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2,000 Words After Reading Shanyue

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2,000 Words After Reading Shanyue

It can be said that "Unknown to the Mountain" is a tragedy, a tragedy of character. The heroine Xiangyuan is a character different from all the heroines of traditional emotional novels. She is sane and realistic, showing unparalleled wisdom and cruelty in the mall, deeply immersed in city management and wrists in business management, making this person with interests as the main premise to be different from some traditional heroines. But if she has only these characters, we don't need to explore her. It is worth exploring, because she also has her special and emotional side. She is grateful to the Ye family for being out of the way, for her husband Ye Xieze, when she was a girl, and for Ye Ye looks like her sister and brother. In the end, it turns out that it is love, and there is deep concern for her sister Xiang Yao who seems indifferent. All these have given Xiangyuan this character a different style and charm. But it is also because of this that her path is so embarrassing.

Xiang Yuan didn't believe his fate, but under Xin Yiwu's writing, fate seemed to entangle her tightly, leaving her tired or even choked. There is a plot in the novel that I remember very deeply. I think this is also a foreshadowing of Xinyiwu's ending. The plot said that when Xiang Yuan was fifteen or six years old, a fortune teller in the village measured a word for her. Xiangyuan wrote a word of Hui. The old man said, People are on the cloud, people on the cloud. Your girl will be rich and expensive in the future. It's a pity that Yun easily gathers and disperses. After Yun disperses, you are alone. So you probably don't have a loved one, or your relatives are sparse, and you are old and lonely (meaning probably so). Xiang Yuan scoffed at the time, thinking that it was all nonsense. However, it was such a crap that it became a proverb. And this is where I have to question Xinyiwu.

Honestly, I like a character like Xiang Yuan. She is capable and smart, but also emotional. It seems that her love is all under the mountain moon of the girlhood, and she is devoted to that young man (Ye Zheze). Because of this, she has tolerated Ye Xieze's later betrayals. It should be said that Xiang Yuan wanted to strive for happiness for herself and a better life for her loved ones (her sister Xiangyao) with her own efforts. However, in the end, she got only the Jiangyuan Group of her career, which had no emotions but only benefits. For her, it was sad.

When Xiang Yuan told the person who had kidnapped Ye Zheze difficultly, after receiving the money, and asked you to tear up the ticket, I even felt the weakness and pain in Xiang Yuan's heart. I don't blame Xiangyuan's coldness. Because of the weakness and inefficiency of Ye Zheze and the extravagance of Xiang Yuan's affection, I have stopped sympathizing with this blind, stupid and kind man. So her husband died. Although it was not the kidnappers who killed him in the end, he died with the kidnappers in a shipwreck.

When Xiangyao dystocia said to her sister when she was dying, I felt like Xiangyuan's heart was crying in pain: don't, Xiangyao, don't leave. This pair of sisters who have cared for each other and had deep feelings only revealed this kind of affection at the time of life and death, which really makes people sigh.

When the crazy prostitute Yuan Xiu appeared in revenge in Ye Family's old house in the raging fire, and killed Xiang Yao's son (Yuan Xiu thought he was Xiang Yuan's son), Xiang Yuan was named the baby for the rest of his life. I felt The pain of tearing the heart to the heart, because this child is her only last loved one in the world.

When Ye Xie rushed into the flames, embracing the child who had died in the thick smoke for the rest of his life, and 65% of his burns fell to the ground and became unconscious, I could barely look at it. This young man full of sunshine, this handsome and pure man, this younger brother who has loved Sister Xiang Yuan since childhood, was destroyed in this man-made disaster. It is conceivable that Xiang Yuan, in the pain of his loved one's repeated deaths, will at any time lose this young man Zi Ye Ye, the man who has been caring for her. If you are Xiangyuan, do you still have the courage to carry on?

I can't figure it out, I really can't figure it out: Why did Xin Yiwu hit the protagonist so much? Is it just to confirm the fortune teller's sentence?

If I can accept Ye Qianze's death and Xiang Yao's dystocia before, then I can accept the death of the baby for the rest of his life and Ye Yan's large-scale burns or death. I cannot accept it anyway.

Xinyiwu, why not? Isn't it good to leave the rest of the life, leave a hope of life, and leave a baby unrelated to this generation's grudges? This baby is the last bargaining chip to fight for fate. And Ye Ye, such a beautiful young man, but suffered such an end?

Xinyiwu, why bother?

Xiang Yuan did not finally fall. At the end of the novel, it is described that Xiang Yuan has always been by the side of Ye Ye's bed, and the official affairs of the Jiangyuan Group she has been fighting for rarely have been asked too much. Zhang Yue asked her, who the hell are you Ye Ye? Your lover? Little uncle? Or little brother?

Xiang Yuan said that he is all to me.

All of her. This is what Xiangyuan got. This way, the end result is this? This is unexpected when I read the beginning of the novel.

No doubt this is a tragedy. And death is a turning point in the plot of the novel. A series of deaths push the plot to a climax. And the biggest turning point was the chain reaction brought about by Ye Ling (the half-sister who Ye Yeze has been loving). Xiang Yuan worked hard, but was defeated by a weak, dead Ye Ling. As Ye Ling said: I have n’t reached the end yet, I do n’t know who wins and who loses?

Tragedy is impressive. It is for this reason that I have been obsessed with this novel. On the one hand, I blame Xinyiwu's cruel pen, and on the other hand, I was entangled in the ending of this story, and I couldn't express it for a long time. Novel.

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