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"The True Story of Ah Q" After Reading 600 Words

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"The True Story of Ah Q" After Reading 600 Words

Looking at "The True Story of Ah Q" written by Mr. Lu Xun, I found that the Ah Q described in his pen is a typical Chinese degenerate from the corruption of the old society. Mr. Lu Xun wrote the kindness and ugliness of humanity with irony. In this novel, I am most impressed by Ah Q ’s "spiritual victory method", which is a must-have method. The "spiritual victory method" was invented by Ah Q after suffering various setbacks. Its cleverness lies in running away from difficulties, not wanting to solve the problem, and finding the root cause of the problem, it can only turn around and run.

If we use the "spiritual victory method" in our studies, we will not be able to gain a foothold among our classmates. In order to reduce external pressure, Ah Q in the novel can only use self-deception to evade reality and conceit himself, so he sinks deeper and deeper, and makes himself live forever in the wonderful fantasy world weaving. . Obviously he is at a disadvantage, but because of various external setbacks, he is helpless, so he only uses spiritual victory to obtain spiritual comfort, but this is a self-narcotic method after all, it does not make himself stronger .

Ah Q ’s social status is very low. He does n’t have his own land. He can only work as a laborer and often does short-term work. Others let him do whatever he wants. He also accepts the insults of rich people and the teasing of villagers. It makes me very angry, and a similar phenomenon is happening in society today.

After reading this book, I realized the deepest thing: no matter when and where, we should not evade reality, but dare to face difficulties and overcome them. In fact, this is what Mr. Lu Xun wants to tell us.

"The True Story of Ah Q" After Reading 600 Words

"The True Story of Ah Q" is one of Mr. Lu Xun's famous works and an excellent work during the May Fourth Cultural Revolution. It was an age of passion, and re-reading "The True Story of Ah Q" also seemed to bring me back to that era. The image of Ah Q was also deeply imprinted in my mind.

In the past, I thought that Ah Q was a humble and sad Chinese peasant. Just like the Chinese people of that era, it was the product of feudal thought and should be abandoned by the times. When beaten by others, he comforted himself and thought, "It's the son who beats Lao Tzu." Isn't this the best portrayal of that era? At that time, people wouldn't think about why we were falling behind and why we were being invaded by imperialism. Just before, once, how beautiful our ancestors were-

Now, a careful interpretation of "The True Story of Ah Q" has made me realize a lot of places I had never thought of before. Ah Q, who was abandoned by that era, was both arrogant and humble. While others looked down on him, he looked down on people who thought he was cheaper than himself-Wang Hu, Xiao D. Ah Q is sad. Ah Q is not lazy. He gets food by his own labor. Ah Q also has a dream. He wants a woman and a home. Ah Q wants to have a reputation and status, but he will always be humble and insignificant in the hearts of others— —

This is just like in our current society, everyone is busy for life, huge pressure is eroding each of us, we can't survive in this society without skills, skills, and knowledge. Survival of the fittest, elimination of the unfit, Darwin's "Evolution" cruelly illustrates all of this. What we need now is exactly this kind of spiritual victory of Ah Q. When we encounter setbacks, we can comfort ourselves and cheer ourselves up. Many people just can't emancipate their spirits and choose suicide to end their lives. Such people are the weak in life. They cannot face themselves bravely, and society has eliminated them. We should learn the spirit of Ah Q so that we can better adapt to life.

"The True Story of Ah Q" After Reading 600 Words

One of Mr. Lu Xun's classics, "The True Story of Ah Q", I have finished reading, and the image of Ah Q is printed in my heart.

Not only is Ah Q's name and place of origin a bit slim, but even his previous "character" is slim. Ah Q has no home and lives in the Tugu Temple in Weizhuang. He has no fixed occupation. He only works as a short-term worker, cutting wheat and cutting wheat, barley and barley, and boating and boating. When working for a long time, he may also live in the home of the temporary owner, but he leaves immediately. Therefore, when people are busy, they still remember Ah Q. Sometimes people say, "Ah Q, you can really do it!" Ah Q is happy whether it is slander or derogation. Ah Q is very self-respecting. All the residents of Zhuang are not in his eyes. The most annoying is that there are several scabies scars on his scalp.

With a few strokes, the author has portrayed a simple, honest, hard-working, yet ingenious, opportunistic figure. For Ah Q, Lu Xun was "mourning his misfortune and angering him." Ah Q was a hard-working, honest, honest farmer, but because of the darkness of the society at the time, he created a weak, numb and morbid psychology. When being bullied by some idle people, his words "Son beats Lao Tzu" fully reflected his helplessness and pitifulness, and his side also set off the ignorance and backwardness of that society.

At this point, the lantern was on the outside, and occasionally a few stars were shining in the sky. The lights in the distance are faint but warm, giving a touch of warmth. I think Ah Q's "spiritual victory method" should be the only way to bring warmth to him in that indifferent and numb society!

In the eyes of many people, the "A Q spirit" is not certain because it represents self-deception and loss of fighting spirit, and it is considered to be a manifestation of A Q's incompetence after being bullied. However, I feel that the "AQ spirit" is sometimes useless. When setbacks cannot change reality, the "A Q spirit" can help us dispel the shadow of failure, relieve psychological pressure, help us rebuild confidence and keep making progress. . (After reading jajshop.com)

In today's society, competition is everywhere. There is only one gold medal winner in a game, and the rest of the players are eliminated. At this time, the "A spirit of Ah Q" is particularly important. "It's also a chance to improve ourselves with masters". This "A Q spirit" can get us something more important than the championship-a good attitude. Isn't it true in life?

"The True Story of Ah Q" After Reading 600 Words

One of Mr. Lu Xun's classics, "The True Story of Ah Q", I have finished reading, and the image of Ah Q is printed in my heart. In my opinion, Mr. Lu Xun wanted to use Ah Q as a representative to describe the common characteristics of people in the old society and certain human weaknesses of the entire Chinese. I think Ah Q ’s personality is very prominent. He is very different from Mr. Zhao, Wang Hu and Xiao D. As Mr. Lu Xun said, Ah Q has “peasant-style simplicity, but it is also infected Some oily. "

I think Ah Q is a poor person because he is always bullied. For example, once he drank two bowls of rice wine, he said that he was named Zhao, and that he was originally from the same family. However, the next day, he was scolded by Mr. Zhao and beaten. Seeing this, I remembered a sentence that Mr. Lu Xun said, "He may not be surnamed Zhao, even if the real surname is Zhao, and there is Mr. Zhao here, it should not be so nonsense." I was thinking, if Ah Q is really surnamed Zhao? Why can Master Zhao surname Zhao, but Ah Q cannot surname Zhao? It is just a surname. This may be related to the rich and the poor. Grandpa Zhao is a rich man, and Ah Q is just a peasant who works as a part-time worker. Others did not respect him at all. In this life, he could only use the "spiritual victory method" to comfort himself and lie to himself. For example, once he was beaten by others, he comforted himself and said, "It is the son who beats Lao Tzu." . "And a sense of victory!

Soon, Ah Q entered the city and made money to return. As a result, everyone was respectful of him, and the Zhao family's attitude towards him also changed a bit. I think this reflects the disadvantages of society at the time: the rich were respected, while the poor were bullied. The society at the time was so unfair. Ah Q was sad, not just him. Presumably all poor people at the time were also the same. It was really sad to be bullied, oppressed and exploited by the rich.

The novel "The True Story of Ah Q" is very short, but it shows the disadvantages of the old society and the kindness and ugliness of human nature, which is the epitome of the people's painful life at that time. These are some of my understandings and feelings about The True Story of Ah Q.

"The True Story of Ah Q" After Reading 600 Words

"A Q" is a household name, a classic character in Lu Xun's pen. And "A Q spirit" is also unknown. Ah Q in "The True Story of Ah Q" is a bullied and poor little egg, and I think the first thing that everyone thinks of when talking about the Ah Q spirit is the most representative and best part of the Ah Q spirit— -"The Law of Spiritual Victory".

As the saying goes: spiritual food. I think this may be the only embankment that supports Ah Q until he is shot. It is difficult to imagine what will happen to Ah Q when this embankment is destroyed. Ah Q in the text showed this "spiritual food" in front of us to the fullest. When someone hits him and he is powerless to fight, he always says "this is my son hitting Lao Tzu", and when he can't get out of breath, he will slap himself, thinking: This is me hitting others. Then he looked like a true winner, striding up and contented. There are also some small details. For example, Q in the text said, "Have you seen a beheading? Looks good!" And when Ah Q was executed, people felt good, and it was not difficult to see that people were numb.

Mr. Lu Xun wanted to show that under the circumstances at that time, the revolutionaries were revolutionary and democratic, and although they were not afraid to throw their heads and blood, they could not get the support and understanding of the broad masses, but the foolish people looked busy when they died. On the one hand, it reflects the imprisonment and insensitivity of the people under the rule of the corrupt Qing government for hundreds of years. On the other hand, it also reflects the incompleteness of the Xinhai Revolution. People do n’t know the true meaning of the Xinhai Revolution. Hear whoever wins. Ah Q spirit is also a reflection of people's thoughts at that time.

"A Q spirit" is certainly not desirable, but this does not mean that it has nothing to do. If we look at it from the front, we will find that he still has a little bit: In fact, sometimes, some things should be looked at, and it requires the spiritual victory method to decompress. Of course, Ah Q's unthinking and enterprising is not learned. Every time he gets better, the scar forgets the pain. People in the new era sometimes need to ridicule themselves and win spiritually, but then they must be brave and brave afterwards. If we are dejected and anxious about a trivial matter, it is not worth the trouble.

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