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300 Words in Dream of Red Mansion

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Dream of Red Mansions after reading 300 words

"A Dream of Red Mansions" is the pinnacle of the history of classical novels. It tells the story of a family's rise and fall, a family story.

The protagonists of the story are Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu. Lin Daiyu has been frail and sick since she was young. She came to Rongguo and met a group of girls who lived in the Grand View Garden. They not only look beautiful, but also have a beautiful heart. Jia Baoyu is the only boy among the men. Unlike other men in ancient times, he thought he was superior to women, but regarded himself and the other as equal people.

The central position of the story is the love entanglement between Jia Baoyu and cousin Lin Daiyu and cousin Xue Baodi. With such problems, tragedy becomes an inevitable result.

The entire Jiafu is a filthy and ugly aristocratic family under the sound of appearance. Only a pair of stone lions in front of the door are clean and connected with the filth of the whole society.

The tragedy of "A Dream of Red Mansions" is particularly shocking because it fully writes that the destroyed women are not only beautiful in appearance, but also beautiful in heart.

Dream of Red Mansions after reading 300 words

The book "A Dream of Red Mansions" is based on the love tragedies of Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu and Xue Baozhen. Through the description of the prosperity and decline of the four major families of "Jia, Shi, Wang, Xue", it shows a broad vision of social life, encompassing a variety of aspects Colorful worldly friendship.

"Dream of Red Mansions" is a literary masterpiece created by the ancient Chinese writer Cao Xueqin for ten years. It showed a broad social background, depicting the customs and customs of Chinese society at that time. This literary masterpiece has greatly improved the creative level of Chinese classical novels. Therefore, together with "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin" and "Journey to the West", it is known as China's four classic classics.

"Dream of Red Mansions" is not only a great literary work, but also a study of ancient Chinese official systems, philosophical thoughts, cultural forms, and folklore phenomena. Therefore, it has always attracted the attention of people from all walks of life.

The Dream of Red Mansions reflects complex social issues. Revealed the profound philosophy of human nature, the world is cold, and social contradictions promote social development.

Dream of Red Mansions after reading 300 words

After reading the masterpiece "A Dream of Red Mansions", I learned the charm of classical classics. "A Dream of Red Mansions" is a classical novel in the middle of the eighteenth century in China. The author of this book is Cao Xueqin. This book represents the highest level of ancient Chinese novels.

"Dream of Red Mansions" mainly talks about the tragedy of the three generations of life of Jinling aristocratic names Jia, Shi, Wang and Xuan from Ronghua to decline and the love stories of Baoyu and Daiyu. Here, I respect and praise the author for boldly complaining about the shamelessness and degeneration of the feudal aristocracy, and thus revealing the historical trend of the inevitable collapse of the feudal society.

Some people are dissatisfied and sorry that Lin Daiyu and Baoyu's love story ended in tragedy, including me. However, after watching the end of Baodi, I understood and realized that Baoyu was not a man in the sky. He did not have the ability to protect Daiyu. He relied on his family. This family was gone, and he Everything is gone. Therefore, in the darkness of this feudal society, in the shamelessness and degradation of this feudal aristocracy, in this hypocrisy, greed, decay, and sin, I think that Dai Yu's death may be a relief. It can be said that seeing the end of Baodi, Dai Yu's departure is also a kind of happiness. After all, she did not endure the family's decline, and the loneliness of love was sad, so she left happily.

After watching "A Dream of Red Mansions" again and again, my feelings are getting more and more. I can say that "Dream of Red Mansions" is blank and do not understand. But after I watched it again and again, I could feel that the dark social feudal thoughts at that time completely imprisoned people's thoughts and ingenuity, and made everyone greedy and shameless, so that the four major families would fall from that glory defeat……

Dream of Red Mansions after reading 300 words

"Dream of Red Mansions" is one of the four famous classics in ancient times. Today, I will tell you about "Dream of Red Mansions"!

After reading the book "A Dream of Red Mansions", my favorite one is: guess the lantern riddle. Inside it: Yuan Chun wrote a lantern riddle to let brothers and sisters guess. Later, they also wrote a lantern riddle for others to guess. Baoyu's poems except Jia Huan were not good, others wrote well. The reason I like this article is: after reading this, you will see those poems, because those poems are well written, so you can never get tired of them. Among them, Tan Chun is the best.

There are many tasks in "A Dream of Red Mansions". Below I will comment on these characters. Bao Yu is kind and hearty, Dai Yu loves to have some small tempers, and Bao Zhi is exquisitely exploring spring integrity. The above is the character of these characters. My favorite is Tanchun, because her character is upright.

The Jia family in the book "A Dream of Red Mansions" is too feudal. It is because the Jia family feudalism caused Baoyu, Daiyu, and Baozha to fall to no one in the end. Daiyu died. A person. If Daiyu was married to Baoyu at that time, and Baozhi was married to other people, then none of the three of them would live a good life, and the lover would never become a dependent.

Dream of Red Mansions after reading 300 words

During the winter vacation, I read "The Dream of Red Mansions" written by the famous writer Cao Xueqin. (After reading jajshop.com)

"Dream of Red Mansions" is a highly artistic literary masterpiece. He wrote a series of touching stories around Jia Baoyu. And created a lot of distinctive personalities. What attracts me most is the shaping of these characters.

What impressed me most was Lin Daiyu, the heroine of this book. I don't like her character very much. Because of her sentimentality and carefulness, I like lively and cheerful people. But she and her talents in writing are so incomparable that I really admire it.

My favorite character is Xue Baozhen. She is lively, stable and generous, which is my most appreciated character. When Lin Daiyu became ill, she also advised Lin Daiyu about her deficiencies in the prescription and sent over better medicines for Lin Daiyu. Is a pretty good girl.

I also appreciate an inconspicuous character-that is Liu Ye. Although born and raised, she is a vulgar farmer. But she was very conscience. The Jia family helped her when she had no money to spend in her home. When the Jia family was impoverished, she was not wealthy, but she was able to pull out a knife and help, and she was an upright person.

When reading The Dream of Red Mansions, there are often tearful times. I hope everyone can experience and enjoy the beauty in person!

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