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"Three Kingdoms" after reading 2000 words

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"Three Kingdoms" after reading 2000 words

This summer, I read The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is an important literary masterpiece in ancient history of our country. After reading a thick book of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I can't help but sigh about the history of "there must be a long time, and a long time must be divided." The Romance of the Three Kingdoms really did a historical story for readers vividly, and it also taught me some ways of living in the world.

"Burning the east of the Yangtze River, the waves are running out of heroes ..." I have doubts about the word hero in the words. The characters mentioned in the book are brave and warlike. However, who is the real hero in the chaos of the chaos. What about the book: Yongzhu Xiandi, Liu Chan, the incompetent Lu Bu, Yuan Shu, Yuan Shao, Liu Biao, Liu Ye, the narrow-minded Zhou Yu, the long and thick Lu Su, the brave Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Xu Yan, Dian Wei, down Jiang Qian, who laughed at eternity for the sake of his profession, was extremely extreme.

Some people say that Kong Ming is a real hero. Because of his resourcefulness and decisiveness, his ability to get up to the astronomy and knowledge of geography is a rare generation of good-looking men. He has burned the new field, the grass boat borrowed arrows, Zhouqi Yu, Liuchu Qishan, and so on. However, I think Kong Ming can do much more. Liu Chan was incompetent and couldn't help it, but Kong Ming tied his life to the hopeless chariot of Shu country.

Others say that Guan Yu is a true hero. He did not drop Cao in the Han Dynasty, reached the highest level in his life, took a single ride for thousands of miles, cut off five passes and six generals, and cut off Cai Yang in the ancient city, and later explained Cao Cao in Huarong. He was loyal to his lord, and because of the defeat and surrender of his enemies, he made an appointment with the news of the lord and did not know how to go for thousands of miles. I think that although the enemy has fallen, but finally returned, not only is still loyal, but also a rare and valuable loyalty. The method of showing Guan Yu in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is also very simple: "Danfeng eyes, lying silkworm eyebrows, faces like heavy dates, green dragons and moonswords", and later added "red rabbit horses", and read "Spring and Autumn", scraping the bones to cure the poison is not painful , Cut Yanliang, ugly text, almost become invincible. What he does is worth learning.

I think Cao Cao is a real hero. Although the book said he was rebellious, treacherous and suspicious, he dared to "sacrifice the emperor to order the princes." But he who is capable can be the emperor. He is a politician and firmly grasps the emperor and makes him do anything. Everything changed justified; he was a military strategist, ignoring his predecessors, recruiting talents, and fighting for less than winning more officials, making great changes in the strength of the enemy and ourselves; "Strong heart and unselfishness". Of course, he was so suspicious that he just used it for his own purposes. But the power is greater than that, Cao Cao can be called a hero in any aspect.

Cao Cao was called an adulterer in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, probably because of his son. He said that Liu Bei and he were living heroes, and Liu Bei was afraid to listen, but he did not kill Liu Bei, although Liu Bei was his best friend. This made me feel Cao Cao's generosity, which Zhou Yu could not dream of. In Zhou Yu's eyes, there is only Zhuge Liang. Instead of vowing, as long as Zhuge Liang is killed, the world of Soochow will be peaceful. Later, it was discovered that Liu Bei was not an ordinary character, so he wanted to kill Liu Bei, at least leaving him in Dongwu, and the world of Dongwu was too peaceful.

In order to highlight Liu Bei's benevolence, he was written as a treacherous person, but his military talent was still not obliterated. He occupied a large area north of the Yangtze River during the Western Expedition for several years, and even the minority nationalities subordinated to him. He was the most talented of the three county masters, and Wei was also the most powerful of the three kingdoms. He The foundation of Wei was laid, and later Jin was able to unify the world, so he was a real hero.

Cao Cao's desire for talent is also a place worthy of appreciation. In order to select more talents, Cao Cao broke the standard of employing officials based on feudal virtues and disciples. In the spring of 210 AD, a "Purchase Order" was issued. Cao Cao summarized the historical experience from the beginning of the order. He believed that none of the founding emperors and ZTE princes from ancient times had been able to rule the world with him, and the resulting talents often did not come out of the lane. It is by no means an opportunity, but a request made by those in power and a visit. In view of this, Cao Cao is based on reality and points out that the world is uncertain now, and it is the most urgent time to seek ethics. He hoped that the people around him should not consider their origins, and help him to discover and deduce those who are from a humble origin and buried, and reuse them as long as they are talented. Later, Cao Cao issued two "Purchase Orders" in 214 and 217 AD, repeatedly emphasizing his policy of "excellence is the key" in employment. He demanded that the competent personnel department and local officials at all levels strive for full blame when selecting talents. Even if there are such shortcomings, they are also related, as long as they are really talented. After a lot of efforts, Cao Wei concentrated a large number of talents. At that time, a lot of people devoted to Cao Cao's gates, forming a magnificent situation like a cloud and a court like rain. And for the talented person Cao Cao can do nothing about it. For example, Chen Lin was originally a subordinate of Yuan Shao. He once drafted a script for Yuan Shao and scolded Cao Cao's ancestors for three generations. After Yuan Shao failed, Chen Lin returned to Cao Cao. Cao Cao asked him: "You used to write for Yuan Shao and scold me alone. Why did you scold my ancestors for three generations, Chen Lin quickly pleaded guilty. Cao Cao cherishes his talents, not only does not punish him, Still use him

Cao Cao's success is not only due to his outstanding talents and good at recruiting talents, but also because he has an open mind and a broad mind. After Chibi's fiasco, Cao Cao didn't do anything, but said with a smile, "Today's North is still based on me", and three laughs showed his optimistic attitude towards frustration. Cao Cao is also a very literary person. He likes to write poems and write poems, even if the war is about to continue. Many of his poems are famous in Yuefu.

Heroes since ancient times have courage and also need affection. Cao Cao is even more commendable at this point. At the time, Liu Bei was at Cao Ying. Cao Cao knew Liu Bei's ambitions. If he did, there was no dispute between Shu and Wei. However, Cao Cao did not harm him until Liu Bei escaped; Cao Cao comforted Guan Yu. His favors increased, and Liu Beizhi's relationship with Guan Yu was inferior to that of Guan Yu, so that later Guan Yu read the old situation and let it go. Cao Cao is a man of affection and righteousness. Although he did a lot of wrong things later, but that was forced by the situation. I would die if he did n’t die. How can one care about others? When there is chaos in the world, he cannot help but sacrifice. , Historical matters are entangled, and you cannot blame one person. As for Cao Cao's later seeing Guan Yu's head scared of illness, it can even prove that his non-cold-blooded person. If it is really cold and inhuman, how can a Guan Yu be indifferent?

Let ’s look at others: Sun Quan only relied on his father ’s and brother ’s foundation, and achieved little success; Zhou Yu, although young and promising, has a small attitude and works with dynamism; Guan Yu is too proud; Zhang Fei is brave and inadequate; Lu Bu, a person who forgets justice at first sight and also……

In general, after reading this book, I was eye-opening, and the above people also gave me deep feelings. They are worthy of my study.

"Three Kingdoms" after reading 2000 words

Five thousand years of ancient China left a brilliant civilization of five thousand years. Under this brilliant civilization, a unique and profound culture has been accumulated. Among them, ancient Chinese literature is particularly prominent in China ’s culture. The masterpiece, like the Big Dipper in the starry sky, shines in front of thousands of people who are surprised.

Although the four masterpieces are large, the works created by people in Chinese history are actually insignificant. The so-called four masterpieces are, in my opinion, simply because they have been read by many people and multiple levels in history. Among the four masterpieces enjoyed by the world, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is presumably the most popular classic among the common people and the most popular among young people. After hundreds of years, people have been liberated from the dull classics. Coming out, the books people are hunting for are strange and varied. Some people say that "Journey to the West" is too empty and impractical. Some people say that "Water Margin" is full of masculinity and has no literary flavor. Some people say that "A Dream of Red Mansions" is too damn. Mom, there was a lot of opinions and mixed opinions. Only the Romance of the Three Kingdoms was favored by thousands of people. Although there were still voices of opposition, it was just a little Ono history that was very different from the Three Kingdoms. But most people still read it. Taste it. In short, after thousands of years, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms has withstood the severe test of history, and has become the darling of the history of Chinese literature and even the history of foreign literature.

On the surface, the so-called Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is a drama of characters from three countries and three groups, is similar to the Water Margin. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms has one image after another. Heroes such as Guan Yu, one after another as treacherous as Cao Cao, and one after another as a Zhuge Liang-like wizard of the world, the so-called battle of the Red Cliff, the verbal warfare of Confucianism, is just a play on the scene The supporting role is nothing but a cloud of smoke. Its real allure is its heroes. After reading the entire book, it seemed as if I shook hands with the thousands of characters just now. I saw Zhang Fei's courage, Guan Yu's justice sounded, Cao Cao's treacherous, and Sun Quan's old scheme was well thought out, but it left me the deepest impression. Not only these, the most astounding, the most amazing is Zhuge Liang, who is known as "Wolong". After seeing the outline of the wizards of Sima Yi, Xu Yan, and Pang Tong, Zhuge Liang is beyond the reach of the world. We can still give us an infinite sense of freshness with the use of warrior tactics, but after reading the Romance of the Three Kingdoms this way, it will make people feel tired after reviewing. Reading too much will make people feel tired and lose reading and reading. On the contrary, we promised that we would savour from the official way of Zhuge Liang in the group founded by Liu Bei, and we could not help but feel that "the mountains and rivers are in doubt and there is no way out, there will be another village".

After Liu Bei had the honour to meet Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and the three of them, he felt more than enough and inadequate on the arduous road of the "Revival of the Han Dynasty". Although he was surrounded by the heroic support of the two brothers Zhang Guan, they still helped. I feel I need an assistant, but he has no power, two has no money, and three has no potential. How can anyone trust? But God made a huge joke to every "warlord" who was hungry for talent. The wizard of the world gave the impoverished "Uncle Huang Luo". Although Liu Bei respectfully respectfully invited the army division from the dangdang ravine, he trusted him, but in Liu Bei's "blood Among the mountains of "relationships", it is difficult for outsiders to show their fists. Talents like Sun Qian and Wei Yan are either left out or eliminated. How can Zhuge Liang, who is attentive, not think of this, different? The other wise men were so anxious to go to Mingzhu that they immediately rushed to the account of others. Before leaving, they also urged the younger brother to take care of the housework, as if he would tell the old man to return home in the future. The promising "family business" in Beishou is not greedy in the slightest. It is also different from some other people. After he became famous, he was very happy and threatened the rule of the Lord. He was finally eliminated as a threat. Zhuge Liang was not only in Liu Bei's huge The clan group always acts as an assistant, and does not pull down the gangs under Liu Bei's eyelids. Whether intentionally or not, I am afraid that Liu Bei will never bring trouble to Zhuge Liang's head when he clears up the insider, unlike history. Some people who served me well and served the Lord faithfully served the Son, but ended up being killed. Otherwise, when Liu Bei was finally solitary, how could he not hesitate to deliver the Shu country that he had worked so hard to to an outsider in Zhuge Liang, And do not give it to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, the two flesh brothers who were born and died together or their offspring? Of course, the young master is young and incompetent. It is something that Liu Bei has already seen. He cannot trust such a thing. It was also one of the reasons that the dimly-loved young master handed Dabi Jiangshan to Zhuge Liang, but Zhuge Liang diligently laid down Jiang Bei for Liu Bei, and His unique style of officialdom made Liu Bei unbearable and dare not doubt that his "Mr. Zhuge" had any unambiguous attempts. In this official way full of difficulties, Zhuge Liang was able to release his talents, and Going back and forth freely, it is here that the real reason for success is finally.

Not only in ancient times, among friends, in classes, in complex "office politics", in dealing with intricate interpersonal relationships, Zhuge Liang's approach to officialdom is also a good solution to difficult problems. Maybe, Is this the reason that attracts you most?

"Three Kingdoms" after reading 2000 words

The Three Kingdoms can be said to be wonderful, and each of them has the most expressive features. I like the five Shuzhong tigers—Guan, Zhang, Zhao, Ma, and Huang: Guan Yunchang is one: red face, phoenix, and lying silkworm. The eyebrow general (Han Shouting Hou), his appearance was Wen Jiu cut Huaxiong, Yuan Shao Yuan Shao Yan Liang, Wen Chou, so that all the princes heard the name and became frightened, but later unfortunately captured by Cao Cao, but later learned The old master Liu Bei was in Yuan Shao's department. He immediately passed five levels and cut six generals. Finally, he returned to Liu Bei and later followed Liu Bei to fight the world.

Zhang Fei, Ziyi De, black face, and beard, he is best known for a roar in front of Chang Banpo, drinking Cao Jun nearly a million, taking the first level of the general in the battle as a spear, although he is a big old man, However, there were also occasions when he cleverly captured the famous Shu Yan Yan in the Wajikou and surrendered him with sincerity.

Speaking of Zhao Yun, the most famous is the savior of Chang Banpo who rides alone in Cao Cao's army of one million. If he enters a state of no one, he rescues Liu Bei ’s son Liu Chan and Liu Bei ’s wife, Gan, who slashed the enemy. More than a dozen people, chopped down both sides of the banner, and helped Liu Bei restore the Han Dynasty. Everywhere he went, he was invincible and invincible.

Speaking of Ma Chao, he can be said to be loyal, filial, and brave. When he heard that his father, Ma Teng, had been killed by Cao Cao, he was very angry, and immediately led the Xiliang Army to kill Cao Cao to cut away his robes. Under his suspicion, but still fought with Zhang Fei, in the end he felt helpless and surrendered Liu Bei.

Speaking of Huang Zhong, he once fought with Guan Yu, the head of the Five Tigers. He not only waved his sword like the wind, but also his arrows. He hit the red pimple on Guan Yu's helmet with one arrow, and Guan Yu was shocked and turned back. . Later, he went to Liu Bei sincerely, and then he was slammed by Teacher Zhuge. In one fell swoop, he captured Dingjun Mountain and Tiandang Mountain and defeated Wei Jun. It ’s really old!

The characters in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms are very delicate, but the writing strategy is slightly better than it. In the Battle of Guandu, at the beginning, the situation was very unfavorable to Cao Cao. There was a shortage of food. Yuan Shaobing had enough food. Although he had fought a few small defeats, his strength was still there, and Cao Cao had a war of attrition. In a few days of grain and grass, Yuan Shao surrendered Xu You to provide three thousand light rides directly to Yuan Shao's granary-Wuchao. Cao Cao defeated Yuan Shao with this strategy and became famous and destroyed Yuan Shao's second son, and finally unified the north.

In the Chibi War, the Governor Zhou Yu and the teachers of Zhuge both knew that they would make a fire attack. This is the famous figure of Jiangdong celebrity Pang Tong who had deliberately presented a serial plan to Cao Junzhong. Teacher Zhuge predicted that there would be a southeast wind in the evening. Personal deception, this is the veteran Huang Gai willing to suffer, it really won the trust of Cao Cao, defeated Cao Jun to Chibi, forming a three-legged situation.

During a north expedition of Zhuge ’s teacher, the military site—Jie Ting ’s loss of Zhuge ’s teacher—was shocked to hear that Wei Jun had been killed in the northwest corner. Teacher Zhuge immediately lowered the flag in the city, opened the door, and played the piano upstairs. Sima Yi was so shocked that he retired after a while. This is the famous empty city plan in history.

In each battle, "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" exhausted a variety of strategies, and one brave warrior, one eloquent debater, fought together to bring each character to life. Show in front of us. If you remove one by one in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms," the rest is nothing more than killing. If you remove the expression and words of a person, the rest will be even weaker, so you can think I wonder how much they weigh in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I have also learned many ways to write people from here. In our usual writing, we only use some bland words, and ignore the other writing element—the expression. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, we often only need to use a certain expression of a person. Decide on a person's personality, and let us learn to describe the character to be typical. Especially in the description of the characters in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, such as Teacher Zhuge, the author described Teacher Zhuge as amazing as he is, knowing astronomy and learning geography. In many historical records, Teacher Zhuge is not as powerful as in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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