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1000 words after reading "frog"

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1000 words after reading "frog"

Mo Yan and his "Frog" caused a sensation in the world. My grassroots also followed Xin Xinran proudly for a long time. When I was calm down, I began to slowly read "Frog", which will be finished in 2013. Tasting books are just like tea, only slowly can you feel the scent.

"Frog" in the first person's tone, describes Wanzu, the aunt Wanwan trot Wanxin legend bumpy life. When he was young, he was in danger and was not afraid. He dared to stare at the Japanese invaders. After the founding of the People ’s Republic of China, he became a local expert in obstetrics and gynecology with his red background and strong medical skills. He competed with the midwives and made the people accept the new law The delivery gave birth to thousands of mothers and newborns, and the masses admired her, calling it Guanyin. After the country implemented the family planning policy, Wan Xin was sent to the family planning office of the commune for decades. During this period, Wan Xin resolutely implemented the family planning policy. It can be described as unselfish six relatives, and he lost more than 2,000 unplanned pregnant babies, including his nephew Wan Xiaobao and his wife Wang Renmei. This achievement wiped out Wan Xin's prestige among the masses. On the ground, in the hearts of the masses, she changed from a child-giving bodhisattva to a devil who harmed life. In the later years, the country's family planning work has also been opened up with the opening up of the economy. Large-birth students, official students, and even small employees who have no right and money cannot give birth. The so-called pills for turning the dragon and changing the wind are very expensive, and are sold to those big men who are corrupt and bribe-paying people's wealth, in this way to vent their peace of mind.

The protagonist Wan Xin's life track is tortuous, and her love track is also bumpy. At the age of Yizhihua, he searched for three baidus among the admirers of Ruyun. He selected the smart pilot Wang Xiaodi and was about to get married. Wang Xiaodi fled to Taiwan by flight, and Wan Xin was implicated. After experiencing a cold world, she decided to marry To Yang Lin, the secretary of the county party who is more than 20 years old. During the violent Cultural Revolution, she and Yang Lin were shocked together. Yang Lin could not stand the torment of the rebels at the criticism meeting, hurt Wan Xin and buried her second affection. In this way, Wanxin's life-long event was delayed, and until near retirement, he combined with the folk clay master Hao Dashou. The combination of Wan Xin and Master Hao is perfect. Wan Xin describes the characteristics of the fetus that was lost. The master creates a mud doll as described, and then supplies it to a room where he is born to ask for a good girl.

"Frog" is the personal history of a family planning cadre at the bottom, and also a magnificent history of China's rural family planning work. In this period of history, there are honor and shame, bitterness, persistence, helplessness, revelation, and praise. The writer, with a keen eye, captures the changes in society and speaks out, giving people a deafening tremor.

In addition to the ups and downs of the plot in "Frog", I also like her style:

Language is witty. The language of Mo Yan's works is very styled, fluent and witty and exaggerated, which makes people irresistible. For example, writing Wang Xiaozheng ’s superb flying skills, Wang Jiji dived down to the watermelon field, leaned down to pick up a watermelon, pulled a rod, and the fighter whistled and rushed to the sky again, haha, what an exaggerated and humorous text! Can be with Qinglianjushi Fei Liu went down 3,000 feet, and it is suspected that the galaxy fell for nine days.

Bright rhythm. The novel begins with the little friends eating coal, such as 潺潺 Xiaoxi, fresh and refreshing. The next Wang Xiaoyu defected, and the Cultural Revolution waves chorded like a whisper to introduce the reader to the story. Wang Dan escaped the river to deliver in the river. Such as the climax of a torrential rain, the next appearance of the American Baby-friendly Hospital, such as the river suddenly widened, the flow of water slowed, sparkling microwaves full of eyes, so noisy and miscellaneous bullets, big beads and beads falling on the jade plate, giving people ups and downs Artistic enjoyment.

Well thought out. The second half of the novel writes that Wang Gan cooperates with Qin He and Hao's hands, clay dolls and sales dolls. When Wang Gan flirts with his customers, he enters into the creative state with his tongue, and the language in the creative state is delicate and philosophical, full of meticulousness. Mysterious, let customers willingly scramble to buy mud dolls.

Some people say that the thinking of "frog" is not positive enough, it is to expose the family ugliness of family planning work. From a political point of view, there is indeed such a suspicion. But "Frog" is a literary work, a novel, and a novel that reflects reality and transcends reality. Only the words that are rooted in reality are the words that have life and color. Mo Yan was able to write straight through the course of China ’s family planning work, and he was looking at family planning on the fertile ground in the countryside. This is because of the writer ’s sense of mission. In reality, this is the current situation of family planning in the countryside. Deservedly outstanding literary works.

It was no accident that Frog won the Nobel Prize.

1000 words after reading "frog"

"Frog" uses plain but direct strokes to tell the story of a legendary and complicated life of an obstetrician and gynecologist who has worked in obstetrics and gynecology for more than 50 years in Gaomi County, Shandong Province. The protagonist of the novel is the aunt of "I". At the beginning of the story, he wrote that China, which is the dawn of science and democracy, is the only obstetrician and gynecologist in Gaomi County, and the midwife fights with wisdom. Every new life is a beloved mother-in-law. Good novels can well highlight the contradictions: later, due to the needs of New China's national conditions, the country began to implement the family planning policy, and her aunt also became the head of family planning in the village, and suddenly became a "killing demon."

Aunt was never a hesitant person, and the implementation of national policies was as resolute as she was to defend the lives of newborns. Someone in the town took the risk of secretly conceiving a child, and even the wife of the aunt's nephew, "I", could not escape. My aunt was mad, and used an excavator to pull down the uncle of my wife ’s neighbor ’s house, and threatened my father-in-law to pull his neighbor ’s house if he did n’t surrender the child, cursed by the neighbor ’s lamentation, and forced by my aunt His wife had an abortion operation. At this moment, the contradiction of the novel reached its climax, and my wife died! Such a scene made me wonder, everyone was right. Why did this tragic situation happen? It is reasonable for the country to have children for the people. Wrong The fault lies in the temporary conflict between the interests of the people and the national policy. The people are the recipients of the national policy. Naturally, they must work hard to meet the requirements of the policy. If this is not possible, the individual wants to live a unique life in the flood of history. Tragedy The production of is inevitable. Afterwards, my aunt forced her to perform a ligation operation and chase pregnant women who were about to give birth ... These scenes continued to deepen my sense of helplessness and vicissitude in my heart. This is the effect of art. The description of the aunt's later life is self-evident. My aunt had always been a brave and fearless person (except for fear of frogs) in my eyes, but in her old age, she often had nightmares. I think it was probably her endless guilt deep inside. The aunt's marrying process was also very novel: on a night of the night, the frogs she feared most came to her in groups, stripped her clothes, and when she escaped, she met her future husband, a clay sculpture. people. Afterwards, her aunt and her husband Qin He described each and every life that they had mutilated. Qin He made them into dolls. The moonlight was like water, and her aunt's remorse was so clear. With all these allegorical and symbolic management methods, Bai Fiction pushed to a higher level, that is, caring for life, praising life, and revering for life.

The novel mainly takes the aunt's life as a clue, during which the cultural customs of Gaomi Township is where Mo Yanwen likes to park. In this hometown where he was nurtured, he used many passionate words to express his outlook on life. Of course, the genre of "Frog" is also quite novel. The story begins with a letter written by "I" to Mr. Japan. After the novel is over, there is a drama with the same character and the same plot, focusing on the charm of the literary genre, giving people an impact on thinking. It's a spiritual feast.

In the end, I would like to conclude with a commentary from the Mao Dun Literature Award. The "Frog" reflects the difficulties and trials experienced by our country's great survival struggle with the fate of village doctors. The novel presents the complexity and complexity of history and reality from multiple perspectives, and expresses reflections on life ethics. The multi-text structure of narrative and drama constructs a wide dialogue space, calmly free, witty humor, and reflects the author's strong narrative ability and persistent creative spirit. "

1000 words after reading "frog"

At noon today, with a curious curiosity, I read the "frog" that I didn't finish when I was in the third year of high school. After reading it, I was shocked. The scenes in the novel still clearly appeared. Mo Yan's writing can be described as bloody and cruel, with a kind of abnormality and blood between the lines. He is good at rendering the story with chaotic colors, which teaches people shocking.

In China's traditional rural culture, the frog has always been a symbol of reproduction and reproduction. According to the aunt in the text, the title that Mo Yan wants to imply is revealed: the frog. Not only do frogs and baby sound the same, but babies who fall to the ground have the same sound as frogs. The nine-act drama "frog" can be seen as a supplement and sublimation of the first four letters. The title is the gist and condensed of the whole novel.

Mo Yan locked the background in Northeast Township, Gaomi, Shandong Province, and used a third-party perspective to tell those thrilling and tear-striking stories. The main character is an aunt, a country doctor with a complex identity. Her life course runs through the entire novel. . Her aunt ’s identity is special. She fought with her father in Pinggu during the Anti-Japanese War. She became infamous for her boyfriend Wang Xiaozhang who fled to Taiwan. While practicing medicine, she strictly enforced the country ’s family planning policy. Bringing a ring, even pushing a woman who is pregnant for six or seven months to death. Until she entered middle age, she married Hao Shou, who pinches the clay doll, and expressed her deep regret for what she did.

In terms of plot description, Mo Yan was very successful. He used a brutal style to vividly describe the tragedy of Wang Renmei and Wang Dan, allowing readers to feel the succession of traditional ideas and national institutions represented by Wang Renmei and Wang Dan. The established family planning goals are in stark contrast. Describe some of the behaviors that aunts deal with those who violate the policy. In their behavior to their nephew-wife Wang Renmei and Wang Dan, they use whatever means to show them, and they don't care about the feelings of their loved ones. Neighbourhood relations have also been destroyed. In the chase after scene after scene, the bloody scenes of the scenes can not help but make people creepy, and the heart-breaking human feelings are hurt by the political oppression. Therefore, Mo Yan's literary works make me feel less warm, and it seems that his writing emotions are shown by a devil-like madness.

In terms of character image formation, Mo Yan's aunt, a contradictory figure, formed a sharp contrast in the early and late stages. From the iron face, she was selfless and decisively driven to kill those who violated the policy. In the subtle way, the human nature explained by Mo Yan also surfaced. In addition to her aunt, the novel also created many very successful characters. For example, the lion cub was also an advocate and implementer of the family planning policy, but in the end, she suffered from childless suffering. She chose to do it under the pressure of internal and external Defenders. Also, what I like the most is my early Wang Renmei. Although she is the end of tragedy, she is the most straightforward person in the novel. She laughs and scolds frankly, not only from her talking style, but also the most important thing To her truth, she knew that her aunt was the executor of family planning, but she did not submit to the social policies of the time. Although her resistance was unsuccessful, she lost her life.

In the structure of the novel, Mo Yan chose a unique way. The novel consists of four long letters and a nine-act drama. Each letter represents a different era and is a watershed in every era. Moreover, through the narrative style of the epistolary, the space of the novel is broadened. Through the detailed past of Mr. Sugigu Yoshito, Mo Yan can express his chest freely and lay a formal foundation for the delicate description of psychological activities. .

After reading the full text, Mo Yan analyzed and criticized human nature and society through "Frog". Although he is writing a story from the background of his hometown, it allows us to enjoy thinking from the perspective of human nature.

1000 words after reading "frog"

I am a fashion-oriented person. I have just finished reading Mo Yan's novel Frog by virtue of Dongfeng of the Nobel Prize in Literature. This is a novel about China's family planning policy in recent decades. After reading the book, I can't help but re-explore the journey of human life from birth to birth.

The heroine and aunt of the book is a loyal executor who firmly defends the family planning policy. Treating the Superborn, she was unselfish and her six relatives refused to acknowledge her. In order to prevent a child from surviving, she did everything she could and tried her best to kill the child at all costs. Treat pregnant women, even use a forklift to pull trees and demolish the wall. She set her ears and eyes, set up dark posts, and mobilized the masses cleverly. Not only did the economic loss of the super-birth family, but also the masses gain, wool came out of the sheep. The super-pregnant woman couldn't hide, she rushed to the west, vowed to demolish the neighbor's house, and let the neighbour's loss be borne by the super-born family. Use this cleverly to combat that tactic, thereby provoking the contradiction between the neighbors and profiting from it. Under the powerful offensive, thousands of children were lost in her hands.

If you only read the first half of the book, readers will be disgusted with your aunt at the same time that they are disgusted with the family planning policy. But Mo Yan's pen didn't stop there. What he presented to his readers was the multi-faceted nature of human nature. In terms of human nature and society, whether human nature or society is needed. Aunt seems to be the same person. She is a dedicated gynecologist with countless children born through her hands. The author mentioned in his book that his aunt had too many people in China. If humanity is needed, the population problem will become a huge social burden in the future; if society is to deal with future generations, family planning must be implemented. The book also implicitly proposes that those who want to be born are not very good in their family conditions and are not responsible people. They are more born to want a heirloom son, and bring their family and the country Burden, it is better to simply do it. The author writes that in modern times, the understanding of fertility has another layer of profound meaning. The aunt is in her old age, and she made deep reflections on the children she had lost through her hands. Those frogs sounded as if they were children made by her. He is doing confession of soul. The image of her aunt is destined to be a controversial figure. In the eyes of those who have lost children, she is a demon, and to the country, she is a contributing person.

After reading this book, in addition to the tremor of the soul, there is also the helplessness of reality. Family planning is a pain in the heart of the Chinese people. In the vast countryside, the number of aunts is countless, and the reality is even more cruel than what is described in the book. We've all seen Song Dandan's and Huang Hong's sketches-"Supernatural Guerrilla." The use of exaggeration and irony in the sketch brought laughter to hundreds of millions of Chinese. But the history of family planning in life is cruel and ruthless. As a child, I remember my mother was hiding in Tibet in order to have a younger brother. We slept in wheat straw, cow sheds, and grass sheds in the fields. My neighbor ’s house was demolished. My seven-month-old child was flown away, and the little brother who survived cried twice and died. The bloody scenes made me scary and confused in my childhood. Anyway, what I want to say is that each of us is an independent individual and we all have the right to live, but at the same time we are also members of society and we must also have the responsibility to contribute to society.

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