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"Brilliant Thousand Suns" 1000 words after reading

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"Brilliant Thousand Suns" 1000 words after reading

For most people, light seems to flow around us day and night, or hug us happily, or leap beside us with joy, or stare at you in your palm. Many people turn a blind eye, because light seems so cheap and readily available. However, for the Afghan women who have experienced frost and rain in the past 30 years, the light is extravagant. It is always on the roof, behind the wall, in sleep, close to the sky, and far in the sky. in. This heart-breaking life destroys their hearts day after day. They doubt, anger, grievance, fear, and inferiority. They are submissive, hopeful, desperate.

Husseinni's "Thousand Suns" shows the heartfelt records of Afghanistan's 30-year history, an extremely moving story about family, friendship, faith, and salvation through love. It is not so much the tragedy history of a country as it is The history of the spiritual development of women in a country.

One of them was the illegitimate daughter Mariam, a child of a rich father and her maid. An illegitimate girl, this is the label she was born with, the kind of child who would be thrown on the street. A fifteenth birthday wish is simply to watch a movie in his father's cinema. And this desire made her lose everything. The father didn't come to pick her up as promised. She went down the hill to look for her father against his mother's wishes, and he refused to see her. She waited all night outside and was found to have killed her mother when she was sent home. In the following days, he was quickly married by his father's other wives. Married Rashid, a 40-year-old shoemaker in Kabul. Fifteen-year-old innocent girl lost her father, her mother, her childhood and her whole life in the blink of an eye. At the time of her first marriage, Mariam was quite happy. At least she thought so. At least occasionally, she could get the warmth of her husband. But after seven consecutive abortions, all he could face was the husband who did not know when it would land on her Terrorist violence.

Laila is another heroine of the novel. She has a relatively happy family, and more importantly, a sweetheart lover. That's neighbor Tariq. He could wield a prosthetic leg like a knight to fight for his princess Laila. Tarek's family fled during the war. Before leaving, Tarek and Laila tasted the forbidden fruit. He asked her to marry him and go with him. But she refused. She remembered her parents. She couldn't run away selfishly, even though she wanted to do that.

The war is getting hotter and stronger, and Laila's parents are also preparing to move their families. Just as she was carrying her luggage, a rocket bomb instantly left her parents homeless. Mariam and Rashid rescued her from the severe injuries. Rashid coveted her beauty and shamelessly bought in to tell false news that Tariq was dead, and she had no choice but to marry Rashid after she found out she was pregnant. That was Tariq's portion.

In this way, two unfortunate women lived under the same roof, from the beginning of the fire and water to the sulking of mother and daughter. In the end, for the happiness of Laila and Tariq, Mariam made an admirable act that destroyed her life to kill Rashid, and she was shot by the Taliban.

After reading the novel, I dare not imagine that there are such corners in today's world. It is really fortunate that we do not live there. When the girls on the streets are dressed up, the Afghan women go out and wear Buka ( Buka consists of a complete coat, which is dragged to the ground from the back, the length from the front to the hips or a little above, and a mesh or plaid in the eyes, a veil covering the whole body); we can go out at any time Afghan women must be accompanied by a man when they go out, or they will be punished; we are free to fall in love, and an Afghan girl will be married to a man in his forties at the age of fifteen or sixteen, and she may be his second The third and even the fourth wife. We can be the masters at home, and Afghan women do all the housework at home, but also accept the fists that come over at any time. This is Afghanistan, a closed nation in which women are struggling, and a nation that has suffered from war and cannot give people a sense of security. Normally, you may have all kinds of dissatisfaction with reality, but after reading "Brilliant Qianyang", you will feel how happy our life is now.

"Brilliant Thousand Suns" 1000 words after reading

"Brilliant Thousands of Suns" by American Afghan writer Called Hussein. The writer wrote The Kite Runner and became famous. I haven't read this book, but I have watched the movie "Kite Chaser" and it was shocking. Many people think that "Kite Chaser" has sold more than 6 million copies in the world. It must be difficult to surpass it. However, Callard Hussein once again created a miracle, and his "Brilliant Thousand Suns" also achieved great success. (After reading jajshop.com)

As it was written at the beginning of this book: This book is dedicated to Harris and Farah, they are the light of our eyes. Dedicated to all women in Afghanistan. Hussein used his peculiar narrative and sentimental words to sing the suffering Afghan women and to express their unparalleled love for them. Hussein has shown us that women's love for the family can allow them to devote themselves to the incredible heroic self-salvation, and relying on the memory of love, can allow women who are suffering to live through vicissitudes.

Based on the history of Afghanistan for almost 30 years, this novel describes the huge disasters that Afghanistan brought to war, turmoil, factional fighting, and national hatred. From the perspective of writing women, the novel focuses on depicting two women, Mariam and Laila. Mariam was not recognized by the world at birth, because he was an illegitimate daughter. She lived alone with her mother Nana in a mud house until she was fifteen years old. She insisted on going to his father. The mother committed suicide because of despair. The father and his three legitimate wives hurriedly married her to Kabul, a few hundred miles away, in order to eliminate her from their vision. Her husband, 20-year-old Rashid, is a typical Afghan man. He is fierce, brutal, imperious, shameless, often abuses and scolds his wife, and tries every means to humiliate Mariam because she cannot give him a boy. Poor Mariam has been bearing it silently. Until one day, Laila came to their lives. Laila is a educated woman who loves each other with Tarik. However, the war first claimed the lives of his two elder brothers and the lives of his parents.

Lyra, who was scaly and dying, was rescued by Rashid. The insidious Rashid wanted Laila, who was only fifteen years old, to be his second wife, and he was now 60. Layla wanted to refuse, but when she found out that she was pregnant with Tariq's child and heard the news that Tariq was dead (actually a lie made by Rashid), she changed her mind. She wants to live for Tariq and their children. In this way, two strange women lived under one roof. Gradually, the two kind hearts came together. They were like mother and daughter, and Laila's daughter Azsa was born with Mariam. Mariam enjoyed a fleshly affection she had never had before. And in the end, in order to rescue Laila, who was about to be strangled by Rashid, she bravely lifted the iron goblet to Rashid ... Laila and Tariq reunited, and fled abroad with two children. However, Laila is lingering about her hometown, and has a nightmare. Finally, when the war was over, they rushed back to Kabul, their devastated hometown. Laila first went to the place where Mariam was born, and missed her mother-like Mariam with affection. Then do whatever you can to help those poor children, ...

The Washington Post said, "This is a book about bravery, honor and tolerance." The New York Daily News commented, "This is a victory made with the sacrifice and love necessary to retain hope and happiness." Fear story. " The Miami Herald says, "In order to explore the roots of the violence that swallowed Afghanistan, Hussein has revealed a little light of hope for us through these women's life fragments." Indeed, Mariam and Leila let us Seeing the greatness of women, they have shown courage and strength beyond men in the face of suffering. They can give everything for the loved one. They are like the brilliant light of the sun, which is enough to dispel all disasters and misfortunes.

"Brilliant Thousand Suns" 1000 words after reading

Afghanistan is a country that people will forget about. The news about it is basically related to the war, and what belongs to them always seems to be uneven. But it was quite shocking to see the novel "Brilliant Qianyang". It was the time in the book that shocked me. Nearly 2000, it was so close to us, but it was like China that was not in our post-80s era, and it could even lead to the Qing Dynasty in China.

The first time I watched Calder Huseini's novel was "Kite Chaser" recommended by someone. After reading it, it was quite shocking. The innocent friendship between the two little boys and Amir for himself That cowardly uneasy conscience and chasing self-redemption. The climax and turning point of "Kite Chaser" should have been the time when Hasan was insulted. Generally speaking, the overall novel is tending to be bland and delicate.

"Brilliant Thousand Suns" gave me a much stronger impact than "Kite Chaser". It described a completely tragedy. The tragedy of two women, not three people, no, maybe at that time The tragedy of women across Afghanistan. Sometimes think about how we always complain that modern society is bad, but we are fortunate in our time, this China, it is peaceful. At least most of us don't have to worry about food and clothing, and we don't have to worry about the gunfire that takes us away. To a certain extent, we can defend our legitimate rights and interests through channels.

At the beginning of the novel, a woman's tragedy is rendered, Nana, but she is lucky compared to her daughters Mariam and Leila! At least she had freedom. At that time, it was unrealistic for a woman to fight for rights, especially Is a woman of low status. Mariam was forced to marry at the age of 14 and had no children in her life. She thought that this was the retribution she should have killed Nana. Throughout the novel, I think the most tragedy is Mariam, Laila has been educated, at least her mind has always been free, but Mariam has always been tolerated. If a woman is too kind, it means being hurt, so I think a girl is still a little bit hot, too gentle and smooth, and eventually she is numb. The first thing a woman must learn is to love herself.

Laila's role is my favorite. She dares to love and hate. In such an environment, she should be considered a brave woman. At the end, knowing that Tariq was not dead, everything was just a tragedy, and she wasted so much youth. But the novel is complete for her ending. It also gives us hope for Afghanistan.

This novel is developed from the perspective of women. I think the issue of feminism is an inevitable problem in each country and period. In China, it is comforting but not perfect. I dare not imagine that Afghanistan was still in such a closed situation in the last century. I always feel that they are fighting continuously, but thinking that others should be on the same level with us, it really is that my vision is narrow.

In my heart, a perfect woman should have her own independent thinking, independent financial ability, a lover who respects herself and respects her dreams, and a complete family. There is strong inclusiveness, but the question of principle never shrinks. Work hard for this goal.

"Brilliant Thousand Suns" 1000 words after reading

Reading a book has never been so heavy. After reading the book, I feel that the world is so dark and life is so sad, this is the first time.

Because of curiosity, I borrowed "Brilliant Qianyang" from my classmates. This is a war novel. Because it was the first contact, I couldn't find much interest to see it, so I put it on hold for a long time after borrowing it. A few days ago, when I saw the book next to the pillow, I was idle and turned it up. I didn't expect to be attracted by the content of the book. I watched it for several days, until today I finally finished watching it, and after reading it, my heart was very depressed, always thinking about something to write.

The story takes place in Afghanistan, which is full of war and riots. The heroine (illegitimate daughter) Mariam was fifteen years old. In order to get closer to her father's life, she ran away from home and hoped to go to his father's residence. However, It wasn't her father's loving acceptance that greeted her, in exchange for the cruelty of her father's letting the driver send her away. Mariam finally saw through his father's hypocrisy, and went back to her mother sadly and desperately, but when she returned home she saw a scene that made her more heartbroken: her mother hanged because she was desperate for Mariam's behavior Die on the tree.

Because of her mother's departure, her father had to take her to live with her. Soon, she was married by her stepmother to Rashid, who was in her 30s. Her father also did not oppose this because of his face and cowardice. Door marriage. Mariam thought she had found her own happiness ever since. However, after she had been pregnant and miscarried several times, Rashid also resented her, treating her as an object of venting and anger. Shun hits and kicks at her, and Mariam thinks that's her life, and she accepts everything and lives carefully.

Just when Mariam thought she would spend so dark in her life, Laila entered her life.

Laila is a neighbor of Mariam and Rashid. Fifteen-year-old Laila lost her parents because of the war. She left Kabul when she was a child, and Rashid was in the ruins destroyed by shells. Save Laila, then cheat Laila Tariq has died in the flames of war, and at this time Wailaila is pregnant with Tariq's child, she has to marry the sad and hateful Rashid.

In the beginning, Mariam regarded Laila as her enemy and scolded Laila as a thief-robbing her husband, life, and family. Until one time, when Rashid beat Mariam violently, Laila stepped forward to protect Mariam. From then on, she regarded Laila as her daughter and gave her mother-like treatment. When Rashid was about to hurt Laila, Mariam summoned the courage she never had before and killed Rashid with a shovel. In order for Layla and her lover to live a happy life together, Mariam decided to sacrifice everything, even her life to protect Layla, and keep her and Tariq away from this place of right and wrong.

Perhaps, in Mariam's view, exchanging life for Laila's happiness was the simplest thing, because she thought that the best memories of her life were given by Laila, so she accepted the Taliban sentence calmly. Her death sentence.

The time span of the novel's story spans a long time, from 1959 to 2003 when Mariam was born. During that period, Afghanistan, war, hunger, violence, and inequality were filled. In a turbulent transition, the author tells the fate and life of the entire Afghan people through the fate of two women. No matter what the banner of the war, the only thing brought to people is the destruction of their homes and their wives. The fate of the two women in the story also reflects the fate of Afghan women: man's autocracy, constant domestic violence, deprivation of various rights, etc. See this book, in addition to sorrow, there is hope: Leila and Tariq Finally, returned to the hometown of truce construction-Kabul, and built the original shirt orphanage as a school. Communicating the hopes of Afghan people after the truce.

Husseini's "Brilliant Thousand Suns" shows the most brutal storyline, let the reader see the best humanity, and in the bloody reading process, bring the reader a smiled ending.

At the end of the story, Mariam's father left Mariam with a confession letter, which gave the reader a little comfort when she was sad for Mariam. Mariam and Laila are each other's brilliant sun, giving comfort and dependence to each other in their hard lives. The greatness of women warms the reader's soul like sunlight on these two humble lives like ants.

The biggest inspiration of the novel to our readers is that giving is always the best way to get happiness.

"Brilliant Thousand Suns" 1000 words after reading

I read "Kite Chaser" at home last winter holiday, and now I read "Brilliant Thousand Suns". I feel both stories are shocking and thought-provoking. I don't think anything can cause more serious disasters than war. The victory of the war is far less than the grief of a mother who lost her child. Perhaps we will be full of admiration and longing for heroes under the infection of various movies, but compared with those who have experienced war, the description of the movie is not true enough. What a traumatic wound. Without food, disease spreads, disability, death, cruelty, fierceness, and insidiousness grow with the war. It is not easy to avoid war. Human greed and ambition are fueling the flames of war all the time. It is extremely difficult for those suffering in war to survive. Peace is precious only to those who have experienced war.

In reading "Brilliant Thousand Suns", I was deeply aware that human nature will be fully displayed in the face of disaster, and the instinct of survival will make people do crazy things. The world is more and more turbulent, and the beautiful material and spiritual life of the people of a great country and a strong country is built on the lives of people in other countries. Looking ahead, we can dig deeper into humanity through war, and see the coexistence of bloody laws of nature and human nature and morality. There is strength to help the weak while eating weak. Without this power, the distance between humans and beasts would not be obvious. The root of this power is a kind of love, which we can call fraternity.

We can ask ourselves if we are fraternal. After reading these two books, I first thought of the war, and then considered the disaster brought by the war. From the disaster, I also considered the nature of man. The author also showed the nature of man in the two books. Thinking about human nature, I further thought of the way forward for human beings. From this, what comes to mind is how to save human beings from self-destruction, because no matter how civilized a country, there will be a transition from prosperity to decline. The prosperity of human beings lies in their own knowledge. It depends on the human being as a whole, not a few wise men. Therefore, I would like to know the relationship between humanity itself and war, and the relationship between humanity itself and the destruction it faces in the future. Human beings have the nature of self-destruction, that is to say, human destruction is largely related to their own actions. However, human beings still have characteristics that other creatures do not have. Human beings can reflect, correct, learn, learn, and think intelligently. I believe that a person's good qualities are as powerful as those of a malignant one. Because human beings still have a good nature, they can get the power that can't be ignored, and survive. Perhaps humanity will be destroyed, but it will not disappear. The bad behavior of people is indeed increasing day by day. Everyone has a selfish side, which makes contradictions between people. I think it takes a long time to think about the fundamentals of these things, and different people have different opinions.

I am willing to think, to understand the mysteries of the universe, people, living things, and the world. I know it ’s true that I ’m only a little educated, but I think if you try hard, you will definitely make some progress. It is also hoped that more people can think about some difficult questions, which may change people's minds and provide good guidance. This is also possible. Books are still very good. In this era, the role played by books has not diminished, and more and more other forms of things have appeared, which has enhanced people's cognition and understanding. We need the collision of thought sparks. The more exchanges there will be more and more progress, which can improve people's thinking and get more wisdom. Criticism and tolerance make the quality we should learn more. Now, criticism seems to be more than inclusive, which needs to be balanced. Harmony is known as coexistence, but it is by no means a solution to human problems. Harmony can solve the problems between living things and alleviate the contradictions between people, but it can't really complete the guiding mission. Harmony, this must be done.

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