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500 words after reading Raindrop Necklace

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500 words after reading Raindrop Necklace

Laura is a cute little girl. There is a man named Beifeng who is the godfather of Laura. This person gave Laura a necklace with three raindrops. These three raindrops will not wet Laura. Will not fall; one will be given each birthday, when there is a fourth, no heavy rain will wet her; when there is a fifth, what kind of lightning can't hurt her; there is a sixth The strongest wind cannot blow her away; when the seventh is there, she can swim in the deepest river; when the eighth is there, she can swim across the widest sea; when the ninth is there; a clapping hand rain He stopped; when there was the tenth one, it was raining as soon as the nose blasted. However, this necklace cannot be removed when it is taken up! A pluck will bring disaster to her.

When Laura was at school, Meg, the little girl, wanted Laura's necklace. The necklace could not be worn in school. The teacher helped Laura keep it, and returned it to Laura after school. Meg stole the necklace. As a result, a princess put The necklace became her birthday gift. Laura said it was her. The king asked her to return the necklace to her for the next rain, but ten raindrops were needed. The princess saw Laura was pitiful, so she returned the necklace. Give it to Laura. Meg was also punished for this.

After reading: I know after reading this text, do not be too greedy to be a person, others must have what they have. This is not right. Contentment is always happy. Contentment can always be happy. To think about what you already have, a Love each other's home, a virtuous mother, a tall dad, and maybe a younger sister and younger brother, as well as a lot of beautiful clothes, handsome pants, cute rag dolls and various toys, what do others have, That's someone else's. I already have something better than him or her. With these things, how many complaints can I have?

500 words after reading Raindrop Necklace

Ever since I read Raindrop Necklace, I never forget the words of being a kind and honest person.
why? Because this book mainly talks about Laura's cuteness as a child, Mr. Beifeng fell in love with Laura when she saw him. So, every time Laura celebrates her birthday, Mr. Beifeng will send Laura a new raindrop. Meg, a classmate with a bad eye, knew this afterwards. Especially jealous, she let the mouse steal the necklace and sold it to the Arab merchant, who gave it to the Arab princess! Laura was sad when she knew about it. When she knew that she was taken to the sea by a businessman, she came to Arabia a short distance away from Shanghai. He met the princess in the garden of the palace and asked the princess to return her necklace. Princess Unwilling, when Mr. Beifeng came, he took out a new raindrop. Seeing this, the princess believed that Laura returned the necklace to her, and they became good friends. Mr. Beifeng strung the new raindrops on the necklace and wore it on Laura's neck. Mr. Beifeng was angry when he knew what had happened, and "huh-huh-" blew, finally blowing down the roof of Meg's house. After the princess knew the role of the necklace, she asked Laura to help them rain. Laura agreed without thinking about it, and Laura will help them rain every year.
I want to be as honest as a princess and as kind as Laura. There will be many good friends. If the princess was hypocritical and dishonest, she would not be a friend of Laura, and her rainfall request would not be helped by Laura. If Meg had a kind heart, she could be a friend of Laura. How could Mr. Beifeng go to blow the roof of a good friend? This story taught us how important it is to be a kind and honest person!

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