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Reading "Gulliver's Travels" 2000 Words

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Reading "Gulliver's Travels" 2000 Words

Gleeve's Travels is a world famous book. Among Chinese readers, Jonathan Swift's name is not as loud as Shakespeare, Dickens, or Bernard Shaw, but how many people have read these works with such loud names? On the contrary, the story of the little country and the big country is almost the same. It's a household name. At the same time as it became known at home, Gleeve's Travels seemed to be a children's book in the hearts of ordinary people. So, isn't it? If not, what kind of book is it?

Gleeve's Travels is an odd book, but I disagree with some critics' views that this is a children's book, magical imagination, exaggerated means, and allegorical writing, although it is a common feature of children's books in general However, Gleeve's Travels is famous for its history of world literature for its outstanding irony. And Swift's name, at least among British satirists, is still rare.

"Gleeve's Travels" consists of four parts. The first volume of Philip's Travels and the second volume of Brobbdininger's Travels were written between 1721 and 1722. The fourth volume of Huiyin's travels before the third volume was written in 1723. The third volume is relatively loose, and the surface is more open. It is mainly based on Lepita's travel notes, and also includes travel notes of Barney Babi, Ragnaig, Greer Cone, and Japan. From 1724 to One seven two five wrote for two years. The four parts should be said to be independent of each other, and some connection or contrast on the surface may exist only between the first and second volumes. Gleeve changed from the Giant Hill in the villain kingdom to the poor dwarf in the adults kingdom. Of course, whether from the front or the back, Swift's emotions and thoughts are consistent in the four parts. That is, a full-bodied critique of British society in the first half of the eighteenth century, especially the lashing of the ruling class's corruption, incompetence, boredom, viciousness, obscenity, greed, arrogance, etc. Go beyond Britain in the beginning of the eighteenth century, and direct that to the sinful, stupid, dirty, irrational whole humanity.

The first volume is standard irony. Although everyone now acknowledges that the villain country is actually an epitome of the British Liliput court, which is also the British court, people still have to admire Swift's amazing imagination. Why did he come up with the idea of a villain country? The size ratio between Griff and the Lilipians is: 2. This proportion is strictly adhered to throughout the book, with no errors. In terms of writing skills, this visual choice is genius, and the effect it produces is ubiquitous humor. We certainly know that the author is satire and sarcasm, but this sarcasm and sarcasm are rational, calm, and even milder. The author is not completely excited yet, he is just telling you stories, a series of interesting stories that readers have never seen before.

This is how the reader was fascinated by his Swift stories, and he forgot that every single one of his stories was actually pointed. Whether high-heeled or low-heeled, big-endian or little-endian, and even specific people like the Chancellor of the Exchequer, they could find their shadow from the British upper class at the time. Some critics even think that some of the pointed satires actually apply to the entire human race, not just the United Kingdom.

The irony in the first volume is positive and direct. Griffin suddenly took the lead as a giant in Liliput, composed of small people, things, and things. Although he was frequently harassed, he experienced various dissatisfaction. You must always pay attention to walking on the street to avoid accidentally stepping on people or knocking down the house, but he will always be condescending. Regardless of the emperor or minister, let it be arrogant. In the eyes of Greif, it is always just A group of absurdly stupid, trivial animals. Here's the ratio: 2. From the beginning to the end, Griff enjoys the cheapness and pleasure of looking down. Of course, even in such a villain country, its internal and corrupt disputes will one day destroy itself.

The second volume of Blobdininger's Travels is in contrast to the first volume, Griffin came to the Kingdom of Adults, and suddenly it was shrunk from a giant mountain to Gliltrig. Living in the kingdom of adults, I feel like a Liliput. The ratio is reversed and becomes 2 :. Griff's perspective changed from condescending to looking up everywhere. This strong contrast is symbolic. This kind of irony is quite sharp and has the power to make the opponent unable to fight back. Swift obviously also said that there was no scruples.

Regardless of the author's consideration, the appearance of the third volume has somewhat undermined the perfection of the form of Gleeve's Travels as a whole, and it lacks strength in the series of fragments that make up the third volume. The structure appears to be loose. The scope has been expanded, but it seems that the author is joking, and it is not ironic in many places. The third volume acts as a buffer, alleviating the strong feelings between the second and fourth volumes.

The third volume consists of five travel notes. Lepiter's Travels is the first, and its ironic theme is obvious, that is, British rule and exploitation of Ireland. In the subsequent Barney and Barbie Travels, Swift's satire is straightforward and undisguised, and the object of satire is the Lagdo University of Science. In addition, Swift satirizes the so-called neo-critical approach to literature and history.

The fourth volume of Hui Yin's Journey seems to be the most controversial part. What does Swift want to tell us in this volume? For more than two hundred years, people's discussions on this issue have gone far beyond academic scope. "Gleeve's Travels" was widely welcomed as soon as it was published. But almost immediately after Swift's death, a prolonged attack on Volume IV began. Is Swift anti-human? Is the development of humanity on the one hand demonstrating its true civilization and virtues, and at the same time more comprehensively and clearly exposing its corruption and ugliness. The satire writer, however, has gone further on this road. In fact, criticism or sarcasm is often not malicious, but it may be because of deeper love; perhaps it is anger.

Is this Swift's anti-humanity? If so, we might as well accept it. From this we see the strongest, deepest, most powerful, and most uncompromising irony. The value of Gleeve's Travels and Swift's greatness is also based on this.

Reading "Gleeve's Travels", as if in the ocean of author Swift's imagination, he used a spicy, sarcastic, or mocking brushwork to construct a fantastic and strange world. The strange country, strange characters, and the strange encounters of the protagonist form a Swift or ideal or anti-ideal country, making readers both indulged in his wild imagination and moved by the profound connotation in the book. Makes Gleeve's Travels a milestone in the history of world literature.

Reading "Gulliver's Travels" 2000 Words

During the summer vacation, I asked my mother to buy several extra-curricular books for me, one of which was very memorable. During this holiday, I read this very interesting book-Gulliver's Travels.

The author of "Gulliver's Travels" is British Swift (1667-1745). He was a famous British satire and politician in the 18th century. Born in Dublin, Ireland, I like Jiang Naisheng very much. Swift works. Like Lu Xun and Lao She, he was a satirical writer. Gulliver's Travels reflects the darkness of the British capitalist political system. The hero Gulliver has experienced countless bizarre detachments and unusual stories. Let us walk into this book and feel it!

This book is about a surgeon Gulliver who is very interested in sailing. The hero Gulliver is an adventurer who loves to travel. He has been to many strange places and always has some unexpected surprises. His life is so colorful. Because of a storm during a sea voyage, surgeon Gulliver accidentally broke into an unfamiliar place, and an incredible adventure began: after encountering war in a villain country, he became a hero worshipped by all people after successfully retreating from the enemy; in an adult country Being used as a doll, taking the risk of fleeing the life of nine deaths; in the island country, black and white are reversed, and the strange phenomenon of right and wrong makes people laugh and cry ...

On a voyage, "them" encountered a severe storm, and killed 12 people. The ship also hit the reef. The alive had to abandon the ship and escape, but the storm overturned the lifeboat. Large, pushed by the waves to the shore.

As soon as Gulliver woke up, he found himself "grabbed" by the villain. A month later, he became a hero admired by all because he repelled the enemy's fleet.

Gulliver's adventures are twisty, bizarre, and exciting. Described in detail his travel experience in four countries: villain country, giant country, flying island country and Huiying country. The villain nation is a microcosm of British society, full of intrigue and turmoil; and the giant nation is an ideal kingdom. Their indisputable and simple politics make people yearn for it. The flying island nation is a The deformed and perverted country, where people are busy all the time, busy with the ridiculous and useless pseudoscience; the horses in the country of Huiyu are the embodiment of sincerity and wisdom, but humans have become lower-level animals ... ...

In the villain kingdom, he became a mighty giant, and was named "Nadak"-the highest honor of the Lippute Empire. Seeing this I am proud of Gulliver. After that, in the adult kingdom, Gulliver became a small pet there, and became the jokes of the king and queen. I felt helpless for Gulliver when I saw this. In Malaysia, he has become a humble "Wild Hu", and I feel sorry for him. But despite the many crises, the brave Gulliver did not know where he was going. I admire his bravery, and I have to learn his spirit.

When I was very young, I read the stories of "little people's kingdom" and "adult country". Now I read the complete masterpiece again, but read some emotions different from the previous interesting emotions.

First, I discovered the fine side of the author. There have been many books written by giants or villains, but few authors are as fine as Swift and strictly adhere to the 1:12 size ratio. Moreover, there are a lot of data in the whole book that should be calculated by the author accurately.

Secondly, especially in Volumes I and III, there is a lot of ridiculous but thought-provoking content. Such as "high-heeled" and "low-heeled party", "big-endian" and "little-endian", weird ways to enter the career path, and Barney Barbie's Travels in the various large academy of sciences the study. The content may seem ridiculous, but it also reflects the irony of some politicians and unrealistic scientists.

There is a paragraph that impresses me in the second volume of Blobdingnaig's Travels. When Gulliver mentioned gunpowder and guns to the king, the king flatly refused. He stated that he would rather lose half of the river and mountains than possess such a killing weapon. In contrast, Liliput's court was extremely cruel, and he wanted to slowly starve Gulliver by reducing food. A comparison between the two volumes reveals that the author's irony has grown stronger.

In addition, from the aspect of writing technique alone, in the process of writing, the author used a combination of detailed methods in addition to comparison. For example, about the history of the kingdom in the middle, the author chose some of the important parts to introduce, and some parts, such as the report of the Liliptes searching his belongings and the impeachment book against him, clearly showed their ignorance, The ridiculous side is very detailed.

Gulliver's Travels, as a well-known masterpiece, may have entered our lives with the appearance of fairy tales, but from a detailed perspective, this book is a wonderful satire of no ancients and no later. Although there is some fairy tale atmosphere in the book, if you only look at it as a fairy tale book, you can't appreciate the beauty of it.

In this article, the first two volumes are the most vivid. The language is also extremely funny and full of imagination. At the same time, the use of irony, exaggeration, contrast and other methods to make the plot more lively, people can never tire of it. He exposed and criticized the dark and time-consuming characteristics of society, criticizing the political system, social phenomena, and descriptions of various characters of his time. It also obtained a strong artistic effect.

In "Gulliver's Travels", the anecdote encountered by the navigator Gulliver in four different countries. Satire and contrast from his own perspective. Although the plot and characters in Gulliver's Travels are purely fictitious, he is based on the real life of the writer and therefore has profound practical significance. This usage is both subtle and serious, giving a strong sense of realism.

Although "Gulliver's Travels" has gone through more than two hundred years, the stories of the kingdoms of the adults and the nations of the people are still widely spread in various countries. (After reading jajshop.com)

After reading this book, I have the deepest feelings for Hui Yanguo. The owner of this country is a horse. They are kind, simple, value friendship, be kind and kind. They have many good qualities that we don't have in us. Animals have many ugly things in humans: greed, brutality, deceit ... very close to humans. In this story, I learned a lot and saw my own shortcomings. There are many virtues in the horses of Huiyin that we do n’t have in us, and we should learn from them; and these good qualities tell us: we should be ashamed of the crimes we have committed.

We should learn from the horses in Huiyu Kingdom, and learn about the various good qualities in them.

Well, from this book, I am addicted to this. Perhaps Gulliver made me see the former Britain.

After reading this book, I felt very uncomfortable, and I still don't understand: Why did the former British social situation ... What should I say? Perhaps, I should keep it secret for the British.

I have benefited a lot from reading this book. The book is an ocean of knowledge. Let's travel together!

Reading "Gulliver's Travels" 2000 Words

The day before yesterday, my mother bought me a book called Gulliver's Travels, which is from the famous British writer Jonathan. Swift. I have read many books, and the book that made me feel the deepest was Gulliver's Travels. Gulliver's Travels is an adventure novel, and I didn't know what it means to be strong after reading this book. The content of this book is very fascinating. I read it in one breath. I hope that one day I can travel around the world like Gulliver and experience the different customs.

This book is about a "Gulliver" person who came to the villain country because of some accident. In the villain country, Gulliver was regarded as an intruder, and the king personally interrogated. Gulliver relied on himself. His ingenuity won the trust of the king, and eventually he overcame the difficulties and became the foreign minister of the villain nation. Gulliver then went through all kinds of dangers to prepare to go home, but somehow came to Giant Island, and eventually he used his wisdom to overcome all kinds of difficulties and return home.

The hero of this novel is Gulliver. He is a doctor and often sails. This book mainly writes that Gulliver was overturned by a big wave due to a voyage, and thus experienced a villain, an adult, and Japan ... During this period he experienced many ordeals. This book tells the history of Gulliver's play in four countries. Gulliver also encountered different treatments in different countries. It can be seen that the author's social situation in the era when the sarcasm author lived.

Let's talk about the villain country first. He has been to the villain country. Each villain is basically 6 inches. The people there are only half a thumb size as Gulliver. The king named him "Giant Mountain". He helped the king to invade the country , Set a lot of records. There were two kingdoms, each of which wanted to own Gulliver, but impossible, Gulliver eventually left.

The travels of Huiyin State are really amazing! There are only horses on the island, but no one, but there is a kind of "Yehu" that looks like a human. Marco is the ruler of this country! Gulliver learned the language of the horses on the island, but when he returned home, it took him several days to learn to get along with people.

There are also adult nations. After a few months, Gulliver sailed again, and he came to the Kingdom of Adults. Everyone is basically as tall as a building, maybe ... the original people there are thousands of times higher than us, right? Yes, there People are thousands of times taller than us! People like us, where the thinnest silk is thicker than a British blanket. Moreover, the shallowest river there is, in our opinion, as deep as the one hundred Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon. In the adult kingdom, a dog is 100 times higher than Gulliver. He almost got bitten by a baby ... Gulliver came to the palace, and the queen was very fond of him, and no one was allowed to harm him. Lev. Gulliver sailed again shortly, and this time he came to the flying island country. The people looked strange, and the island actually flew. Gulliver finally came to Huima, there are many horses, and they are full of wisdom.

In short, he experienced many ordeals, and finally returned to his hometown and reunited with his family. I was deeply touched by his persistence and perseverance. If I were him and I came to the Giant Kingdom, my legs might be frightened, but I will use Gulliver as an example. His unwillingness to give up will rejuvenate me, and I will give full play to it. His own expertise, courageously face difficulties.

Every time the heroine Gulliver is treated, he is treated differently. Hearing and witnessing, everything is strange, and the author has made a detailed description to let the reader be present.

During the summer vacation, I read Gulliver's Travels again. This jerking book by Jonathan Wivest has me fascinating. The hero of the book, Gulliver, is a man who loves sailing adventures. He toured four strange countries: Adults, Petit, Feidao, and Huima. During this period, he experienced thrilling and fun adventures of all sizes. In particular, the strange and strange storylines in the kingdom of adults and villains attracted me deeply. However, what impressed me the most was that Gulliver rafted in North America in 1710, visited Huima on a desert island, met Huima with honesty and kindness, and knew that there was no "lying" in Huima's language And words like "deception." They also don't understand "doubt" and "distrust." What's more, they don't understand their meaning. Everything is true and transparent in Huima.

I am very envious that the hero in the book is fortunate to be able to come to Hui Ma Guo, Hui Ma Guo is the ideal state we are pursuing and yearning for. You don't need to worry about the truth of other people's speech here. In the real world, many uncivilized things often happen. If someone spends money to cheat others' hard-earned money, someone sells children, or even abandons his biological parents. No wonder our teachers and parents have taught us to be vigilant in life and not to be deceived. We need to help those who are in trouble.

I deeply hope that one day our society will be like Hui Maguo. The children no longer have doubts and deceptions. I am willing to start with myself, and now I will make this society a little more sincere and less hypocritical. I think Gulliver is very happy. He went abroad three times and had adventures every time. He first went to the villainous country, then to the adult country, and finally to Feidao. The moment I closed the book, I felt that I also went to the villain country and saw many dwarfs. I went to the adult country and saw many giants as high as Mount Tai.

The heroine Gulliver traveled to the villain country because of a navigation accident. The ambitious king used Gulliver as a tool of war. In the adult country, someone gave him a show to make money for the master. In the flying island country, Gulliver witnessed the absurdity. Science; Bad Yehu in Ma Guozhong.

"Gulliver's Travels" describes Gulliver's observations in villains, adults, flying islands, and Malaysia, and uses strange ideas and exaggerated techniques to subtly sneer at the corruption of the British ruling group in the 18th century And ugly, criticized the aggressive war and colonialism of the British bourgeoisie.

When this book talks about Malaysia, it talks about a wild animal that has greed, good fortune, and aggressiveness. These various bad habits of Yehu are also very common among human beings. And Ma Guoli's horse also has a variety of excellent behaviors, these behaviors are also among humans. Although people can't be perfect, after reading this book, we must restrain our bad habits and try our best to show good character.

Every time I read this book, I will have new insights. It is really a good book that never tires of reading!

After reading this book, I highly admire Gulliver's strong quality. It is he who made me know that no matter what difficulties you face, you must face it bravely. Once when I was doing a math problem, I encountered a difficult problem. I was not discouraged. I thought of "Gulliver", and calculated it all the time, and finally solved it. Difficulty is like a spring, when you are strong, it is weak, and when you are weak, it is strong.

In life, we often think of the future, high technology, and fantasy houses ... but some wishes cannot be achieved, and we must rely on our own efforts. In the future, I will have to ponder over every problem encountered in my future study and life. I ca n’t stop thinking about it. I have to learn from Gulliver and learn his excellent quality and willingness to work. Only one step further.

How about, after listening to my introduction, it's good, I'm interested to read it. I have read this book five times. The reason I like Gulliver's Travels is: I feel that Gulliver has a sense of justice. He risked his life and did not listen to the orders of the king of villain nations.

I read this book very much.

Reading "Gulliver's Travels" 2000 Words

This winter vacation, I have read many books that are beneficial to people, among which "Gulliver's Travels" made me deeply touched. Because "Gulliver's Travels" is a world-renowned masterpiece and one of the few fine works of art and literature in the world. Society and life. Therefore, reading masterpieces, experiencing the cultural value of them, and using this to understand society and interpret life, is a required course for our growth. This is a very interesting novel, and it also satirizes the situation in contemporary Britain.

In 1726, Swift published a satirical fable novel, Gulliver's Travels, which used Captain Gulliver's tone to describe the experiences of traveling around the villainous country, the adult country, the flying island country, and the wise horse country. Although Gulliver's first country inhabitants were only 6 inches, there were also inter-party battles, inter-state wars, and the ambition, greed, and cruelty of the monarchs and ministers. For example: the villain emperor wanted to use Gulliver's talents to wipe out the enemy country in one fell swoop; and the naval minister secretly gave him a poisonous hand out of envy of Gulliver ...

This "Gulliver's Travels" writes about the protagonist Gulliver to the four fantasy kingdoms, and the treatment that Gulliver received in the four fantasy kingdoms. I read Gulliver's Travels. This book is full of magic. It reveals British policy and writes about Gulliver's visit to four nations: villain, giant, flying island, and Huiying.

The hero in the book is named Gulliver, a navigator. On one occasion, he was caught in a storm at sea, the ship was out of control and hit a reef. When he woke up, he found that his hands and feet had been tied up and his hair was nailed. It turned out that Gulliver had come to the villain kingdom. There are so many strange and exaggerated things in the villain country. For example, their method of selecting officials was to let candidates dance on the rope, and to eat eggs, they had to knock off the small end first. Gulliver's more interesting experience in the villain country, I saw it really laughed, I wish I could go to the villain country.

Later, Gulliver also went to the adult country and the flying island country, and many strange and incredible things happened. What impressed me most was that Gulliver visited Huima on a deserted island and met Huima with the virtues of kindness, honesty, and friendship. The horses there can speak, as smart and wise as all of us. Furthermore, in Huima, fighting, scolding, lying and deception are not allowed. Everyone must live in harmony. Gulliver had a wonderful time in Huima.

I am very envious of Gulliver's fantasy experience. I really want to be an explorer like Gulliver one day, travel the world, and go to places that we humans have not been to. My mother told me: "As long as there is an ideal, anything can be achieved." From now on, I will study hard and strive for an explorer in the future!

Gulliver first arrived in the villain country, where Gulliver became a behemoth. How did the chicken, duck, and fish fill the stomach of Gulliver? In the giant country, Gulliver became a giant doll and was peasant Take it to sell money; to the island nation, the people here are very fond of music, but also a bizarre country; and finally to the country of Huiyu, this is a country where people and horses are upside down, Huima is the ruler here .

I admire Gulliver's wisdom, courage and adventurous spirit. He is a man of great standing. He is also a man who loves sailing as Robinson. This wisdom and courage is what our people lack now. Let's learn from Gulliver together!

Author of the book: Jonathan. Swift's use of the characters' dialogues and the psychological activities of the characters reflects the contradictions of British society in the first half of the eighteenth century, and satirizes Britain's internal affairs and foreign policies everywhere. This writing is really clever

From this we can see that the author's disgust towards the society at that time.

In this novel, every scene in the book is described in detail, making people feel as if they heard the sound, just like the scene. And the sentences used are simple and clear, but still lively and beautiful.

Many of the inventions described by the island nations and the inventors in the island nation described in Part III show the author's expectations and aspirations for the development of science and technology.

And in the third episode, the Governor of Wizard Island can summon the dead to do things for him. In the text, the protagonist also uses the governor of Wizard Island to understand many things in history. For example, Alexander the Great was not poisoned to death, but was caused by fever caused by excessive drinking. Many of the ancestors of the emperors were almost unidentified people. This also made me understand a truth: the size of the achievement is not the height of the birth, the quality of the family, but the personal effort.

I hope our People's Republic of China will never fall to the point of being ironic

Gulliver's Travels not only has profound ideological content, but also has a perfect art form. The author used fictional plots and fantasy techniques to portray British realities at the time, and used comics to exaggerate many images. In describing the details, he strives to be realistic and delicate, so this work is very lively and interesting to read.

This book tells the story of a doctor named Gulliver who has taken all kinds of wonderful trips because of his love of sailing. For example, the villain nation, the grown-up nation, the flying island nation, and the Huima nation. No matter what country it is, Gulliver has lived a stubborn life, and worked hard to learn the language, laws, customs of this country ... and the journey of the adult kingdom has made me quite interested.

Gulliver drifted in the adult's country and was taken care of by the local villagers. Later, Gulliver was sold to his queen by his master. Since then, Gulliver has lived a comfortable and frightening life. He also described various strange situations he encountered in the villain kingdom, such as being insulted by a little dwarf, attacked by a mouse or monkey, traveling in the kingdom of adults, and talking to the emperor of the kingdom ...

After reading this chapter, I understand a truth: in life, although some things threaten you, and they seem to be difficult for you to deal with, you have to have the courage to try and fight those things, if it is really not You can ask for help instead of giving in. Just as Gulliver fought against two huge mice in adults, although those two mice were much larger than Gulliver, Gulliver was not afraid to fight the two mice, and in the end, a small Gulliver Lev had won two behemoths.

"Gulliver's Travels" is my favorite book. What about your favorite books? Say it and share it with everyone!

After reading, feel welcome to reprint and share: http://jajshop.com/zw/24610.html

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