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1000 words after reading "The Tragic World"

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1000 words after reading "The Tragic World"

The "Tragic World" film is adapted from a novel by French writer Victor Hugo in 1862. The story begins with Jean Valjean, a released criminal, focusing on his process of seeking redemption. Nineteenth-century France is undoubtedly tragic for the people below. The "Tragic World" movie perfectly shows a truly tragic world with heavy tones and sad songs: remote towns, dark prisons, serious courts, dark churches, Paris's miserable poor kiln ... Vision, this shocking and tragic picture is unforgettable. Good morning sentence

The protagonist Jean Valjean was sentenced to 5 years of hard labor for stealing a piece of bread to a starving nephew. After parole, his yellow ID card and the name "Valjean" were like an invisible mark deeply imprinted on his body, making his life difficult. His backbone made him stand up. He was no longer Jean Valjean. He became Madeleine. With his kindness and ingenuity, he stepped up to a higher level step by step. He became the mayor of Paris. Through the image of Jean Valjean, the author reflects the deep disaster of the poor people, exposes and accuses the crimes of the society at that time, and shows the author's deep sympathy for the working people.

But the person who made me the most memorable in the whole film was not Jean Valjean, but also the tragic, standing Fantine. She is great, strong, and holy. She was originally a female worker in the Jean Valjean factory, with enviable beautiful hair and white teeth. Her life is miserable, and her fate is terrible. The "IDreamdaDream" she sang lightly caused my countless reveries. Perhaps Fanting also had those wonderful times. In that summer of tree shadows, the people were kind and gentle, and her beauty was beside her. In the fall that leaves, her beauty left her. Later, she was abandoned, mocked, hated, and resentful, but she still kept hope in her heart, her heart was not willing to give up, even though her dreams were disillusioned and she fell into the abyss, she still gritted her teeth and insisted, for her Beloved daughter Cosette. She is an angel with folded wings, she is a sacred fairy. The sorrowful facial expression of the actor Anne Hathaway, who plays the role of Fantine, portrays the frustrated woman who has lost her dreams vividly. Dreams are beautiful, but reality is cruel. The tragic world stifled Fantine's dreams mercilessly, putting her in hell, and judging her dreams with a cloud of mud. Fantine had dreams, and those who have dreams are happy, but living in such an upside-down black and white world, one must recognize reality. The realization of dreams is like a joke. The last paragraph of the whole song makes us see a hellish society, shattering all Fantine's dreams. This was Fantine's silent complaint, and it was not her cry from the soul.

I also thought that if I lived in such a tragic world, maybe I would have given up hope for life and lived a life of walking dead every day. Maybe I won't have a dream, let alone insist on a dream that is so beautiful and unreal. Because dreams will be shattered by that world, that world will make your dreams shame. I don't even dare to imagine. In our world, there is warm humanity and a fair society. Maybe it is what Fantine dreams of life; there is no war, no smoke, no hard labor. We can have our own dreams, and these beautiful dreams will not be stifled by reality. We can have dreams.

We who live in today's beautiful world should cherish our current life much more. At the same time, we need kindness, kindness, and courage. Only these can make our world a better place, and everyone can be treated tenderly by the world.

1000 words after reading "The Tragic World"

At night, there is no starlight, and it is dark. In this quiet darkness, Jean Valjean has ended his life's pain and suffering, full of comfort and happiness, and walking towards the light of the unknown world.

Slowly closing the last page of this book, my heart seemed to have an irresistible grief flowing, Jean Valjean left forever, but left his glorious and holy soul, remembering what he had passed in his life The ups and downs are hard, and I have to admire that it was a legend for stealing a piece of bread. He served for 9 years. When he was finally free, he was not accepted by this society. His life changed. A few years later, Jean Valjean became a respected mayor of Madeleine. He did not forget the benevolence and kindness of the Lord, and often helped the poor. No one knew his identity, but his fate met him. After the detective Javert was arrested again, he was put on a cap of life imprisonment, but his fate mocked him, and he escaped despite the charges of wearing jailbreak again, in order to fulfill Fantine's last wish. In the hands of Danaday, he rescued Cosette, who was in a deep water. On the battlefield of the French Revolution, he rescued Cosette's lover, Marius, in the rain of gunfire. After her daughter had a place to go, she fell asleep with love of redemption and comfort.

What is the beauty of human nature? A kind bishop tells us that human nature is good at the beginning. Jean Valjean changed from a prisoner with a longing to a caring philanthropist, that is, the bishop's fraternal heart for all things called Jean Valjean's kindness in his heart. The good deeds of a lifetime are the bishop's forgiveness and precepts, which support him to move forward bravely, and it is the bishop's use of love to make evil that made Valjean a great soul. There was a humanitarian light on him.

The novel uses Jean Valjean as a clue to reflect the different destinies of people of different classes before the French Revolution, and the tragic encounters of Fantine and Cosette reveal the tragedy of the poor people and make people sad. As a mother, Fantine worked hard every day and just wanted her daughter to live a happy life. Under pressure, he had to entrust his beloved daughter to De Nadi, but De Nadi only used Cosette as a tool to cheat money. Cosette spent a miserable childhood in the house of De Nadi, and Fang Ting failed to see her daughter for the last look. But it is such a story that tells us that suffering is only temporary. We must believe that light can eventually dispel darkness. At the same time, it also allows people to see that the brightness of motherhood is a mark that cannot be annihilated in any era.

Although "Tragic World" has become a symbol of that era, it has not been abandoned by this era, and it will always emit a humanitarian light. In our world, why are there no people as poor as Fantine? Why are there no villains as profitable as De Nadi? Why are there no fraternities like the leader of the gods? Why are there no crazy people like Marius? Why haven't people who changed from doing good and doing great things like Jean Valjean? Fairness, freedom, and happiness are the pursuits and beliefs of each era.

Hugo left, but left the world with light and freedom, love and kindness, and his thoughts will become the ideal and pursuit of generations.

1000 words after reading "The Tragic World"

When I closed the book "The Tragic World", an unspeakable touch came to my heart, and I felt my soul was baptized. This book shocked me! What a bitter process Jean Valjean changed from being a prisoner to a kind and beloved mayor. However, this world-famous famous book will desolate the world. With all the changes in human nature in sight, I can't help paying tribute to Hugo, a romantic writer!

The protagonist of this book, Jean Valjean, did not go to school in childhood. As an adult, he became a simple, enthusiastic gardener, helping his poor sister raise 7 poor children and lead a poor life. One winter Jean Valjean could not find work. The family was hungry and cold, and there was no breadcrumbs, so Jean Valjean stole a loaf of bread in a bakery, which was later caught and sentenced to five years of hard labor! What a miserable moment: society repels and An irrevocable abandonment of a thoughtful soul! Jean Valjean suffered so much in prison. Finally, he could not bear the pain of escape, and tried four escapes, but was sentenced to 19 years in prison. This heart dries up year after year, slowly, but unavoidably, new inspirations and eyes dry up. Until his release from prison, he did not shed a tear for nineteen years. When he was out of prison, Jean Valjean heard the strange words: "You are free." But a yellow paper pass, what freedom does it lead to. Although Jean Valjean was released, he could not find a place to live because of his crime.

Jean Valjean became hostile to the law, and he began to abandon the society. Just when Jean Valjean was desperate, Bishop Fou Ru extended a helping hand. He stayed at the bishop's house that night. However, when the Bishop fell asleep, Jean Valjean wanted to kill him in order to steal his family's silver. And later the bishop forgave him and let him go. Bishop Carver a little bit of Jean Valjean, so Jean-Jean began to abandon evil and do good, and began a new life

Jean Valjean is calm by nature, but not melancholy. Perhaps this is the characteristic of natural emotional people. Under the influence of the leader, Jean Valjean began to restore humanity. Later, he became the mayor and became a rich man. He did not forget the teachings of the leader. He began to be passionate about charity. Indiscriminate sentence of innocent, once again became a prisoner. However, he still kept in mind the favor of the priest, he rescued the orphan Cosette, who escaped from the magic claws of the law, he set up schools, recruited homeless people to work, financed poverty, and prospered the local economy. But society could not tolerate him, nor could the law tolerate him. He eventually went to the end of his life in loneliness.

This has to make me lament the darkness of humanity, the hypocrisy of society, the insidiousness of people, and the great contribution I make to ordinary and ordinary people like Jean Valjean to resist social injustice. They are lovely. . The story is tragic, but the truths he reveals to us are the magnificent and delicate details of this magnificent work, and also the place where I am encouraged.

Jean Valjean used to be a fugitive with no love in his heart, but he was bit by bit affected by the fraternity of the leader, let Jean Valjean give up evil and do good, and give meticulous love to those who have nothing to do with him. Maybe this is the charm of human nature. However, the ugliness and oppression of this society made Jean Valjean repeatedly fall into the claws of law. Fortunately, his heart was already the heart of a saint, like that of a bishop. He knows love and forgiveness! He let go of the scout Javey, who has been pursuing him, forgive everything, he is so gentle and has great love. Who can imagine that he used to be a brutal laborer?

The whole novel lies in how to expose how this kind of social oppression turns humanity into hell. It also makes me deeply appreciate the life of the poorest people at the bottom of the society, seeing the good and evil of human nature, and being touched from time to time. This has to make me once again lament the writing of the giant Hugo! Bright and clear, generous and kind people, will be respected by people wherever they are. However, insidious and cunning, selfish villains will always be rejected by humans. There are many characters in the book that are really the epitome of this society. For example, the shopkeeper, Dnady, scammed for money, at one time he claimed to be an actor, and at the same time he was also an artist. Heart. There are similar things in life: for example, in order to improve their own performance rankings, regardless of test fraud, but even if this behavior deceives teachers and classmates, it will never deceive themselves and deceive themselves. Intentional camouflage will be recognized, hypocrisy cannot be permanent.

If there is no oppression and no disguise in this world, everyone will become a messenger of light like a bishop, pass on a spirit of selflessness, kindness, and let each one join in a team of helping others and seeing justice, then our society will What equality and harmony would it be!

1000 words after reading "The Tragic World"

After reading "The Tragic World", I felt that God wanted to make people perish, and first made people crazy. This is a word from Kafka. I think the reality is like this. Just like Jean Valjean in the tragic world, he stole a piece of bread to his nephew, and was sentenced to 19 years in prison. The reality has crushed our faith. Broken.

After being released from prison, Jean Valjean was bearing the identity of a prisoner and suffered discrimination from others. However, the reality forced him to return to the old state. He stole a candlestick from the bishop, but the bishop did not blame him, but sent him another candlestick. Under the influence of the good bishop, Jean Valjean changed his face and became helpful. This section is also as the writer Hugo said that the widest in the world is the ocean, the wider than the ocean is the sky, and the wider than the sky is the human mind. Accepting Cosette as adoptive daughter, Jean Valjean embodies humanitarianism, and at the same time reflects the sorrow of that era. It is the epitome of the suffering of the lower people. These are derived from the oppression of legal practices. The world is not complete, not absolute, just like the Danadi couple in the novel, this couple oppresses Cosette, and also sends things sent by Cosette's mother to her daughter, and finally becomes a beggar. , Is a typical selfish little person.

Cosette's mother, Fantine, was a female worker in Jean Valjean's factory, but she was abandoned by her boyfriend. For Cosette's life, selling jewelry, and even sacrificing the soul, he must grow Cosette. Fantine's deep love for her daughter can make people cry. Javert hunted Jean Valjean throughout his life, but found that Jean Valjean was very kind, so he could not face the faith he had insisted on for many years and chose to jump into the river. Maybe sometimes, we are like the characters in the novel, but it is important to rely on our own strengths to open up the future, and do not want to attract the powerful.

The world is cold, people may become ugly and greedy, or heroes may be born in troubled times. Under such a background, the leader of the revolutionary youth of Enzola was born, who was personable and died violently. In any case, there is justice in this world. Death for justice is also well-deserved. I think the bishop is also a humanitarian image. Bringing Jean Valjean to the right path, people deeply understand that the power of benevolence is indestructible and can affect all cold and numb hearts. This is also a highlight of the novel.

After reading this book, I couldn't help but be touched by the character's quality. He made me realize that there was light and warmth in such a dark and cold world! I can't forget the blood that burned for the revolution: when the revolutionary insurgents When Anjola found Dark F's loyal running dog Javert, and Jean Valjean killed him, Jean Valjean untied him and let him go. What puzzles me is that Javert's tracking has caused Jean Valjean to hide from Tibet. He didn't take this opportunity to get rid of this sinful man all day long. The mystery was revealed at the end of the play: Javert realized his own Fault, knowing that the black and white society, the world of indifference and despair, is not what he upholds and loves, and lonely and desperate jumps the river to commit suicide under the impact of good and evil, I understand that he is passing his own Fraternity, tolerance and its sublime soul and the humble existence under all beings regain the conscience deep inside the people who live in that miserable world! He firmly believes that this will open a new era of beauty and light.

Maybe it is difficult for us to change others, but we can change ourselves to have a bright light in our hearts, treat everyone around us with kindness and love, and give them more warmth with our hearts, this world will be full of love sunlight.

1000 words after reading "The Tragic World"

"Tragedy" is one of Hugo's masterpieces. The story tells a poor worker Jean Valjean who spent 19 years in prison to steal a piece of bread. After being released from prison, he was blindfolded everywhere, so he hated society, but was influenced by a bishop and became a good person. Jean Valjean, under the pseudonym Madeline, became mayor, and he promised to die to support her daughter Cosette. Olc Javert is pursuing Jean Valjean, a hard-working prisoner who has been missing for many years. Other Olc mistakenly arrested a poor worker and was preparing to send him to prison. In order to save this innocent worker, Jean Valjean admitted his identity and sent him to jail again. On the way to prison, he ran away again. Jean Valjean immediately found Cosette, and led her to hide in a remote monastery. For many years, Cosette; fell in love with Marius. After a series of life upsets, Javert committed suicide in front of the noble character of Jean Valjean. Cosette married Marius, Jean Valjean lived a lonely life, and finally he died in Cosette's arms.

The object of the novel's description becomes Fantine, a poor woman who stores her children in the House of the Dnates. The desnauded couple asked for a large amount of maintenance to Fantine, and inhumanly abused Fantine's young daughter Cosette. On the other side, the rumored Fantine lost her job. In order to pay her alimony, she even sold her all! Until Madeland-the mayor here saved her. Mayor Madeleine is infinitely powerful, and is as kind, equal, kind, and tolerant as Bishop Bifuru. He rescued Fantine in despair just as Bishop rescued Jean Valjean. And this old man who claimed to have been the servant of the bishop of Bifuru—Madeland, and he was also Jean Valjean! What a dramatic result! —— "Jean Valjean, you are no longer a bad man, I have already Wash your soul and dedicate him to the Lord. "Revisiting this sentence again, Bishop Blessing Ru did. He is the messenger of Allah. He has redeemed a victim of French society. With love and goodness, he also has great love in Jean Valjean's soul. Great goodness also saves a devastated soul!

In order to save the wronged old man, the mayor Madeleine, who was successful, no, Jean Valjean stood up and said his identity. He desperately avoided the pursuit of ruthless detectives just to redeem Cosette, Fantine's younger daughter, from the Dardiers-and this was not difficult. Twenty-six Soviets, a dozen francs One thousand and five hundred francs, the greedy and inexhaustible couple of Dnads kept asking Jean Valjean for ransom, and Jean Valjean's bag was released again and again-only for a dead ordinary woman! Only for her last wish! Then, in the French Revolution On the battlefield, the two white Valjeans charged again ... everything he did, his transformation from a laborer to a saint, shocked everyone, which made him like an angel at the moment of his death. In the same way, the radiance of his soul makes everyone present, so that I am still watching this book-feel warm, clean and serene!

This is great love, this is great good, and only a moral influence is the cure for society. The author proves this. Love and good will nourish everything. Believe in love, believe in goodness, and let love and goodness deeply melt in this cruel and realistic world! This will not be a tragic world! I think there are many people in the United States who are like Ran, let ’s not think for themselves, but do not care about themselves Recognized his identity and saved an innocent farmer. Noble character. Maybe it's me, maybe I won't be like Ran Arang.

The noble qualities of the heroes in the book require each of us to learn. From the case of the protagonist in the book, we can also know that even if a sinful one can still turn around, they just seek someone to influence them. Motivational sentence

Hugo's "The Tragic World" will vividly depict the life of the vast society in the entire half-century historical process. This book made people aware of the corruption, darkness and horror of the society at the time. Showing some social background. Let us know if something is social. Also let us know some of the principles of life, let us distinguish which knowledge we want to learn and which knowledge we want to throw away. Therefore, we need to be a person of noble quality.

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