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Reading 800 words of Ba Jin's "Home"

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Reading "Home" with 800 words

It can be said that our generation is the one who grew up watching Ba Jin's famous book "Home". It was a movie first. I remember that when I was a kid, there were very few movies, so I watched it again and again, but I always watched it. They were moved to tears. Later, based on the novel, it was adapted into a TV series. Today I picked up this novel again, so that I have more experience and feelings, and I can't put it down.

In the history of modern Chinese literature, the novels that reflect the social life of the May 4th era have not yet achieved such success as "Home".

Ba Jin is a famous writer occupying an important position in the history of modern Chinese literature. "Family" is based on the story of the fall and collapse of a feudal bureaucratic family's high mansion in the same family as the fourth generation after the May Fourth Movement in Chengdu, Sichuan, several years after the May Fourth Movement. It tells sadly the crimes of feudal patriarchy and old etiquette. , Enthusiastically praised the awareness and resistance of the younger generation, and vividly revealed the historical fate of the inevitable demise of the feudal system. "Family" 's accusation of autocracy and praise of the growing rebellious forces once inspired and inspired a large number of young intellectuals who were born in feudal families at that time, urged them to get rid of the shackles of the old family and devote themselves to the torrent of revolution.

"Family" concentratedly displays the typical form of the feudal extended family system, through the analysis of the various relationships intertwined in the high mansion. The novel depicts a group of young people such as Jue Hui, Jue Min, Qin, Qian Ru, and colleagues of the Zhoubao News Agency, and writes about the different encounters of young people in love and the different life paths they choose. I wrote about Juehui as a model to guide young people to go like this. He is the younger generation awakened by the new May 4th trend, opposed feudal autocracy, and longed for democracy and freedom. However, the newcomer is a typical example of what should not be done. It is a typical tragedy of the personality split under the poison of feudal families and old rituals. To this end, he and his loved ones have also been devastated and made huge sacrifices . Mrs. Gao's character is extremely bossy, cruel and cruel. He strongly opposed new ideas, any social reforms, and arranged marriages for children and grandchildren, creating a series of bloody tragedies for the Gao family. He does not represent a single person, but a decaying reactionary class.

"Family" used many bloody facts to accuse the aging and decaying patriarchy and old ethics of destroying the youth, love and life in the upside-down family. Feudal oppressors have killed humanity while losing their humanity. "Home" reveals that people can only survive if they resist, and cowardly compromise can only bring more misfortunes. "Family" is very encouraging because it shows the power of the May Fourth New Trend of Thought and the growth of a new generation of democratic youth. In the 1930s and 1940s, it was popular among young people. It was inseparable from its strong youthfulness and critical radicals. It also entrusted Ba Jin's praise for youth and his faith in the future.

Reading "Home" with 800 words

Almost all of us now grow up in the arms of our parents at home, so we feel home is warm to home. But in one of Mr. Ba Jin's rapids trilogy, "Home" is more like a tiger's hole.

The story takes place in a feudal family in Chengdu, Sichuan, during the Republic of China, a landlord's family residence. Among them, Mrs. Gao is the supreme leader of the family, and is typical of the feudal patriarchal system and feudal etiquette. The protagonist, Gao Juexin, is the eldest grandson in the family, with a weak and timid personality. On the day of graduation, Jiuxin was forced to abandon his opportunity to study abroad because of his elders' arrangement. He also separated from his beloved cousin Qian Jiamei and married another girl Rui Rui, and Mei married the province. Zhao family outside the city. But the good times didn't last long, and the Mei girl was widowhood soon, and Ruizheng was sent out of the city for delivery due to the "blood of blood", but died due to difficult delivery. Juehui is the youngest member of her family. She had been placed under house arrest for participating in a demonstration to the Governor. Her favorite girl, Mingfeng, also died because of the persecution of Old Lady Gao. Compared with Jue Xin and Jue Hui, Jue Min is much luckier. Juemin was in love with the girl piano, and fled from the Gao Mansion to resist the old lady. The old lady finally promised not to persecute him before she died. Eventually, Juexin was awakened, and Juehui left the house under the understanding of Juexin.

The novel creates a family of four generations in the same family: both an authoritarian old lady, a defender of feudal ethics, Feng Leshan, a corrupted five old masters, and a girl who protests with death. Ming Feng, who is kind but dare not resist Girl Mei, Rui Yu, who is devoted to affection; and Jue Hui, Juemin, and Qin who dare to "rebel". This home was not like a pure home, it was more like a society at the time. It consists of two major forces: one is a feudal power group represented by the old lady and Feng Leshan, and the other is a new school of thought represented by Jue Hui, Jue Min, and Qin. Jue Xin and Mei Mei were victims of feudal forces. These characters existed in the society at that time, and Ba Jin's "Home" brought these various kinds of characters together at the time. It can be said that "Home" was a microcosm of the society at that time. In "Home", only the new ideological schools represented by Juehui, Juemin, and Qin won, while the non-resistive schools represented by Juexin, Meimei, etc. were mutilated by feudal groups. In this home, the feudal group is destined to fail because it has too many stains; and only the persistent and brave "rebels" can usher in the dawn of victory.

The work "Home" exposes the coldness, ruthlessness, and cruelty of Old Lady Gao, criticizes the darkness and corruption of feudal society, and expresses the anger of the author; it also reflects the beautiful innocence of the respective love stories such as Jue Xin, Jue Min, and Jue Hui , Making the works permeate a fresh fragrance; more and more important is to praise the rebellious spirit of the pursuit of freedom, the brightness of humanity, this is the most important point to light the darkness.

In that revolutionary era, the younger generations who dared to pursue freedom and the feudal elders fought arduously. Victory ultimately belongs to the younger generation. This is an inevitable trend of the times. In this era, the dare to pursue, dare to fight, and dare to expand in "Home" is still necessary. Let us fight for the ideal!

Reading "Home" with 800 words

Ba Jin, as a famous modern writer, has left a lot of outstanding works in the history of Chinese literature. The "Home" with love and marriage as the main clue is one of the rapids trilogy and is the masterpiece of this literary master.

The novel "Family" truly describes the decline and differentiation of the feudal family of the "Poetry Family" and "within the same family" of Gao Gongguan, exposing the decaying nature of the feudal system, accusing the feudal family system, feudal etiquette and feudal superstition Sin, praising the rebellious spirit of the younger generation.

The novels Juehui, Juemin and Juexin have different encounters in love and marriage. The protagonist Jue Hui is an energetic rebel image, and his second brother Juemin is awakened under the May 4th ideological trend. He is aware of the hypocrisy, darkness, and decay of the feudal family. They pursue advanced thinking, pay attention to current affairs, and actively participate in anti-feudal activities. They long for free love, hate feudal family marriage, hate even their own marriage, and hate to bury their feelings in feudal etiquette. Juehui and girl Mingfeng knew that their status was disparate, but still loved each other regardless of the world ’s perspective. Even when Feng Leshan was going to marry Mingfeng as his aunt, she would rather commit herself to defend her love.

Juemin and Qin are typical advanced youths. After witnessing the painful love experience of Juexin and Juehui, they decided to fight hard and finally won their freedom. The eldest brother Juexin is a typical figure. Even now, he has schizophrenia. He is dissatisfied with the autocracy of the old family. However, as the eldest son and grandson, he is also more constrained by feudal etiquette. The character of aggrieved and weak obedience. He did not dare to resist recklessly, so he could not marry his favorite Mayfen, and even pushed Rui Wen, a gentle and considerate wife, to the death zone.

Many novel characters are portrayed in the novel, such as the marriage that was accepted by feudal rituals, and eventually depressed and desperate; Mefen, a stubborn feudal, completely reduced to feudal ritual slaves; gentle and gentle, reasonable and reasonable, because Gao The old lady died and moved to the field to give birth, and finally Rui died because of dystocia ... These are the darkness brought to society by criticizing the ruthless feudal etiquette. In such a society, people can't see the light, they can't see the hope. People live a life of walking dead every day. Only new trends of thought can lead people out of this terrible cage, just like the protagonist Jue Hui, in order to break free of this cage, In the end, he abandoned his home where he grew up and went to other places to pursue the light he wanted. His pursuit of new ideas, new things, dare to explore, love, hate, enthusiasm and perseverance is worth learning.

After reading "Home", I had to admire Mr. Bakin's thorough understanding of real life, and I can show this real life in his novels. It is so clear that I deserve the title of "People Artist". Home is indeed a treasure of Chinese literature.

Reading "Home" with 1000 words

"Family" is Ba Jin's most outstanding work. With the background of the May Fourth Movement in Chengdu, Sichuan, it truly describes the decline and differentiation of the feudal family of the "Poetry heirs" and "Four generations in the same house" of Gao Mansion. The process revealed the decaying nature of feudal tyranny, accused the evils of feudal family system, feudal etiquette and feudal superstition, and praised the young people's spirit of resistance.

"Family" has shaped many literary images with typical meanings by skilled art methods. There are no less than seventy characters in the book, including the bossy, aging, and decaying feudal family's highest ruler and feudal parents who only represent the old master, the absurd and cruel false Taoism and the executioner Feng Leshan, the corrupt and corrupt prodigal, and the cunning greedy Various figures of the ruling class such as An; and the victims of feudal morals and feudal ethics, such as Ming Feng who dared to protest to the feudal autocracy, meekly and kindly swallowed the old ritual Russian lady Mei, the kind and kind-hearted grandson Rui Yan, etc .; and the image of young awakeners and rebels who received the influence of the new ideological trend, longed for freedom and equality, boldly strived for openness, and dared to resist feudal rule. There is also an important figure, Jue Xin, although he has been stimulated by the May 4th New Trend of Thought, but he is in a special position of "Long Fang Chang Sun". He is deeply influenced by the feudal ethics, especially the "filial piety". A cowardly and submissive character; he sympathizes with his brothers and sisters in their struggle against feudalism, has the pressure to submit to feudal forces, and maintains the authority of feudal rule. These characters are full of flesh and blood, distinctive personality, profound historical connotation and broad realistic tolerance.

The story that happened in this home also made people feel angry and sad. The first tragedy happened to Ming Feng. Mrs. Feng, who is sixty years old, is going to choose one of the girls in Gao Gongguan to be his little wife, and this disaster happened to the sixteen-year-old Mingfeng. There is a love relationship between Mingfeng and Juehui, but because the two are a niece and a young master, their identities are so different that this pure love is not a tragedy. The fierce Ming Feng jumped to the lake and committed suicide the night before his wedding. Mei's fate is even more tragic. She died much weaker than Ming Feng. Mei is a new cousin to Jue Xin. They had loved each other. Both of them agreed to get married, but they had to break up because of their disagreement. Jiu Xin married Rui Li of the Li family and regained love; Mei also married another person, but became a widow and returned to her maiden family. The two still miss each other. Later, she did not have lung disease, but because her father was conservative and refused to see western medicine, she delayed treatment. In the end, she died with regret and weakness. Mrs. Gao ’s body is not as good as it is day by day. To the end of life, medicine is no longer working. On the proposal of Mrs. Chen, people began to resort to feudal superstition. At first, he found a Taoist priest to practice mantras in the hall, and late at night Aunt Chen worshipped the bodhisattva in the patio again. Later, the three brothers Keming, Ke'an and Keding sacrificed to heaven. In the end, he found a wizard to come to the house to catch a ghost, and scared the old lady enough. Aunt Chen and others were dismissed with shame after being told by Jue Hui. Another day, the old lady died. Before he died, he was awakened, and agreed that Jue-hui and other young people would accept new ideas, but it was too late. The most tragic death was Rui Rui. After the death of the old lady, not only did the feudal thought disappear, but it became more serious. The funeral was full of feudal colors. This was not enough. The date of the birth of the elder grandson Rui Rui was approaching. The wives said that the elder's maggot stopped at home, and there would be a "blood of disaster" when someone produced in the family. So according to the feudal idea, Rui Yan had to move outside the city to live. Later Rui Rui had difficulty giving birth, but was unable to meet with Jue Xin. After giving birth to a son, she died with hatred.

These are four tragedies. Although they happened to several completely different people, they all revealed the evils of feudal rule. Mei and Ruiyi are both women that Jiexin once loved, and they are also the sorrows of feudalism. They are just as weak as Jiuxin, and if they know that they are wrong, they must also suffer. Buried in their hearts, they will only obey and not resist. Their so-called "doctrine" philosophy is purely sacrificed in feudal society. It is also a joy for Mrs. Gao to wake up before dying, but he is too late to wake up, has no meaning and value, and cannot bring any change to this family or society at all. And Ming Feng, she is different from ordinary people. She has a strong personality. Although her death was a sacrifice in vain, it would not attract any attention from anyone (feudalism), but she would rather die than surrender to feudalism. At least she died. Not reckless. In short, the suffering of feudal society is far more than that, so young people must overthrow this society and let people see the hope of a new society and a new life.

But hope still continues. At the end of the novel, Jue Hui finally left his tired home and went to Shanghai to find a new society that belongs to young people. The last sentence in the text "He dropped his eyes and looked backwards for the last time, he said a" goodbye "softly, still looking back to see the green water flowing forever without stopping for a moment." Let people see Hope, saw the hope of entering a new society.

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