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"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" 800 notes

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If there is something Voldemort does not understand, it is love. He didn't realize that the strong love your mother has for you will leave your mark on you. It's not a scar, it's not a visible trace that someone has loved so deeply, even though the person who loves us is dead, it will leave us an eternal amulet. It's hidden in your skin. (Said Dumbledore)

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One year old Harry Potter was killed by Voldemort's parents, and the principal of Hogwarts School of Magic Albus Dumbledore sent him to the Dursleys. Harry spent a painful decade under the aunt's insult. On Harry's eleventh birthday, he received a mysterious letter. The letter invited Harry to study at Hogwarts School of Magic, but Harry's uncle was in a lot of difficulties, and finally came to a mysterious school of magic at Hogwarts with the help of the mixed-race giant Hagrid. Since then, Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione at Hogwarts have embarked on an adventure. While avoiding the teacher's entanglement, Harry accidentally broke into the forbidden ground on the fourth floor of the school, and found the place where the school concealed the magic stone. He heard the teacher's conversation in the lounge again. To get the magic stone. In order to protect the Philosopher's Stone, Harry and his companions set off: they broke into the forbidden ground on the fourth floor at night, and took the Philosopher's Stone before Snape. But it wasn't Voldemort that really wanted to take away the Philosopher's Stone as they thought. When Harry could not support it, Dumbledore headed for London suddenly appeared, saving Harry's life.

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In "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", the only 11-year-old Harry Potter has shown that he is different from others. His courage is far beyond us, and his ingenuity is beyond our expectations, and his talent for magic is something we can never have. I sometimes envy him, sometimes jealous of him, and sometimes worship him. When I read that Harry was almost caught in the forbidden area, my heart was also tense; when I read that Harry accepted Dumbledore's extra points in the auditorium, my heart was also happy. The book "Harry Potter" is like casting a spell on me. The colorful plot and unexpected events in the book deeply attract me. Speaking of which, I sincerely admire the author of this book, JK Rowling, her imagination is unparalleled. The most exciting part of this book is probably that Harry Potter bravely defended the Philosopher's Stone on the fourth floor, and hesitated to bet on his own life. I think it is because of this that Harry will win the final victory.

We should learn the courage and persistence of Harry Potter, and with them, you can move to the future. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Reading Notes 800 words

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