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800 words after reading Great Expectations, 800 words after reading Great Expectations

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Article 1: 800 Words After Reading Great Expectations

If anyone can put many characters into an organic whole in a non-lengthy novel, when Dickens' Great Expectation is pushed, his exquisite ideas have reached the extreme in this novel. This is a novel combining suspense, love, and philosophy, breaking the constraints of Dickens's realistic creation.

Most people are very impressed with Miss Jasmine, the old woman who imprisoned herself in a dark room, who could not get true love and avenged other innocent men. Her clothes were the dresses on the wedding day, the clocks stayed at the time of the wedding, and even the moldy wedding cake remained. The author designed his self-immolation to die naturally. The stale things must die, not to mention something so poisonous and so dangerous. Dickens was clearly influenced by Gothic novels in portraying this character. The dark and depressed atmosphere occupied the environment and the character's heart. The author dares to express and dig, and properly handles the relationship between the protagonist and this character.

The protagonist, Pip, has no glorious place, and his charm comes from reality. For a novel to combine characters with multiple figures, it must have enough affinity and a fascinating plot. The authors of these two points are very skillful, so that readers can enjoy it, not only exploring his suspense, but also lamenting the fate of the character in the plot. During the tour, he finally found the helplessness of the great future. It is just a desire The phantom of swells gradually between Pip and our hearts, covering the last sight of reality.

We cannot say that this is a tragedy. Everyone should have the fantasy of Fei Huang Tengda, but Dickens said that the great future is to sneer at fantasy people. As for imagination and reality, fantasy and reality, don't we have completely different views in two hundred years? The author has done all he can to tell us the truth, but in two hundred years, who can really get rid of the fantasy and create his own great future completely?

Struggling people are intoxicated, sober people do not love fame and wealth, only ordinary people, even vulgar people, secretly fantasizing, maybe someone will give me a lot of money to achieve my great future, who cares The money was given to the fugitive or something.

In the yellow pages, I read Dickens with awe. I can see his sad and wry smile, too heavy, I can only perfuse it. This is a sin. Fortunately, from his plain language, Www.u522.com, I can still get his kind smile, and in the perfect story chain he designed, I am willing to fall.

Part Two: 800 Words After Reading Great Expectations

Today I finally read the book Great Expectations by British writer Dickens.

The protagonist in the novel, Pip, sat beside me, surrounded by the fire, and kindly told me his ups and downs. Pip is an orphan, brought up by her sister and a loyal and loving brother-in-law, Joe. Since going to the Broad Lady's house, his mentality and destiny have changed quietly. However, unexpected luck also made his dream come true, and he became a handsome gentleman in London, England. It was later discovered that behind the scenes it was exactly a prisoner that Pip had rescued when he was a kid. This prisoner was later exiled after he got rich and sent the money back to Britain for Pip to use. Deep in love with Pip, he ran back to Britain secretly, but danger came with it. After knowing his benevolent status, Pip knew that his dream was finally shattered. He was already well-educated and he would not accept the property of a prisoner. The benefactor was sentenced to death as Pip's plan to help prisoners flee the UK failed. And Pip fell from the sky to the ground all at once, at this time he had nothing left and was in debt.

From the poor boy to being a gentleman in a high society, to losing everything and turning back into poverty. The attitudes of the people around them are mostly profit-seeking and become very fast. Only the honest Qiao Shi's love for him has never changed. I believe that the author's most compliment is the radiance of true love in human nature, in contrast to the spitting of those worldly people.

grateful. This is the wealth left by this novel. Every young person should be able to learn a lot from this book. In the struggle for wealth and social status, if luck is good, some achievements have been made. Don't forget the loved ones who are thousands of miles away at any time, know how to thank them. Maybe when they lose everything and go back to the far point, they will be the only ones who can help and care for themselves.

God is fair to everyone, and Pip's last days rely on hard work and still live well. When I read the end of the novel, I was worried that he would get a tragic ending with the protagonist in "Red and Black", when I knew that it was a happy and happy ending. I closed the book and lamented the wonder of life.

Finally, I would like to thank the author Dickens for giving us such a wonderful and enlightening spiritual feast.

Chapter 3: Reading 500 Words in Great Expectations

Everyone has heard of Dickens, a British writer! He is a famous big writer! I admire him so much that I have read several of his books. Not long ago, I bought another copy of Great Expectations. After reading it, I was very touched.

Great Expectations mainly says: Orphan Pip was raised by his sister and brother-in-law, and lived a poor but warm life. In order to win the love of the beautiful and arrogant rich woman Estella, he decided to be a rich, high-class gentleman. By chance, after a fugitive he had helped to get rich, he secretly subsidized him to study in London and entered the upper class. Pip seemed to have started a road to Kangzhuang, and his great future was waiting for him ahead. So he began to despise his own origin, despise the loved ones who have difficulty living. After courtship with Estella was rejected, the fugitive who funded him was arrested and all her property was confiscated. Pip was abandoned again by high society. He felt pained, reconsidered his life, and finally realized what a real life is. After many years, the self-supporting Pip returned to his hometown and got his hard-won affection and love.

The whole novel is true and profound, the plot is ups and downs, and it is contagious, especially the part of the splendid future, and the image of the middle-aged Pip who has experienced the cold and warmth of the past. It makes me unforgettable. It also made me realize a truth in life: when we are successful in life, we must not be proud, maybe one day you are like Pip, and you will be gone with a glorious future. And from Pip I also saw what kind of life and what kind of future is the real great future. It's the same in our life, you must remember it!

Great Expectations is a good book, so check it out!

Article 4: Dickens' Great Expectations 1000 Words After Reading Chinese

If you want to have a magnificent life, you have to bear the turbulent process.

The hero of the novel, Pip, became an orphan at an early age and grew up on the support of her sister. But the grumpy sister didn't give him a little warmth, only the kind brother-in-law, Joe, looked after him like a father and a friend. When Pip grew up to be a teenager, he apprenticed to Joe, and his honest ideal was to be a good blacksmith like a brother-in-law. He never expected to be a rich superior. However, as he was introduced into the house of noble lady Hao Weixiang, and after meeting the noble and proud Estella, Pip's thoughts changed. He fell in love with Estella and began to deserve his humble identity. She was miserable, and Hao Weixiang, who wanted to revenge on the man with Estella, also fanatically encouraged Pip to pursue Estella, but Estella's attitude toward Pip's sudden coldness and ridicule made fun except In addition to the pleasure of a woman full of hatred for a man, Pip can only resent the injustice of fate, and even Joe's friendship cannot give him comfort and happiness. Later, the fate finally turned around. At that time, the criminal Magwitch, who Pip had helped in the cemetery, made a fortune abroad. He wanted to repay Pip and at the same time realize his deformed wish: to build a gentleman with money. So he secretly paid for the lawyer Juggs to find Pip, told him that he would inherit a large fortune, and arranged for him to go to London to receive a superior education. Pip felt that the door to happiness was open in front of him, and from then on he could become a superior man and be able to pursue Estella on an equal footing. Soon after he came to London, he immediately set out to spend his money quite stylely according to his current identity, and took a lot of thought for housing and clothing. He was even ashamed to see Joe in social circles in London. Although Pip's heart inevitably feels blame, changes in his living environment dominate his values and behavior. He worked from a simple and simple country youth to the goal of the superior. Unfortunately, the good days did not last for a long time. Magvec came to the door and told him everything. The truth was that in the daytime, Pip suffered a double spiritual blow: on the one hand, the glorious future was extinguished and ruthlessly crushed him His good expectations, on the other hand, betrayed a prisoner even more shame. After a serious illness, Pip returned to reality and returned to his place.

Author Charles Dickens embodies his mature outlook on life and philosophical and moral thoughts in this work. The novel compares the fate of the heroine Pip who is pursuing a great future with the simple and contented brother-in-law Joe, so that readers can think about how to pursue their ambitious future and live a life that makes them feel happy.

Pip was a very simple rural youth when he was a kid. His ideal was just to be a good blacksmith like brother-in-law, but because he had seen the luxury life of a superior person, and because of the abnormal psychology of the lady Hao Weixiang, his heart changed. Unbalanced, he was frustrated because his poor acidity did not match the noble Estella, and he mistakenly thought that as long as he had money, he could live a good life and be able to go with Esther Level up. However, he lived more painful and confused. An exaggerated life that is just piled up with money cannot fill the emptiness of the heart.

The two characters in the novel, Pip and Joe, have begun to live in rural simplicity, and have embarked on different paths in life. Pip was tempted by money and vanity, pursuing the life of a superior person, falling in love with Estella, the unattainable, and playing with her feelings by the lady Hao Weixiang. Life is controlled by others, and everything you own is just a fragile bubble that cannot withstand the test of storms. And Pip's brother-in-law, Joe, has always been a sober person. Although he lives a simple life, he is very content. He endured his wife's bad temper, and he did not give up after his wife was seriously ill. Later, after the death of his wife, he found a simple woman in the same village to remarry. Although his life was bland, he was happy.

In real life, there are people who want to pursue a vigorous life, but also people who seek a safe and stable life. But no matter what kind of life, you need to go down to earth and don't want to deliberately step into the sky. Our education is like this, step by step, from simple to complex, from easy to difficult. Make a reasonable plan for your future and work hard. In this way of life, you will not care about whether you will become a so-called human superior, but you will feel the meaning of life and the joy of life.

Each of us will set our own future goals for ourselves, and we want to reflect our value in society. Little Tian has a big dream. Now we need to rely on knowledge and wisdom to take root. This knowledge comes from the knowledge we have learned now, learn more, learn well, have deep roots, and stand on foot. This is enough to explain all the future. Rely on your own hard work, meditation study in the comfortable learning environment created by parents, and devoted study, this is the real shortcut to a great future and your own beautiful blueprint. In order to achieve our goals, the future, whether big or small, success or failure, depends on ourselves, relying on your own ability to achieve your great future. During this period, you have been exercised, frustrated, and achieved through your own struggle. Is the greatest

Article 5: Excerpts from Reading Notes of Great Expectations

1. In a word, it was too timid at first, but it was too timid to know what it should not do; later it was too timid, and it was afraid to do what it knew it should do.

2. Various scammers in the world are really nothing compared to those who cheat themselves.

3. I have a principle: when you want to do one thing, you must do it, and do it thoroughly.

4. Opportunities do not come to find people, only people go to find opportunities.

5. Only true friends are willing to say such things to you. If you ca n’t follow the straight path to be extraordinary, do n’t go for evil gates to be extraordinary.

6. The most distressing thing in the world is to look down on your own home.

7. Don't hurt anyone in any contact, and never treat the people under you rudely.

8. I hope you have to start with ordinary scholars first, so that you can become an extraordinary scholar!

9, everything can not only look at the surface, you must have evidence to make sure. This is the first golden rule of life.

10. Everyone has a heart of thanksgiving.

11. Ingratitude towards the first benefactor and lucky founder of his early years should be revenge.

12. For the sake of others, remembering a principle is very beneficial: if you do n’t write it down in the hands of others, then do n’t do it, because who knows how soon will let others use it?

13. On social occasions, you ca n’t take the glass too seriously. You do n’t have to be so meticulous. The bottom of the glass is turned upside down and poured into your mouth. The edge of the glass is pressed to your nose.

14. Everyone's affairs are best understood by everyone.

15. It is your own bad words that you make yourself suffer. If it weren't for your own reputation, how could I ruin your reputation!

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