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"Border City" 600 words after reading

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"Border City" 600 words after reading

"Border City" is known as "the purest novel text in the history of literature", and its pure feelings bring constant and long-lasting emotions.

The old boatman quietly left on a stormy night. At the moment of dying, he was still worried for Cui Cui to find a person who could entrust his life. Cui Cui was distraught, but Yang Mabing's care for her made her Gradually improved. Such innocent feelings are revealed silently, but it makes people feel heartache.

How can such glass-like feelings be intoxicating? The sprout of love between young men and women, the beauty of family relationships, the simplicity of mutual love between neighbors, and the sorrow of life and death. I pierced my heart naked and couldn't help but sigh: This ordinary emotion has long been better than the pure snow in the north!

Pure friendship is like a chrysanthemum blooming warm in late autumn. During the Vietnam War, artillery shells crashed into an orphanage, and a little girl was injured and urgently needed blood transfusion. Little boy Mike thought he would pay the price of his life but still donated blood to her. When the nurse asked the reason, his answer was only seven words: "Because we are friends." In a simple sentence, he described the purity of friendship to the utmost—difficulty and happiness.

Pure love is like a lily exuding eternal sweetness. This is a romantic love story, he got terminally ill, she quit her job and took care of him for two years. When the doctor informed her that his life was not up to this week, the reporter hurried over for this touching story. When the reporter offered to take a photo, he refused. He said that she would marry someone in the future, so as not to affect her normal life in the future. Love from pure beauty to heartbreak-I just want Ta to be happy, maybe this is the true meaning of love.

Pure affection is like a rose revealing a strong fragrance. He is an expert in mechanics and has repeatedly warned students not to catch falling objects. That time their daughter with congenital dementia climbed to the top of a four-story building and had to practice flying on the edge of the roof. On that occasion, he catches his daughter and wastes his arms. There is no mechanics in love, a reason that is too common to be ordinary, but it explains the purity of family relationships-just asking family members for peace, not for survival.

Some feelings are the purest things in the world. There is no act of "shocking the world, weeping ghosts and gods", nor is it too gorgeous a thousand words, only a pure love is enough.

"Border City" 600 words after reading

As a girl who grew up in the city, I especially yearn for rural life. Recently, I read Mr. Shen Congwen's "Border Town". The little border town water village in the master's pen makes me fascinated.

"Border City" recounts the ordinary and quiet life of a pair of ancestors and grandchildren in the small town of western Hunan, as well as the loneliness and bleak desolation in this ordinary tranquility. The protagonist of the novel, Cui Cui, has a hazy but unending love, but love is not the whole story. The master used his light strokes to tell the simple customs and customs, the primitive and simple life, and the picturesque scenery in the western Hunan town.

Xiangxi's life is hard and difficult. The master made me understand that a person's love for a piece of land is to feel the intoxicating scenery behind him after knowing its cruelty. After reading the full text, I began to yearn for that small town far off the western Hunan border. Wooden hanging feet, swaying red lanterns, moist bluestone slabs, narrow ferries, pavilion white pagodas, and the smoke of the pots that rose above the old village. All this constitutes a time-honored painting, which has been described thousands of times in my imagination. Time seems to be still on that detached land. The heroine Cui Cui is as gentle and clear as Xiangshui, the song is melodious and clear, the grandfather is kind and generous, the boatmen are romantic and bold, even the helplessness of life, in this place, with poetic colors, beautiful and unbearable Profanity. The master used his story to show us the helplessness and sorrow of Xiangxi people in the face of destiny, but also gave us compassion for life and belief in good humanity.

I most yearn for those honest and kind folks in Border Town. Cui Cui and his grandfather went to watch the dragon boat race. The local big brother Shun Shun gave them a lot of food. Someone married the bride, and Cuicui's grandfather sent them across the river without collecting ferry money. Cui Cui's grandfather died, and the folks around him came to help. Although they live a hard life, they can help each other and live like a family in that remote town. In contrast, we live in a reinforced concrete city every day. People are indifferent to each other, and sometimes even neighbors don't know each other. This has to be regrettable. I hope that one day our city will become warm and harmonious. Everyone has the ideal of tranquility. There is no selfishness among people, they care for the environment in which we live, help each other, and build a home-like world together. And all this requires us to have a kind heart to live like the people in The Border Town.

"Border City" 600 words after reading

Border Township is very heavy in rural areas, and I like it very much, probably because I grew up in a county with strong rural areas. Reading this article is like smelling the smell of hometown.

The border towns of three or four years are like Lu Xun ’s medicine, Bingxin ’s Xiaoju and other modern novels. They have a lot of symbols, and they make good use of the symbols. They are very appropriate. All gimmicks.

However, as a student with limited level, analyzing its symbol is an extremely difficult behavior. In addition, in the past 70 years, people have read through the explanations, plus Mr. Shen Congwen himself mentioned one or two. What exactly is he referring to? Therefore, if I exclude the commonly accepted symbols and try to find new ones, I will inevitably fall into obscure and forced routines. (After reading jajshop.com)

Therefore, I will try to talk about my feelings, the refreshing earthy smell permeated by Mr. Shen's works.

Border Town, with such a name, Mr. Shen obviously wants to show the simple customs and customs that are not affected by utilitarianism. Most of the backgrounds and things appearing in this article are natural things or things that are integrated with nature-the products of nature and people shaking hands with each other, rivers, mountains, ferries, ferries, bamboo forests, thatched houses, small towns. The people in the article are also not utilitarian. Grandpa refused to collect money when he was ferrying, but instead asked people to drink, buy pork to push each other, and marry in the town freely, as long as the children liked it. Even the richest Shun Shun in the article is a person who does not care much about money and is very generous. In a small town, the sons of rich people like girls from poor people. It's not news that they throw away the proper gift of marriage to marry poor girls. It can be seen that the border town, such a place, is righteous and light, and is not contaminated by commercial atmosphere.

Looking at the world around us, the culture symbolized by Cui Cui, is there really a good way out today? Maybe it was saved, or maybe it was just a remnant.

Perhaps, only Mr. Shen's inscription stayed in the world forever ------- I can understand me as I think; I can understand people as I think.

Only the simple human beauty portrayed by Mr. Shen is bound to survive. Perhaps, to write a mourn for Mr., only three words can be written.

"Border City" 600 words after reading

I have heard the name of "Border City", but I have never seen it for various reasons. This time in the Chinese textbook with the "Border City", I feel quite deep.

Human nature is the most beautiful thing in the world. In modern cities, in this materialistic forest, how much pure humanity do we retain? In the city, we are exhausted all day long and we are unable to take care of it. We only let the dust drown it bit by bit or even devour it. Too many virtues in human nature put the dusty heart in the corner. How can we have time to open it when we are tired? Perhaps many people have long forgotten its existence. But in the border town, in this border town that was almost forgotten by the world, I found the destination of humanity.

Xiangxi has beautiful mountains and water, but people are more beautiful. The green hills circle the water, and the water loops around the green hills. In the pampering of Mother Nature, the lush verdant green, the mountain taught her strength, and the water gave her softness. With the care of the crystal clear river, her heart was pure. The young ignorant, the beginning of the love sinus, her heart mixed with sadness. Because of her simplicity, she could not refuse the elder, nor could she give her a confession. Everything comes from goodness. But in the end, it happened that he ended up alone in an empty ship, waiting indefinitely for someone who might not return!

In fact, no matter how miserable or perfect, we all have to go, no matter whether we are happy or not, flowers bloom and thank, the ebbs and flows. Yesterday's wind has passed, tomorrow will face the wind tomorrow, and the world will ignore anyone.

Cuicui's love quietly left with the sending away. In this way, the flower of love had fallen before it bloomed. Maybe love without the beginning is the most perfect, because if you miss it, it will be unforgettable and have no ending. That means eternal existence.

The story that belongs to the border city is over, but our story has just begun, and the road of life is long, we must remember to cherish it.

"Border City" 600 words after reading

The rain and rain for several days, the mood is already a bit depressed, it is even the night, it seems that the quiet chat also invaded. Do not want to fall into a kind of hollowness and helplessness, just get up and make a cup of coffee to warm up and rejuvenate yourself. Then sit in front of the computer, and slowly read the "Border City" of Mr. Shen Congwen recommended by a friend a few days ago.

At first reading, Xu is a habitual way of reading novels, eager to find the characters or plots in it, so it seems that the description of the scenes in the beginning of the novel can not be seen, but gradually, a beautiful picture scroll with The text slowly unfolded, immersing oneself involuntarily, as if in the beautiful Xanadu garden in western Hunan. Cui Cui is the daughter of nature born in such a simple, natural and beautiful environment.

It is such a beautiful girl who is ignorant, coquettish, and indifferent to human fireworks, but encounters a long and sad love that seems to have ended before it has even begun. Maybe the more eager it gets, the easier it will be to lose. Is this destiny? Will that person return tomorrow? The story ends abruptly with such a cross-examination, making people sigh. Concealing the volume, the expression of cuddling under the emerald lamp seems to emerge in her mind: Will that person come back tomorrow? Her tangles make people feel distressed: Can she rely on the time when she first met How about your sweet memories?

It's been a long time since I read such an amazing text, it's not gorgeous. It is a kind of softness, a kind of pity, a kind of sorrow, and an incomprehensible question of destiny. I can't help but wonder how sometimes a man is more delicate than a woman. How does Mr. Shen Congwen know such a subtle psychology of such a young woman? Is it true that he met a woman of the right age at the best age?

Have time and have the right mood, then read The Border Town

"Border City" 600 words after reading

Yelan quiet night, avoid the hustle and bustle of the city during the day, immerse yourself in a quiet, and in the small world of his own meditate on Mr. Shen Congwen's "Border City", his thoughts fluctuated with the changes of the characters in the book ...

Border Town wrote a love story with a simple and beautiful plot. The two sons of Shun Shun Shun Shun Shun Shun Wharf in the mountain town of Xiangxi, Tianbao and Xunxuan, fell in love with Cui Cui, the granddaughter of the old boatman in Bixi. But Cui Cui loved it but sent it away. On the same day, Bao knew the truth about this triangle love, knowing that she couldn't force it, and quit the competition. She drove down Chenzhou to forget everything there, but she was killed. He still loves Cuicui, but the death of his brother caused him depression, he misunderstood the old boatman, and left Taoyuan in pain. And Cui Cui bears all the changes alone, waiting, waiting for the one who may never return, or maybe return tomorrow.

Like a poetic border town, poetic interpretation of life, poetic interpretation of life. The beauty of human nature shown in the book is saturated with perfection, and Cui Cui's indefinite waiting shows imperfection. It can be said that her love tragedy was caused in that era. She and Lu Xun could have been combined together to cultivate a beautiful flower of love. Unfortunately, they lost each other and left a long regret.

And now who would give up their love? In today's society, who actively gives up what they want, perfect love is what we want to pursue. In "Border City", it was sad that the abandonment of love for the sake of family was abandoned, but it was also important to give up love for the sake of family. And Cui didn't know that Tianbao was frustrated because she couldn't get her love and died, she didn't know that she sent away because she couldn't get her love, and she didn't know that her grandfather's sudden death was due to his happiness Thoughts are busy and mentally exhausted. Later, after Yang Mabing who accompanied her explained to her, she woke up like a dream, which made people feel sorry and sad for her.

This is the end of the story. What's the end? Have you left a suspense, and finally returned? Are they finally together? I can't help but fall into the illusion, hoping that their lover can finally become a family member. Having watched The Border Town made me doubt again about the perfect love in the world. I had a better understanding of human nature, but realized that I should fight for my happiness. If I win, I wo n’t get anything. It's a pity.

Border Town is such a healthy and pure, but filled with a touch of sadness and poetic love tragedy and human tragedy.

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