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"Fan Card" 400 words after reading

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"Fan Card" 400 words after reading

Today, I read the article "Vanka". This article mainly writes that a nine-year-old child was sent to the city as an apprentice by his grandfather. No one likes him there. He is going to starve, beating, and freezing. He wrote to ask Grandpa to take him back, but the address was not clearly written on the letter. How can the letter be sent? From this, I can see how miserable Vanka ’s childhood was, and at the same time, I felt the darkness of the Russian tsarist rule And the sin of society at the time.

Eat a little bread in the morning, gruel for lunch, and a little bread at night. When I read this, I couldn't help thinking, how can I eat enough to eat and eat these things? I remembered myself and never tasted hunger since childhood. At school, there is the care of teachers and classmates; at home, caressed by father and mother, learn and play freely every day. How does all this Vanka feel? It feels better to stay in the arms of a poor grandpa than to face a rich boss every day and night, but this is just a dream of Vanka. When will he be happy?

Fanka and I are also in this blue sky, but why is there such a big difference? In fact, in the final analysis, it was caused by the darkness of the society at the time. There are many such children in the world, like the musician Yang Ke, How pitiful they are! I sincerely hope that people from all over the world can join hands and jointly create a peaceful world so that children around the world can be happy and happy.

We must now cherish our childhood, read a good book, and grow up together to create a peaceful and bright world.

"Fan Card" 400 words after reading

Today, we learned the lesson of "Fanka", and I felt very deeply. How helpless, painful, and pitiful he is compared to my life ...

How beautiful my life is compared to Vanka. In the morning, when we opened our drowsy eyes, we found that our parents had already got up and prepared a delicious breakfast for us; at noon, when we finally finished school and rushed home, we saw a hearty lunch at first sight; In the evening, when we finished the homework assigned by the teacher and came to the living room with a tired body, we suddenly found that there was a glass of caring milk on the desk ...

Why did we never pay attention to such a beautiful life? We still complain about our parents every day. If Vanka had such a life, he would definitely study hard. And why do we not study well if we have such a beautiful life?

Fanca, he ca n’t eat and wear warm clothes every day. He ca n’t play as much as I do. He ca n’t read books in bright classrooms like me. A happy and fulfilling life ... and I, immersed in the care of my parents every day, I can't finish the food, the beautiful new clothes, I don't have to work every day, let alone be beaten every day. Ah, Fanka! You are praying to God every day, working every day, and being beaten. I do n’t eat enough to get warm every day. In comparison, how wonderful my life is!

I imagine that one day, Vanka will be able to go to school and study and live a happy life. At that time, he had a happy smile on his face ...

"Fan Card" 400 words after reading

Today, the teacher led us to learn the lesson of "Fanka". This text mainly focuses on the miserable fate of Fanka at the age of 9 as an apprentice. After reading, my heart could not calm for a long time.

Moscow, Russia is a big city, and Fanka was an apprentice in a small grocery store, where the apprentices bullied him. Think about Vanka's life, and then think about our life, that's a world of difference!

I don't know that society is so dark, and I don't know that Vanka is so sad. "This is my emotion after reading the text" Fanka ".

I learned this text, and I was moved because of him! I hated because of him! I sympathized because of him! I cried because of him! Why? Why? Why is Vanka so hard? Why is there capitalism? The distinction between high and low? Why should people be afraid of bullying? Why do they want to see death and not save? I ask myself over and over again in my heart, why?

I can't help but sympathize with Vanka and hate the darkness of the old society. Maybe at this moment, we can understand the true meaning of this article, and then we can understand Chekhov's feelings. The author is not telling us about the tragic fate of Vanka, but he wants to let us know the darkness of society at that time; the corruption of the government; the incompetence of people! Should there be a fighting spirit in our hearts? If so, what is this fighting spirit? Sympathy but helplessness; hatred but helplessness. Or do you study hard from now and repay the motherland in the future?

"Fan Card" 400 words after reading

A famous Russian novelist, Chekhov, created a 9-year-old boy from the countryside as an apprentice in the city, Vanka. Recounts the tragic life of Vanka's childhood. After reading, my heart could not be calm for a long time. (Jumei.com Www.ju73.Com)

Fanka is an orphan, with only his grandfather a relative. Grandpa also had to send a 9-year-old Vanka to the city as an apprentice because of financial difficulties. Fanka is helpless and humiliated in the city. He was tortured--the boss beat him at every turn, and the food was poor, but no one sympathized with him there.

After reading "Fanka", I couldn't help but feel secretly grateful that I was born in a new socialist China. There are parents at home, grandpa and grandma love; there are teachers and classmates at school. We can now enjoy the country's nine-year compulsory education. In school, teachers teach us all kinds of knowledge, so that we gradually grow from a child who doesn't understand anything to a teenager with a certain knowledge. And Fanka could have been a useful person for the country, but he could only do hard work at the boss's house ... How poor Fanka! Look at his food too poorly-a little bread and a bite of porridge Every day is the same. And we have delicious meals every day, and even some students are wasting food and picky food, how should not it!

Fanka's childhood life was very miserable. How happy we are compared to him!

"Fan Card" 400 words after reading

——Reading "Vanka"

Vanka's tragic encounter is pitiful;

Fanka's despair confided my throbbing heart;

Fanka's pain and frustration are even more intriguing ...


Fanka, a nine-year-old boy. In our opinion, the age of nine is the age of "youths don't know how to worry", it is the age of carefree and free, and it is also the period of flying laughter and happiness. However, all of this is an unattainable luxury for Vanka ...

Fanka, a child who only dreams of a peaceful life. In his heart, happiness is just being able to live with the grandfather in the countryside that is not affluent but has a savory life, just a peaceful life away from the malicious beatings of the boss's family. The happiness he wanted was nothing more than that ... However, it was something that was plain and unattainable in our eyes. Under the dark social system at that time, the cruel reality swallowed the last trace of Vanka's hopelessly. . Fanka's dream is fragmented ...

When I saw Fanka in the text with the last infinite hope, put the letter in the mailbox, my eyes were hazy, and I wanted to tell him aloud: "Fanka, a letter with an unclear address, cannot be sent out ... … "; When seeing Fanka in the text with sweet hope, dreaming that Grandpa was reading his letter, I hoped that everything in the text has not changed, so that Fanka can feel a moment of joy in the dream. Pleasure and happiness, so that he can find a glimmer of dawn in the darkness in his dream, how much he hopes that this dream, never wake up!

However, it is a dream that will wake up. When I woke up, all hope and goodness in Vanka's heart disappeared and disappeared ...

Vanka's last hope will disappear with the dream, falling like a meteor and buried by the darkness of reality. However, our thinking will not stop here. If the Russian tsars at that time made great efforts, how could Vanka have such a tragic situation? If the social prospects were bright at that time, how could Vanka write to Grandpa in despair? If the social system at that time Perfect, people can live and work in peace, how can Fanka be so pained and frustrated?

When Vanka's dream came to naught, we understood a lot, a lot ...

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