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"Anna Kalenina" 600 words after reading

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"Anna Kalenina" 600 words after reading

The book Anna Karenina was written by Russian writer Lev Tolstoy and is one of the world's top ten literary masterpieces. The book is very conceived, concise and clear, and the article is fascinating.

The protagonist of this book is Anna Karenina, which tells the story of the war years. The era of war is something we haven't experienced before, and this book also reflects the insecurity and cruelty of the war era.

The deepest person I know is Anna Karenina. She is an affluent family with a unique background. But she was never happy and never cared about herself. She always cared about others, even if something happened to a stranger, her mood could not be calm for a long time. Through her efforts, she finally achieved a career. She rarely needs the charity of others. With her tenacity and perseverance, she keeps making progress, and her career eventually flourishes. This is where I admire her very much. Gourd bitterness, there is nothing in the world. This is also true of people. She also has shortcomings, but her advantages are beyond ordinary people's ability. There are many of her sisters and sisters. When she fell, they just laughed at her and looked down on her, but she never cared about others' eyes. She also rarely criticizes others. This merit made her more effective in her later career. We must also do not criticize others and strive to be our best!

This era is a time of widespread war and chaos. It is a time when fascism exploits and oppresses the people. Poor people are full in the last meal, but do n’t know where the next meal is. We don't have to worry about eating, living, and walking. This book is in stark contrast to our present age. We cannot squander our lives, we cannot waste money at will, and we must spend time and energy in the right places.

This book has benefited me a lot and made me understand the beauty and happiness of our lives now.

"Anna Kalenina" 600 words after reading

Love is beautiful, just like gorgeous flowers. It may be the longing of a person's life. It has the happiness and happiness of a person's life, but it takes Anna into the abyss of pain. It is like a moth flinging fire. Fly away in love.

Anna had expected to live a happy life with Frenski, so she had the courage. To her he was hope and sustenance, and what about Frenski? He seemed to be just a sense of conquest, just like the hunter defeated Like beasts, this love is not great. Anna's longing for love made her forget her distress, and the power of love was so powerful that she broke through the world. Anna decided to invest in a new life-with Flensky.

However, Anna is a mother. She cares about her son, and feels guilty and sinful about her son. She is in conflict and pain. She lost faith in life and ideals, and she was finally disappointed in her own way, seeking peace of mind.

When the oncoming train ran over her body, I wonder if Anna regretted her life ended like this, she was ridiculed and satired by the world, the love she completely pursued will also be crushed, and after the torture of the heart, she proved by death Resistance to society, attachment to true love. (I admire it)

I can believe that in this society Anna's image will still be punished. The peace and humanity we aspire to, I wonder if it still exists. Where? But Anna still hasn't compromised with reality. She, a weak one, still hasn't compromised with reality. She now needs a life without pain and interference, but reality can't give it.

What is love? For Anna, has she ever got it? What she is after is to stay with her and not abandon her, and always give her someone to rely on behind her, but she can't get it.

The train passed by her and found that she was only a fragile woman, and she could not resist. Because she decided to die, an ordinary person could not make a decision. Behind the lonely body, I also saw a lonely soul, who came alone and went alone. Loneliness is the end of this woman, misery is the fate of this woman.

As the train passes, gently, don't disturb Anna's quiet life.

"Anna Kalenina" 600 words after reading

After reading Lev Tolstoy's "Anna Kalenina", a desolation rushed into my heart, and I seemed to have completed an extraordinary life with the hero in the book.

Anna was a happy woman. God gave her too much: a beautiful appearance, a good figure, a lively son, a husband who can bring her a comfortable and prosperous life. But how does everyone define happiness? God did not give her the ideal love that she wanted most. With a senior official twenty years older than her, Kalenin. For more than ten years of marriage, her husband's prominent status and fame will also be good to Anna, but these goodness are nothing more than the social public opinion that her husband cares about, obeying and fulfilling the religious significance of marriage, and the responsibility of a husband to his wife That's it. Anna's boring routine conversations every night. The wealth of life is difficult to cover up the thirst of the soul. (Mei Shuo www.Mc26.CoM)

The encounter under the train station created an affair between Anna and Wollensky on the train. The husband she has is a pool of standing water, and a heat current is coming to her like a tsunami. Cold water like a hot current surged through Anna's embankment, leaving Wollensky's love to flow like a tsunami. If there is no marriage system, if there is no love, and if there is no public opinion, Anna and Wollensky's water and milk love come too late and pleased. But reality is reality. Although their combination is not uncommon, in St. Petersburg, it is common to have a lover. It seems that the violation of the marriage system and the loss of motherhood are not terrible. The terrible thing is that they resolutely violate the decent rules of the game in high society. However, Anna, for the first time, has become the master of herself. She wants to have complete love.

However, in the end Anna died on the rails. This is how a sincere, moving and dynamic life passed away. Looking back on Anna's life trajectory, from having a happy and simple family, a happy life, to the intervention of Wollensky, and her name is love. The arrival of this love took everything away from her.

This is the world's love. There are also those who are angry and irritable. There are also those who have a life and death. There are also lovers who have a long stream of water. There is no right or wrong, only whether they have truly loved. Is not it?

"Anna Kalenina" 600 words after reading

Lev Tolski's "Ana Akalina" set off a huge uproar in the world literary world in the 19th century. Through the tragedy of the heroine Anna's pursuit of love, she took an extreme course after constantly struggling, the author renders The rich emotional colors of people make people feel the deep depression and pain of suffocation, as well as the pity and regret for the hero of the story.

"The candle in the wind sways in the wind, the faint light illuminates all around, and eventually fades away in the darkness." The despair expressed in this sentence deeply reflects Anna's weakness and helplessness, she has been comforting herself, She didn't think she was at fault, but as a mother, her concern and guilt for her son caused her to fall into contradiction and sin. After struggling with helpless suffering, she chose to end her life and find the true meaning of her soul. I wonder if her soul will regret it when she looks away from her body and overlooks her life. The love she gave up is crushed. She wants to resist the society at the time with death. There are endless tragedies. Whether her resistance and attachment to true love can cause people to think about truth is really questionable.

The ending of this love tragedy in the movie scene is that Anna dressed in a black long dress that she wore when she first met Warensky, lying on the rails in front of the railway tracks in the train station, ending her desperate love and life, and ending it. She has been suffering and suffering all the time, and she alone bears the consequences of this morally and socially shameful love in this Kitty. In contrast to the polygonal love between Kalenin, Warensky, and their respective marriages, Anna is undoubtedly poor. She chose to bear all the bitterness alone, but this dramatic tragedy ending in death has successfully shaped Many images of women like Anna during that period. This kind of woman who betrayed her family and abandoned her children, but worried that her son would be looked down upon, will be disgusted and rejected by the world, but the soft Anna still has not compromised. She decided to let death be her last insistence. Regardless of whether the world can understand it, she must have the courage to face her feelings. Instead of suffering in this chaotic world, she has created her own tragedy. No regrets, although she was lonely from beginning to end, sober loneliness is not terrible to her, and the turbid beautiful illusion is suffocating, so she has suffered a tragic fate and has passed the fate of loneliness.

The ethical outline of the world always adheres to the so-called truth, justice, and morals. These have nothing to do with Anna, and love and hatred have left her. Let everything end, and no one should bother her again. And we, we still have to work hard to live upright and morally in this world, and let the tragedy stop in the story.

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