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800 Words in Home Spring and Autumn

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800 Words in Home Spring and Autumn

"Home", "Spring" and "Autumn" are the masterpieces of Ba Jin. After I read it, I can't help but sigh for others!

These three books are based on Chengdu, a Chinese mainland city in the early 1920s, as the background, and they truly describe the history of decay and ruin of the Gao family, a typical feudal family.

On the surface, the Gao family reads and reads the etiquette, everything goes well, the family is humble and orderly, and the etiquette is strict. But in fact this family is full of mischief and intrigue. What a hypocritical family!

Because in this big family, I also know a lot of people: the weak and conscious chastity pressure; the progressive young people with sense of justice; Juemin, Juehui and Zhang Yunhua; Shuying and Mingfeng who dare to fight against fate; , Feng Leshan, Ke Ding, and the old lady's personality and behavior determine their fate.

Citizens, consciousness and Yunhua who have the courage to forge ahead and struggle will have a bright future. As Yunhua said, this is a road, a road full of dangers and challenges. This road is full of young people's bodies. If you do n’t try hard and persist, how can you have a free and beautiful youth? On this road, Shuying and Juehui have passed freely and reached Shanghai

Juemin and Yunhua walk hand in hand to a happy tomorrow. The eldest brother Jue Xinze passed this road. He undertook the elders to bypass the road far away, but he left pain in his heart and left his body on this road. Under the sole responsibility of his elders, he lost a lot of precious things. He lost his soul, just like a walking dead. He has lost the fighting spirit of life. This is a kind of death.

It's time to go, what should be left, and the surviving Gao family mourns, some are afraid of the end of the old era; others are afraid of the arrival of the new era. Eventually the Gao Gongguan disbanded, but people of that era continued to struggle for their fate. What has been lost is gone forever, and alive is still struggling.

800 Words in Home Spring and Autumn

I read it all at once in "Home Spring and Autumn", and I felt after reading Spring and Autumn. Now I will share with you some personal insights.

The Gao family is a big feudal and old-fashioned family. The Gao grandmother and aunt coexist with five sons and daughters-in-law and grandchildren, and each room often plays tricks and quarrels for the sake of interests. The three brothers, Juexin, Juemin, and Juehui, are the grandchildren of Gao's parents. They are all promising young people who advocate new ideas, but they have been battered by feudal families. As a grandson, Jue Xin was forced to take on the heavy task of revitalizing the family business, abandoning his ideal of studying abroad, and because of the elders' obstruction, he could not combine with his cousin Mei Fen, a young and beautiful cousin, and was forced to marry Ruiyi by his elders. Juemin once fled the marriage and resisted the marriage arranged by his elders. Juehui fell in love with his daughter Mingfeng. The Gao family married Mingfeng to Feng Leshan as a concubine. Mingfeng committed suicide by committing himself to the lake. Min and Juexin face the test of family disputes together.

Mei Fen died after another marriage, and Rui Ye was also expecting to give birth due to pregnancy. She was regarded as unlucky by the superstitious Gao family, and she was forced to leave the Ga family to cause dystocia and death. Haichen became ill and died under the stubbornness of Gao's insistence not to invite Western medicine. After a series of dooms, Jiuxin was frustrated, obediently obedient to his elders and unable to cheer up. He even refused Zhou Yi's cousin's love. Zhou Xuan was distressed and died after another marriage. The maidservant Cuihuan loved Juexin for being sympathetic and caring. Finally, Juexin married Cuihuan for her father's last wish and regained a new life. They finally got up and resisted the unreasonable oppressions of the elders. The Gao family embarked on the road of separation, and Juemin and the beloved Qin cousin joined together.

Contradictory Juxin, he was baptized by the May 4th Movement, and his new thoughts left a certain mark on him, but he was also restrained by the feudal filial piety. So his life was destined to be a tragedy. From a young age, he was "Ning Xin'er" in the eyes of his elders. He thought of others, accepted them, and silently accepted everything that his fate had arranged for him. Every time I read Juxin, I felt stuffy in my heart, and felt sorry for his resignation and resistance. Thankfully, he finally rebelled in front of his father. Maybe a lot of people and things make his character, and this character makes people feel both pitiful and hateful, and in my eyes he is only pitiful and hateful.

The unyielding Juemin, after all, is a character of the new era. He is more opposed to the old etiquette. From being opposed to the grandfather's wedding arrangement to vilifying Ke Ding and Ke An at the end, he is a young man who does not give in to the old forces. Those who help themselves, then help them. He and Qin's lover eventually became dependents, and his grandpa flourished.

He is a typical new youth who is full of confidence in his future. He is a firm believer that the old society will pass and the old system will be abandoned. It is because of his youth. This character makes him just the opposite of the boss's new character. The boss and his two brothers are like two parallel lines cannot have any intersections, so they are destined to take very different paths.

This novel accuses the cannibalism of feudal etiquette, showing the tragedy of young people being sacrificed in vain by the system, and the awakening of the young youth, struggle, anger, complaint, resistance, and struggle. Each prominent character in the novel is a stark example of a class of people of that era. "Family Spring and Autumn" accused feudal families, criticized the old social system, and hoped that the younger generation would strive for freedom and yearn for light. I don't seem to have too many distresses. My life is peaceful and easy. Different times, there are always different distresses. I hope everyone can solve the problems best and live a normal life.

800 Words in Home Spring and Autumn

"Home", "Spring", and "Autumn" are collectively referred to as "Rapid Trilogy", which is the work that earned Ba Jin world reputation. After I finished reading, I felt that the overall content of the book was like the modern version of "A Dream of Red Mansions". The whole novel tells the story of a fragmented and eventually declining feudal family.

The entire book is surprisingly verbal in character. In the dialogues of daily life, Ba Jin's characters are well-formed and match the identity and personality of the characters. The language portrayed in the conflict makes people feel immersive: the abominable dialogue between Shuying and Shuhua. Juemin and Ke An's scolding made readers care about the fate of the positive characters, and hated the language of the negative characters. Both the positive and negative characters were written alive. (After reading jajshop.com)

The character of the character is very clear: Shuhua's personality and courage, she is not afraid of anything in that environment, speaks straight, as long as she thinks that she is right, and cares about others, among Gao women Rarely, many of her actions are proof; Qin plays a different role in it, and she gives others motivation and courage. Whether young people of the Zhou or Gao family can gain confidence and live from her. Hope, she is the seeker of others. See if she is dead Shuzhen, Hui, Jianyun, Shuhua, Yun, Juemin, Juexin, etc., she hopes to get comfort from her. The departure of Juehui and Shuying has her support and encouragement. Without her courage, maybe this young group has no longer the courage to live. Juexin practises racism among his younger brothers and sisters. Love is what he bears silently for his family. Pressure, everything concessions, consider for siblings. It ’s very fun for anyone to play with. They have been the accomplices of the old forces of the Zhou and Gao families. It is the most stubborn and most foolish character: Zhou Botao represents the old forces and killed and benefited Master Ye. This was all caused by him. Regardless of the life and death of young people, they advance their marriage to the abyss, and they will not reflect on death. .

The family of this feudal society described by Mr. Ba Jin eventually went extinct.

But the flowers bloomed, the fragrance overflowed, and the insects came, flying happily. New life brings new hope, new hope, and encourages those who fail. There is no need to feel the pain and sadness of the past. The feudal society will eventually collapse and the era of democracy will come. Lightning shattered one of the megaliths, and the sun poured in, shining on every corner of the earth, so warm and so cute! The society is no longer as gloomy as it used to be, and it finally has its former glory.

800 Words in Home Spring and Autumn

From the "River Current Trilogy" by the famous writer Ba Jin-"Home Spring and Autumn" is one of the finest realist masterpieces in the history of modern Chinese literature. The whole novel tells the story of a fragmented and eventually declining feudal family.

After reading the complete book, I sighed most sadly that those who should not have a relationship with death, but eventually gave up early, let people think about who should be blamed. The most active is the girl from the Gao family, Ming Feng, who committed suicide by throwing herself into the lake with a thought of affection. When she fell in love with the three masters who should not love, the disparity in status made her love a fantasy dream. However, she was not willing to be at the mercy of being an old lady's aunt, and finally chose to marry her love with a pure heart. That was the most magnificent moment in her life! On the other hand, the death of Mei, Yun and Ruiyu, who were much more noble than her, really made people look down. Because of falling in love with the weak sense of newness, the reluctant to forgive and retreat finally ended in a gloomy end. Mei was melancholy and ill after widowhood. Most of her heart wasted and she died prematurely. She died with a little sense of beauty. It was followed by Rui ’s death. Her death was completely artificial. If Jue Xin had not heard the words of Auntie Chen ’s so-called “maternal blood disaster”, she would move Rui Wei, who was weak in labor, out of the cold city and set aside for treatment. Nor will it result in dystocia and death. If it is different, it is that she is justified to die for the man she loves, because she still holds at least one wife's identity, and nothing more. In the end it was Hui's turn, and she was going to be the worst. Because of her father's stubbornness, she was married into an old-fashioned family and was ruined here. Even at the last moment of her life, she could not taste the taste of love.

What is gratifying is that Jue Hui and Shuying bravely fled this dark family, Juemin and Qin gained valuable happiness, Juexin finally got rid of the shackles, and Shuhua was given the opportunity to read ...

Reading and reading, I remembered my great-grandfather. When he was young, he was in the period of the War of Resistance Against Japan. At that time, throughout the country, the military and civilians worked together to resist Japan, and the people lived a hungry and hungry day. I cherish every second I spend with each other, because it is very likely that I have eaten this meal, the war has begun again, the flames of war, and the whole family may never see each other again. At that time, the great wish of the great-grandfather That is, every family can be harmonious, there is no quarrel, no disagreement, and it will always be harmonious and happy. In the past, in the early morning, every family and every household looked at the rising sun with a praying look, praying for peace, praying for peace, and praying for happiness. The great-grandfather hoped that we could always smile and welcome the sun, study hard, win glory for the home, glory for the country, and become a useful person. Instead of repeating the shame that has become history, we must make the motherland stronger and more prosperous. This should be the great Chinese dream!

The sun rises to the east, and the new sunshine is blowing away the staleness. We are greeted by a new century of China and a new China. History is quietly passing away, but the enthusiasm in our hearts has not cooled down. We have added a sense of reason to carefully examine China's road to rejuvenation. The Chinese dream embodies the aspirations of the Chinese generation after generation. I believe that "Shenzhou sails by thousands of sails, and the sick trees are in front of thousands of trees", "When the wind and waves break, there will be times, hanging directly on clouds and sails to save the sea." People's Chinese dream becomes a reality!

Everyone needs a gleam of guidance. "Home Spring and Autumn" tells me: our way, our direction, he leads us through the vast darkness, through the rules of society, through the plain past. To me, that shimmer is "Home Spring and Autumn", it is my dream, it is the Chinese dream!

Let's plug in the wings of dreams and fly through those decaying, dark, and dream heavens!

800 Words in Home Spring and Autumn

I really like Ba Jin, the writer, who has read his Rapids Trilogy. He was under 30 when he wrote "Home Spring and Autumn", which adds to my admiration for her. Recently, I just finished reading this work, and my psychology is ups and downs. Many of the storylines in the book impress me:

The description of language is surprising. In the dialogues of daily life, Ba Jin's characters are well-formed and match the identity and personality of the characters. The language portrayed in the conflict makes people feel immersive: the abominable dialogue between Shuying and Shuhua. Juemin and Ke An's scolding made readers care about the fate of the positive characters, hated the language of the negative characters, and wrote alive. However, I think that the language description of Juemin ’s psychological activities, especially in ordinary narration, is somewhat idealized, without the accumulation of life, either smiling or sneering, slightly out of life. Compared with Juehui, the difference is not the same. Big, after reading "Autumn", you will almost forget Juehui and confuse Juemin, and the language description is not clear enough.

The writing is very clean. Watching "Home", although only a few pages, but a concise, bright, atmospheric brushstroke has been on the paper, the description of the scene, the annotation of the moonlight, refreshing me. Without the short narratives of the parents, there is a kind of vision of the children of the extended family, which is more vulgar, of course, the custom of Lao She is not bad.

The description of the central character touched my eyes. You may not like to feel new, but you can't ignore it. Ba Jin devotes a lot of effort to Jue Xin, whether he is dealing with matters or his emotional life, Jue Xin's figure is always lingering in front of the reader, and sometimes it makes the reader's chest dull. It is a kind of torture for a person who doesn't like it, and Ba Jin's sense of newness naturally becomes a classic image in literary figures. Later, Sun Daolin's interpretation was also relatively successful. I had a naive idea. Can Chen Daoming perform? Can Wang Zhiwen?

Scenery description. One thing, as long as it is mentioned a thousand times, people must remember it. The Gao family's large garden speaks every day, every month, every year, and takes care of it. People are nostalgic. Ba Jin ’s pens and scene descriptions have not been taken away from this sad place. It ’s like we are now remembering childhood, different people write differently, Ba Jin ’s young eyes, to places where there is not too much color, What impressed me more was his description of moonlight. When I think of Lao She's "Crescent Moon", I continue to point to moonlight, which is different every time.

800 Words in Home Spring and Autumn

Ba Jin's "Home Spring and Autumn" once again accidentally came to my mind. Spring and Autumn took me into that dark society.

The decline of a feudal family, a call to awakening, a microcosm of modern times, the family spring and autumn opened a door for you and me to understand. The transformation of the old society is unfolding before our eyes.

The successful escape of Jue Hui and Jue Ying meant that they broke through the secular ideas and sought out their dreams. Life in Shanghai is not good, but their lives are always a hundred times or even a thousand times stronger than Juexin. Feeling new concessions, in exchange for endless suffering, endless torture. Due to the hope of his grandfather, he succumbed to the feudal ideas of the old society, gave up Mei's love, and married his tender wife Yu. Although he had a happy life after marriage, Haier's birth made him even more He felt hope for life. Life didn't give him much care, the death of his grandpa, the death of his wife, the superstition of the bloody disaster, everything made him feel bad, and the despair of life struck him again. The birth of the second child, his wife's death put him in a desperate situation. Thanks to Haier's company, he did not completely despair. He took Haier as the driving force of his life, and he hoped to create a bright future for Haier. Destiny makes him gradually go to darkness. Haier left him, and everyone was sad for him. Juehui can no longer stand this decaying family, he is determined to leave. Mei's death, his cousin's marriage and death, and his cousin's death all made his heart bleed, and the fire in the mall made him recognize the reality. The sale of the yard completely separated the family, he awoke, and he left the old thought that made him miserable.

All the pain comes from the paralysis of the feudal ideas of the old society. The rapid development of modern science and technology, countries are rushing to reform, the industrial revolution has improved productivity, and the urgent need for capital and dumping of products have made the powers look to China, a country with vast resources and backward industries. With the invasion of the great powers, new ideas also erupted.

With the joining of Juemin, Juehui, and Qin, the newspaper office showed endless vitality. Although their first newspaper died, they did not give up. The second newspaper was a success, and the efforts of Ru, Juemin, and others were not in vain. Scientific thoughts inspired them to stride forward, the sound of happiness drumming ahead, and they set out for the future.

Juehui participated in the revolution. Shanghai was his ambition. He recognized the great power of science. His thought provided a space for his brother Juemin to make progress. Qin and Juemin's love made everyone envy, Jian Ming's silent love also made our group of adolescent boys and girls sad. Ming Feng's love makes us feel so much pain. Her love moved us, didn't she?

Scientific thinking has smashed old decaying ideas. As science continues to evolve, so does its thinking. In the new century, we must shoulder the heavy task of rejuvenating China. This requires us to continuously learn scientific knowledge, update our thinking, and never lag behind the pace of science. We want to use the latest technology and the latest knowledge to create future life. Life needs us to further create and improve, and we need to further improve our lives. Science opens the door for us, let us approach science and enjoy the style of science.

"Family Spring and Autumn" is a novel worth reading, in which you will appreciate the social atmosphere during the Republic of China and feel the corruption of society.

A scientific society needs people who can learn scientifically. Let's travel in scientific space!

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