tame, it realized the justice and natural legal system. The harsh living environment allowed it to know how to survive without any means, and thus learned slyness and fraud. Later, it exerted its wisdom of survival to a freely applied state, and after cruelty In a life-to-life battle, Buck finally established the status of a leading dog. During the arduous sleigh ride, the dogs faced many pains: beating, starving, and even dying, but Buck's adaptation to the environment was astonishing, surpassing every dog, and their owner changed several times. Finally, Buck and a master John Thornton forged a deep friendship. The owner rescued it from extreme hardships, and Buck rescued his owner many times, and helped him repay the debt. Finally, after the beloved owner and other partners were shot dead by the Indians, , It went to the wilderness, responding to the wild call that it had heard many times along the way.

Although Buck is a dog, its hard and terrific experience and its wisdom and bravery have made me admire and moved me, so that I also understand: In the sinister nature and environment, only elites and superman, have the novel in the novel Only with the spirit of Buck, it is possible to survive. In fact, the struggle for survival is an effort, and it is a kind of persistence. I must learn from Buck. When I set a goal myself, I must complete it and never flinch.

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