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Reading the "Journey to the West" 1000 words

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Reading the "Journey to the West" 1000 words

Summer vacation is coming and I looked at the Journey to the West. I think the characters of Journey to the West are very special, let me come together one by one, such as Sun Wukong, he is kind, naughty, clever, boundless mana, candid when speaking to the gods, persistent when playing monsters (especially in three dozen bones That time) and friendship with brothers, masters, and monkeys and monkeys, justice, boldness, and superb skills are the nemesis of the monsters. Tang Sanzang is sincere to the Buddha, stubborn, loyal and lazy big fat pig. There is no lack of kindness. The monk is loyal to the master and respectful to the two brothers. He is kind and peaceful. These four figures have their own characteristics and different personalities, which just form a stark contrast. Among them, Sun Wukong is my favorite, because he has great powers and superb skills, and he protects the Tang monk all the way. Become a hero in my mind. And there is a kind of rebellious psychology in him, and his brave spirit of daring to fight with powerful forces, I appreciate it very much.

"Journey to the West" is one of the four famous books in China. It is a masterpiece of Mr. Wu Cheng'en. It tells a story about Po monkey, Tang Sanzang and his teacher's eight precepts. The monk went to Xitian to learn from the scriptures. My favorite memory is three dozens of white bone essence. He was killed three times to become a human bone bone essence, and he was killed three times by a master to become a human bone bone essence. However, he was hung by a master ’s chant, and Tang Seng is a mortal. I do n’t know if it ’s a monster, Goku did n’t listen to him at all, but he chanted his tight curse, and Sun Wukong was rolling all over, and finally Tang Seng had to sever fellowship with Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong had no choice but to return to flowers. Guoshan. However, Sun Wukong did not resent the master, nor did he think of revenge. He hid all his grievances in his mind, and he always thought of the master's safety and danger, which shows that he is true to the master. They experienced hardships and obstacles along the way. No matter how tired, hungry, no matter how insidious and sly, the monsters defeated them one by one, and rescued the master from danger. We can see how important Wukong is, but his master not only did not appreciate it, but also read the spell of the hoop. It was hard for him to speak, and he only saw the bad side of Sun Wukong.

Secondly, I like Sun Wukong's trouble at Tiangong the most. He stole the Dinghaishen needle and turned it into a wishful golden hoop. It can be small or large and weighs 13,500 kilograms. Go to Yin Cao Di Fu again, write off the monkey name from the book of life and death. The Jade Emperor wanted to send soldiers for capture, and Taibai Jinxing suggested that Sun Wukong be summoned into the upper bounds to be Ma Mawen. When the monkey king learns that Ma Ma Wen is just a small officer who manages horses, he hits the gate of heaven and returns to Huaguo Mountain, claiming to be "the Great Heavenly King". The Jade Emperor sent Tianbing to capture Sun Wukong, and the Monkey King defeated giant spirit god, Nezha Erjiang. Sun Wukong was again invited to heaven to manage the Taoyuan. He secretly eats the peach, stirs up the mother-in-law's wife's peach feast, steals the golden dan of Tai Shang Laojun, and flees from the heavenly palace. The Jade Emperor sent another soldier to catch him. Sun Wukong and Erlang Shen gambled with each other, regardless of victory or defeat. Tai Shang Laojun hit Sun Wukong with a hidden weapon, and the monkey king was captured. With a knife and axe chopping, fire and lightning strikes, Dan furnace exercise, Sun Wukong was unharmed. Jade Emperor invited the Buddha to come, and then pressed Sun Wukong under the Five Elements Mountain. He was really bold and made me admire him even more. After reading this book, I realized that everything is always very difficult at the beginning, but as long as you can build confidence and courage, and work hard to believe that you can succeed! It also confirms the old saying: everything is difficult to begin with. As long as you persist in the beginning, after unremitting efforts, I believe that in the near future, success must belong to you! Secondly, I also felt in the thick [Journey to the West]

Tang Monk's apprentice manager had 81 ordeals, which reminded me of their persistence, fearlessness and perseverance. This is really a spirit worth learning from. Think again about my own half-deadness, the head and the tail, I can't help but feel ashamed why I couldn't stick to it like they did? Maybe this is what I lack, as long as I can get one thing to the end, whether I succeed or fail Now, as long as I do my best, it will also be a success for me! Because I did it and persisted to the end.

This writing is really good. It depicts my idol, Sun Wukong, vividly, and it is indeed a Chinese classic.

Reading the "Journey to the West" 1000 words

"Journey to the West" is a long-winded novel of demon and demon. This novel records the four masters and apprentices going to Xitian to learn from the scriptures. They experienced difficulties of ninety-eight and eighty in order to obtain the true scriptures. The eleven kinds of difficulties have suffered many injuries ...

The most loyal of the four masters and apprentices was the sand monk. He was loyal and honest, and wanted to get the true scriptures, which made me sigh. Everyone knows Pig Bajie, he is lascivious, delicious, and fun, and he is greedy and cannot do anything. When he was in trouble, he just wanted to flinch. When he got the true scriptures, he asked the Buddha to let himself come to play! Don't forget, that's how he was degraded by Jade Emperor.

Sun Wukong's biggest feature is his courage. He is not afraid of difficulties, and he removes demons and monsters. If Master is arrested, he will definitely find a way to rescue Master. He is a good example for me to learn!

The Tang monk is a concubine, but a kind-minded ascetic monk, who spares no effort and fear of danger, but he is stubborn and stubborn. Strong-willed, compassionate and kind. He is a devout and dedicated Buddhist, who is firm in the process of studying scriptures, never slackens, is not fooled by wealth, and does not succumb to death. With perseverance, he finally achieves positive results. On the other hand, he is kind-hearted and can forgive even fierce enemies.

"Journey to the West" made me realize that it is by no means an easy task for four monks and apprentices to learn from the experience of the Tang Dynasty. They have gone through many dangers, not all of which are mysterious and bizarre. Is n’t it difficult every day? We go to junior high school, junior high school, graduating from high school to college ... Why is it just 1981? The process of overcoming the difficulties gave birth to successful Tang monks and apprentices Each of the four people has strengths and weaknesses. It is they who help each other and learn from each other's strengths to succeed. This has made me understand that if you want to do a great thing, everyone must work together and be united to succeed.

When I open "Journey to the West", I always have a different mood. It is the most lively among the four famous books. When I was young, I always read it and it was fun and interesting. But today, what remains the same is the strange and colorful mythological world, but my understanding has changed.

This is a classic that everyone loves to read. Everyone can get different feelings and inspirations when interpreting it. Some people like its distinctive personality; some people like its magnificent overall image; some people like its lively and witty. Dialogue narration; some have also studied its historical background and social phenomena. But in my opinion, the twists and turns of his plot concealed the ideals of life and the pursuit of human nature that people longed for but could not reach, and that was-freedom.

After experiencing the constraints of individuality day after day, people in the 21st century are yearning for freedom, and yearning for that incarnation: Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong broke out of the ground, "not under the jurisdiction of Qilin, not under the control of the Phoenix, and not under the constraints of the throne of the earth." It can be said that humanity has achieved a state of freedom from all shackles and complete freedom. In fact, Sun Wukong is the embodiment of freedom. The most prominent of his qualities is the desire for freedom. He always pursues freedom, and all his struggles are also for freedom. Such a vivid image gives readers the power and courage to pursue freedom and chase freedom. However, everyone understands that in the future, even in the future, complete freedom will not be possible, and people will always be subject to such constraints. Although it is a constrained world that surrounds us, we can make our hearts as wide and deep as possible, so that it can be infinite and inclusive.

However, there are still many people in the society who are constrained by something of little value, but enjoy themselves and feel satisfied. After hundreds of years of exploration and development, people's need for material is no longer urgent, but the need for spiritual freedom is forgotten for no reason. In short, I think what the modern people lack most is a spirit of openness and progress, seeking the greatest freedom. In "Journey to the West", which has been hardened for a long time, it contains the free spirit most desired by the people in the new century ... I understand why it can be inherited to this day.

Reading the "Journey to the West" 1000 words

During the reading class, I read a very interesting and exciting "Journey to the West". His author is Wu Chengen. Although I watched it many times on TV, I still find it very interesting. The stories in it are told overseas. A flower and fruit mountain, there is a fairy stone on the mountain. Since Pangu opened up the world, the fairy stone has absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, the essence of sun and moon, and gradually has aura. Suddenly, one day, Xianshi cracked, and a monkey popped out of it. The monkey's eyes emitted a light, and the light shot all the way to Tiangong, which scared the Jade Emperor. Later, the monkey always lived in Huaguo Mountain. Finally, he made a big trouble in Tiangong Temple, Daodi Prefecture, and Dragon Palace. His name was Qitian Dasheng Sun Wukong. In the end, it was suppressed by Guanyin on Wuxing Mountain, and was rescued by the Tang monk from the lobby. They went to Xitian to learn the scriptures. Later, they conquered the Pig Bajie, the sand monk, and Bailongma and went to Xitian to learn the scriptures. Many monsters, but still successfully finished the scriptures, because Sun Wukong and others helped the Tang monk to have a job, so the Lord of the Buddha turned Sun Wukong into the God of War and the white dragon and horse became Tianlong Babu

What I admire the most is Sun Wukong. To protect his master, he has risked and monsters many times. In the end, with his wisdom and his attack power, he successfully passed the Tang monk to the West. There are seventy-two changes in Sun Wukong, somersault clouds, and so on. His hair can make a lot of things with one blow. However, his attack power is still limited, and sometimes he can go to Guanyin to help or find other gods. He is not as lazy, greedy and like some girls as Pig Bajie, nor as arrogant as the sand monk. He is the bravest and most powerful, and is not afraid of difficulties to move forward.

Tang Seng also admired me. Although he wanted to protect his apprentice, he was also very kind. He was very, very kind. Once when he was reading a sutra, an ant suddenly came and climbed to his hand. Tang Seng did not kill him, but carefully released the ant. The ant looked at Tang Seng and left, and then continued to read the sutra. Also, at the time of three dozen bony bones, the white bones became a girl. Although it was seen by Sun Wukong with golden eyes, Tang Seng was still very kind, because a mortal is a mortal and ca n’t see if it is a monster. He also has a great interest in that monster. Politely, Sun Wukong killed him, and he also scolded Sun Wukong, his bones turned into an old grandma, Sun Wukong killed her again, and Tang Monk was very angry, so he used a hoop curse to give Sun Wukong a headache. From this point of view, Tang Monk is really very Kindness.

I think this story is very good-looking, better than other Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dream of the Red Chamber, etc., because it is more exciting than the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and more exciting than Dream of the Red Chamber, so I like it very much. Contact us. Actually think about the fact that there are many such characters in life, for example, bad people are like monsters, police are like Sun Wukong, and we need protection from others like Tang Seng. "Journey to the West" made me understand a lot of knowledge, for example: those monsters are so bad that they want to catch the Tang monk when they are immortal, but in the end they still have bad news and they were killed by Sun Wukong. This paragraph tells us to be human Be a good person, not a bad person. If you are a bad person, you will be caught by the police one day, either in jail or shot. Although this book is not as important as language books and math books, as long as we go to see it, we will definitely feel the excitement and excitement inside. Isn't it better to act? Do you listen to it? So please go and read it. Well, there are many more in the book corner.

Reading the "Journey to the West" 1000 words

I watched the fascinating TV series "Journey to the West" over and over again. Recently, I have carefully read the book "Journey to the West" again, only to really appreciate the charm brought by the text of "Journey to the West".

"Journey to the West" is an adaptation of "The Tang Dynasty's Western Regions", which mainly writes the history of Sun Wukong and the trouble of the heavenly palace; the history of the Tang monk and the reason to go to the west to learn from the scriptures; Slay the magic, save danger, and finally get the true story. Among them, Sun Wukong is my favorite character. It is also known as Sunwalker, nicknamed Monkey King, and known as Qi Tian Da Sheng. Because it made a big noise in the Tiangong Temple, it was pressed by Rulai Buddha under the Five Elements Mountain and could not act. It was rescued by the Tang monk who went to Xitian to learn the scriptures five hundred years later. Sun Wukong worshiped Tang Seng as a teacher and went to Xitian together. On the way to learn the scriptures, Sun Wukong descended from the monsters and repeatedly built meritorious deeds. Although he was misunderstood and expelled by the monk three or five times, he finally arrived at Xitian together to obtain the true scriptures. From this I feel that Sun Wukong is a "monkey" who is intelligent, jealous, resentful, and loves freedom.

Secondly, the character I like is Pig Bajie. It turned out to be the Marshal of the Heavenly Palace, but was degraded because of playing with Chang'e, but it was cast into the wrong shape and became a pig-faced person. Conquered by Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie is delicious and lazy, but it is Sun Wukong's left arm and right arm. Although selfish, he is flattering and likes to play with right and wrong. When he encounters difficulties, he retreats, but he is loyal to the master. After the true scriptures were obtained, he was named a messenger of the net.

Another monk is Sha, who was originally a general of Tiangong, like Zhu Bajie, but because he broke the glass at the Tao Tao Festival and annoyed the queen mother, he was degraded to be a fairy in Liusha River, and later was Guanyin The Bodhisattva conquered, worshipped the Tang monk as a teacher, and went to Xitian to study scriptures. They worked hard and complained all the way.

"Journey to the West" made me realize that everything must be good at distinguishing between true, false and good and evil, and don't be fooled by the various "ghosts and monsters" in society. It is not easy to accomplish any major task. The four monks and apprentices of the Tang dynasty learned a lot and experienced many dangers, not all of which were mysterious and bizarre. Let's take our study as an example. Is there no difficulty in every day we experience? Each of the four monks and apprentices has strengths and weaknesses. It is they who help each other and learn from each other's strengths to succeed. This also made me understand that if you want to do a major event, everyone must work together, not afraid of danger, courageous, and united, do not be discouraged no matter what setbacks are encountered, in order to succeed.

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