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"Ask One World" Reading Notes 400 Words

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"Ask One World" Reading Notes 400 Words

I've been watching Yang Lan's "Ask One World" these days. I heard the name Yang Lan a long time ago, and I still like her very much. I think she is a model for women. She is wise, generous, and elegant. Many words that describe the perfect woman are Can be used on her.

But what I admire most about this book is the courage and courage of women. Recently, I often think about what kind of life I want, what kind of career planning I am looking for, and I feel the infinite possibilities of the unknown world, but I don't know which direction I should go in so many ways. People are greedy, afraid to take this road, but lose the beautiful scenery of other roads.

Yang Lan was very courageous and dared to change herself, even at her peak. For example, when I was in the most beautiful scenery, I left CCTV's "Canadian Variety Show" and went to Columbia University in New York to study. It was like selling a New York house to China when I graduated with olive branches from many excellent media in the United States. Sun TV. It also suddenly made me understand that in any case, don't be afraid first, but change at the right time.

The book quotes a famous quote from former US Treasury Secretary Robert Kennedy: "When we look back at history, we have to ask 'why', and when we face the future, we have to ask 'why not.' There are countless possibilities for life, yours The dream is still asleep, why not wake it up?

Sometimes there are problems that you can't think of cause and effect all the time, but slowly you find that the context and trajectory of your thoughts are getting clearer. Continue to explore slowly on the road, the world does not have answers to every question and answer.

"Ask One World" Reading Notes 400 Words

I bought One Question One World half a month ago. At that time, I was reading three books at the same time. I read them in the office, the toilet, and the bedroom. Because I was always busy at work during the day, I watched slowly. When I read a few more pages of "Ask One World", I was deeply attracted by her. Leaving aside the other two books, I focused on Yang Lan's dedication to TV news. She had the courage to choose and strive for ideals. To eternal book.

After reading this book, I learned that after the 60s, Yang Lan approached the host, chose to further study, create wonderful columns, set up a TV station, apply for the Olympics, do charity and so on. Her career is so successful. Not only that, but her family is also very harmonious. Wu Zheng has always respected and supported Yang Lan ’s career. As the mother of two children, she is the mother who has attended the piano lessons the most often. Whoever said that fish and bear's paw can't have both, family and career must choose one, Yang Lan did it and got it. What makes me even more excited is that for 10 years in the interview with Yang Lan, Yang Lan has made a two-person interview program so high-end. There were more than 500 guests interviewed. There was a team behind him. Their spirit, everyone has a common ideal, a goal of struggle, a love of TV news, and a spirit of innovation. They are a large search engine. In order to ask better questions, find the truth with questions, and persevere. s hard work. Unity can maximize strength, and Yang Lan is the organizer.

It is because of Yang Lan's dedication to her professionalism and her love for the motherland that she has a kind heart. Through her self-proclaimed reporter, she broadcasted it to everyone, and also shared her success with us and became infected. I want to praise, but it seems poor.

"Ask One World" Reading Notes 400 Words

"One Question One World" is a book by Yang Lan. Although it is a biography of celebrities, this book is not the same as the general biography of celebrities. It only talks about the lives of celebrities. He is more of a spiritual inspiration to me. Yang Lan in the book is a cheerful person and a young man with new ideas. She has brought new trends to our Chinese TV programs. Her book let me know that it is not true to insist on my ideal. It's hard. (jajshop.com After Reading Network)

She is a strange woman. This is a well-known thing in the world, but her success will inevitably lead to her sweat. She used her success to prove one thing, that is, if you persist, you will succeed. Maybe the road is not so smooth. But only through the thorny road can you see the best gardens. Just like the legendary garden of heaven, only those who truly believe in his existence and who are willing to work for it can see her face.

The book "Ask One World" is composed of many small stories, but it contains her feelings and feelings. As the pages of the book are turned page by page, it seems that we have also appreciated her with her. The growth path of the soul. Her feelings may be taken only a few words, but the emotions are deeply remembered by me. Although I have not experienced it, I can still feel the change of her heart over time, as if The rough stone is slowly carved, and finally exudes a charming halo.

"Ask One World" Reading Notes 400 Words

After reading "One Question, One World" today, putting down the book, I felt a different Yang Lan from my impression. The thoughts after closing the book are as follows:

1. In this book, human history and humanity are seen in many places. Adhering to the truth of the facts and leaving a record, this is the focus of Yang Lan's "Interview with Yang Lan".

2. When one person does one thing, the quality and style of work that he pays attention to will be known to people and form their personal brand, and they will attract like-minded people to do things together. This is how Yang Lan has attracted outstanding professionals.

3. People who do things together leave for personal reasons; some people leave because of developmental changes. Changes are inevitable, things still need to be done, and as long as they persist, they will continue to move forward.

4. How commendable is the husband who supports his wife.

5. Complete women have homes, careers, and children. Yang Lan does not make women who work together give up motherhood because of business needs, but also encourages them to have children.

6. Doing TV is based on ratings. The conflict between ideal and reality makes Yang Lan make multiple choices in the face of reality.

7. As a mother, grow up with children in understanding and tolerance.

"Ask One World" Reading Notes 400 Words

She, in the beauty-like media group, is not the most beautiful but possesses a unique intellectual and elegant woman. She is calm and wise in front of many world heavyweights. She presents her 20-year media career in an all-round way in a book called "Ask One World".

She is Yang Lan.

For Yang Lan, in a sense, the world is used to ask.

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go? Human perception of self and the world seems to be asking questions all the time. It is precisely because of these doubts that human beings have begun to explore the world and have the opportunity to better understand themselves. If Yang Lan realized the philosophy of life by asking, knowing the real world, and looking for real success, as a human soul engineer, should I also ask myself, how can my students learn to ask questions? In our education, it seems that the teacher always asks the question, the student remembers the answer, and then returns it to the teacher during the exam. Although students have many questions while studying, how many can really ask questions? How many are there? There is a small story in the book about Yang Lan's homework on time and at school, but the final grade is B, the professor said , You never mentioned a question in class, it proves that your participation in class is not high enough. When I saw it, I was shocked. Thinking about my evaluation of the students, I didn't even take this aspect into consideration. However, how can we develop students 'ability to ask questions? I think the most basic thing is to create an equal, democratic, loose, and harmonious classroom atmosphere, so as to cultivate students' interest in asking questions. And I have to change my role to be the organizer, guide and collaborator of teaching, so that students become masters of learning. On this basis, think about how to improve the quality of students' questions.

Yang Lan, asked a world, maybe we can't be as good as her, but at least, we can use inquiry to explore and improve ourselves in our ordinary posts.

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