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Jia Pingwa's "Ugly Stone" Reading Notes 300 Words

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300 Words of "Ugly Stone" Reading Notes

Today, I read an article "Ugly Stone" by the famous Chinese writer Jia Pingwa.

The article tells about a very ugly stone in front of the author's house, which was first mocked, but later because of the arrival of an astronomy, it became known that it was a very valuable meteorite. The villagers were very surprised: "Why is such a precious stone useless?

Because it is not made of these gadgets, it is often subject to general worldly satire. There are many "ugly stones" in our lives. On the surface there is no good, but if you really show yourself, it is excellent. There is such an "ugly stone" in our class. He is a tall boy and there is nothing outstanding. But at the closing ceremony of the school art festival again, he actually performed Latin dance and danced well.

His dashing movement made us look at him with admiration. This is exactly what is not sounding, it is amazing; if it is not flying, it is soaring into the sky. The article "Ugly Stone" tells us: On the surface, it is plain and ordinary, which does not mean that it has no value.

300 Words of "Ugly Stone" Reading Notes

The ugly stone is a big and ugly stone in front of my house. It can neither build a house nor sculpt. Just a useless stone. We also look down on it, and scold it, hit it. However, no one would think of it. This ugly stone is actually a meteorite that fell two or three hundred years ago. I was stunned too. I can't see how great it is, but how ugly it is.

Although the ugly stone is ugly, it is a meteorite! Then it will silently endure our bullying. I believe because it knows that it is a rare meteorite, a piece of gold. So it stubbornly walked down until it was discovered by learned people. Its true value has been dug up. I also believe that it is happy because that is why it lives to this day. I think we should learn from it. We should not underestimate ourselves, because if you are a nugget of gold, then you will definitely be discovered. If not, it is just a matter of time. So, cheer yourself on! If you study hard and struggle, you will definitely have a moment of success.

300 Words of "Ugly Stone" Reading Notes

Today, I read the article "Ugly Stone". The ugly stone in the text made me feel deeply and made me understand a truth: sometimes inconspicuous objects may be so precious.

The content of the article is this: an ugly stone. Disgusted by people, it was later discovered by an astronomer and taken away. (Youwen website jajshop.com)

Yeah! The ugly stone in the text is so great, no matter how people dislike it, ridicule it, it is silent, how great it is! Isn't that the case of a bee in life? It stays in the garden all day Working here, despite the flowers and butterflies flying around the little bee, she laughed and said, "Little bee, little bee, look at me leisurely and comfortable all day long, you, you just know how to work, but not rest! "And the little bee seems to have not heard, and continues to collect honey ... Yes! Life is like this, everyone will encounter different disapprovals and satires of others, but as long as we ignore the complaints of others and silently dedicate ourselves, we are satisfied. Let's learn the ugly stone in the text as great, unyielding misunderstanding, lonely survival and greatness! Let us work together to learn!

300 Words of "Ugly Stone" Reading Notes

Beethoven's teacher said that Beethoven was by no means a composer; Einstein's teacher wrote to Einstein a sluggish, unrealistic fantasy comment; the philosopher Socrates was once derogated To corrupt the youth. Today, why can they be respected and loved by people all over the world?

Because they have the ambition to never lose, they have the real knowledge, and they have the real contribution.

However, today, some people complain that heroes are useless because they are not reused for a while, they ca n’t show their strengths, and they ca n’t find a suitable job. In fact, the temporary frustration is a severe test of human will and conviction. If you cannot withstand this test, you will be buried underground forever. Others, who have no real knowledge and practical research, always think that they are a piece of gold and a hero. They complain that the world is unfair to him. This hypocritical psychology is actually deceiving themselves.

Always think of myself as a pearl / I always have the pain of being afraid of being buried / Think of myself as dirt / Let everyone step you in a path.

Working hard on your own land, who can deny that tomorrow is not a good day?

300 Words of "Ugly Stone" Reading Notes

The third class this afternoon is the reading class of our class. One of the most profound texts I read is called Ugly Stone. Let me talk about my experience.

Once upon a time, there was a stone in front of a house. This stone was ugly, and I didn't even want to take a look at it. He said that there was a person who wanted to build a house. It was missing a stone but it was not suitable. But I'm too lazy to spend so much effort. There is a stone mill at home, and I want to make a stone mill with this stone, but after the carpenter came, he said: This stone is too fine to use.

After a period of time, green moss and dark spots grew on the stones. Makes the stone even harder. From now on, no matter who passes here, he will curse this ugly stone and dislike him. Until an astronomer passed in front of the door, he immediately straightened his eyes as soon as he saw the ugly stone. He said it was a meteorite. It was ordered from the sky, this is a very amazing thing!

After reading this story, I understand that you ca n’t just look decent when you look at things. Although this is a stone that is so ugly that it can no longer be ugly, but he has ordered it from the sky. He is very amazing.

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