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Reading 300 Words in Yu Gong Yi Shan

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Reading 300 Words in Yu Gong Yi Shan

Today I read a parable of "Yugong Yishan". This story says that in the ancient times, an old man who was ninety years old was called Yugong. There were two mountains in front of his house, Taihang and Wangwu, blocking the way. Yu Gong was determined to lead the children and grandchildren to dig out the two mountains. There is a very clever neighbour old man named Zhiyuan who laughs at Yugong. They are too stupid to do this and ask for help. Yu Gong retorted, "I have my son when I die, my son is dead, and my grandchildren. There is no end to the offspring and grandchildren, but Dashan digs a little less. How can they dig?" After digging the mountain, Tiandi was finally touched. Tiandi sent two gods to carry the two mountains away, making it easier for Yugong and the villagers to travel.

After reading this story, I thought a lot. I don't think Yu Gong is stupid. When he encounters difficulties, he doesn't shrink back, but instead goes up to the difficulties. This spirit is worth my learning. I will definitely encounter a lot of difficulties in my studies and in my daily life. Don't be afraid of it. I must actively think of ways to overcome it. Through Yu Gong's story, I also know how to do anything. I must persevere and have perseverance and perseverance. This is the direction of my future efforts. Classmates, let's all be people like Yugong. Don't be afraid of difficulties. Persistence will succeed.

Reading 300 Words in Yu Gong Yi Shan

A few days ago, I read an article titled "Yugong Yishan". The story is: a long time ago, there was an old man named Yugong who went over two mountains every day when he went out to do business. This gave him Life caused a lot of inconvenience, so he decided to eliminate these two mountains. A man who thinks he is smart laughed at him and said, "It is impossible for you to remove these two mountains by your own strength. Don't let yourself go." Yugong said, "I move There are my sons, my sons and grandchildren. My grandchildren and grandchildren will finish one day. "Yu Gong ignored others' ridicule at him and worked hard, and finally moved Heaven. The gods helped Yugong raz the two mountains to the ground and fulfilled Yugong's wish.

By reading this book, combined with my own study and life, I understand that as long as I work hard, I ca n’t do anything, especially in English and Chinese. It ’s difficult to memorize and recite some words and sentences, but it ca n’t be difficult because of it. Just give up, we must learn from Yu Gong, learn his perseverance, read and memorize again and again, three times no, five times, five times no, ten times, until it is completely memorized.

In life, you cannot despise and make fun of others. When others encounter difficulties, they must do their best to help. In the face of difficulties, we must move forward bravely, not halfway, and not afraid of suffering. Good morning peace words on WeChat circle of friends

Although it was very hard for Yu Gong to remove the two mountains, it brought convenience to him and future generations. I also have to learn from Yu Gong. I must think about everything and not be intimidated by the difficulties in front of me. I must have perseverance and vision. There is no pie falling from the sky, and only gains can be gained by paying.

Reading 300 Words in Yu Gong Yi Shan

Recently, I watched the story of "Yugong Yishan" at home. This story tells a long time ago that there was a family named Yugong on the mountain. There were two big mountains in front of his house, which blocked his way out. Their family always goes a long way every day to go out, so Yu Gong decided to level the two mountains. Another clever Zhiyu laughed at him for being too stupid. He said: The mountain is so big that you can't remove him. Yu Gong answered him: I have a son when I die, a grandson after his death, and my children will continue, and the mountain will not rise. Why ca n’t I do this? So he kept digging like this every day, straight One day, his behavior moved the gods in the sky, and the gods told the mountain god to remove the mountain.

After reading this story, I finally understand why Yu Gong can remove the mountain, because Yu Gong has the spirit of perseverance and never give up, this spirit is very worthy of our study. This reminds me that before I always practiced pen writing every day, I stopped practicing often, so I have n’t practiced the word till now. I decided to continue to write pen writing every day starting from today. I ca n’t give up easily. The story of Yugong Yishan made me understand that no matter what we do, we must persevere to the end. We cannot give up easily. As long as we persist, we can overcome it regardless of any difficulties.

Reading 300 Words in Yu Gong Yi Shan

Today, I read the fable story "Yugong Yishan", which tells that there are two mountains Taihang and Wangwu in front of the 90-year-old Yugong's house, blocking his way. Yu Gong decided to remove the mountain, and he took his family to carry the stone and soil on the mountain every day. One Zhidi saw and said to Yu Gong, "You are so old, you have no strength, and you want to deal with those earth and stones, it is really beyond your control." Yu Gong said, "I am dead, have my son, and my son is alive. Grandchildren, grandchildren and grandchildren are endless, and the mountain will not rise. How can there be no truth? "Zhizhi is dumb. Jade Emperor was moved by Yu Gong's tenacity and perseverance, so he ordered the gods to carry the two mountains away.

The spirit of Yugong Yishan moved me deeply. Let me understand a truth: as long as you have the will and perseverance, you will not be afraid of defeating difficulties. I timid and sighed whenever I encountered a difficult problem. When I saw a little complicated question, I asked my mother to help solve it, so that the questions that were done were often wrong. After reading this parable, I should learn from Yu Gong, learn his perseverance, and his strong will and perseverance. Nothing is unachievable.

Reading 300 Words in Yu Gong Yi Shan

The story of "Yugong Yishan" tells: There used to be an old man named Yugong, and two mountains blocked their way, which brought a lot of inconvenience to their lives, so he led his children and grandchildren to start digging. After many difficulties, the hard work day after day finally touched the god of heaven and took the mountain away. Yu Gong's spirit of thinking for future generations is worth learning. In addition, although he was laughed at, he is still brave and persevering. This spirit is also worth learning. Because the spirit of "Yu Gong Yi Shan" is to let us do things with perseverance, perseverance, and abandonment halfway. That's why his spirit has survived to this day. (Beauty Network WWW.Mc26.com)

And I, in the same way, flinched, let alone persevered. It's my description when I get out of difficulty. For example: During the summer vacation, my mother bought me a maths math exercise book. I was very willing to do it in the beginning and thought it was simple. But when I reached the second page, I encountered a few questions that would not be done, and continued to turn back, but it became more and more difficult in the future. Then I stopped doing these questions and went to school. Give up with a little difficulty, and never have the spirit of perseverance and perseverance.

Reading this story made me understand: Only by doing one thing attentively and not half-heartedly, must we persevere and not quit halfway, can we lay a good foundation for our future. We must learn from the elderly Yu Gong.

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