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"Thunderstorm" after reading 1500 words

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"Thunderstorm" after reading 1500 words

After reading Cao Yu's "Thunderstorm" and watching the movie version, I felt really deep. The first is a script, which is relatively small and suitable for me. The plot developed really exciting and deeply reflected the Chinese society at the time The situation, there are Chinese characters of all levels, each character has a certain social manifestation, it is Cao Yu's experience, and it also reflects the distortion, depression, struggle, awakening, resistance, helplessness, various Personality and the expression of destiny, each character is so distinctive, the end of destiny is similar, full of the sadness of the times, the sacrifice of three innocent young people, the dead is miserable, but the living is by no means lucky. Because they will live forever in endless suffering, and they will never be relieved. This kind of pain cannot be said to be Zhou Puyuan's own fault. When we feel helpless, we can only blame this deformed society, society, because the people at the bottom The helplessness can only be blamed on you.

Every character in the thunderstorm is brilliant, they are victims. Good morning mind speech positive energy

Thunderstorm seemed destined to be a tragedy from the beginning. However, the creator of the tragedy is the hero of the story: the young master of Yuanxi Mansion-Zhou Puyuan.

Just like many Chinese tragedies, a merry teenager looks after his own maid, and such a combination has not yielded good results since ancient times. If the man is affectionate and righteous, the two will elope, depart from their parents, and leave Gao Fei to fight against the bitter life, but the biting heroine Shi Ping is even harder. Although the young master Zhou Puyuan was moved by her youthful beauty and tenderness, he How could that heart that only loved her love her forever? He finally gave up Shi Ping for his future. The lonely and helpless Shi Ping left with her sick second son sadly. The original blind story ended like this. Who knows how to create people, and fate drags them together. The intricate relationship was staged again, and it was a mess, which eventually led to the love of half-brothers and sisters. As their mother, Shi Ping can only accept the fate of fate, and can only complain about the fate that she brought to the child. It seems that it is time to end it. The romantic boy Zhou Puyuan said that they were the same mother under a misunderstanding. Brother and sister of the father. This incident killed three people ...

Under the shroud of feudal authority, people are like horses falling in the swamp, and the more they struggle, the deeper they sink into the swamp of death. Those in power have also lost their precious authenticity. Zhou Puyuan lives in the feudal and bourgeois fault. When he was young, he tried to jump out of the feudal bondage, chase freedom, and treat his beloved Shi Ping sincerely. However, his cowardice led him to betray his ideals, and betrayed Shi Ping. The tortured Shi Ping was this. Victim of society. She has no power to love what she loves and hate what she hates, but to bear all the blame on herself. This is both a great mother and a surrender to feudal authority.

The atmosphere was too heavy to breathe, and people seemed to be being teased emotionally. What a pitiful animal, with a stingy mood, should have dominated himself, but found himself often dominated by the environment. In this kind of environment, Zhou Mansion, Shi Ping's humble room, extreme pain and love collided in a day. With thunderstorms rolling in, depression, despair, flooding the air, the scenes are like waves in a storm, hitting people fiercely, people have nowhere to escape.

The story begins in a summer in the 1920s. The climate is sultry and hot, there is no sunlight outdoors, the sky is dim, and the storm is coming. It ends on a rainy night with thunder and lightning. In the end, Sifeng knew that she and Zhou Ping were half-brothers and sisters. After the biggest bad news, I rushed out of Rainy Night. Zhou Chong, who loved her, was just a simple child, all of whom he liked. As a result, both died under the thunder and lightning. Zhou Ping committed suicide by a kind Luma dementia, Yin Yin Fan Yi was crazy, and the stubborn Lu Hai left.

I am fortunate to live in a relatively free and oppressed modern and civilized society. We can choose our loved ones and not lose our loved ones because of the ugly puppet system of feudal society. Not to mention that the next generation will also suffer the loss of love because of their own mistakes, and will not fall in love with the ethical tragedy of their loved ones. The society is developing and the feudal ideas of the people are gradually receding. I still have to read and study, feel the current social situation of China in the 1920s and 1930s, and better understand our motherland, so that we can cherish these present flowers more cherish our current superior environment, let ’s not talk about it as the country ’s When we develop, we must be grateful for our freedom. Isn't it emphasized in education now, we must be grateful for education.

Each line only broke out at the last minute, turning into a pouring thunderstorm, which shocked everyone's soul extremely strongly.

The comments in the above two paragraphs are a bit esoteric and not original. Finally, I want to talk about one of my favorite characters, Fan Yi. If this character is placed in the present, he will be criticized, but it is indeed a real woman who dares to love and hate the pursuit of freedom and ignores the mundane vision. She is the most distinctive and most defiant person. The pursuit of freedom and the life I want to live, this is how I feel when reading this script, so from now on I have to cheer for myself, otherwise the good environment given by the society will be wasted.

"Thunderstorm" after reading 1500 words

It only took me half a day to read Thunderstorm. It should be said that from the beginning to the end, it is an extraordinary enjoyment to feel the charm of its charm and the flowing scene in one go. And the most mysterious and the most outstanding place is undoubtedly the sudden death one after another, which will make people a little surprised at a glance.

However, those chaotic emotions were calmed down, and my mind was settled, maybe "death". For those people who live in pain, this is a kind of painful relief. Throw away the entanglement of love and hate, and resolve worldly hatred. In the end, we still have to return the soul to God, go through trials, and be redeemed.

The word "death" can be said to run through the entire "Thunderstorm", and if you use this as a clue to sort out your thoughts, you will find that it is more like an introduction, which liaises with the fate of a family.

From the gods and ghosts that the two nuns talked about in the prologue, to the confession or attachment of Zhou Ping and Zhou Yiyi, they finally pointed directly at the throats of the ignorant youth. Every set and plot was filled with more or less sighs and deaths. fear. However, in the face of this tragedy, is it really death or blind love?

In fact, I have been thinking, Lu Sifeng, a woman who is agitated with little happiness, and a woman who has escaped from the struggle of love and morality, if it is not an accident or a fool's play, will she get the ultimate happiness? . Maybe, with the blessing of her mother, elopeing with her lover and cape, she will get rid of all the bondage and shackles of family status and live a life of extraterrestrial life; but maybe not, because she clasped her hands tightly It is a man who bears guilt and is in remorse and panic all his life. They can depart from the death of the family and can pursue the happiness they want, but no matter how far the footprint is left, their spirit is There will always be another woman figure. After the thunderous rain that night, her vicious curse, the low whimper would echo like this. Sifeng's sorrow is not playing with fate, but that she has chosen a man who cannot bear responsibility.

So Zhou Ping's death was not a surprise to me. Emotionally, I don't appreciate this man. Zhou Ping's life should be described as extremely humble. He always swayed between right and wrong. The previous life was deeply involved in the incestuous relationship with his stepmother, and the later life was devoted to Lu Sifeng. This person did not live frankly enough, belonged to the dignity of dignity, discarded ideals, annihilated freedom, and only left the balance of life with the word "love". I thought that loving him is like giving alms, and under the mercy of women, there are only cowardly men.

Cao Yong once evaluated his characters in the preface of "Thunderstorm", but only two people got much praise from him. One of them was the second master Zhou Chong who died very badly. In contrast, I think Zhou Chong is the most tragic * color * character in Thunderstorm. He first failed in courtship of Si Feng; he was entrusted with his father's scolding during the dispute, recognizing that the majesty of monopoly was ultimately unshakable; later, he visited the Si Feng in trouble with the kindness of a bodhisattva, but Lu Haihai was regarded as an uninvited guest by insulting and going out; in the end, he was still used by his most respected biological mother, Zhou Yiyi, as a funeral of family grudges. Pieces of things that broke his dream came one after another, and only cruel real life left him with grief—the rest was a despair that fell into a black hole and could not be born again. Zhou Chong is innocent. He is just a victim of social conflicts and family hatred swallowed for no reason. He is a young man who despise in dreams and reality. He eventually died at the beginning of his dream, which was pitiful and painful.

In my opinion, these characters who are on the verge of death in Thunderstorm * actually have infinite desire and pursuit for life, but they deviate from the original track in the conflict of destiny. In the end, tears and pain Intertwined and compatible, the hand of fate dragged them into its never-satisfied teasing. But there is nothing unforgivable about the entanglement of those contradictions of love and hate, which may also be explained by these deaths.

People-to-people interactions are like a hedgehog. They always need to keep a certain distance to defend themselves. Whether it is life or death, or contradiction or unity, there are always some relationships and some feelings that are always tangled.

"Thunderstorm" after reading 1500 words

A good book will move you, make you feel ethereal and elegant, make you look tired, and make you laugh and read as one of the best learning methods for human beings. At the beginning of own books, human beings will In reading, we inherit the culture and open the mind. The reading of some classics is the essence of human thought and civilization, and it is worth studying and discovering later. The Post-study section of the Study Abroad website provides you with the following post-study experiences, and I hope to be helpful to you!

After reading "Thunderstorm", I felt like the sweltering weather in August was very depressing. It seemed as if something was stuck in my chest and I couldn't get out. There are many collisions of ideas, but they cannot be merged into language. I am not qualified to comment on how good it is, I can only say that I have read each chapter as carefully as taste life. Because it is life itself, full of contradictions and drama, my analysis will be contrived. After reading "Thunderstorm", a word emerged from the bottom of my heart: Love and mercy are sins.

Remember when the curtain opened, Sifeng smiled like a flower. Before the curtain was closed, Sifeng left only a scorch. A thunderstorm thoroughly washed away this feudal family, a decent family that seemed to outsiders. What power was it that pushed everyone to the brink of collapse overnight.

Four winds, didn't she just jump on the stage just now, on that hot summer day. What was it that took her young life, in that raging thunderstorm.

The beginning of a tragedy is often an untouchable mistake. In the empty and boring life, the rich master fell in love with the maid at home. Such stories are not uncommon in the era of the time.

Zhou Fanyi, a woman with a thunderstorm personality, was savvy in her heart long ago, but always secretly dismantled Ping and Sifeng. When she heard that her most naive son rushed to Sifeng to propose, she couldn't bear it anymore. No, how did she tolerate such disparate exchanges, but wasn't she driving away the maid with a baby on the night of the thirteenth birthday, and forced the first son of Pu Yuan and Shi Ping with good intentions?

The beginning of tragedy is brewing here. (Beauty Network WWW.Mc26.com)

The evolution of tragedy is always fueled by someone. Zhou Puyuan, he did not notice his blame but changed the fate of everyone in Thunderstorm. He put Shi Ping into suffering, he tortured Fan Yi and collapsed, he suppressed Zhou Ping and twisted him, he broke the fantasy of Zhou Chong, and he pushed Si Feng to destruction.

Zhou Puyuan, who fell in love with Shi Ping when he was young, may still have a trace of purity. But since the 30th night of that year, he heard that the elders of his family drove Mei Shiping away, and then married Miss Kuo, who was the right person at the door, his soul had become the best portrayal of the supremacy of interests. Thirty years later, the moment he recognized Shi Ping again, the emotion he showed was not the joy of reuniting for a long time, but the complete suspicion, doubt and fear. What he thought was that Shi Ping's arrival might threaten his status and interests. It was the embarrassing situation he would face after the truth was revealed, not the sympathy and love for Shi Ping's tragic encounter. He said eloquently that he kept the furniture she liked, that he kept her habit, and treasured the old shirt with embroidered plum blossoms, but after all, it was not because of love, it was because he wanted to show that he had not existed Conscience, to the people of the world. Look! I'm a gentleman with affection and righteousness! In fact, where is the love? Even if it has happened, it has disappeared in 30 years, everything he has now, including the five thousand oceans to Shi Ping, She promised to take care of her living expenses so that they would never step into the door of Zhou's house. All, all for himself. To him, love has long been a bit of an adjunct to a long life, but it is dispensable. It is as unrealistic as a dream. The representative of this capitalist has long been obscured by the influence of the business community.

The consequences of the tragedy are always borne. Lu Shiping, her fate is undoubtedly tragic. Maybe she was the creator of that false love 30 years ago, but is it really worth falling in love with someone like that?

Thirty years, thirty years, and thirty years have passed, why do you not indulge in pain and indulgence? You try hard to redeem, you want to leave Sifeng as early as possible, but you can't stop the violent thunderstorm. Eventually, the daughter fell under the grapevine. What about you, you are left alone.

As for the four phoenixes, this beautiful and kind woman seemed to be born in this cruel, indifferent world by mistake.

She was happy to wait for her mother but didn't want to have a nightmare. She seems to have made the same mistake as her mother, but the mistake has not yet been made, and her fate has broken her like a porcelain doll.

She didn't persevere, didn't fight, didn't resist, she just endured in silence. That future-proof wire will ignite all the grudges and vengeance that this family has saved over decades.

In the end, the dead, the wounded, the thunderstorm, exposed the distortion of all human nature, a flash of lightning, illuminated all the old dirty corners.

It is no coincidence that such a tragedy was written. Cao Yu once said: I lost my mother from an early age, and I was very lonely and lonely in my heart.

He must have hoped that at the moment when the curtain was closed, someone could understand: Life is like a dream, and the rain is raining in the dream. After waking up, he still has to walk bravely.

"Thunderstorm" after reading 1500 words

About Thunderstorm, I didn't deliberately look for it. I came into contact with it because the Chinese class in the freshman year had a text about it, and the Chinese teacher also specially looked for its play for us to see. However, it left an indelible impression on me.

Although there are not many main characters in the play, only Fan Yi, Zhou Chong, Zhou Puyuan, Shi Ping, Lu Sifeng, Zhou Ping, Lu Dahai, and Lu Gui, but the relationship between the characters is extremely complicated.

Zhou Puyuan, the source of the story, as a capitalist of the old society, what the words and deeds show are the businessman's profiteering and insidious cunning, because of his greed and his ruthlessness, he did everything and led to tragedy ... However he There is also a bit of sadness in the insidious cunningness. From the old furniture that he has always carried with him, he has kept the habit of closing windows in summer, and the old shirt he has been wearing for decades. It can be seen that he still has affection for Shi Ping, but In this home, he has no dignity for his parents but cannot enjoy the true feelings between husband and wife, father and son. He had nothing left but the empty body. As a reader and viewer, I still sympathize with him.

In this play, like many readers and viewers, I was most impressed. As Zhou Puyuan's wife, Zhou Ping's stepmother, she had a personal relationship with Zhou Ping. In our opinion, her relationship with Zhou Ping is incestuous, but we think carefully that this is not entirely her fault. On the contrary, his hatred of Zhou Puyuan and his love for Zhou Ping can be seen as a dare Woman who loves to hate. But her final end was crazy, but besides such an ending, we may not think of a better ending, abandoned by two men and men, and hurt by the love she desires, it is difficult to imagine, What a pain. Or the demented madness is the best proof that she was harmed, which also precisely reflects the cruel and ruthlessness of that hierarchy and the deep damage of feudal ideas. Therefore, I have to admire Cao Yong.

Zhou Ping is one of the most offensive characters when I watch this play. His hypocrisy, his ruthlessness, his selfishness ... He and his father, Zhou Puyuan, have very similar personalities. However, compared with Zhou Puyuan, I hate him even more. He had never loved Fanyi at all, but pretended to love her, and when Sifeng appeared, his hypocrisy was broken in a blow. In my opinion, he lives up to Fan Yi's love and doesn't deserve the love of Sifeng. In the end, his ending is death, and it is justified. I know the author's intention is not the case. These are just my personal subjective views, or from a psychological perspective, I evaluate him like this as a halo effect. According to personal preferences Evaluate a person.

For Zhou Chong, Sifeng, and Lu Haihai, I put them into the same category, because they are fundamentally different from others in that era. However, they are innocent, they are victims of that era. Zhou Chong, who has all the dreams of children, is a representative of a group of young people who grew up after the May 4th Movement. He was brave enough to resist feudalism, hoping to accept new ideas, and simply dreamed that "the world will always be good for him." Sifeng, like Zhou Chong, is a very pure child, but the biggest difference with Zhou Chong is that Sifeng has not received education and she cannot accept the impact of new trends of thought. She will not resist, will not stand up and fight against feudal etiquette, so she can only have the simple virtues of working people: kindness, hard work. And Lu Dahai is a typical representative of the working class, while China's working class is subjected to multiple oppressions, and its resistance is extremely fierce. His character is even more stubborn. He is full of energy. His young passion and enthusiasm are like the volcano that is about to erupt, and his rebellious spirit is fully demonstrated. Although they became victims in the play, their appearance also brought a dawn to that dark age. They were representatives of new hope, and they grew and developed under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Finally, they saw the light.

Shi Ping and Lu Gui are a couple in this play. Although Shi Ping and Zhou Puyuan had a relationship 30 years ago, after she was abandoned by Zhou Puyuan, she lived strongly, and her life had too much pain. Too much helplessness, she wanted to resist, but her resistance was weak and incomplete, so she became a victim of feudal times. Lu Gui is a greedy market villain. His others don't have much to say.

The script uses exciting plots, concise and implicit language, distinctive characters, and extremely rich subtext. Like a blade, it slowly slipped on the reader's heartstrings. In terms of natural sceneries and portrait descriptions, Thunderstorm pays special attention to sound and color effects, and does not hesitate to use dark ink to emphasize color performance. At the same time, pay attention to exaggerating the characters' sounds, smells, and eyes.

For the work "Thunderstorm", we need to understand the background of the era before we can understand why it ended in the thunderstorm night. The ending of the characters in the play was arranged by Cao Yu, and it was also arranged in that era. Necessity in chance. Thought-provoking ...

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