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Bian Zhilin's "Broken Chapter" After Reading 500 Words

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"Broken Chapter" After Reading 500 Words

Every word and every sentence in "Broken Chapter" is worthy of careful scrutiny, and you will find that there is a charm that deeply attracts you and touches your heart.

I always felt that Bian Zhilin's "Broken Chapter" was well written. Implicit clauses were permeated with profound philosophy. Because of this, the profound artistic conception in it deeply moved me.

I think the broken chapter is a state and an attitude, an attitude to life. Ask the people in the world, the world is endless and unpredictable. What can be really but clearly analyzed? "Cut continuously, rationality is still chaotic", so using the indiscriminate chapter to understand the current attitude in life is a kind of wisdom.

Breaking chapters can also be understood in this way, breaking out the most important things, the best moments. Let you cultivate a good mentality. Some things have happened. The best part of the chapter break is buried in memory. Some things are happening. The most current part of the chapter break is down-to-earth and face to face. Some things are about to happen. The most positive part is to use it as a beacon before the guide.

In the end, what I want to say is that life is like this. On our way of life from the beginning to the end, there will be many landscapes. Maybe you will become the scenery of others, maybe others will become your scenery, so whenever Don't be pessimistic, you should face life with a positive attitude, because you don't know when it will become the scenery in the eyes of others. For example, when Mr. Bian Zhilin wrote this chapter at the desk, did it become a landscape in the eyes of others?

"Broken Chapter" After Reading 500 Words

When I first read "Broken Chapter", I just felt that it understood so well that it didn't make me think about it. But after reading it a second time, I was attracted by the poem that understands the words, and I felt a clear spring flowing from the beginning of the poem:

"You look at the scenery on the bridge, and people who look at the scenery look at you on the bridge."

The imagery of poetry is so simple, only people, bridges and scenery. But when you think about it, this scene is so desirable: in the moonlight, on the Hongqiao, the beautiful lady stands against the fence, and quietly looks at the alleys and eaves moistened by the moonlight. The night was full, and not far upstairs, someone stood at the window to admire the beauty under the night. People, bridges, and landscapes are connected in such a way that they form a beautiful moonlight map. At this point, the person is like a commentator standing behind the scenes, and slowly groans the next verse:

"Mingyue decorates your window, you decorate other people's dreams."

This section is even more novel. "Mingyue" is used to decorate windows, showing the beauty of Mingyue; and "you" is decorated with "others' dreams", which is even more memorable. What kind of bright moon is it, and what kind of beautiful lady is it to make the dream so colorful in this quiet night? Follow the poetic details and you will suddenly be cheerful: beauty is also interdependent.

I remember when watching the sunrise from the top of the mountain, my feeling was very similar to that in the poem. When the orange-red sunburst just emerged from the sea of clouds, Jin Hui shot at once, as if there was a pair of golden silk satin in the east. At this time, what shocked me most was not the spectacular sunrise, but the excited faces of tourists around. Their joy of sunrise and their pursuit of natural beauty are beyond my usual experience. They were shocked by the sunrise, and I was shocked by their excitement. Isn't this interdependent beauty the same as the poem?

I think beauty is made up of interdependence. The lotus in summer is the best proof. When the lotus leaves emerged from a stream of clear water, the impression was not very beautiful. Only when the lotus blooms in the embrace of the lotus leaf, beauty is reflected in the interaction and fusion of light pink and dark green-the lotus leaf looks elegant because of the lotus leaf, and the lotus leaf looks charming because of the lotus flower. Both of them are indispensable, otherwise, "Cui Jianhong will die and kill".

In fact, it's not just flowers? Everything in the world has been beautiful because of it. Even ourselves, may be beautiful scenery in the eyes of others. We can dedicate beauty while following the connection of all things. Maybe a warm greeting, or a civilized behavior, we can become the most beautiful part of the interdependent beauty of China, and become the scenery that others appreciate.

"Mingyue decorates your window, you decorate other people's dreams." The beauty of interdependence lies in the interconnectedness. You and me, together, is also eternal beauty.

The author is like a standing tree, standing at the bridge and watching the constant flow of people, the changing landscape. Watching here is starkly trivial.

"Broken Chapter" After Reading 500 Words

After reading The Broken Chapter, a strange feeling haunted me, but it was hard to tell. Is it a faint solitude? Or if it is sad? Or a casual leisure? No, neither. Suddenly I felt a peace that I had never felt in my heart, so I fell into endless meditation

I suddenly felt that I was the one standing on the bridge watching the scenery. Seeing the changes in front of me, watching the sadness and joy in front of me, everything in front of me, sometimes very excited, dancing, sometimes tears filled my face. Always happy for the earth under the eyelids, sad, looking after. (After reading jajshop.com)

Why am I happy? Why are I sad? What am I pursuing? In childhood, these answers were clear and clear: I am happy because I love teacher praise or have good things and fun toys; I am sad because I am Criticized and bullied; looking for a good partner who can share sugar and eat together, how simple and happy life is! But now? I don't think I can find anything to make me happy, but the friends around me think I can live everyday. Very happy, so I smiled at them, but who knows, I lost myself in my smile.

Reading this poem made me curious about life. Am I decorating other people's scenery? Is there anyone standing at a height watching me as his scenery? If so, if my sorrow and joy can also be embellished The lives of others, even if I don't know whose life is embellished, at least I know that there is a landscape behind me that can make me happy. Although I don't know what the scenery looks like, although I'm curious, I don't look back or explore because I don't want to destroy the scenery in that person's eyes. "Broken Chapter" After Reading 500 Words

"Broken Chapter" After Reading 500 Words

When I first read this "Broken Chapter", I only thought it was beautiful, and then realized it when I read it carefully again. It is telling us a truth: don't always think that others are high white clouds, and you are a humble bird Don't always think that others are a towering tree on the top of the mountain, but you are a humble loess at the foot of the mountain ... don't always think that others are always better and better than you, in fact you are like others, Has an enviable place!

Some people say that the most difficult person to know in one's life is himself. Therefore, from ancient times to the present, there are many people who, because they are unable to know themselves, have finally fallen on the ground. They think that they have become a burden on society, and it is only a sin to live. But I do n’t know that they are a little agile color in this world, it is they embellish this world; but I do n’t know that in the hearts of their loved ones, they will always be an unrepeatable lonely copy and always a unique one! The life of parents is more wonderful and more because of their children. Gorgeous!

In fact, no matter how ordinary you are, you do n’t need to be inferior or arrogant. You should say to yourself with confidence: "Hey, the world is more exciting because of me. Others are appreciating me because I have characteristics! I Always a beautiful landscape! "

Let's work hard to know ourselves together, and explore the colorful side of ourselves!

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