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"Jinghua Smoke Cloud" after reading 3000 words

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"Jinghua Smoke Cloud" after reading 3000 words

Lin Yutang, the author of "Jinghua Smoke Clouds", is a mysterious legend in the history of modern Chinese literature. He is a world-renowned writer and has been selected as one of the wise men of the 20th century by the American cultural community. He studied both Chinese and Western languages and is one of the best bilingual writers in China. He has made major breakthroughs in the study of linguistics. He has the dual status of prose writer and famous novelist, and is the only Chinese modern and contemporary writer who has been literary and cultural creation in English for a long time. "Jinghua Smoke Cloud", known as the modern red mansion, nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, one of the must-reads recommended by the "Time" magazine in the United States, it vividly depicts a picture of the modern Chinese style.

"Jinghua Smoke Clouds" is a book that combines majestic, gorgeous, complete, classic, and authentic. It can be said that it is not a novel, it is life, or the reproduction of modern Chinese history. It presents all the difficulties and disturbances of China without whitewashing, and positively shows the hope of the country. It is a history of the national soul written by the author in tears, and a classic that only the Chinese can fully appreciate. Characters representing various strata of modern Chinese society appear in this picture one by one. These characters are so real and vivid, as if they were walking characters around us. This epic majestic book is so vividly written and sobbing, it is a masterpiece that can be tasted alone in a lonely night.

"The Smoke of Jinghua" takes the fate of the protagonist Yao Mulan as a clue, and tells the sorrow and joy of the three major families of Peking, Zeng, Yao and Niu from the Boxer Rebellion in 1901 to the War of Resistance against Japan. Historical events such as the restoration of Zhang Xun, the war against the war, separatist warlords, the May Fourth Movement, the March 18th tragedy, the Yusi and modern criticist pen battles, the youth left, the outbreak of World War II, and a panoramic view of the history of changes in modern Chinese society Style.

The book is interspersed with the development history of modern China. It was a troubled autumn, a time of turmoil, a time of war. At that time, the Chinese government was in jeopardy, the society was turbulent, and China was facing changes from dynasty to dynasty. However, there was no hopeless handwriting in the book. Instead, it showed positive hope everywhere, shining the glory of victory. Especially at the end of the book, people shouted: The slogan of "The mountains and rivers are not light, and they don't swear to go back to their hometowns. A nation is united by a common patriotic enthusiasm, and it has traveled thousands of miles because it has escaped from a common enemy." The majestic power of a nation, like the Great Wall of China, has been immortal for thousands of years. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people struggle and live together in this great epic era. This is the hope of China.

"Jinghua Yanyun" is mainly about the family. It is a book with a strong family concept, which is deeply influenced by Confucianism. In the book, we see that the family is peaceful and harmonious. The relationship between the family members, such as father and son, mother and son, husband and wife, siblings, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and master-servant, is natural and harmonious. (jajshop.com After Reading Network)

The maternal love in the book is sacred, great, and touching. Yao Mulan's mother, Mrs. Yao's motherly love, can be said to be doting. Her love for her son ’s body has the old family concept, which is indulgent and blind, but this does not deny her deep and pure Love, this is the deep and sincere motherhood that only motherhood has. Mrs. Yao's life seemed to live for her son. She waited for her son to go home everyday, often late into the night, and was satisfied when she saw her son. After the death of her son, her soul also followed, leaving only a husk and lingering. The most touching thing in the book is the mother Chen. She has missed her son for a few years, always making clothes for her son, always looking for her son, and never giving up. The motherly love of Mulan and Mochou is a kind of rational motherly love. When sending their sons to the front line to fight Japanese, in the choice of country and family, in addition to a kind of motherly instinct love, that is, reluctance and distress for sending their sons, they showed a more rational, one Kind of rationality. Especially during the anti-Japanese war escape, Mulan adopted a few children. She felt a wonderful happiness, not for herself, but for the future of China, which is the life of the Chinese nation. This kind of motherly love has sublimated the nation and country, and the meaning of motherly love has been sublimated. Maternal love is a kind of heavenly duty. I can't think of more selfless, sacred, permanent, real love than motherly love!

In the book, not only the selfless love of parents for their children, but also the image of filial respect for the elderly. Such as Mulan, Mochou, Chen San and so on. As children, they have a deep affection for their parents and the elderly. They end their retirement and do their best to make their children happy and serene in their later years, like a peaceful landscape. For example, when Yao Si'an was dying, his children surrounded him and he was brought up with filial piety. He never regretted it and died in sleep. These show the beauty, honest conscience and virtue of traditional Chinese culture.

The characters of the Mulan and Mochou sisters in the book are images of good wives and mothers. They are virtuous, kind, and philosophical. They have a feminine temperament, but this is not a traditional good wife and mother. Those who have their own personality, value and dignity, are highly educated, and intelligently combine traditional and modern women, and infect the husband with the charm of women. This is undoubtedly an improvement on the husband's life, work, and soul. . For example, when Mulan knew her husband 荪 亚 荪 花 was messing with the grass, she used her intelligence and calmness to resolve a crisis. She did not have cowardly tolerance, nor did she make a big noise like a shrew, but used her tolerance to deal with everything generously, with a decent and mature approach, which not only gave her husband and third party a step, but also retained her. The husband's heart saved his family and the three became good friends. Such a wise move made many of us women feel ashamed and admired.

One of the characters I admire the most in "Jinghua Yanyun" is Mulan's father, Yao Si'an. He passed on Taoist thoughts to us. His death was very peaceful, the true death of Taoism. He loved Mulan very much. He didn't have the concept that men are superior to women, and men are more important than women. This is very rare in feudal society. He likes to make friends, especially people who are knowledgeable and connotative. At the same time, he always accepts new things and promotes new ideas. The degree has surprised many young people. In the New Culture Movement, he cut his long braid first to support the movement. He disregards money, power, and status, and only devotes himself to attaining the Tao, seeking for the true self. He has to understand the Creator's way and purify his soul. He looked at everything and chose to travel everywhere. His Lao Zhuang philosophy influenced Mulan's life, making Mulan a calm, carefree, free person who is good at having fun in the ordinary life. At the same time, it also affected Kong Lifu's life, making Lifu a patriotic warrior, using the pen in his hand to awaken the sleeping Chinese. It even changed the fate of Niu Suyun. Before he died, Mr. Yao advised her: When fighting, you must remember that you are a Chinese. This sentence infected Su Yun, and eventually made Su Yun disregarding danger, refused to be a traitor, chose to be a spy in Japan, work for China, and be a real Chinese. Although Mr. Yao passed away, his thoughts still affect future generations.

In "Smooth Clouds in Beijing and China", a Taoist ideology is always revealed, and Lao Zhuang's philosophical ideas are revealed. It is an art of living that is natural, conforms to heaven, follows nature, and is easy-going. The Taoist thoughts in the book are mainly reflected by Yao Si'an, a master of the WTO. Every time he talked with his daughter Mulan, every time he was calm and calm in the face of calamity, and after a long journey alone, he came to realize that he had revealed the thought of Taoism. This is a complete realization of a dream like a dream, a kind of joyful cultivation, a profound and profound shock.

Lin Yutang's daughter once commented on "Smooth Clouds in Beijing": There are good stories, philosophy, historical romances, changes in customs, deep talk, gossip, and the joy and grief of the characters in the play. Indeed, this is an all-encompassing masterpiece. If "A Dream of Red Mansions" is an encyclopedia of feudal society in China, then "Jinghua Smoke Cloud" is undoubtedly an encyclopedia of modern Chinese society. Because the story in the novel is as real as life, it makes people feel that they are not reading a book, but reading life. The historical facts in the book are simply dramas displayed on the stage, and the background after the drama is the profound culture of the Chinese nation.

After reading "Jinghua Yanyun", I also thought of "Home". The backgrounds of the stories are very similar, all of which are the sadness and joy of a large family. There is a shadow of "Home", I think it is probably because the description of one of the girls is similar to that of another girl in "Home". As for this book, if it is a snake gray line, I think it is still inappropriate. There are a total of 45 times in "Jinghua Smoke Clouds" and 4 times in "A Dream of Red Mansions". If it is Fu Yan thousands of miles, it is really not long enough. I really want to say in a word that "Jinghua Smoke Cloud" is not as interesting as "A Dream of Red Mansions". "Dream of Red Mansions", how to say it is worthy of historical status and a book of high value. In the book, there are wonderful descriptions of couplets, poems, and fu, and even descriptions of medicinal materials and various foods are written in various places. Therefore, although "Jinghua Smoke Cloud" is likely to win the Nobel Prize, it is still more interesting. However, regarding the subsequent war of aggression against China, the description from the perspective of Yao Mulan's own family is still very readable. In addition, Yao Mulan is also a very distinctive personality.

My favorite character in "Jinghua Yanyun" is Yao Mulan. Although she is a wealthy lady, she always shows great skill, whether it is planning for the future or dealing with complex interpersonal relationships. The only disadvantage is that she does not control her marriage. Although the person she loves is Li Fu, she only has friends with him. So, it's a pity. In addition, Yao Mulan is well-informed and has been influenced by various cultures in her family since she was a child. She is a soul longing for freedom. At the same time, she also has a shadow of Zhuangzi's thoughts, inherited from her father. Although I like my thoughts better, I have to admit that at that time, Yao Mulan's father instilled Zhuangzi's thoughts into her was a wise thing.

"Jinghua Smoke Cloud" after reading 3000 words

"Jinghua Yanyun" is a novel that can be viewed at any time. It is not necessary to read it at any time, but it is best to read it alone when the Yelang people are still. When you are drowsy, get up and drink a cup of tea and ask yourself: Life, life, am I one of the clowns? Lin Rusi said this wonderfully. Maybe it's a coincidence. When I read this novel, most of the time was in the dead of night. At this moment, Wan Ye was silent, and the only thing audible was his own heartbeat. If it happens that the bright moon hangs out of the window, the splendid radiance accompanied by the scent of flowers will be sent into the room by the breeze, it is the best enjoyment.

Among the novels are stories, philosophy, historical romances, customs changes, deep talks, and gossips. The novel tells the three major families of Peking, Zeng, Yao, and Niu from the Boxer Rebellion in 1901 to the anti-Japanese war for more than 30 years. Love and hatred. It also interspersed historical events such as Yuan Shikai's usurpation of the country, Zhang Xun's restoration, direct war, warlord separatism, May 4th Movement, March 18 tragedy, yushi and modern criticist pen battles, youth left-leaning World War II outbreak, and other panoramic events The changing landscape of modern Chinese society. The storyline is compact and exciting. Just as Zhu Xi said, the text must be beautifully read, lift your spirits, erect your bones, and do n’t be sleepy. If you have a sword in the back, I often fall into contradiction and struggle when reading this novel. The wonderful and wonderful text in it drew me up and wanted to finish it in one breath. But because the novel story is too exciting, I can't bear to read it in a short time. So keep reminding yourself to slow down and read carefully. As if a child was fortunate enough to receive an unusually delicious piece of candy from an adult, he wanted to eat it in one breath, but was reluctant to finish it immediately, so he had to sip slowly. But I was eager in my heart and could not wait, so I often read till late at night, and still couldn't stop thinking about it. It wasn't until the whole book was read that the tense string in my head was relaxed, and the restless nights of sleep and sleep disappeared for a few days. The fate of the characters who were worried about them were all settled. Instead, I felt a sense of loss. When reading a novel, I was always sincere and horrified, carefully, as if Liu Ye had entered the Grand View Garden. Everything inside was so subtle, something I had never seen or heard before. Let me open my eyes and unconsciously respectfully. So when I finished reading the novel and wanted to write something, I didn't dare to write. I am afraid that I am not qualified to comment arbitrarily, and I am afraid that my clumsy strokes cannot express the emotion in my heart. But the emotional emotion in my heart was like an active volcano, which was about to blow out, and I felt unpleasant.

Many people are used to comparing this book with "A Dream of Red Mansions". In fact, this book is indeed written by Mr. Lin Yutang after the structure of "A Dream of Red Mansions". Maybe the characters in the book have the shadows of the characters in "The Dream of Red Mansions", but I think the book contains something very different from "The Dream of Red Mansions". If the reader carefully observes, it is not difficult to find that the whole book of "Famous Clouds in Jinghua" contains the spirit of home, and the beginning of the novel is the Taoist daughter. What is Tao? Lao Tzu said: Where there is no root, no foundation, no leaves and no glory, everything is alive, everything is alive, and life is called Tao. The Tao Te Ching also states that the Tao has one life, one life two, two life three, and three life. In fact, Taoist spirit is a philosophy, not a religion. It advocates letting nature take its course. For example, in the novel, Mulan is engaged with Wu Ya, and Mr. Fu advocates marriage between men and women, using life-form coordination. He said that Magnolia is golden life, Xia Ya is water life, and golden light and water glitter. Mochou is earthly life, Li Fu is wood life, and soil raises wood, and wood grows and prospers. This theory is precisely the harmony and unification of Yin Yang and Five Elements in Taoism in Taoism. In the novel, Niu Caishen convicted and copied the family, and Su Yun's abandonment all implies the thought of Taoism doing nothing. Or simply we can say that everything in the novel is in line with Taoist thinking, because things happen and become natural.

Regarding the characters in the book, the first thing to say is Yao Mulan. Lin Yutang once said: If you are a daughter, you must be Mulan. It can be seen that Magnolia is the most perfect woman in his heart. Mulan was born in a wealthy home, and received a good education, naturally has a calm and elegant temperament. And she is brilliant and autonomous. Wang Guowei has a poem, most of which cannot be kept in the world. However, no matter at that age, the author's words about her beautiful appearance are not hesitant. Not only did she go to the hall, but she also had access to the kitchen, laundry, cooking, embroidery, and housekeeping. These traditional women have all the qualities that she is proficient in. She has a wide-hearted selfless world, a courage to be able to hit the water for three thousand miles, a glamour that is gradually widening, and a stubborn, strong self-confidence that I will seek up and down, and a self-confidence with poetry and scholarship. She is frank and sincere, especially when she sees beautiful things, she sheds tears unconsciously, she is so perfect as an elf strayed into the world! What I have to say here is her relationship with Li Fu. Mulan became associated with Lifu when she was throwing copper coins in her teenage years, and then she watched the flood together. She watched the sunrise and the Wubei monument in Mount Tai. All the details in these events showed that she loved Lifu deeply. However, she handled the relationship with extraordinary tolerance and restraint. After getting engaged with Wu Ya, she said to her sister Mo Chou: Sister, you are blessed than me. A seemingly plain and casual sentence contains much helplessness and sadness! It makes people feel sad. Because there is no alternative, let it be. After all, she also loves her younger sister Mo Chou. However, Magnolia is a true-hearted person. When Li Fu was caught in prison and was in danger of her life, she desperately went into danger and went to the commander's house to intercede. With her intelligence and wit, Li Fu was rescued. Love is like blue and white ink, and He fears a moment of fragrant bloom, although Mulan's move was a bit garbled and reckless and was therefore questioned by Pu Ya. But let us see her brave and true temperament revealed, deeply admired by readers, with great respect. As for Li Fu's feelings for Magnolia, the book does not clearly state it, but from various details, it is clear that Li Fu also has a good impression on Mulan. But the most commendable thing is that they kept pure Platonic emotion from beginning to end. One is in Hangzhou, and the other is in Suzhou. In plain days, mountains and waters can be forgotten, and the sun and the moon can be unrelated. Each has its own sorrow and joy, each passing through its own stream.

With her husband and wife's life, Mulan also lived a lively and interesting life. As a wonderful homesick, she thought about imitating Manniang to wrap her feet, and she also wanted to give her husband a wife, and she would accompany her husband to swim in the mountains and waters, visit Youyou Sheng, and discuss the moon with her husband. life. The whimsical ideas coming out of her mind will bring many surprises and touches to her husband. She can wear a brocade dress, elegant and luxurious, or a sarong, simple and elegant. She uses different attitudes and makeup to adapt to life in different periods. She used tolerance and wisdom to wipe out the emotions of Pu Ya and Cao Lihua in the bud, not only taking care of her husband's face, but also quietly resolving a war without gunpowder. At the end of the novel, when Mulan led the family to the west, she was still calm and calm. At this time, her identity had changed tremendously, and she became an ordinary village woman from a wealthy family. However, her outstanding temperament has a bearing on life. Passion has not changed at all. You can still be filled with joy and hope in the difficult escape.

However, my favorite character is Yao Mochou. Mulan is good, but because it is too perfect, it makes me untouchable. But Mo Chou showed me a full-bodied, lively image. If Magnolia is a burning fire, Mo Chou is a clear and soft water. Mochou was born in a wealthy family like Mulan, and the sisters can be said to be blossoming. Perhaps Mochou is not as good as Magnolia, but Mochou's character is more mature and stable than Magnolia. As Mulan's sister, Mo Chou's talent is not inferior, which can be reflected in Mo Chou's debate with Li Fu. But Mo Chou's greatest wisdom lies not in the talents in his poems, but in his philosophy of life. Mochou is more realistic. She always knows what she wants and how to get it. She sees it more thoroughly and practically than Mulan. She also said that she had changed from cleverness to confusion, as everyone knows that rare confusion is the rarest realm in life! Mo Chouzhong is filial and filial. During the illness and bedtime of Yao's mother, she silently assumed the responsibility of taking care of her mother. Complaints. After marrying Li Fu, Mo Chou quickly changed his role, retreating from the romantic romance into the real life of the husband and wife. Willing to set off the bustling and beloved person in the morning bell and twilight, An Zhiruo will lead a bland life. Li Fu is stubborn and has a hot temper. The character of water in Mochou's character came into play. She knew the technique of Rou Kegang, knew the twists and turns, and bypassed the hard stones. Still can be glamorous, achieve the desired result. With her tenderness like water, she resolved Lifu's paranoia and was tough enough to achieve the effect of dripping stones.

Sister Mulan ’s feelings about Li Fu, do n’t you know how sensitive Mo Chou is? But she chose to be tolerant and silent. Since she is harmless, she does n’t need a chicken belly! This is the embodiment of Mochou's wisdom and wisdom. Mo worrying like water, surrounded Li Fu tightly, but he could give him enough space and freedom. She knows when to enter and when to retreat. She has a degree of relaxation and thunder in the silent place, which guarantees Li Fu's safety. Mo Chou is a well-deserved wife and mother. Compared to Moji's Taiji technique, Mulan is much simpler. Mulan and Lifu have similar personalities, same hobbies, and quite different views. If the two are united, they must be like-minded, and Mulan absolutely supports all Li Fu's practices and even acts of anger and adventure. She will push Lifu out, and it will cause devastating damage to Lifu. Therefore, Mo Chou and Li Fu are the most perfect combination.

This novel has created a variety of characters, classic, modern, conservative, open, honest, and ingenious, one by one, vivid and fleshy. Yao Si'an is the perfect embodiment of Taoism. He advocated freedom and let it go, which was quite rare in the society at that time. In particular, he gave up Ronghua in his later years, left his family, traveled around, and swam across the famous mountains and rivers during begging. In the end, I realized that I saw a lot of things. Only with such a good father can there be an excellent sister like Mulan Mochou. Speaking of Li Fu, I appreciate his extraordinary talents, agree with his patriotic thinking, and admire his courage to serve the country, but I do not like him. He always feels that he is too idealistic, the book is too angry, and his work is impulsive and immature. They all say: The good woman is a school. Li Fu is most fortunate that he encountered Mochou, which allows him to make the most of his talent in the ordinary. As stated in the novel, Wu Ya is a typical honest man without much talent and without obvious shortcomings. But as far as husband is concerned, Xia Ya is qualified. He has fun, understands life, knows that his wife cares about his children, and works hard for the happiness of his family, which is enough. In the novel, I also have a deep impression on Manny, who looks very beautiful, elegant and demure, and she is more in line with the feminist aesthetics of women's talent and virtue. In order to please Zeng's family, she hurried to Zeng's family with her mother, and when she met Ping Ya, the words and thousands of words saved in her heart were reduced to a simple Ping brother. I came, and a sister from Ping Ya, you Come here. These simple seven words are full of how much lovesickness! How can you helplessly make people, Man Niang had to be newly married to Ping Ya widow, and this guard is a lifetime! Man Niang's approach is inevitable to some modern people. Pedantic, even difficult to understand. There was a time when I was bored or even disgusted by Manny. But at the end of the article, when Japanese invaders invaded China, and Manniang professed herself, I was moved by Manniang's so-called persistence. Manniang devotes her whole life to the belief in her heart, which is the greatness of this ordinary woman!

At the end of the article, it was described that the Mulan family saw a neat row of military vehicles on the road during their escape, and the young bloody soldiers sang: The mountains and rivers are not light, and they will not return home. Mulan was deeply shocked by the slowly moving crowd! This scene was not only a flight, but also a manifestation of the nation's deep patience and majestic power. Although there are countless hardships, everyone has a strong spirit of resistance to the Japanese, and does not drive the Japanese away, never swear! The author wrote here, his eyes were full of tears, and the author wrote crying, How can readers be swallowed with tears? When I read this, I was already in tears. I believe that every Chinese will be touched and shocked when they see this place. Such deep emotions are difficult for non-Chinese to understand, because we cannot forget history, nor will we forget history. We will keep history in mind and shame. Only remembering can make us stronger, and only stronger can wash away shame!

The purpose of Mr. Lin Yutang's writing of this book is to introduce Chinese society to Westerners, so that people can live with the Chinese, and be happy and angry together. Lin Rusi has a concise summary: when you open it, you feel like a galloping stream at first, then you feel a faint flow, then you feel sadness, and finally you feel the bleakness before the thunderstorm. At the end, the thunder is thunderous. stop. After reading the complete book, I really felt this way, concealing my contemplation, and Fang Jue was a dream. It should be said that the purpose of Mr. Lin Yutang has been achieved! Perhaps there is only one sentence to describe the subtlety of this book: This book should only exist in heaven!

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