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1000 Words After Reading Xunzi's Persuasion

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1000 Words After Reading Xunzi's Persuasion

The "Persuasion of Learning" openly warns people that learning is unavoidable, which means that learning should be persistent and must not be stopped. He said that blue is taken from blue and blue from blue; ice and water are cold for water. It means that the cyan dye is extracted from the blue dye, but it is deeper than the blue color; ice is condensed when the water is cold, but it is colder than water. By learning the knowledge accumulated by previous generations, erudition, and summing up and refining, you will be able to surpass your predecessors and come to the top. He also said: I try to think all day long, it is better to learn what I have learned.

I taste the limbs and look at them, it is better to ascend to the insights. Ascend and move, the arm is not long, but the person is far away; the wind is blowing, the sound is non-increasing, and the person is heard. Fake horsemen, non-profits also. To thousands of miles; false boat stalkers, non-powerful water also, but the river. It means that with knowledge, you can stand tall and see far, like traveling a thousand miles with the help of cars and horses, and crossing rivers with the help of boats and paddles.

Xunzi believes that the effectiveness of learning comes from hard work. Accumulation of soil into mountains, wind and rain make the wind swell; Accumulate goodness and morality, and the gods are contented and the Sacred Heart is ready. Therefore, there is no accumulation of steps, no miles or even thousands of miles; no accumulation of small streams, no rivers and seas. The horror can't take ten steps. Wedges and sacrifice, rotten wood does not fold, wedges and perseverance, gold stone can be pressed. Only by accumulating soil and mountains can wind and rain rise from there; only when water accumulates into the abyss can mosquito dragons grow; only by accumulating goodness and virtue can we be content with the gods and possess the sacred heart. Therefore, only by going step by step can we reach our destination; only one trickle of trickle can converge into thousands of hectares of waves. A good horse like that won't jump ten steps in a leap, and when the horse walks out of ten cars, the effect is unsatisfactory. If you stop with a carved object, the rotten wood will not break; if you keep carving it, even hard metal and jade can be carved successfully.

Xunzi believes that learning must be focused and not irritable. He exemplified: earthworms do not have the benefits of minions, strong bones and bones, eat up the soil, drink Huangquan, and one attentively; crab six kneeling and two hoe, there is no trustee for the non-snake burrows, and irritability. Although the earthworm has no claws, no teeth, no tendons and bones, it can eat up the soil and drink Huangquan because of its dedication; while crabs have eight feet and two large tongs, they can only live in the snake's cave. The reason is Lies in restlessness. Gou Zi pointed out conclusively: he has no ambitions, no obviousness, and no hate, no meritorious service. Without meticulous sincerity and hard work, you cannot distinguish right from wrong, and you will not have brilliant and excellent results.

Xunzi also emphasizes applying what he has learned. He said: do n’t smell, do n’t smell it; smell it, do n’t see it; see it, do n’t know it; know it, do n’t do it, learn to stop it.

It means that learning itself has its broad connotation, and it should have the four essentials of seeing, knowing and doing. Only by applying what is learned and putting it into practice, can the learning purpose be achieved. Xunzi also particularly emphasized that learning is close to others and rituals, to be close to mentors and friends, to be honest and prudent, to pay attention to moral cultivation, to ensure that power cannot be poured out, the masses cannot be moved, and the world cannot be swept up. Only a complete moral integrity can be a noble person.

Xunzi's "Persuasion of Learning" is a famous piece on learning. The article repeatedly explains the importance of learning and the purpose, attitude and method of learning. It emphasizes that learning is an important condition for people to think about problems and understand things. Only through learning can they grow. Improve oneself, make yourself transcend predecessors, and make great achievements. The perseverance and indifference in the book, and the fact that thousands of miles and evolved blues are better than blues, have become the motto of future generations.

1000 Words After Reading Xunzi's Persuasion

The sky is constant, not for the sake of survival, or for the death. Governance should be the rule, and chaos should be the fierce.

This sentence often appears in our discourse, and it comes from the work of the famous materialist thinker in the end of the Warring States Period-"Xunzi".

In the book "Xunzi", the materialistic views of natural conditions are mainly reflected in "Theory of Heaven" and "Non-phase". Xunzi said at the beginning of the "Tian Lun Pian": "The sky is always alive, not for the sake of survival, not for perishment. If it is governed by rule, it should be good, if it is chaotic, it is fierce. If it is strong, but it is modest, then heaven cannot. The poor ca n’t be sick when they are brought up; they ca n’t be evil when they follow the path. ”This completely denies the saying that heaven has a will and distinguishes the objective laws of nature from the development of human society. . This is the point of view of "divide heaven and man". He said: "The sky is not cold for people but also winter, the land is bad for people far and wide, and the gentleman is not a villain for Hungarian and Hungarians. There is a constant path in the sky, a constant land in the sky, and a gentleman in the body. Alas. "On the basis of the separation between heaven and man, the situation boldly put forward the brilliant idea of" making heaven fate. " He says:

If it views the sky as great and admires it, why not treat it as a kind of animal to control it? If it obeys the sky and praises it, how can it not master and control the law of change of the sky to use it? Waiting for its gifts, why not adapt to the time and make the time serve the production? This kind of thinking that "man is determined to win the sky" has developed the pre-Qin materialism ideology to the highest peak and become a brilliant pearl in the history of Chinese materialism. (After reading jajshop.com)

In the chapter "Non-phase", he insisted on the simple materialism and completely rejected and criticized the idealism phase with a lot of historical facts. He said: Watching people's appearance is worse than studying people's thoughts; studying people's thoughts is worse than choosing the right way of thinking. Appearance cannot determine people's thoughts, but thoughts are governed by certain methods. The method is correct and the mind can follow it. Although the appearance is ugly, as long as the thinking method is right, it will not prevent you from becoming a gentleman. Although the appearance is good, but the thinking method is not right, it will inevitably become a villain. The good and bad of people has nothing to do with their appearance, but is determined by what path people choose the day after tomorrow. This exposes the deceiving trick of idealism.

Materialist epistemological thoughts reflecting the situation are mainly reflected in "Unblocking", "Rectification of Names", "Persuasion" and other articles. In "Unmasking", I first affirmed the basic premise of materialist epistemology that people have the ability to recognize things and that things can be known. He said: "Everyone knows the nature of human beings; we can know the truth of things. Therefore, if we know the nature of people, we should know the truth of things, but we cannot know what we can do. He believes that the common faults in people's cognition are limited by one-sidedness of things, and do not understand the full truth. People have corrected one-sided understanding to make the understanding consistent with the right path, and they must be confused about the right path.

This emphasizes that there must be correct methods and approaches for understanding. In the "Rectification of Names" chapter, Qiang Guan emphasized the role of perceptual knowledge. He said that people have the ability to analyze and discern sensory impressions. However, only the auditory organ can distinguish the difference in sound and the visual organ can distinguish the shape Therefore, the verification ability of the heart must wait for the sensory organs to touch the object before they can work. If the sensory organs are in contact with external things and cannot recognize it, and the heart examines it without reasoning, then people have not described the situation as unknowledgeable. This is to determine that the name is the same as the sensory contact with foreign objects. Different situation. Regarding the relationship between "name" and "real", it is generally argued that "real" determines "name", and "name" must conform to the "real" materialist cognition line. In the "Persuasion" chapter, Xunzi talked about the source of knowledge. He believed that the talent of human knowledge is not born, but the result of learning and education acquired later, thus refuting the a priori theory of "knowing by nature".

He particularly emphasized the importance of acquired learning, and used the image metaphor of "blue is better than blue" to explain that there is no end to learning and later doctrines, persuading people to learn broadly, and to promote "perseverance" The spirit, against rote memorization, not seeking understanding and miscellaneous and not specialized, has become a famous phrase to inspire future generations to learn.

1000 Words After Reading Xunzi's Persuasion

"Persuasion" is an outstanding thinker in the Warring States Period, and the best work of the state. As the name suggests, persuasion is to encourage and encourage learning. This masterpiece written more than 2,000 years ago is still evocative and inspiring.

When you mention the word learning, you can't help but think of Shushan's path, learning the boundless sea, working endlessly, reading thousands of books, walking thousands of miles, these exciting and ancient famous sentences, and cutting The moving scenes of stealing light, painting grey characters, hanging beams on the head, and thorns. This is true of the ancient saints, not to mention everyone today?

To learn, the most important thing is to correct the attitude towards learning. Just like Xunzi said: if you give it up, the dead wood will not be broken; Learning does require this persistence. But not all students are aware of this. Even if they know it well, it may not necessarily be implemented. Some people try it out, but they are far away from it. Three days of fishing, two days of drying the net, but time passed up, and the knowledge was not obtained, would n’t it be wrong! Some people are too fierce, and indulging in a good start is half the success, while ignoring the other half's tirelessness. You grow watermelon, and you get sesame seeds. Wouldn't it be sad! A leap, not ten steps, ten horses, you can't help it. If you want to reach the other side of the victory, you are persistent. When it comes to learning, he thinks he is self-righteous when he knows only a little bit about it, and feels embarrassed when he encounters some setbacks. People who hold such an attitude cannot achieve great results. The German chemist Liebich failed to study the seaweed in the end, and lost contact with the new elements. After more than half a hundred years of discussion and relocation, after 27 years of hard work and overnight, he did not lose heart, but revived with superhuman perseverance. After 11 years of hardships, he completed the great work "Guo Yi". Thick iron rods can be ground into tiny embroidery needles, relying on a tenacity of perseverance; a trickle can penetrate hard stones, with an indomitable spirit.

If you have this unremitting perseverance, and then use a dedicated attitude, it will be even more powerful. Earthworms do not have the benefits of minions, strong bones and bones, eat up the soil, drink Huangquan, and attentively. If you are determined to be a painter today, you will be angry to be a poet tomorrow, and you will practice the piano hard the day after tomorrow. However, Hongzhi's ambitions are there, but the attitude of being unfocused and unfocused, in the end, is afraid that it will be nothing but a bamboo basket.

Of course, it is not worth affirming the devotion to reading the holy book with both ears listening to events outside the window. In today's society, thousands of miles a day, changing rapidly, not only requires people to be proficient in mathematics, physics, physics, astronomy, and geography, but also to current affairs, even piano, calligraphy, painting, football, and computers can not be ignored. This requires us on the basis of our skills and comprehensive To learn and gain energy in all directions.

A person's life is spent in continuous learning and accumulation. It is also a busy life. As a result, some people gain little and nothing, but others are fruitful and successful. These are inseparable from learning attitude. The former is like a cricket that cannot jump ten steps, or a crab with six knees and two chews; the latter is like a ten-horse horse, like a single-minded earthworm. Investigate the reason, if so.

1000 Words After Reading Xunzi's Persuasion

Thirty-two chapters of the "Xunzi" book, headed by "Persuasion", are in line with the order of Taoism. "Persuasion" begins with "gentleman said: learning must not be over". Learning runs through the practice. Without proper insight, you can only practice blindly. However, learning must first have goals. It should be "beginning as a scholar and ending as a saint." This is also the fundamental direction of education. The difference between this kind of sage education and utilitarian education is "for it, for people; for home, for animals."

The most important part of "Persuasion" is the method of understanding. This method is "accumulate goodness and become moral, and the gods are contented, and the holy heart is ready." But morality is common to all sentient beings, and is called sexual virtue. However, sex alone cannot work. Because the sentiments of all beings are blinded by ignorance, they cannot show their magical powers of light and purity, but instead show a filthy body and mind, and cause them to suffer the pain of rotation.

Only by virtue of virtue can the pure light of sexual virtue be clearly shown. Cultivation of morality means accumulation of goodness, and accumulation of goodness is the food of Ming Dao. Good law differs from world to world. This difference is important, but the more important pedestrians are the strength of their own minds. So even the Confucian way is not limited to the world. This understanding is very superficial. The extremes of Confucianism can also be born. Of course, of all birth laws, Buddhism is the most complete.

"Building goodness into morality, and being content with the gods" is definitely not the realm of ordinary men. All living beings were originally understood by God. The reason why they become foolish is because of sexual obstacles. Demonstrating sexual virtues because of moral cultivation, the gods are only used for sexual virtues. Xunzi knows that he is contented, not from outside. "The sacred heart is prepared", the sacred heart is the true heart, and the "prepared" person also recovers, to show the truth in vain. In the era of Xunzi, Buddhism has not yet been introduced into China, but it must not be said that China is the enlightened Taoist mantra and the Buddhist scriptures and clouds "all sages are distinguished by inaction."

Xunzi can be said to be self-aware without a teacher, but the reason why he can realize Taoism is because of his secret cultivation of Taoism. Master Xuanhua said that Confucius in Laozi was a bodhisattva, but I would not dare to pretend that the essence of Xunzi is true. From the "Persuasion" chapter, we can understand that his study thoughts are in coincidence with Buddhism's precepts and wisdom. Xunzi attaches great importance to the solidity of Daoxin, and says: "Because of being born, being born of death, husband is called moral conduct." Moral conduct is the most important of moral practice, and this moral conduct is closely related to the accumulation of goodness. It is true commandment. "Methic can then be determined, can be determined, and then can be answered. A man can be determined to be able to respond, and a husband is an adult." "Ying" is "hui", or "definite" is "stop", and "ying" is " Observation "," can set the energy to respond "means" stop the view and integrate ". At this time, it can be called an adult, that is, a person who achieves Taoism.

After the achievement, Xunzi talked about his realm again: "the sky sees its light and the earth sees its light." Heaven and earth are purely bright, so we can see that Xunzi's evidence is one or two. In the end, Xunzi ended up with "the gentleman is expensive," and encouraged him to learn less and be diligent.

1000 Words After Reading Xunzi's Persuasion

The gentleman said: You ca n’t stop studying in the Book of Songs: do n’t always want to be cozy, do your work carefully, and love this kind of behavior. The god knows that it will give you great happiness. The highest accomplishment is that the fine channel principle makes itself change, and the greatest happiness film is too innocuous. We are working hard and hard every day for the future, maybe for the future harvest, but I do n’t know, as said in the "Persuasion", all day long meditation, but I do n’t know that there is a harvest in studying for a moment, as long as you In life, if you have a little ambition in your work, if you pay attention, you will find that you will gain more or less, more or less, every day and every day. For a long time, you will find that you have become a rich man of knowledge. Although everyone's innate qualifications are different, the difference is minimal. As long as you are smart and capable, rely on and use objective things, you also Will become a gentleman. The soil becomes high mountains, the wind and rain rises from the mountains, and the water becomes an abyss. The dragon grows in the abyss, accumulates good works and develops virtues, and people can have a noble sentiment and wisdom, and they have the quality of a saint. You must walk down and down, so that you can go thousands of miles away. Just like the above-mentioned attention to every bit of life, you will become rich if you persist in it forever, but if you have the wealth, you should pay attention, study hard, and abstain from it. You will become a real rich man if you are proud and arrogant. Only when you have done this can you truly learn, and you can be a teacher.

The mention of learning the word can not help but remind people of Shu Qin's path, the boundless sea of learning, endless hardships, and endless learning, reading thousands of books, walking thousands of miles, these exciting and ancient famous sentences, and Ying Ying Read the moving picture of the penetrating cone of the gray-lined syllabary. The ancient saints are still like this, not to mention everyone today

The most important thing to learn is to correct your attitude towards learning. Just like the Xunzi's persistence, rotten wood is not broken, and if you let it go, gold and stone can be carved. The attitude of learning needs to achieve perseverance, but not all students are aware of this, and even if they know it well, they may not be able to achieve it. Some people try it, but do n’t hesitate before they get to know the true meaning. Some people are too brave, and others who are too busy with a good start are half successful, and ignore the tirelessness of the other half. It ’s sesame, so do n’t hesitate! I ca n’t help but take ten steps and ten horses. In order to reach the other side of victory, the focus is on perseverance. When it comes to learning, he thinks that he knows everything and understands it. If he encounters some setbacks, he will lose his energy. People with this attitude are very difficult to achieve. German chemist Li Huaxi failed to delve into the seaweed. As a result, he lost contact with new elements. After more than half a year of talk and reconciliation, it took 27 years of hard work to go to nothing overnight. Instead, he regained his strength with superhuman perseverance and completed 11 years of hard work. The thick iron rods can be ground into tiny embroidery needles, with a sense of perseverance, and the trickle can penetrate hard stones, with an indomitable spirit.

If you have this perseverance and perseverance, you will be like a fish. Earthworms do not have the benefits of minions, strong bones and bones, eat up the soil, drink Huangquan, and attentively. If you are determined to be a painter today, you will be a poet tomorrow, and you will practice the piano hard the day after tomorrow. The ambition of Honesty is commendable, but even if you try your best to persevere, I am afraid that due to the limited energy, there will only be scrutiny. , The feeling of floating light.

However, listening to events outside the window with two ears, and devoting one's readness to the sage book, is not worthy of praise. In today's world, the situation changes suddenly; in the current era, which is changing rapidly, all these things, even piano, calligraphy and painting, football computers are not ignored. This requires us to learn from all sides and gain energy from all sides on the basis of this skill.

A person's life is spent in continuous learning and accumulation. It's also a busy life. Some people can't get anything out of bamboo baskets, while others have achieved fruitful results and become word-of-mouth characters. These are inseparable from their attitude toward learning. The former may not be a leap step by step, or like a crab with six knees and two chews; the latter is like a ten-horse bridle horse, like a single-minded earthworm, and the reason is just that.

1000 Words After Reading Xunzi's Persuasion

Learning is impossible. On the basis of continuous learning, not stopping learning is the foundation of learning. To learn is to be so persistent that we can learn wisely. There is no order of study, there is only depth. That is, anyone who learns can be blue and cold. Xunzi mentioned that in order to know the height of the sky, one must go up to the mountains to explore, and to know the greatness of knowledge, one must continue to learn.

Learning is the mission of life. To live in the world, we must constantly learn new things before we can stand between heaven and earth.

Not only can people learn about astronomy and geography, but they can also make them right and cultivate their virtues. Xunzi mentioned: "The son of Yu Yueyi is born with the same voice, long and strange, and teaches it." For the inadequacy or strangeness of nature, you can teach him to make it common, and the evil of the world, Evil can also be eliminated by learning etiquette. Xunzi believes that sex is inherently evil and can only be converted to goodness through ritual restraint. In his persuasion, he proposed that continuous learning can make people change themselves. It is an embodiment of their belief that sex is inherently evil. Yourself. Active learning is not enough. It must be persisted. "Four horses drive ten horses, perseverance, perseverance, golden stones can be carved." Even if it is a horse of poor breed, there is no natural advantage, but as long as you don't give up, you can reach the destination reached by Maxima. How many celebrities reach the end of success by sticking to this belief before succeeding. The same is true for learning, as long as we can continue to learn as before, do not give up because of setbacks, do not stop because of small achievements, and always learn with a pious heart.

We must persist in learning and also know how to learn. I will accumulate. The so-called "acquisition of soil into mountains, wind and rain flourish. Water accumulates into abyss, and dragons prosper, and goodness and morals become good, while the gods are contented, the sacred heart is prepared, and no accumulates a thousand miles, no small currents, no rivers and seas." Any great thing in the world starts with small things, and any amazing work starts with the details, step by step, and the final product. Ignoring a small point, there will be no big one. Therefore, the study is the same. It does not matter how much you accumulate each time, as long as you accumulate patiently little by little, one day you can learn to be rich in five cars. Second, we must concentrate. Earthworms do not have minions and strong bones, but they can be poor. This is because they focus on it. They cannot listen to each other and be smart. They can't see with each other's eyes. Doing anything, especially learning, requires paying attention and paying attention. Hard study, otherwise it will only be counterproductive, and all previous achievements will be abandoned. Isn't this a waste of life? It is impossible to learn by rote memorization. You must "study your ears, your heart, your body, your body, and your movements." Remembering the knowledge in your heart and paying attention to it in daily life is the purpose of learning. Learn to be beautiful. " Fourth, we must pursue fine learning. Xunzi said: "If you miss a hundred shots, it's not enough to shoot well; if you don't know what kind of morals are good, if you don't have the same kind of righteousness, it's not good to learn." The academic requirements are fine, and a little understanding of everything, but can not cultivate the various talents required by society.

I was persuaded by Xunzi to think of the great sage Confucius, who is also a good learner. He is good at learning from society, from teachers and celebrities. There is my teacher. " Knowledgeable Confucius can learn “I am not a born person” and learn all his life. He asks many questions, learns to play the piano, and asks Lao Tzu, and we are in a good period of study. Why do n’t we base ourselves on studying?

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