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"Fan Jinzhongju" 500-character reading notes

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"Fan Jinzhongju" 500-character reading notes

I read the article "Fan Jinzhongju" today. This article talks about Fan Jin's examination of the candidates every year. Only when he was 54 years old did he take the examination.

Fan Jin was originally poor, so because he insisted on taking examinations every year, his family became poorer. When he heard that Fan Jin decided to take a test, his manager scolded him, Fan Jin quietly went to the test, and when he returned, he told him to scold him again.

When Fan Jin was admitted to the examination, the attitude of the family changed to him, and a 180-degree turn was made. He was afraid to scold him. Said he was a star in the sky. The neighbours said that he was a newcomer, and from calling him Fan Jin to calling him Master Fan. He and I saw that Fan Jin was so crazy that I was very funny. Fan Jin was a hypocrite. When Zhang Xiangshen gave him silver, he repeatedly quit, and finally received it. Then he immediately asked the Hun family to open it to see that it was false.

This article mainly talks about the feudal society's poisoning to readers. My evaluation of Mr. Fan Jinzhang is that at the beginning, he criticized Fan Jin for poisoning him with his current treasure. However, when Fan Jinzhong raised people, his attitude towards him was different. I suddenly thought of the reason that one person can get the word, chicken and dog ascend to heaven, which literally means that a person is famous, even his chickens and dogs will be famous. Like Kong Yiji, he stole Ding Ju's book and got a discounted leg. Ding Ju's books are different in that society.

The fate of Fan Jin and Kong Yiji is the same, they are both victims of the feudal social imperial examination system. Our current society is much better than that. At that time, the tests were called child test, hometown test, union test, and hall test, all of which were writing an article. Exams are now in English, physics, and so on. This is the progress of society, and this is the progress of the examination system.

"Fan Jinzhongju" 500-character reading notes

I read one of "Fan Jinzhongju" in this summer vacation. This story tells a series of performance and family changes after Fan Jinzhongju, which brought us laughter and brought us endless. Thoughtful.

This story is part of the satirical novel "The History of Rulin" by the famous writer Wu Jingzi in the Qing Dynasty. The story describes Fan Jin's participation in the rural examination as a way of raising people, and vividly depicts his mad and crazy image using exaggerated techniques. , Profoundly exposed the ugly soul of this scholar, and at the same time reflected the coldness of the world through the changes in his destiny, as well as the activities and mental outlook of intellectuals and officials and gentry in the late feudal society. I mainly talk about Fan Jin, who is a victim of the imperial examination system. It mainly reflects two aspects: first, he is a well-known person. Fan Jin has repeatedly failed in previous imperial examinations, but he still insisted on taking the exams until he was 54 years old. Later, he went to the hometown exam, but his family refused. Despite this, he still insisted on the exam and ignored his family. In the end, he was lifted, but ecstatic, not crying. Obviously, he didn't study for grades at all, but for fame. These people, if they really get a good score, they can only be lucky.

Secondly, he is a pedantic person. The family was so poor that there was no food to eat, Fan Jin was at a loss, and had to wait for his mother to "command" before he hurriedly sold the chicken, but he took a stab at the set, looking around, and still couldn't sell the chicken for a long time. It can be seen that this person only reads books and does nothing, which is no different from doing nothing. The good results he got may be the result of good luck. If he can change that incompetence, then ecstasy will not happen.

In Qing Dynasty life, there were many people who were crazy because of good grades. In the final analysis, the rigidity of the imperial examination system of the Qing Dynasty. The "character jail" and "eight-legged essay" have affected examinees' nerves and restricted their free play. The story, and even the entire novel, the author used a funny and humorous approach to make this phenomenon extremely ironic, which also indirectly promoted the abolition of the later imperial examination system. Back to the present, the long-term examination-oriented education has also brought us pain. If we do not change the education method in time, I am afraid it will be as crazy as in the novel. So this story is just as appropriate for us.

"Fan Jinzhongju" 500-character reading notes

After learning "Fan Jinzhongju", what impressed me most was the imperial examination system at the time, which also gave me a little understanding of why I studied. (jajshop.com After Reading Network)

Fan Jin in the text was a talent at the beginning, and then he was lifted. During this time, a thing that made people laugh and cry. From these things, I have seen the world in the feudal society is cold. People's bullying loves wealth and numbness.

Fan Jin's 54-year-old talent, and then test, in order to be a big official, the benefit of being a big official is probably easier to get money from the people. This article was also shown. Fan Jingang's attitude was immediately lifted. Hu Tu's attitude changed immediately. The neighbors rushed to bring chicken, rice, and money. Zhang Xiangshen sent the house and the car again. It was a real reward! I think Most of the scholars are honest for officials and willing to ask for the people, but such people must be a minority, and how they changed the atmosphere at that time. Therefore, the imperial examination system at that time was enough to destroy the spirit of the intellectuals and become numb, only to learn the exams for officials and wealth.

This article is about the Ming Dynasty, but the fact author Wu Jingzi used the Ming Dynasty to reflect the current situation of the Qing Dynasty. Later, I checked the information and learned that the content of the imperial examination was mainly eight articles. He mainly chose writing as the topic from the five classics: Poetry, Book, Li, Yi, and Spring and Autumn. The format of the article is also stipulated: there are four paragraphs in the eight-strand text, and each paragraph must have an parallel sentence. It was later called Yagu. According to the time, in order to be admitted to the ranks of officials, as long as the eight-stroke text has been practiced, even the composition must be formatted, I wonder if my thoughts have been expressed, but what's the point of studying this way?

The imperial examination system is gone, but some ethos still exist. We must not be confused by them. We must always remember why we learn.

"Fan Jinzhongju" 500-character reading notes

China's satirical literature has a long tradition. As early as the prose of the pre-Qin Zhuzi, there have been quite ironic works. "Rulin Outside History" inherits and develops the fine tradition of satirical literature in our country. "Fan Jin Zhongju" is an excellent article in "Rulin Outside History".

"Fan Jin Zhongju" tells the story of an old scholar named Fan Jin who was admitted to Juren when he was fifty-four years old. The people around him included his loved ones. From the previous cynicism to the enthusiasm of complimenting him, he remained motionless The husband who scolded him also offered diligence to Fan Jin.

When I saw that Fan Jin said to his teacher that he was fifty-four years old and had taken 20 examinations, I couldn't help but be shocked. How could he be so old? Is there no other way out? It's me. The two exams are just another job. It's impossible to be so stubborn for decades. My mother told me: everything is good, only reading is high, everyone in the feudal period thought that only reading can be successful. After passing the exam, you can become an official, and an official will have the right. The rich will then trade money and rights with the right holder, and the name and profit will be harvested. Therefore, scholars such as Fan Jin, Zhang Jin, Li Jin and Wang Jin desperately took the exam.

Sure enough, Fan Jin did not take the exam for a long time, and the landlord and squire gave him money and gifts. Soon he lived a good life as a man, and soon integrated into the officialdom. .

This is irony, and the author of "Ru Lin Wai Shi" used this book to sarcasm the current social situation at the time and show everyone a sick society.

I don't know much about the book "Ru Lin Wai Shi", but I know there must be more interesting knowledge in it.

"Fan Jinzhongju" 500-character reading notes

Recently, I studied the text "Fan Jinzhongju" which uses a sharp contrast.

The text mainly contrasts the attitudes of Fan Jinzhongju before and after everyone around him.

Closing the textbook, my heart can't be calm for a long time, this text has a lot of inspiration to me.

Prior to Zhongju, Fan Jin's family was impoverished and he often couldn't open the pot. But in this regard, his neighbors also showed no sympathy and never offered a helping hand to Fan Jin. As a husband and wife husband, he often scolded Fan Jin aggressively and aggressively. Fan Jin showed resentment and patience.

Finally, after years of hard work, Fan Jinjin made a name for himself in high school. At this point, the attitude of people around him began to change dramatically. The originally indifferent neighbors became enthusiastic. Some came to congratulate some rice and some wine. Hu Tuhu also changed the fierce behavior of the past and praised Fan Jin with respect and respect. Qi, please make up.

The intense changes that happened during Fan Jinzhong's movements before and after this made me realize that the society at that time had a bleak world, and the dark atmosphere such as becoming prone to inflammation and being prone to poverty and wealth.

Although the phenomenon of the motherland reflected the darkness of the society at the time, I also realized from it: Only when I have the ability can I win the respect of others.

As a middle school student in a new era, I want to be a fair and just person, with the same appearance and with real talents, and contribute my own power for the better construction of the motherland.

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