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"The Grass House" 200 notes

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I do n’t know how many books I have read since I was small, but the difference is that some of the names of the books have been forgotten, but I still remember one book so far. Whenever I pick up this book again, the content in it can still be moved. I, to be precise, should have shocked me this book is "The Grass House".

Thatched cottage is a novel written by the famous writer Cao Wenxuan, mainly about what happened to the protagonist, Sang Sang, from first to sixth grade in Yau Ma Tei Elementary School. Over the past six years, he has witnessed or directly participated in a series of seemingly ordinary but teary and shocking stories.

Sang Sang is the principal's son, and also because of his father's work here. He met many friends here: Wen Jing's introverted paper moon; confident Lu He; Among the many characters, Baique is my favorite Sansang because he is a very naive and enthusiastic boy. His uniqueness is the kind of faint love that gives indifferent strength to friends in distress. He supported a sky of children's world in Yau Ma Tei.

After reading this book, I was deeply impressed, and this book is another thing I love. I think, compared to Sang Sang's childhood, are we a little less childish and happy? Everyone's life will not be smooth and full of sweetness and bitterness, and we must gather courage to face life. There is no true love in life. In "The Grass House", I saw tears of true love. Come and read this book.

Grass house reading notes 200 words

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