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"The First Half of My Life" After Reading 600 Words

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"The First Half of My Life" After Reading 600 Words

On August 15, 1945, the Japanese army formally surrendered. Pu Yi's fate has reached a precarious state. Japan no longer wants to protect him, and has no ability to protect him. I don't know for what purpose the Japanese did not kill him like Pu Yi was scared, but planned to take him back to Japan with him. However, they finally failed to do so. At the airport in Shenyang, they encountered the Soviet army, and Pu Yi was then taken to the Soviet Union.

There is no longer the title of emperor, and he can no longer impose his brutality on anyone, but this bitter man feels hateful to start a new life, right?

Yes, he started a new life, but he is still a man with a special status, someone is serving him, and he still does nothing. When testifying before the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, he never said he had committed any crimes, and pushed all crimes to Japan. If he was forced to do so for the sake of the so-called overall situation, these performances today are the performance of his inferior personality. All I saw was a timid, abominable sinner.

With the founding of New China, Pu Yi began another life in the "high wall". Yes, he was imprisoned in the prison with his family and some fake full officers. Life in the transformation is undoubtedly very difficult for Puyi. He did not believe that the Communist Party would treat himself well. He did not have any self-care ability. He was isolated by his family ... I think that "reform" was carried out from beginning to end, but for an invincible situation in a child's life For people, it's too difficult to change your heart. If there are any changes in actions, most of them are for the forgiveness and to save their lives !!! Resistance to the United States and aid to the DPRK has caused another fluctuation in Pu Yi's heart. However, our "Emperor" slowly saw the reality in the transformation and still made some helpless progress.

"The First Half of My Life" After Reading 600 Words

"The First Half of My Life" is an autobiographical novel by the last emperor Puyi. Understanding Puyi's growth and life has greatly helped my thoughts. I also experienced the youth, youth, and strong age, and also paid the painful price for growth. Youth is still Those who have regrets, looked at it, and found that Pu Yi and my generation have another thing in common. It is not worth it to die for the loss of face and suffering. It is indeed a bigger price to pay for youth. Seeing flowers in the mist.

A man's fate does not match his ambition. In the end, it must be a tragedy. It is said that current affairs create heroes, but also tragedies. Pu Yi's tragedy lies not in himself but in modern China.

The last emperor had a lot of fate. In fact, if Japan won the Second World War, it would not be good. Until now, he is still the emperor of the Manchukuo country. The success or failure is unknown! From the book, I feel that it is more pitiful. In fact, everyone is poor. The difference is that people have pity on others, and who has pity on you?

One third of the entire book is about labor reform, confession, making yourself a negative textbook, and the entire book is full of regrets. It was written in the 1960s. At that time, the political pressure was very high. In fact, it was always in the 1980s. In the early days of reform and opening up, speech was controlled. How can there be today ’s freedom, so looking at the last emperor's words, wandering, wandering, and too wandering, in fact, is still a wandering. (After reading jajshop.com)

Misery, sorrow, pitifulness, and miscarriage accompany one's life, from the beginning to the end of life. Compared to us, we have more dignity in life. Although I have suffered a great loss for more extreme dignity, when I woke up, the sea, Huayue Jing is good, real life is full of happiness, is the right dignity of life.

The whole book has come to an end. It is the busiest time of the year in my year. Even at night or even late at night, I read the novel quietly. The whole person has calmed down. It is the same as Pu Yi. I also see my transformation. After achieving results, they are no longer reckless and diverse teenagers. The edges and corners have been worn and smoothed by life. Whenever there are gains and losses, they are still the two words, contentment. As a last-generation "socialist successor", we must strive for dignity. Reality and reality, not death, I have made a good transformation. I have a sense of returning to life. Every time I see myself in the mirror, I feel that I am back to that gentle and weak scholar. All my delusions have drifted with the wind. , I'm still me, now I used to be.

"The First Half of My Life" After Reading 600 Words

During the summer vacation, I read the autobiography written by Aixinjueluo. Puyi, the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty in China-"My First Half of Life". The spirit of the characters in the book moved me.

Pu Yi's father was the regent, the Prince of Alcohol, who carried the concubine. Because Emperor Cixi Emperor Guangxu had no son at that time, and Puyi's grandfather Ronglu made great contributions to the reign of Empress Cixi, his grandson Puyi became the right candidate to inherit the throne.

The emperor Xuantong lived a wealthy and worry-free life as soon as he became king. He wrote down in the book that when his younger brother Jie came to visit his brother in the palace, he was restrained everywhere, and his behavior made him feel uncomfortable because he was the emperor. Therefore, even relatives and elders must respect him by three points. He bullied the eunuchs and maids in the palace from an early age, and said that only the nurse, Wang Jiao, moved him. "The emperor, if you throw stones at others, others will hurt, and others are flesh." Since then, he changed With his overbearing character, Wang Jiao's is his most respected person, because he never said a word, never pleased the emperor, and never feared the emperor. She taught the emperor to be a man.

When Pu Yi reached his youth, Wang Jiao left him. He began to like foreign things. He began to wear suits and glasses, and even made the men in Daqing Kingdom cut their braids and keep short hair. This started the Westernization of Qing Dynasty. Since then, Western stuff has begun to be sold on the street.

When Pu Yi began to choose a concubine, he circled the photos. He was fifteen years old at the time and was not interested in these. So I chose Wan Rong and Wen Xiu as his queen and noble respectively. Because Wan Rong had an open mind and a beautiful human nature, she was favored and began to crowd out the embroidery. At that time, the Qing Dynasty was corrupt and occupied. Wen Xiu proposed to divorce him. Wan Rong began to take drugs, and then eloped with his guard and died of illness. Later they married Fugui and Linggui, and one of them lost one. Pu Yi compared them to birds in a golden cage.

Japan invaded China, and they wanted a marriage between China and Japan to let Sagaho and Sugie marry in Japan. This soon became popular with young people. Of course, Pu Yi knows what this means. He has no son of his own. If his brother and a Japanese woman had a son, half of the Japanese would be in Qing. Puyi began to fear day and night, and even Sagaho didn't touch her meal, but eventually she gave birth to a beautiful girl. Puyi was relieved, but the Japanese side was greatly disappointed.

In the end, Chairman Mao led everyone, Pu Yi was put in jail, and she was finally released. She also found a wife, and eventually died.

After reading this book, I have to lament the vicissitudes and changes of the world, and I have to lament the strong spirit of Pu Yi. He went from an emperor to a citizen without complaining, but smiling at life. Looking at his photos of smiling and working, I had to be shocked. Destiny is a joke, Pu Yi no matter how many mistakes he had made before, after all, he can change it. Although he has previously changed China to "Manchuria" and dealt with the Japanese, but he can abandon everything in the past and change it again. This spirit is still worth learning.

After reading this book, I still can't calm down for a long time, even though this most respected emperor has been gone for a long time. But his bright smile will always be remembered in my heart, although he is not as dazzling as those idol stars now, but he has experienced everything that I admire. Ai Xinjue Luo Puyi, he will become a star that will never die in my heart. He made me no matter what "turbulent wind and waves" I will encounter in the future, I will say to myself, "No problem! It will pass if you are quite, Happiness will wait for us later! "

There is another person in this book that I also admire very much, and that is Sagao, the Japanese woman Xu was assigned to Puyi, Puyi's younger brother. Throughout the book, she was almost the last character to appear, but she impressed me most. She is a Japanese and married to the Chinese emperor. In the days when she was cast aside by Pu Yi, she still stood up to negotiate with the Japanese government, and she did not think Japan could do so. She did everything for her daughter and husband when she fought in China and Japan. That was what she said to her husband: "I know you are worried about the emperor. Go and visit him. The daughter is taken care of by me." I was touched by my big heart. What a difficult day, Sagaho survived. In the end, their family moved towards happiness ...

I now think that "My First Half of Life" is not only a book for me, but also a story, a period of life, and I don't want to use any words to describe the characters in the story. In short, I learned to be strong here. Whether it's Pu Yi's strength in the face of changes in the world, or the strength of a great woman in Sagao, this word has benefited me for life. In this story, they all changed. From the princes and nobles, the officials and the sons, to the ordinary citizens who can endure hardship. But there was still a respectable breath on them, still shining. After reading his life, I also changed. I learned to be strong, which is the strength of Pu Yi and Sagao.

"The First Half of My Life" After Reading 600 Words

Pu Yi's seven years in Tianjin did not have a dream of "restoration". What a sad and pathetic person! This is my biggest feeling. As for other things, I don't remember much about the "liar" he supports and hopes for and the military and political forces in Japan. In short, Pu Yi's progressive action against China in the swing of "going abroad" and "returning the palace" began. So Luo Zhenyu's forces strongly persuaded Pu Yi to go to the northeast, while the other party, led by Zheng Xiaozheng and the elders, felt that the timing was not right and strongly opposed it. Pu Yi was once again caught in the choice.

In the end, he embarked on the road paved for him by the Japanese in a messy situation. Leaving Tianjin makes everything even more impossible for him. I think he is under almost house arrest. When he arrived in Lushun was arranged at a hotel, and continued his waiting. He himself said: "In fact, these words are called to me by the emperor, those mind-wrapping and running for me, in my heart, but the wasteland on the card, the role of this emperor can only eat others Card to win a bet.

In order to cope with the friction in the West and the pressure of public opinion at home and abroad, the Japanese prepared to play my card. Naturally, they had to keep it tightly before they needed to play. In order to cope with other competitors, Luo Zhengzhiliu read the rewards of the Japanese, and he also wanted to monopolize my card, and he took every effort to hold me. So a blockade was formed against me, leaving me in a state of isolation ... "Well! Think about the reason why he can still get the so-called courtesy, it is because he still has the value of use, otherwise he would be thrown aside Already.

A person who can't help but be robbed of someone who is enthusiastic about "restoration" is so pitiful and ridiculous! Looking at the people around Puyi is really sad. Each is just running for their own status. It seems that "recovering" for a while is not so important. In particular, Zheng Xiaozheng can basically be said to ignore Puyi's "restoration" for his own status! There is no credible person or someone available around him. Japan has Japan's ambitions, and the subjects will be subject to subjects. Only Pu Yi dreams of "restoration". There is no feasible action to make it a reality!

Pu Yi could no longer get strong "recovery" support, and eventually became the governing state of that "Manchuria." He wrote in the book himself: "This is how I am. On the one hand, there is no bone in my body that is hard. On the other hand, I dream of the future" reset and ascend to the throne. " The identity of the traitor was a cover for the bloody ruler. "So, the fourteen years of the pseudo-manchu began.

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