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"Dream of Red Mansions" after reading 400 words

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"Dream of Red Mansions" after reading 400 words

The book "A Dream of Red Mansions" is one of the four masterpieces. The authors Cao Xueqin and Gao Xun devoted their efforts to putting a character with a distinctive personality on the paper. "A Dream of Red Mansions" has created many immortal artistic examples. There are more than 480 characters with first names and surnames in the novel, among which there are at least dozens of typical characters that can make an impressive impression. Baoyu, Daiyu, Baodi and Wang Xifeng have become the typical images of immortality. The most significant feature of "Dream of Red Mansions" is the complexity and uniqueness of the character. The author is good at describing the characters in different levels and from different angles according to their different positions and different methods. Especially the main characters in the book, they often have complex and multi-faceted personalities, not to mention Baodi and attacking people, even if they are like the magnificent and simple Shi Xiangyun and the handsome and honest Jia Zheng, they are not composed of a single feature.

The love tragedy of Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu is the main content of the book. The love between Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu also goes beyond the "talent and beauty" mode. Jia Baoyu wasn't the top champion with only eight battles and the title of gold list, but Lin Daiyu, who scorned fame and fame, "Yu Guoyujia Hopeless" loves Jia Baoyu only for his own heart, and never persuaded Jia Baoyu to seek fame and wealth. It is on the basis of a common understanding that transcends the worldly prejudice that Bao Dai established mutual innocence above all others.

This love supports Jia Baoyu to go further on the way to break the shackles of feudal thought. The destruction of love has cut off his last connection with the feudal family. Jia Baoyu finally gave up and became a monk. His complete despair of the world actually expressed Cao Xueqin's ruthless negation of the society at that time.

"Dream of Red Mansions" after reading 400 words

Recently, I have been reading "Dream of Red Mansions". The original name of "Dream of Red Mansions" is a novel that is difficult to read and a very great literary work. It has shaped many lifelike characters, such as Lin Daiyu, Jia Baoyu, etc. Cao Xueqin spent ten years , The deletion was completed five times, which has a profound meaning.

The story begins with the son-in-law adding a large stone. After the son-in-law's calcination, the stone has become spiritual and has become a fairy stone. After the immortal stone was brought to the world, many stories happened, and this is the origin of "Stone".

Among them, my favorite is the section "Liu Yiyi Enters Rongguofu". I have heard of Liu Xie's name before, and now I finally know the story about Liu Xie. Good night talk to yourself

Liu Ye brought his little grandson, Baner, to Rongguo Mansion, and saw a lot of things that he hadn't seen, such as the self-oscillating bell that kept swinging, and also ate many delicious delicacies. He also received a grant of 20 silver. The author put Liu Xie's every move was described vividly, and she described her psychological activities very vividly. The language is very lifelike, telling the story pleasantly.

Reading this work requires reading carefully and slowly. I think: The story of "Liu Yi Entering the Rongguo Mansion" is also full of "paper absurd words, a lot of bitter tears" in real life. Cao Xueqin wrote the "Dream of the Red Mansion", which has been sung for a long time, because of all the vicissitudes .

I will read "Dream of Red Mansions" carefully.

"Dream of Red Mansions" after reading 400 words

Recently, I read "Dream of Red Mansions", one of the four famous books. The content of this book is very attractive.

"Dream of Red Mansions" mainly wrote the rise and fall of the Jia family, one of the four major families in Jinling, and described the love story of Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu. Born in Suzhou, Lin Daiyu lost her mother from an early age and her father's work was so busy that she was taken over by Jia's grandmother, Jia. Here, she met his cousin Jia Baoyu and began to like him. Jia Baoyu also liked Lin Daiyu very much. However, due to the saying that "Jinyu's good destiny", mother Jia did not assign Daiyu to Baoyu, but married him Xue Baoyi who is also one of the four major families of Jinling. Lin Daiyu was very melancholy, and soon died of illness. Although Baodi is also very beautiful and flattering, this still does not allow Baoyu to get rid of the miss of Daiyu. Later, the Jia family began to decline. The mother Jia, who loved Baoyu the most, died, and Baoyu finally became a monk.

This is a very tragic story. Every character in the novel is very characteristic, for example: Lin Daiyu is very smart and sensitive, has a lot of thoughts, and loves to cry; Jia Baoyu likes the girls very much, and she is very good to the girls; Xue Baozhen is generous and considerate People can make everyone like her; Shi Xiangyun is outgoing, loves to talk and laugh ...

The author of Dream of the Red Mansion is Cao Xueqin. This immortal masterpiece he wrote has attracted millions of people. Like many readers, I love to read this excellent masterpiece!

"Dream of Red Mansions" after reading 400 words

After reading the masterpiece "A Dream of Red Mansions", I learned the charm of classical classics. "A Dream of Red Mansions" is a classical novel in the middle of the eighteenth century in China. The author of this book is Cao Xueqin. This book represents the highest level of ancient Chinese novels.

"Dream of Red Mansions" mainly talks about the tragedy of the three generations of life of Jinling aristocratic names Jia, Shi, Wang and Xuan from Ronghua to decline and the love stories of Baoyu and Daiyu. Here, I respect and praise the author for boldly complaining about the shamelessness and degeneration of the feudal aristocracy, and thus revealing the historical trend of the inevitable collapse of the feudal society.

Some people are dissatisfied and sorry that Lin Daiyu and Baoyu's love story ended in tragedy, including me. However, after watching the end of Baodi, I understood and realized that Baoyu was not a man in the sky. He did not have the ability to protect Daiyu. He relied on his family. This family was gone, and he Everything is gone. Therefore, in the darkness of this feudal society, in the shamelessness and degradation of this feudal aristocracy, in this hypocrisy, greed, decay, and sin, I think that Dai Yu's death may be a relief. It can be said that seeing the end of Baodi, Dai Yu's departure is also a kind of happiness. After all, she did not endure the family's decline, and the loneliness of love was sad, so she left happily.

After watching "A Dream of Red Mansions" again and again, my feelings are getting more and more. I can say that "Dream of Red Mansions" is blank and do not understand. But after I watched it again and again, I could feel that the dark social feudal thoughts at that time completely imprisoned people's thoughts and ingenuity, and made everyone greedy and shameless, so that the four major families would fall from that glory. defeat……

"Dream of Red Mansions" after reading 400 words

During this winter vacation, I read "Dream of the Red Mansion", one of the four masterpieces in our country. The characters in the book are vivid and portrayed: Lin Daiyu, a sentimental and sentimental, Jia Baoyu in pursuit of perfection, Wang Xifeng in full swing, Xue Baodi, especially Lin Daiyu and Jia These two characters of Baoyu are so deeply rooted in people's hearts that they can be studied for a lifetime. Love sentence

"Sister Lin fell from the sky" Whenever I read the sentimental Dai Yu, I couldn't help crying. It must be "the heart is better than the dry, and the sickness is three points better than Xizi." She made me extremely loved. She, whether it is her parting hatred, her sad past, or her loneliness, the seasons change. She would shed tears. Maybe she is like the bead grass in the book and came to the world to "return tears". She really showed people the tender bowel, and she could only cry in secret about all the ugliness and embarrassment of the world. This can not help but make her feel that she has a bit of a "wrinkle." Of course, the word is not How to fit her. Hey, Dai Yu really makes me love and hate!

Compared to Jia Baoyu, another protagonist in the book, although he is not a girl, he is still so delicate and tender. He is almost the same as those auratic and beautiful girls. Baoyu hates the idea of "males and females are humble". He doesn't discriminate against Yahuan. Instead, he will raise his chest to protect them and love them. When Baoyu learns that he can't help them, he is sad. Desperate. When he lost Yingchun, Qingwen and Daiyu, he wanted to redeem it all more than anyone, but he pursued perfection, he pursued the beauty of solitude! The beauty of the heart, the beauty of behavior, radiated a kind of others in him No beauty. He is not a woman, but he is more like a warrior willing to save those women "beauty". Compared with the other two, Xue Baozhen's broad-minded and open-minded will undoubtedly make people admire. Wang Xifeng, who is cruel and fierce, is just the opposite, narrow-minded, greedy for money, and spicy.

"Dream of Red Mansions" is truly one of the four masterpieces. Sure enough, it contains the True Scriptures, the description of the plot is breathtaking, and the characterization of the characters is nuanced. The characters are so vivid that no matter who looks at them, they will be as infatuated as I am!

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